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Leon Casino’s Widebody NSX

Photos: Denny H.
Words: Denny H.

The time I got to tag-a-long with Cory and Justin.

For some reason this set slipped through. I thought it been posted until, well, I looked at the site and found it missing.

Cory was in town one night from Arizona and was going to shoot Justin’s RB tC and Leon’s NSX for I think USDM Freax. Since they were going to be in Long Beach, Justin called to see if I wanted to tag-a-long. I took the opportunity because like shooting at night and I haven’t had the chance to shoot Justin’s car with the new wrap yet.

I tried to stay out of Cory’s shots as much as possible, since he was the main shooter, but Leon’s car just had so much detail in it. I wanted to get every possible angle. We were stopping people in the tracks confused at what Leon’s creation was. It was fun, except for Michelle which was freezing to death.

Anyways, unto the set.

Auto Enthusiast Day 2017

It’s take five for Nitto Tire’s Auto Enthusiast Day Presented by Driving Line and the event just keeps getting better! This free event returns to Angel’s Stadium where spectators take home the latest issue of Driving Line magazine and get covered in shreds of Nitto Tires from all the driving demos. Off-Road stars like Loren Healy and Cody Currie flexed their beastly machines, while drifters Vaughn Gittin Jr., Alex Heilbrunn and Matt Powers joined the couple of stunt driving, Sam and Stina Hübinette for an epic slideways showdown. The show within the show, where DaYUUM! made ourselves comfortable, was the reorganized vendor area. With the car meet section moved outside of the main area, the show highlighted all of the vendors’ show cars. We opt to go with a pair of “new look, who dis?” wrapped Scions, Tyler Huang’s xB and my Rocket Bunny tC. A new addition to AED 2017, was the AutoCon car show and the famous AutoCon Ave. stage that featured some of the best of the best. Check out our recap of the day’s festivities!

Words: Justin P.

Photos: Michelle I.

Kalayaan 2017 – Car Meet and Food Festival

June 10th was an evening of great food and great company. Neil of Team Klassified gathered a few close friends, including us, Car Culture TV, Infinite Auto Design, MOD Junkies, Spocom, Tanginamo, and many more.

Kalayaan celebrates Filipino Independence Day and Neil wanted a gathering to do just that, celebrate.

Joining us in our booth was Justin’s Rocket Bunny tC2, Leon’s NSX, and Jayson’s LX.

There were a bunch of amazing rides. Lighting was a challenge so we were only able to snap a few shots.

Words and Photos: Denny H.

5 Crowd Pullers from SEMA 2015

Come one, come all to the greatest automotive trade show on earth! SEMA Show 2015 has made its annual stop to the wild, wild desert known to most as Las Vegas, Nevada. Be thrilled by gorgeous Booth Babes, be amazed by the the strength of the Four BOSSes, be mesmerized by new kid on the block, stand in awe of the looks of yesteryear and leave yourself at the mercy of beasts for an experience you will never forget! These are 5 crowd pullers from SEMA Show 2015!

1. Girls, Girls, Girls

“Girls, all I really want is girls! And in the morning it’s girls! Cause in the evening it’s girls!” -Beastie Boys
Driving Line’s Alicia Cummings taking a selfie with “Mad” Mike Whiddett

Look out Janey! Hopefully that giant Mishimoto tank is enough to protect you from all the creepers.

MST Wheels’ Regina standing guard by their “Attack on Titan” 240sx

For more babes, check back to Jae’s Ladies of SEMA 2015!

2. I’m a BOSS

You’ve just entered the Boss Level. There were 4 epic S14 Rocket Bunny BOSSes at SEMA Show, are you ready to take them on?

Make sure you’ve collected all your JDM Badges before you take on the Good Show Automotive Art BOSS.

Don’t slip up when you face off against the Autofashion USA X ENEOS Oil BOSS.

Corey Hosford’s Street Standard BOSS will definitely pack a mean punch with it’s V-8 engine.

