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AutoCon LA 2014 – Recap

Photos by John – @DaYUUMJdquilla

DSC_1270 copyAutoCon celebrates its 5th event in the L.A. area, transitioning its way from a shopping mall parking structure, to the Irvine event center, to the home of thoroughbred winners at Santa Anita Park, and now to the famous Pomona Fairplex, the previous home of Import Showoff. The AutoCon staff chose an indoor event in the attempt to keep the guests cool, since the biggest feedback from previous events was the heat. But, with the controlled and political environment it also deleted the gathering of food trucks that AutoCon drew an abundance of. Interior space was an issue as the larger vendors with larger booths were pushed outdoors, which some guests didn’t even know existed.

The outdoors was still pleasurable as the sun only poke through just enough to catch a quick burn. AutoCon was our largest display thus far with a total of 5 vehicles and our newly Daley Visual wrapped cargo hauler.

DSC_1274 copy

DSC_1276 copyWe brought out our tow vehicle, the Tjin Edition widebodied F150.

DSC_1281 copy

DSC_1282 copyPhantasy Kolors prepped Scion FR-S owned by Christian Coujin of Washington

DSC_1286 copyDaYUUM co-founder, Nilo Miranda’s new brass finished wheels on his NSX dropped on AirREX.

DSC_1271 copy

DSC_1272 copyJosh from Daley Visual, chrome wrapped Toyota Tundra

DSC_1284 copy

DSC_1285 copyAnd Robert from Magnaflow joined the party.

DSC_1267 copy

DSC_1268 copy

DSC_1262 copy

DSC_1263 copy

DSC_1264 copy

DSC_1266 copy

DSC_1269 copyWe had a plethora of goodies from our partners as well an awesome display of products available to consumers.

Close to us was the Toyo Tire booth whom brought out an arsenal of Liberty Walk cars.

DSC_1296 copyOne of my favorites is the 458 Italia. In stock form, the 458 is already a head tuner, but add some extra flare from Liberty Walk and its pretty much game over.

DSC_1268 copy

DSC_1297 copyAlso on display was the Liberty Walk GT-R.

DSC_1295 copyThis 510 was pretty fresh as well.

DSC_1371 copy

DSC_1482 copyInside the venue we spotted a few Vortech Supercharged cars, including Mike’s Z. Marcus’ G.

DSC_1435 copyPaul Garcia debuted his Liberty Walk GT-R is tastefully done.

DSC_1334 copy

DSC_1339 copy

DSC_1335 copy

DSC_1340 copyLiberty Walk and Rocket Bunny was everywhere, including this yellow E36 on AirREX suspension.

DSC_1341 copy

DSC_1342 copyA pair of clean Genesis.

DSC_1345 copy

DSC_1346 copy

DSC_1302 copy

DSC_1304 copy

DSC_1325 copy

DSC_1326 copyCountless Hondas and Acuras were on deck.

DSC_1307 copy

DSC_1308 copy

DSC_1331 copy

DSC_1352 copy

DSC_1374 copy

DSC_1376 copy

DSC_1398 copy

DSC_1400 copy

DSC_1426 copy

DSC_1427 copy

DSC_1423 copy

DSC_1446 copy

DSC_1454 copy

DSC_1458 copy

DSC_1460 copyYou can’t discount the Toyotas either! Including a few clean Supras and old school Toys like Milo from Team Klassified.

DSC_1305 copy

DSC_1306 copy

DSC_1312 copy

DSC_1313 copy

DSC_1383 copy

DSC_1384 copyBrap…Brap…Brap…

DSC_1402 copy

DSC_1403 copy

DSC_1361 copy

DSC_1344 copy

DSC_1322 copyYou can’t go wrong with some Euros.

DSC_1367 copyWe are going to finish it off with a classic Lincoln.

Check out our AutoCon video coverage by John.

Tuners and Tea – Recap – Part 3

DaYUUM! What a way to start of the New Year!! I got so tuner and tea wasted from last week’s little shindig at Guppy Tea House in West Covina. But that’s a good thing. I’ve never been a morning person, but I was up for this event, Tuners and Tea. Early morning breeze with the sun shining down, got to love this Cali weather; especially with the fresh scene of new car show lingering around.


Usually when we host a car show, we have so much to be dealing with, running around making sure everything is working and everyone is parked where they need to be. But this meet was so relaxed that it was easy to just get lost admiring all the different cars and talking with all the fellow enthusiasts and friends. Everyone who came out was very nice and respectful, to the area and to each other. And then count the fact that the cars in attendance were very, very diverse; there was something for just about everyone.


The parking lot all around the restaurant was like a giant game of musical chairs. There were no constraints on car show schedule, roll in and roll out times, just people coming in as they pleased to enjoy themselves. It kept the layout fresh whenever one awesome car left and opened up for another clean one to take its place. The activity even attracted random people passing by. I remember someone rolling up only after they saw all the cars and crowds while he was filling up gas in his clean OG-style Teggy across the street.

Well ’nuff with my rambling, all you need to read is that it was an awesome, super-dooper, cool, entertaining, seki, Tea-riffic meet and greet! Now let the thousand words from each of these photos do the rest of the talking.

TunerAndTea0104_0002 TunerAndTea0104_0003
The bossman’s wrapped Mercedes Benz CLK63


TunerAndTea0104_0005 TunerAndTea0104_0006
Jonathan Wong‘s Osaka JDM/Kanjo themed ’90 Honda EF

TunerAndTea0104_0007 TunerAndTea0104_0008 Superstreet‘s mean Green FR-S has been everywhere. Most recently running the Targa Trophy and now it’s here at Tuners and Tea.

TunerAndTea0104_0009 TunerAndTea0104_0010 TunerAndTea0104_0011
VIP on another level, Ron Sino-Cruz’s LHD Nissan President HG50

TunerAndTea0104_0012 TunerAndTea0104_0013
Lotus 7 about to roll out

TunerAndTea0104_0014 TunerAndTea0104_0015
TheGentlemanRacer‘s M&P Speed Apparel “Urban Assault” ’69 Austin Mini Cooper

TunerAndTea0104_0016 TunerAndTea0104_0017 TunerAndTea0104_0018
Limitless Society‘s widebody J’s Racing Honda S2000

And this concludes our Tuners and Tea Trilogy…for the first time. The show season is just barely stirring, big things this year for us – definitely. And if all goes well, we will be making these Tuners and Tea meet and greets a monthly thing, so see you at the next one!

-Justin (@justdayuum)

Tuners and Tea – Recap – Part 2

This past Saturday morning was the first Tuners and Tea Meet that was held at Guppy Tea House West Covina. The turnout was great; besides the people that attended Tuners and Tea, there were also many spectators that came in from neighbor stores to look and enjoy the cars. Coming from Hawaii, I was not use to seeing all these high-end cars coming out to meets; like Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Porsches and the Audi R8 that attended the meet. As I walked around the area there also was a variety of different group of vehicles that attended the meet; bippu, exotic, jdm, euro, lifted trucks, and a rat rod. All was welcome. No matter what style you had at the end of the day, it was a bunch of car enthusiasts talking stories, sipping on some boba and admiring each other’s builds.

Mahalo… John

















































































Tuners and Tea – Recap – Part 1

TunersandteaYesterday morning was the first Tuners and Tea we co-hosted with the Guppy House chain in conjunction with our friends from Tjin Edition, Purist Group, JDM Zip Ties, Team Klassified, MB Junkies, and Infinite Auto Design.

Tuners and Tea was introduced for a group of gearheads to chit chat about cars, family, personal endeavors, and pure networking. Since the holidays just passed, the first weekend after the new year was a perfect time to get together. It’s a morning event which lasts only a few hours so it allows enthusiasts the opportunity to spend the rest of the day with family and friends.

Since true gearheads are true enthusiasts, we encouraged any vehicle, any bikes, any make, any model, and I believe we accomplished that.

During the event I was trying to catch up with others along with some instagram updates so I wasn’t able get to snap too many photos. We will have a parts 2 and 3 with our photog John and Justin.

At the end of this, I will supply some links from other recently published coverage of the meet.

Thank you for everyone that could came and join us, we hope to do more of these on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Thank you to all our partners, David, Sean, Roland, Brian, Neil T. Neil O, and Danny. In the meantime…Enjoy!



tunerandteas-8856LTMotowerks.com came out with their fresh BRZ and BMW.


tunerandteas-8843The Misha Designs Promax Autosport Aventador


tunerandteas-8849The Beast – Tjin Edition F150 with 24″ Rotiform Six-Shooters.

tunerandteas-8847Misha Designs Forgestar 991


tunerandteas-8855Diablos with David of Guppy House.




tunerandteas-8859The Super Steet gang Sam, Jonathon, and Jofel was in attendance as well.


tunerandteas-8861David’s wife made some amazing goodies!

tunerandteas-8863Honda Acty – Activity



tunerandteas-8871Insane Smartcar with Avant Garde wheels




tunerandteas-8875The Infinite Auto Design crew



tunerandteas-8879Closing with this Nissan President.

Check out more pics on @instadayuum, Hash tag #tunersandtea, JDM Zip Ties, and CNC Pics.

Taking Action: Typhoon Relief to Panay


Taking Action: Typhoon Relief to Panay

Hosted by: DaYUUM, Team Klassified, Infinite Auto Design, and Scion Evolution

Date: 11/23/13
Time: 10:30AM to 4:00PM
Location: Infinite Auto Design
5482 Business Dr.
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/232207013621983

Official Flyer:

Charity Drive:
Typhoon Yoland/Haiyan devastated the Philippines earlier this month, leaving thousands without the basic necessities of food, water, clothing, blankets, medicine, or even light and warmth. As the death toll rises, we hope to do as much as we can here to collect as many donations as possible to send them out to those in need. While much of the U.S. media and other charity organizations are focusing on Tacloban City, we want our efforts to focus on the other regions that were affected, specifically Panay island.