Don’t let the cycles fool you, the WD Ultimate BOSS is ready to take on all and any Challengers

3. The New Kids On The Block: Driving Line

Go big or go home. Driving Line started off their first SEMA Show with a bang and these three white knights were only part of the reason why their booth caught our eye.

Sung Kang’s Fugu Z by GReddy proves that the perfect build doesn’t always have to be fast or furious.

Just in time for the winter season, the SSA X Autofashion USA Rocket Bunny NSX is one sexy Snow Bunny.

Evasive Motorsports Porsche GT3, “Just imagine how much cooler I’ll be in summer.”

4. Don’t Call Me Rusty

Out with the new, in with the old. Or something like that. Put that Rust•eze Medicated Bumper Ointment away, Rust is in this year!

Rusty Slammington. No introduction needed.

Check out that Rad Rusty Rat Rod! Whew, try saying that ten times fast.

Even choppers were all about that rust life

5. What the TRUCK?

Big tires and lifted beasts ruled SEMA Show this year. Because well…’MURICA

Derek West’s ULTRA4 Off-Road buggy took a break from its weekly mud bath to be part of the showroom floor.

The Starwood Motors Jeep JK8 with custom Bandit Kit wasn’t afraid when the rain, hail and lighting decided to make an unwelcome appearance.

There’s always a lot going on at SEMA Show, these are just 5 of the things we picked up on. What else was provocative at SEMA Show 2015; what was it that got the people going?

By: Justin Pagtalunan

Photos by: Michelle Ishida

SEMA Show 2014: Jayson’s Pick(s)


Las Vegas becomes the mecca of automotive geniuses and visionaries every time SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association) event is in town.  Fortunate enough to attend this year’s event to feast my eyes on creations that I know were done with extensive planning, hardwork and good partnerships.  This year I was able to witness a good variety of vehicles that impressed me due to its craftsmanship and details – creations that conformed to my liking.  So let’s start…


#Brotherlylove.  Tjin Edition Ford Fiesta ST and Honda Fit

It’s one thing to work with friends on car builds but to make it a family affair is another.  I can just imagine how the brothers bounced ideas at one another -as crazy as these guys are; they probably used, and abused Denny (@dayuumDen) as a cushion to exert their brotherly frustrations.  But in the end, both vehicles were highly recognized by Ford and Honda for an outstanding vision.





#NotaRocketBunny. The internet breakers Noel’s Varis FRS and Yogi’s widebody GS

These Asiatic Red Devils just killed it… Nope Kim K didn’t break the internet first… Do you remember when this FRS flooded the facebook and IG feeds? When Noel first broke out the FRS with the Airrex suspension? How about the time when he revealed his Rocket Bunny with the Work VS-KF wheels  and lastly showing off with the full Varis Kit and SSR’s newest wheel, the Professor TF1.  Simple but tasteful details can be noticed not only in the exterior but under the FRS’ hood and interior as well.  I am sure brother Bert had his share of scrapes and bruises working on this FRS.



Well Yogi broke the internet a few days before his GS showed up in SEMA.  After months of non-stop preparation and work to complete the GS with the help from Buddha Paint, Weds, Falken and Airrex, and many more; the handcrafted widebody sedan stole the spotlight the day it was revealed.




#TheRocketBunny.  Lexus RB RC350 Fsport, SSA x AutoFashion RB NSX, RB RX7, RB R35 and RB Genesis Coupe

One build that I really wanted to see in person was the Lexus RB RC350 Fsport.  I have not driven one yet but I read a number of good reviews about the vehicle most specially the RC-F.  For me, it was like a luxury FRS on steroids. Or maybe I am just a little Lexus biased but seeing the first renderings of the RC with the RB kit, just made me want to see one in person. The RB kit enhanced the already aggressive look of the RC.  Meaty tires, mesh wheels, perfect stance, the RC will definitely be a hit once it reaches the dealerships.