With Tacloban City being the epicenter of the disaster, that is where all the media we see here is focused on. But the Typhoon impacted more than just that area and we really need to keep thinking of the people suffering in those areas as well. For example, Capiz, a first class province of Panay currently has NO rescue operations, NO media coverage, NO signal, NO relief operations, and almost 95% of the province is down. There is much to be done and we need to make sure we help everyone we can. We hope you can all join us to collect the much needed aid and as one Southern California community yell out, #DAYUUMYOUYOLANDA!

Bake Sale:
Additionally we will have some baked goods available for monetary donations. 100% of the proceeds will go towards getting relief to the Philippines.

Food Trucks & Live Music:
For festivities, the Ninjas With Appetite food truck will be on site for you to grab a bite to eat. All the while, good tunes provided by Infinite Auto Design.
Great opportunity to feed the soul and the stomach.

Car Display & Hot DaYUUM Hunnies:
What DaYUUM event can’t be done without cool cars and hot girls?
After you drop off your donation, feel free to check out the rides by DaYUUM, Infinite Auto Design, Team Klassified, and Scion Evolution. Hot DaYUUM Hunnies will also be on site, in addition to volunteering their time taking in donations they will also be selling prints with 100% of the proceeds going towards our donations. Feel free to pose for pictures and give monetary donations.

DaYUUM Gear:
For every DaYUUM purchase, $1 to $5 will go to the purchase of supplies needed for Taking Action. ($1 per sticker, $5 per hat or shirt).



Show your support! For every donation of $5 or more you will receive a limited edition “TAKING ACTION” decal. Available only on Saturday. While supplies last.

Mash Up! Three – Highlights

MashUP3Mash-UP! Three is our 4th collaboration with the Guppy House chain and each event we try to change it up a little. Mash-Up! Three was a celebration of Guppy House’s 8th location and our 2 year Anniversary as a website. We also felt that a charity was necessary, therefore we contacted the guys at Infinite Auto Design to put us in touch with the We Strong Foundation. We chose We Strong because of what Wayne (@waynestrong) is doing. Wayne’s battles with Leukemia gave him the urge to give back to the people that may have it worse than him. Wayne had friends and family to support him and felt that others could use the same encouragement to stay positive and be strong. We thank everyone that purchased a reserve spot and raffle tickets because it all went to a great cause.

I woke up Saturday morning to an email from Danny Nguyen to let me know highlight photos were ready to be download. We chose a dedicated photographer because with all the running around trying to get things handled, it’s rare that the team has time to capture the event. Danny has a creative eye and awesome with night shots so it was fitting to have him shoot the event. Some of you have already seen his work on JDMZipTies.com.

Events aren’t as easy as some may think, especially organized events. Permits, planning, staffing, organizing, purchasing, blah blah blehh.. All take time and money. I would say, I wished I could have planned logistics more smoothly but the early morning complaints from neighboring business didn’t sit well with me, or was part of my plan since the 3 others we planned went without a hitch and had 110% support from surrounding neighbors and the city. Chino Hills, was a bit, ummm… different – to be politically correct. Therefore, half of our planned area was cut short. I’m not 100% sure where the breakdown was, but a phone call and an email from the complex lawyer wasn’t the communication I was hoping for. I’m still perplexed on how they got my email and cellphone number. I’d rather save that type of surprise for an unclaimed bank account that had billions of dollars in it.

Overall, I felt the turn out was good, good only because I’d rather see all the cars grouped together rather than seeing a sick Evo next to a stock 4Runner, it just kills the buzz, at least for me, but what can you do when you’re dealing with public space and bitchy neighbors. Scion Evolution did a great job helping us with the logistics and keeping it real. It’s amazing how many people will name drop just to get through the ropes. Evening name dropping people that are no longer in our family.

We try to mash things up with different styles of cars and talents. Since we are passionate of street art we brought out one of our favorite graffiti crews, NASA. NASA has been around for at least 2 decades and has then moved on to other aspects of design such as apparel and footwear, so its nice to see them out to support.

MashUpThree_2013-9322Here is Just195 in action. This wall also acts as our photo backdrop.

We like a diversity of cars whether its American, old school, new school, it’s all in the appreciation of the enthusiasts individuality.



MashUpThree_2013-9377Here are 2 MKIV’s different in their own ways.

MashUpThree_2013-9382Vortech Supercharged S2K on Volk TE37SL.

MashUpThree_2013-9391Datsun Sunny

MashUpThree_2013-9362Ryan’s Gumby xB and an STi

MashUpThree_2013-9721This Rocket Bunny S14 was pretty fresh

Of course, Mash-Up had to have some eye candy.