Six Sigma AUTOdesign said it best, “We knew many aspects of the project would be controversial, but we wanted to stir the pot. In the end, modifying cars is like an art, what’s the point if we are all painting the same picture? Don’t be afraid to take risks! We love how the car turned out…” Kudos to you guys for taking that leap -out of the norm.







#Fanboyfavs.  Falken IND M3, Artisan NX200t, Ironman4x4 LC60, Vossen LS460, Vorsteiner M4, Sarto Racing CLK and the Hotchkis Road Runner

This IND-Distribution (based from Chicago, Il)  M3 under the Falken booth was simply stunning – no widebody add-ons but simply utilizing the usual aero enhancements that screams Form and Function. But what really drew me to this vehicle was the color scheme which may be too bold for some. The BMW Yas Marina Blue, cement gray and mint green highlights worked great for this build.



The very first Lexus NX200t that was fitted with an Artisan kit.  I didn’t imagine that the NX would look so good with just the kit, wheels and low ride height.  The NX series maybe the vehicle that puts the RX series out of the Lexus lineup – only time will tell…


I have always been a big fan of Ironman 4×4 products.  This year they used an LC60 VX Diesel Turbo to display the quality of accessories, gear and parts they offer. I would not mind taking this LC out on a trailing trip…


The big body sedan LS460 has always been in my “want” list and this long sled from Vossen was tastefully done.  The elegance of the LS460 Fsport was maintained with the addition of the Skipper front lip and air suspension.


BMW Widebody M3 suited up with Vorsteiner aero.


Sarto Racing CLK


Who would not want to own an American Muscle if it looked this good? This Plymouth Road Runner Superbird was under the Hotchkis booth.


In addition to the vehicles mentioned above , this year I’ve decided to deviate from my typical wheelhouse and highlight trucks for my SEMA 2014 picks.  From the plethora of new Jeep Rubicons and Wranglers around most of the halls, I found a few that really caught my eye.  I could not pick just one so here it goes…


3.  The Legacy Classic Trucks: Scrambler and 1942-1943 Dodge WC-53 conversion

These Legacy Classic conversions gives you the old classic feel with new reliable hardware.  The Legacy Classic Trucks are assembled to a customers liking – in terms of its looks and application that it will be used. The Classic V8 Legacy Scrambler Conversion symbolizes the heritage of the Jeep CJ, with full fenders, 33” tires and classic line. This is equipped with a 430Hp LS3 engine which is capable of adventures both on and off-road. The Scrambler is also available as a Soft-top, Hard-top and 2-Door version. Also, this is made with a mandrel bent fully boxed frame as well as Atlas transfer-case, Dynatrac 1-Ton ProRock 60 axles with ARB locking differential. Long travel suspension and air-bump stops are used to fit ones adventure needs.

The Dodge Carryal WC-53 is a rare and unique multi-passenger truck also available from Legacy Classic trucks in limited number. Each truck is handcrafted since it takes at least 1,200 hours to build. This is also powered by a 430Hp LS engine coupled with a 4-speed automatic. This comes standard with locking differentials and an Atlas Transfer-case.












2.  Vortech BOSS F100

One of Vortech Superchargers’ booth vehicles is this 1973 Ford F100 done by High Octane Hot Rods. Owner: Jason Jones, On the Ground Designs. This truck is seriously looking like a Boss sitting still and laying frame. Under the hood you will find a 5.0L Ford Coyote engine, BOSS intake and Vortech Supercharger. Hard to find pieces and details were sourced from LMC trucks. One will not miss the massive tubs of the truck which tucks the B-Forged 595 wheels 22×9 up front and 24×14 rear. These are wrapped with Pirelli P-Zero Nero tires 265/30/22 for the fronts and super wide 405/25/24 for the rear. Sew it Seams from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania completed the truck’s interior. Audi RS4 Red Volker was used to complete the exterior looks of the BOSS.





1.  1949 Chevrolet 3100 five window pickup

Under the bright lights of the Las Vegas Convention Center, showing with the PAC racing springs booth tucks a truck that really caught my eye, this is the 1949 Chevy 3100 five window pickup. At first, its rusted out exterior will throw you off as this seem to not belong with the big boys with their shiny paint schemes. But look under the hood and you will immediately know that this beast will blow your doors off standing still. The 3100 is equipped with a fully built 442 LS engine with a 4.125 Bore and Stroke using K1 Technologies Forged Crank and Wiseco Pistons. This also has a Trick Flow Fully CNC LS3 Heads with OE LS7 rockers and titanium retainers from PAC Racing Springs. All ARP hardware was also used in putting together the powerplant of the truck. The 442 was also partnered to a Tremec 6-speed transmission with Centerforce DYAD dual disk clutch. As for its low slung ride height, PAC-JRi Racing coilovers were used. The Red Steel wheels from Coker Tire really did set off the look of the truck – wrapped in Firestone Nostalgia Drag Slicks Wide White. Although it cannot be seen behind the wheel, stopping on a dime is achieved using Wilwood Six Piston Calipers with 12 inch rotors. One of the eye catching details of the truck was the TIG Welded Butler built “Bomber Seats” with custom leather enhancements. I also liked the squared tubing interior styling as well as the bad ass grenade shift knob. The rear end of the truck just shows off the old and new pieces that really set this truck apart from the others.  Eighteen glorious months is what it took to put this beast together, this 3100 deserves a spotlight under the bright lights of Las Vegas.



















Hope you guys enjoyed a little flashback of SEMA 2014.

Until the next one… Peace!

-jayson (@dayuumjayce)

Dabbling with Christian Coujin’s Scion FR-S

Coujin_FRS-8407During the winter, it’s a battle of time, the sun sets sooner and days seem to disappear as soon as it began.

I had purchased a pair of Alien Bees a year ago because we were encountering limitations. Limitations which caused us to focus solely on using natural light and as days were shortened, so did our shoot times. Other times, we couldn’t shoot in warehouses because the lighting was too dim. I personally only used them a handful of times so I needed some practice.

When I had the opportunity to shoot Christian Coujin’s Scion FR-S an hour before sunset one Sunday, it was a perfect time to dust off the camera and strobes.








Coujin_FRS-8447Coujin’s beast is a 2013 Scion FR-S outfitted with a version one Rocket Bunny widebody kit. Its original Raven was scuffed then sprayed by Phantasy Kolors in Washington with a stunning Porsche GT3 Green. To accommodate the wider body, a custom set of Rotiform Turbines and Falken Tires were fitted under the bunnies’ fenders.



Coujin_FRS-8519Custom Tjin Edition Baer Brakes peak through the gaps in the Turbines while the AirREX Air Suspension fixes the gap between the tire and the fender.



Coujin_FRS-8498For added boost, Christian installed a supercharger by Vortech Superchargers.



As night fell, shots got a little bit more interesting. The sky started to change to a vibrant red which was stunning. I wanted to try longer exposure shots but I forgot my tripod.

At that time, one of the remote receivers failed so I had to make the best of the shoot with one strobe. It didn’t give me the look I had envisioned but it added a little mystery. The wheels, engine, and the two above were shot with one strobe. Shots here after were also shot with one strobe.




Since I had such a short time with Coujin’s FR-S I hope to get more shots of it soon. The crew will be displaying it at various events throughout the West Coast in 2014.

I hope you enjoyed what I captured so far.

Until later… Peace! –@DaYUUMDen

Wekfest LA 2013 – Part 1

Its 1:16AM on a Tuesday morning, and I started to think about Wekfest Los Angeles and the happenings of this past weekend. I was totally exhausted and even passed out early on the couch. When I woke up around midnight to crawl into bed, I found myself catching up on the last glimpse of Instagram and our Facebook page. Nilo has really been holding down the fort on Facebook and I contribute when I remember, but I am not as religious as Nilo with all the postings. We recently started an official Instagram (@instadayuum) page because Facebook has implemented changes that require a page to promote with dollars in order to reach all of your followers (so I’ve been told). Instagram is just another outlet for us to express what we do and also to bring you up to date info on our whereabouts and all the exciting events we are involved with. Why InstaDaYUUM? In short, someone is holding on to DaYUUM as if it’s a prize possession. I think the person thinks we are in the 90’s during the URL boom, but in fact, we have been hash tagging #instadayuum for a while now, so it is just as good as DaYUUM.