MashUpThree_2013-9348This is Marie Alvarez (@ariannaaamarieee) in her minion outfit next to Yogi’s GS and his buddy’s EVO.

MashUpThree_2013-9400The lovely Regina Mei (@reginameii) was also in our model’s lounge and taking pictures with fans.

Our grand openings are nothing without music and talent to go with it. DJ Skitz (@deejayskitz) from Awthentik Vibes was our VJ for the night and simply killed it.

MashUpThree_2013-9446Pictured here is gorgeous Dianna Lushus (@diannalushus) during one of her sets.



MashUpThree_2013-9496Kat Gutierrez (@ig_kat) was quite mesmerizing. She even stopped this young stallion in his tracks! I think he approves.


MashUpThree_2013-9515Capturing the event was David, the owner of the Guppy House chain, operating his remote control drone.

In between the go-go sets, we had some raffle prizes that were donated by many awesome supporters such as Rehv Clothing, Wheel Warehouse, DC Sports, AirREX, Scosche, Vaping LA, IZZI Gadgets, and Cadence Acoustics. All proceeds from the purchase of raffle tickets went to our charity, We Strong Foundation.




MashUpThree_2013-9707The raffle was handled by Paul Dabao (@Van_DaYUUM_Paul) and Antonio Sureshot (@antoniosureshot) of Motor Mavens (@motormavens), with assistance by the lovely ladies from our models lounge, Regina Mei (@reginameii), Serena Su (@serenasuu), Ashley Clark (@ashhhhcee), and Arley Elizabeth (@arrrrlz).

MashUpThree_2013-9620Gilbert from ITsJDMYo! won some goodies from Scosche.

MashUpThree_2013-9704Winner, winner chicken dinner with a $200 gift certificate for an AirREX Air Suspension

We tried to add a little halloween spirit and held a costume contest. The winner of each category won $100 cash money and $100 gift card to Guppy House. By the time we held the contest it was kind of late, so some of the participants didn’t want to participate anymore or had already dispersed. The contest was split up into 2 groups, scariest/original and seksiest.



MashUpThree_2013-9796The scary and original group we had Braelyn and Shawna as zombies, but ultimately Caption Hooker, Ronnie took the $100 prize.

In the seksi portion, we had Lilly Evan (@sexylillyevans) dressed as your fantasy (“whatever you want me to be” as she described), Ashley Clark as a Mermaid, and Kallita Daniel (@kallitadaniel) as Princess Leia from Star Wars.

MashUpThree_2013-9804From this pic I’m curious on what Captain Hooker and Rev Run (@dayuumnilo13) was looking at.

MashUpThree_2013-9815“whatever you want me to be”



MashUpThree_2013-9836the winner ended up being Kallita. It was kind of funny because she wasn’t even going to compete – thinking she wasn’t going to win, until I literally dragged her on stage. Really, I did… And guess what? She took the $100 and the gift certificate!

We took a short break before the final raffle.

MashUpThree_2013-9869Here is Joey from The Chronicles‘s Q posted next to our booth… His Y33 is so clean, fresh, and DaYUUM!

MashUpThree_2013-9872Our booth

MashUpThree_2013-9972For our final raffle we had Serena and Kallita to help out.


MashUpThree_2013-9932Virgil was winning everything in sight, include Cadence sub woofers, Scosche headphones, Vaping LA juices and accessories… You name it, he has it.

MashUpThree_2013-9954Here is Kallita receiving a winning ticket.. This girl also won a boat load of stuff.

MashUpThree_2013-9983Before giving out our final raffle, we had Wayne from We Strong Foundation say a few words.

MashUpThree_2013-9996Lastly, the IZZI Orbit, AirREX gift certificate, and Scosche headphones was drawn for this lucky winner.

We had Danny stick around to take some group shots in front of the completed photo backdrop done by Just195 and Rich One of NASA Crew. I don’t like having my picture taken so it’s even more awkward when I initiate them, but I always feel it needs to be done. Especially during good times like these, you want to record events not only in your mind but visually. It helps you remember a timeline of life.


MashUpThree_2013-0030from left to right, Kallita, Scottie (@dayuumscottie), Dianna, Lynhthy (@lynhthy), Nilo, Beckie (@beckiejoon), Antonio, Serena, Denny (me @dayuumden), Jae (@dayuumjae), Justin (@justdayuum), and Paul

MashUpThree_2013-0015L to R – Myself, Neil (@neil_klassified) from Team Klassified, and Scottie. Even with my slipped disc, Neil jumped up and hung on Scottie and I, but Neil weighs less than a pigeon feather so it’s all good.

MashUpThree_2013-0004Justin and Michelle

MashUpThree_2013-0039Scottie, Serena, Nilo, Neil, myself, Justin, Jae, Paul, and John from the 808 on the floor.