I wasn’t planning on writing any Wekfest coverage because I’ve been struggling on finishing other write ups but I felt I needed to write something. This is considered part 1. Angie will continue with part 2. Angela, aka Angie, is a passionate enthusiast from the San Luis Obispo area and she came to visit Wekfest to celebrate her birthday with her fiancé. She will finish off the coverage with her ramblings. PS – Happy Birthday Angie!


WEKFESTLA-7336I didn’t get a chance to walk around the show much because it was busy at the booth. The busiest one to date. This year we teamed up with Forjworks from Hawaii whom have blessed us to be a distributor for them on AirREX Suspensions in So Cal. That’s why our booth was split up with AirREX and DaYUUM. With the booth being busy I felt I shouldn’t leave the booth much while Jayson and Scottie hustle with merchandise. I am greatly blessed to have these guys for there passion and drive, as they are able to conduct business while Nilo and I try to take care of all the questions with the AirREX Suspension.


WEKFESTLA-7366In the booth this year, we also had Serena. She is a new face for us and is a new addition to the DaYUUMFam along with our other ladies we have had in the past. We are experimenting with a few new ideas this year so you may or may not see mulitple Hunnies in our booth this year, but we will see how it progresses in the year. I am also happy to see that some of our previous DaYUUM Hunnies hustling and getting gigs in the industry. Anyways, I did get a little chance to walk around the vendor area, I didn’t get far into the grass area and missed some of our friends like Autofasion and the guys at Style Over Comfort, but we did catch up with the guys at FRS-86, Vortech, our brothers at Tjin Edition, and Noel at Canibeat.





WEKFESTLA-7351In our booth we had Glen from Long Beach Auto Tech’s S2K on new gold Weds Kranze LXZ, Jayson’s IS350 with his newest look on Work Emotion CR’s, and Gary with his matte blue wrapped Lysholm charged Camaro done by Infinite Auto Design. It’s crazy how so many people confuse this Camaro for Gene’s Camaro. It’s actually hilarious.






WEKFESTLA-7349On the AirREX side we had M2 Motoring’s Fiesta on Rotiform NUE, Nilo’s vintage (haha) NSX with probably the only RAYS manufactured 3-Piece Ro_Jas in existence, and Yogi’s newly wrapped GS on Weds SA55m.




WEKFESTLA-7357On the vendor side I spotted the Tea brothers (www.frs86.com), Meng and Young in Beat Sonics booth, as well as Mike from Motor Mavens. I have no clue why I dont have an individual shot of Mikes, I swore I took one. I really love the new Work Emotion XD-9 on Meng’s FR-S. The color is a perfect complement to Scion’s Hot Lava.



WEKFESTLA-7331Across the way was Vortech Superchargers / Tjin Edition. They brought out Roberts FR-S that debuted the Gold Forgestar F14F’s 17×11. The company’s own FR-S was also on display.




WEKFESTLA-7322On the flip side, Jon Sibal’s Challenger was sitting pretty as usual. Close by was Gene Tjin’s Lysholm charged Camaro which has been on the selling block for about 2 years now. It appears even buyers with deposits are flakey like pastries. RJ’s Mustang, and Neil Tjin’s Fusion end capped their display. I wonder how many people stuck their heads under his car this time to check out the side exit exhaust.


WEKFESTLA-7333Spitting distance away was Noel’s FR-S which is also AirREX and Vortech equipped. Noel tends to pull a crowd with his Rocket Bunny / Vertex combo, as it was surrounded the whole time to the point that I just gave up waiting for people to get the hell out of the way so I just took a shot. At least I got half the car in.

WEKFESTLA-7341Rodney with Clazzio had a crazy spot right in front of the entrance. I caught up with him at the end of the event as he was packing his clean Prius with a whole lot of booth items. It’s hard to believe he dailies his Prius and transports all the displays. Rodney was so beat at the end of the day but he was still chippery, just less.

WEKFESTLA-7358I happened to step on the grass area briefly and captured Joey’s Q45 from The Chronicles. He’s probably one of the busiest bloggers I know and provides content so quickly that I believe the guy never sleeps. I always poke fun of his lack of sleep, but in reality I do admire his drive and passion for the industry.

WEKFESTLA-7356Other cars I saw in the vendor area.



WEKFESTLA-7364Accuair had some dope black gems.


WEKFESTLA-7335It was also good to see Marissa at the event. She was with VIP Modular.

Well that’s going to wrap it up for me. Stay tuned for Angie’s rambles. I also just saw Justin uploaded some pictures in Dropbox which is still synching, so there may be a part 3 as well. Either way, have a great week and stay tuned.



The Streets of Long Beach – 2013 Formula Drift – Rd.1

Formula Drift kicked off its 10th year on April 12st, 2013 at The Streets of Long Beach. Long Beach is FD’s first event of the series and utilizes turns 9-11 of the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. The unforgiving concrete lined course has been a challenge to all the drivers as it manages to end some of their weekend abruptly. Its a difficult track because the course uses the walls as clipping points, therefore drivers tend to cut them close in order to impress the judges and wow the crowds. Thick smoke combined with solid walls hasn’t appeared to be a good combination – but exciting.

Overcast and drizzle shadowed the day and kept the temperatures cool. A bit different from previous years when hydration and shade was a must. The weather was a treat to spectators and media partners alike.

2013 implemented a few new rules and modifications- one being the “Knock-out” style qualifying, which the top 16 qualifiers will lock themselves in their positions and the rest will have a 2nd run to fight for the remaining 17-32 spots (correct me if I misunderstood). Another rule is the modification to the “5-minute rule”, which is now called the “Competition Timeout.” The driver may call 5-minutes but MUST work on their car on the grid and no longer in the paddock. These changes will help speed up competition with lessen down time.

FD showed some promising rookies such as Forrest Wang with Get Nuts Laboratory. Forrest has probably one of the sickest S14’s in the field. The S14 is powered by a turbo’ed 2JZ. His style was clean and managed to muscle himself a 10th qualifying spot in his professional debut at Formula Drift. During top 32, Justin Pawlak ultimately pushed him out of the running and knocked him.FDLB-6061



Top 32 went rather quick and ended much earlier than scheduled. which moved the smoke sniffers to visit the vendor booths and the Slammed Society car show hosted by Fatlace.
















FDLB-5817Slammed Society was busier than previous years. Fatlace was front center as you enter the event. Fatlace openly displayed their BenSopra GT-R, Rocket Bunny FR-S boosted by Vortech Superchargers, Yogi’s AirREX GS, and John’s Veloster.



















FDLB-5811Vortech Superchargers was also in attendance showing off their latest charged vehicles like the hot FR-S. Migels, Noel’s, and the company’s FR-S all showed different build styles and purposes. On the backside was Gene Tjin’s Lysholm Camaro, Joey Redmon’s 2013 Paxton charged Mustang, Jon Sibal’s Challenger  using Vortech’s latest wrap-around system and Vortech’s in-house Challenger.


FDLB-5953The Tjin Edition Ford Fusion also made an appearance.

FDLB-5987AutoFashion‘s Kevin’s Trendy Vape FR-S looks totally hot in black and teal.



FDLB-5995In the vendor area, Meng and Young of FRS-86 shared a booth with AEM. Meng’s Hot Lava FR-S was fronting MV Designz hot lip kit as his brother Young, had the Stillen lip kit.