MashUpThree_2013-0052Our great friends Leon, Scott and Kerryann always comes out to support. They are great people so we always need a picture with them.

MashUpThree_2013-0056Last but not least, a group picture with David, the owner of Guppy House with our core DaYUUM Family.

These are just highlight photos and we will have more to come. I do want to thank the DaYUUM crew for always putting in 110% and taking time out of their schedule to always support the family. Michelle, Liza, Jae, Scottie, Paul, Justin, and Nilo.

Thank you to the Scion Evolution crew, Shawna (@shawnaenders), Veronica (@veronigguhrizz), Virgil (@importcarsite), Sergio, and Johnny (@mrlosangeles323) for help us with the flow of traffic.

I also want to thank Team Klassified, Phase2, Royal Origin, Iconic Car Club, SoCal Driven, and Gabe and friends for coming out to support in force. There are so many other clubs and individuals that I did not have the opportunity to meet, but thank you guys too!

Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters, Rehv Clothing, Wheel Warehouse, DC Sports, AirREX, Scosche, Vaping LA, IZZI Gadgets, Cadence Acoustics, Tjin Edition, Infinite Auto Design, 86Fest, and Motor Mavens. Big thanks to Tricia (@spocom_show) and the Spocom family for all your help with organizing our schedule of events. Thank you to our dancers, Beckie Joon, Kat Gutierrez, Dianna Lushus, and Lynhthy.

Thank you to all the girls of the DaYUUM Hunnies models lounge, Ashley Clark, Serena Su, Marie Alvarez, Arley Elizabeth, Regina Mei, and Lilly Evans! You ladies are fun and awesome to work with. Thank you to Kallita for helping out with the raffles.

Last but not least, David for having us again and congrats again on your 8th store… We can’t wait for Fullerton, Pasadena, WeHO, and many many more! Stay tuned!

We have more pictures coming folks…Until later… @DaYUUMDen

Japanese Classic Car Show | Konnichiwa.

Youkoso irasshai mashita. (Welcome.) Ogenki desuka? (How are you?) Saikin dou desuka? (What’s new?) Japanese Classic Car Show is new! Whether you’re a young’n, like me, or an oldie, like…uhm…yea, the translation of classic cars will never be lost. There is a timeless excellence and respect for Japanese automotive heritage that is on display every year at JCCS in Long Beach, going on 9 years strong now. Check out all the good stuff from this year.


First thing I do before I cover an even is do some test shots, especially on an outdoor show I get a feel for the lighting, play with my f/stops, shutter speed, all that jazz. Most of my early shots don’t make the cut, but I felt this 1st Gen, right hand drive RX-7  import from Japan deserved to a small place in my write up.

9thJCCS_02 9thJCCS_03

Really into these SSR’s by the way. On a side note, it was very displeasing seeing a well built classic, get ready to shoot it and then upon closer inspection…replicas. What a waste, moving along…


Now a car you can truly appreciate and build right, sure the more modern R32 Skyline was right next to it, but my eye was already captivated by this Hakosuka. The first GTR line that was produced for the Skyline model line, this car holds a special place in many classic car enthusiasts’ hearts.

9thJCCS_05 9thJCCS_06 9thJCCS_07 9thJCCS_08

Not far from it was its “brother” a Kenmeri famously owned by Fatlace’s Felix Marcelino. This one is sported the new F/ZERO1 wheels designed by Fatlace and produced by AME Wheels. They did a real good job on these; it pays homage to the vintage lifestyle yet has modern designs that keep it up to the ever evolving tuner lifestyle.

9thJCCS_09 9thJCCS_10

The restoration on this Fairlady 1600 looks as if it just rolled off a Datsun lot. The 14” wheels, the “Datsun” lettering on the hood, the color…everything just screams classic.

9thJCCS_11 9thJCCS_12 9thJCCS_13

Including the vintage junk in the trunk!


The old school A60 Celica is far from popular, but Jesse Ortiz has really made a name for himself and his car for this out of the ordinary build. I say out of the ordinary because most people don’t go through the distance to restore this model Celica, let alone tune it into an absolute showstopper. It’s amazing to learn that he practically saved this car from being sent to the junkyard and spent most of the rebuilding process in his dad’s backyard. (His dad is a fellow Scion Evolution member too by the way, with a rockin’ Scion tC as well!)

9thJCCS_15 9thJCCS_16

And just to show you all he means business, he did a 1JZ-GTE swap with a single turbo, which pushes about 300whp! This “bandit” isn’t shy to give you a real chase you’d never expect

9thJCCS_17 9thJCCS_18

Continuing on with some seksi Toyotas in the first section of the show, we find one of our favorite Toyota Corollas, Patrick Ng’s Levin 1600, which we featured here on DaYUUM! during last year’s SEMA. Patrick has won multiple awards with this car, including 1st Place Best of JCCS last year. One reason is because he always brings something new, keeping an old car fresh isn’t easy, but he pulls it off each and every time.