FDLB-5989Nissan Raceshop had our own DaYUUM Hunnie Katelin Southern signing posters to proud fans.

FDLB-6156DaYUUM Hunnie Ashley Clark was slanging wares with OMGDrift.

FDLB-6159Hunnie Amand Kerr a was with Drive Energy drinks promoting for their brand.

FDLB-5991Also spotted in the vendor booths was Abe with Mishimoto carrying a radiator around his neck. Next time we would like to see radiator hoses or hose clamps as a form of a neckless. Abe, make that happen.

FDLB-6192Brittani Paige was serving up drinks in NOS’ booth killing people with her smile and eyes.

FDLB-6154Gina “ex-supervillain, bruenette, to white, to blue haired” Darling, was being goofy in DSPORT’s booth with cameras following her around for an upcoming show called Roll Models.


FDLB-6147Randyl Dawn was patiently waiting for Falken’s photo booth glitch to clear up, so I snap a shot of her.




FDLB-6153HPI Racing was near by displaying some of their sick R/C Cars, including Gitten’s Mustang and RTR Mustang from 2011’s SEMA Show.

FDLB-6161The lovely Emma Rose was chilling with SSR, she always get an A+ on fashion points.

FDLB-6204Melyssa Grace with her MelygRace Girls showing 143.





FDLB-6198Trendy Vape / AutoFashion also had a booth displaying the latest in vapes and flavors. They even had solutions to customize your vapes with custom Trendy Vape wraps.

Unto the Top 16 was,


FDLB-6255Dai Yoshihara, Matt Powers, Daigo Saito, Fredric Aasbo, Chelsea DeNofa, Kado, Moen, Odi Bakchis, McNamara, Chris Forseberg, Ryan Tuerck, Justin, Pawlak, Michael Essa, Ken Gushi, Vaugh Gittin, and Pat Mordaunt.


FDLB-6328In the mist of the battles, Dai vs. Powers, as Dai advances.

Daigo-san vs Fredric was in an amazing battle. Two one-more-times as Fredric advances. Check out the close proximity by both drivers on their chase runs. It was one of the best battles to date. Daigo seems to always get into close battles. Last year at the House of Drift, he battled it out with Matt Powers in the same fashion.






FDLB-6355Here is the first round with Daigo-san and Fredric.






FDLB-6405Second Round… Daigo vs Fredric





FDLB-6448Fredric takes the Win!


FDLB-6376DeNofa vs Kado, DeNofa advances

FDLB-6423Moen vs. Bakchis, Moen advances



FDLB-6467McNamara vs. Forsberg, Forsberg advances

FDLB-6483Tuerk vs. Pawlak, Tuerck advances


FDLB-6503Essa vs. Gushi, Gushi advances

FDLB-6512Gittin vs. Mordaunt, Gitten advances

Top 8 didn’t have too much drama but there were close battles.


FDLB-6541Here is Fredric vs. Dai, Dai advances to Top 4




FDLB-6554DeNofa vs. Moen, Moen makes contact in turn 9 and knocks himself out of competition, DeNofa advances to Top 4



FDLB-6571Forsberg vs. Tuerk, Forsberg advances to Top 4!





FDLB-6603Gushi vs. Gittin, Gittin moves on to Top 4.

Top 4 looks like this, Dai vs. DeNofa / Forsberg vs Gittin



FDLB-6631Here is Dai vs. DeNofa, Dai advances to the finals!

FDLB-6636Gittin vs. Forsberg, Gittin moves on.



FDLB-6670 Tuerk vs Forsberg for 3rd, Forsberg takes 3rd at round 1 of the 2013 season.

Final battle was between Dai and Gittin.





A tough clean battle and the winner of FD LB is…




Dai! Dai takes the win at the 2013 first round!



Antonio getting some footage of Dai’s victory burnout

FDLB-6743The Celebration.