This year Patrick went with new carbon fiber body mods all around, but something tells me he’s already got new plans to change it up again real soon.

9thJCCS_20 9thJCCS_21

Moving from the pavement to the grass, it was like entering a whole other classic car show. The first thing I noticed sitting by the Yokohama booth was Jun Imai’s Fairlady Z. For those who don’t know, Jun is a famous designer for Hot Wheels (I can think of at least one fellow DaYUUM! contributor who would love this.)

9thJCCS_22 9thJCCS_23

In contrast to the Datsun Fairlady 1600 roadster I touched on earlier, this Fairlady Z is one of the ultimate #MaximumAttack vehicles around. From the fender flares to the meaty Advan tires, this is one aggressive beast.

9thJCCS_24 9thJCCS_25

The timeless look accompanied with its simple mechanics and easily interchangeable parts has made the Datsun 510 one of the most popular cars amongst collectors and restorers. This one is perfectly clean inside and out, and the bright red, white, and blue NISMO colorway really make it sound out.

9thJCCS_26 9thJCCS_27 9thJCCS_28

Speaking of clean paintjobs, Hawaii native Kirk Hubbard’s TA22 Celica was a big standout of the show. When you look for a classic to be done right, you can look no further than Kirk’s, aloha!

9thJCCS_29 9thJCCS_30

The red GT stripe just pops along the side along with the classic wheels colored to match it.


Partly hiding in the shade we found our favorite little guy, Neil De La Cruz from Team Klassified and his pride and joy “Milo”. Neil put in a lot of last minute work to get it ready of JCCS, including going to bed at 2AM and then driving down to Long Beach by 6AM! At least all that hard work paid off as he won Best Toyota “Old School” 3rd Place.

9thJCCS_32 9thJCCS_33

Better take a good look at this immaculate engine bay now; Neil has big plans, including some major engine and suspension mods. By next year you might not recognize it anymore.


It’s a shame that this car was hiding behind the big Toyota rig when you first overlook the area. Or was this gangster “Yakooza” purposely hanging out in secrecy? I’d rather not type the wrong thing and have my fingers chopped off, so let’s just get to the pictures and admire this super clean, super low, gangsta’ Toyota Crown.

9thJCCS_35 9thJCCS_36 9thJCCS_37 9thJCCS_38

Little eco-friendly cars might be the trend now, but it isn’t anything new. Back when Honda first broke into the US market, they brought the mini car style from Japan but with just enough power to keep up on US highways. And hence this little guy was born, the Honda N600.

9thJCCS_39 9thJCCS_40

While the one above was in pristine condition, these are a few other mini Hondas that have been restored.

9thJCCS_41 9thJCCS_42

There’s always got to be that one car; that weird, quirky car that just makes its way to appeal to you for some unknown reason. It doesn’t have to have the biggest engine, the nicest paint job, or the prettiest wheels; it just has to have that look that will make you smile and laugh. And so I introduce you to a Daihatsu Hijet!

9thJCCS_43 9thJCCS_44

While this cleanly restored kei car (small Japanese vehicle) exterior pops, the interior has a more laid-back, easy-going feel. Maybe it was the Hawaiian theme that pulled me in…this really makes me miss Hawaii even more now…#DaYUUM808

9thJCCS_45 9thJCCS_46

Well that’s that, another show in the books and the year is winding down. As some of these classics go back into hiding until the next show season, especially with next year being JCCS’ 10th year, it’s getting that time for us to just unwind and relax. Oh but not until our “Mash Up Three” later this month of course! As always there will be cars, food, girls, prizes, and this time a Halloween costume contest. Be sure not to miss out on it!

-Justin (@JustDaYUUM)

Wekfest LA 2013 – Part 3 – Bonus

From time to time we have multiple people of the DaYUUM Family taking pictures and sharing them. In part one, I had a brief ramble of the event, Angie (@angie529)  got a little more in depth with some of the cars in part two, and now, I am going to share Justin’s (@justdayuum) pictures.



WekfestLA0026Near by us was this 2014 Lexus IS which was brought out by Ryan Bacsafra for Lexus. Ryan is a lucky dude and is one of the few that regularly has access to the LFA. Yeah, I’m a bit jealous.

Along with the LEXUS family, a gang of FR-S litered the asphalt area of the event.



WekfestLA0007Beat-Sonic represented hard at Wekfest LA.

WekfestLA0008Meng Tea was among the few selected to represent Beat-Sonic. Meng’s Hot Lava FR-S has MV Designz lip kit and tail light treatment.

WekfestLA0009Next to him was his brother, Young. Young’s FR-S has the Stillen lip kit. His FR-S was the first time I’ve seen the Stillen kit. It looks nice but under marketed.