Thanks for checking out our coverage. @DaYUUMDen



Scion Racing Drift Day – Daily Drift-en

Whether you’re power sliding in Mario Kart, in the midst of an Initial D marathon, or indulging in the guilty pleasure movie of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift; most of you have probably tried to imagine what it would be like to be taking a corner with the car angled and laying a thick smoke behind you. Well for a few individuals, this is their day job.

We’d first like to thank Craig Taguchi and Scion Racing for inviting us to step into Mr. Gushi’s and Mr. Aasbo’s sideways office to get an up close peek of what drifting is all about. With the 2013 Formula DRIFT season about a week away, Scion Racing was at Irwindale Speedway, aka the House of Drift, to allow their drivers to get some more track time in.

Ken Gushi with his GReddy Performance X Scion Racing Drift FR-S and Fredric Aasbo with his Papadakis Racing Drift Scion tC were both there with their crews, dialing everything in, while giving the media a nice show.










There is just something about drifting that is both elegant and powerful. It takes skill, practice, and a protected track to be able to do the things these drivers do. So it’s not like I should have to remind you all to not try this at home! With that said, it’s clear that both drivers have a feel for their cars and how it wants to cruise through the track, sideways. Going around cones or drifting right up against the wall, it was like witnessing controlled chaos on four wheels.







New for the 2013 season, Ken Gushi’s Drift FR-S was given a refresher with wild new livery and a Rocket Bunny aero kit.







With great looks comes great power…or something like that. GReddy Racing was able to add about an additional 50-hp to Ken’s turbocharged Drift FR-S.





It wasn’t a hot day, but with the amount of power the cars were putting out and the heat from the tires; the cars and their drivers needed to take some breaks during the day. Which was good since it gave them the opportunity to talk with their crew as well as the media. While both Ken and Fredric would be considered celebrities in the sport of drifting, they are both generally down to earth, great guys.









Not to be out done, Fredric Aasbo’s Drift tC got its own little make over prior to the start of the season. With Scion recently unveiling a new facelift for the 2014 Scion tC, Papadakis Racing immediately outfitted Fredric’s Drift tC with the completely new front end, which includes new headlights, hood, and front bumper cover with a much wider grill (to allow more air to the intercooler).



Lucky us, we also the opportunity to ride shotgun with these awesome drivers! Nilo (@dayuumnilo13) asked me after if his girly screams could be heard through the thick padded helmet. Personally, it was an experience of a lifetime to ride along with Fredric Aasbo, who races a beefed up, RWD version of my daily driver. When you’re looking through the lens, it seems like the cars quickly blaze by each turn, but when you’re inside the car, it’s almost as if everything slows down. I remember when we were about to go up against the wall, I looked to my side and could clearly see all the other media people shooting away. As we took the turn, I could have easily pointed out to Fredric who each photographer was shooting for, that’s how much time I felt I had during that single moment. It’s just crazy how calm the entire drift session was; despite the screeching tires, thick smoke, quick turns, and all the other obstacles. And these’s guys basically do it daily; I tip my hat to them for honing in their talents on the track.



I guess the only downside of being so close to the track was that each time the drivers took the wall, the smoke would occasionally seep out passed the barrier, heading right at us. And unless I wanted them to get extra smokey, I needed to make sure I covered up my sausage and balls…

Seoul Sausage that is! Chris and Anthony form Seoul Sausage were catering the event and served their famous Spicy Pork and Galbi/Beef Sausages and deep fried Osaka Balls. They were preparing the food with their Scion xB, modified with its own grill by our good friends at MV Designz. It’s always a treat to have them at events, cause of course, drifting makes you hungry. They will also be at round one of Formula DRIFT held at Long Beach with their delicious creations to grub on.


It was a good day, a really good day, and we just want to thank the entire Scion Racing team for the experience. Best of luck to Ken Gushi, Fredric Aasbo, and Tony Angelo in the first round of Formula DRIFT coming to the Streets of Long Beach! Peace!

-This JustIn (@justdayuum)

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