WekfestLA0012On the flip side was Vortech Superchargers. They had Robert’s Hot Lava Bunny Rocket with new F14F Forgestar wheels. Next to him was Vortech’s own company vehicle on Rotiform’s and sticky rubber.

WekfestLA0013Noel’s FR-S with his Phaze2 teammate in Canibeat’s booth



WekfestLA0102Kevin of Autofashion USA and Trendy Vape was sitting pretty in Mackin’s booth

WekfestLA0019Back at home base we had Gary’s Camaro

WekfestLA0020Jayson’s clean IS350 on Tein’s and Work Wheels



WekfestLA0021Glen from Long Beach Auto Tech on gold Weds and DaYUUM’ed intake!



WekfestLA0030M2 Motoring’s Fiesta on AirREX Air Suspension and Rotiform NUE’s.

WekfestLA0023Nilo’s NSX also on AirREX Air Suspension.






WekfestLA0095Serena gladly posed on his topless NSX.


WekfestLA0031Yogi’s GS on AirREX Air Suspension


WekfestLA0033Ryan’s dumped xB

WekfestLA0034I dig old school muscle, especially Camaros.



WekfestLA0039A team of Subies


WekfestLA0041Once again, Skyline Mike’s beauty.

WekfestLA0042Ojay’s Previa with Style Over Comfort

WekfestLA0043So Clean.



WekfestLA0046R-Rydes widebody BRZ and Veilside NSX


WekfestLA0049That TL – DaYUUM!

WekfestLA0051The classic Panda AE86





WekfestLA0056Team Klassified always repping DaYUUM. Here is Ben and Neils bitched old school toys.

WekfestLA0057Team Klassified












WekfestLA0069Mike Kim  (@ragingspam) interrupting the shot trying to become the next Hott DaYUUM Hunks.









WekfestLA0079Taz’s iQ

WekfestLA0080GT-R with ItsJDMYo!








WekfestLA0089Back at the booth we had a little hoop to kill time and display a pair of AirREX Struts. If anyone is interested, email us at goods@dayuum.com for pricing.

WekfestLA0096Even Jon Sibal got into the action to show his skills, check out that arch.

WekfestLA0088Cory from SpoCom stopped by for a group photo.



WekfestLA0099Jon’s Vortech charged, Challenger on custom gold SSR wheels.


WekfestLA0101To end our bonus feature of Wekfest Los Angeles here is Neil Tjin of Tjin Edition’s Ford Fusion with Baer brakes and Forgetstar wheels.

Thanks for check out our coverage of Wekfest LA!


Wekfest LA 2013 – Part 2

One of the main reasons I came down South to celebrate my birthday was to attend Wekfest Los Angeles. This was actually my first Wekfest event, and it won’t be my last if I can help it! The atmosphere was awesome and the layout was easy to navigate. This was a very well organized event. I have no doubt that Wekfest LA will be even bigger next year.

Car shows and events are few and far between where I’m from, so this was the first show I’ve been to in MONTHS. Needless to say, I was pretty excited. With very little sleep and an injury from a recent auto accident, I was more than determined to get out of town, down to Wekfest LA and enjoy the weekend. I needed a break. The almost 200 mile drive was more than worth it. I got to spend time with great friends and check out some beautiful cars. What more could this girl ask for to celebrate her birthday?!

I have respect for all car styles, but just like anything else, I do have my favorites. So, here I share with you some of my personal favorites from the show.




As I began to navigate the grassy area, I saw a ton of beauties. However, the first one to jump out and catch my eye was this amazing Skyline GT-R. I am a huge fan of ‘old school’, so my jaw dropped as soon as I saw it. I wanted to hop in and take her back home with me!! Congrats to Mikey on 2nd place in the All Nissan class.


It’s always nice seeing Neil’s KP61 and Benjamin’s AE71. I love these 2 and always stop to take a look every time I see them at a show. Truly a beautiful pair. Congrats to Neil on 1st place in the Old School class!


Another one I couldn’t take my eyes off of was Steve’s Lexus LS. Not only was she sitting pretty, but in my favorite color!! Congrats to Steve on 1st place in the Lexus LS class!







I have a thing for Subies as well – these were a few of my favorites.






A little BMW (and Holly Lee) love!






Noel’s FR-S definitely pulls in a crowd, but I was able to snag a few shots.









A few more of my favorites –old school and new.















It was really great to see everyone again, and to meet a few new friends as well. I could not have asked for a better weekend. Hope to see you again soon.

Thanks for viewing!


Ben’s BlackTop ‘Rolla

I’ve always appreciated older vehicles that have been given a new breath of life.  This holds true for both domestic and import machineries.  Often times, I really don’t want to make this too obvious… One, it provides hints and signs of times – getting the dreaded question about age becomes common.  Two, you get the “itch” to start what may seem to be a little project but we all know this isn’t always the case.

Though I’ve had a keen eye for both older domestic and import vehicles, seeing the older Toyotas specially the 80’s on the road or events without fail always catches my attention and has been my kryptonite.  Let’s get this straight – I’ll definitely admit that I’m not a Toyota connoisseur but it just dates back to what I was brought up with.   Seeing “Yota’s” such as Neil De La Cruz’s ’81 Starlet – “Milo”, which I had the pleasure of featuring – made me feel like a kid in a candy store and having a good ol’ chocolaty drink (wink-hint ;-).  More recently, Neil introduced me to another Pinoy Olschooler just like him, Ben Fernandez.  Ben’s ’83 Corolla sedan put quite a grin on my face when I first saw it up close. You may ask why but growing up in the Philippines, my dad always bought Toyotas and one of them was a brand new midnight blue 1983 corolla as a family car – right before my younger brother was born.  I’ve asked my dad why always a Toyota and he never fails to answer it with – “it’s reliable, cheap parts.”  Sure enough, I can’t seem to remember that it gave my dad any issues.

Unlike our midnight blue family “rolla” way back when, Ben’s ’83 AE71 didn’t get to look and growled like how it is now that easy.  He’s owned the AE71 for 4 years now.  However, it took quite some time to get it to a point where he was completely satisfied with not only its looks but go fast bits.  It took Ben at least 2 years to collect the parts needed; then another 8 glorious months to complete such a looker and as he described it “with a lot of tender love.”  I can’t disagree as the TLC definitely shows.  As for most of us car guys and gals, the love just comes naturally; as certain machinery attachments reflect a piece of yester-years or sometimes family.  In Ben’s case, he’s KE70 back home, the Philippines, served as an inspiration to move forward with his project ‘83 AE71.

Ben had challenges getting a hold of parts as most of them are hard to find now.  With a 29 year old car, suppliers or yards usually hoard parts to increase profit especially overseas.   Luckily, Ben has some good contacts in the Philippines to find him parts.  His brother Benjamin III is his primary parts scavenger.  Ichiban Racing located, of course, at the ever so popular spot for hard to find parts in the Philippines; Banauwe Quezon City was frequently visited.  Rhet Del Rosario of Toycool Corolla also helped him out to piece together the parts for the “ol’skul rolla.”

The exterior of the AE71 looks completely clean.  The boxy body styling of the corolla was accentuated by the custom 918 Orange color from the Toyota pioneers of PJ Bonifacio Autobody.  The color just seizes your attention as it rolls by.  Subtle exterior touches such as the custom front lip, flared fenders, GTS coupe rear spoiler, JDM chrome bumpers and JDM fender mirrors were just enough to show a renewed edge to the corolla.  The 13 x 8 classic ATS lightweight wheels put a little of German flavor to this 80’s Japanese machinery.  Simple things such as the badges on the grill were hard to ignore which shows homage not only to classic Japanese automotive association but to dedicated Filipino restorers in the United States as well as the Philippines.

BlackTop 20 Valve AE111 4A-GELU was the chosen center piece for this oldie which was installed by Racetoys.  Toda pieces such as Toda Cam’s 272’s, Toda adjustable Cam Gear and Toda Flywheel also made it to the new power plant of the Rolla. Growling with new life, Racetoys Velocity Stacks and custom high rise headers and exhausted were installed.  AEM Engine management was needed to keep the vitals in check and orchestrate engine components.  GTS Mishimoto Aluminum radiators and Greddy Oil catch-can can’t also be missed as you look down the tidy engine bay.  T50 Transmission and ACT Stage 3 clutch assembly were used to transfer the BlackTop power to the ground.

The spotless interior is another highlight of this vehicle.  The faded original interior were all tossed to accommodate the all black seats, panels and restored dash.  Nardi steering wheel, Auto Meter Tach, and TRD knob entraps an onlooker right away. The laptop holder or movable neck was just a cool touch; giving me a good grin when I first saw this.  The set up mimicked the good ol’ discman car movable necks or holder in the past.  Surely youngins these days won’t probably know what I’m talking about.

Well some may think that this 80’s oldie was put together for looks and cruise, shutting any doubters up, Ben enjoyed running the AE71 for the first time on track during 86fest that Motormavens put together.  With the help of the jeers and cheers of some homies, surely enough the corolla ran consistent low 38 track times beating some of the more expensive and track-prepped cars at the event.

Like Neil’s Starlet, Ben’s ’83 corolla sedan was built due to the fact that he had an unfinished mission that was left in the Philippines.  The “behind the scenes” value and TLC that went in into rejuvenating an uncommon platform is what sets this 1983 AE71 apart.  It did not only complete what he longed for in the past but brought reminiscences of the Philippines to a new found home here in the United States.  Ben is very thankful to family and friends that supported him during the build – His wife Melody and son Weber the carburetor, Racetoys of Walnut, PJ Bonifacio AutoBody, TGP-IERC and his crew Team Klassifed.

Until the next one… Peace


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