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Beats ‘n Pieces – LA

During the summer, we had the opportunity to visit an art show called Beats ‘n Pieces (bts ‘n pcs), a production put on by Faded. It was a collaboration between many street artists with music, notably Rhettmatic of the world famous Beat Junkies.

I met Scott of Faded in February of this year when we took a stroll to their previous show called Pins ‘n Pieces, which was a fund raiser for Rob Strawder. Anyways, Scott was kind enough to contact me and opened their doors to us with open arms. At, the same time, a few guys from NASA contacted Nilo to inform him of the event as well.

The event consisted of many artists such as Czer, Just195, and Rich One from the NASA Crew. Montana Colors was on hand and supplied the cans. This venue was much bigger than Pins ‘n Pieces since it was held at Lucky Strike previously, so there was definitely more elbow room.

The focus was a live painting which spanned a good 30ft by 10ft tall and around the venue there were large canvases with other artists painting live as well.

The event included a bar, a dance area, live painting, and an art exhibition section.

Take a look at what we experienced, it took a little while for us to get this feature up and we apologize for that. We can’t wait for the next event. It was great seeing Scott from Faded, and meeting up with the crew at NASA.

Much love…


Pins N Pieces by Faded and NASA Crew

Although there are other projects that need attention, I wanted to move this entry up just a little before everyone else’s.

The DaYUUM crew is a diverse group of individuals with a centric bond that revolves around the automotive scene. When we set to start DaYUUM, we wanted to bring our readers – people, things, and places that inspires our ideas, thoughts, and passion – Art being one of them.

During the week  we got tipped from the NASA Crew of an event that was being held at Lucky Strike in Orange, California. It’s called, Pins•N•Pieces by Faded.

We pushed this entry up because this event is also a fundraiser and charity event for Rob Strawder. We don’t know Rob Strawder personally, but a simple URL directed us to his page. Rob was unfortunately caught in a house fire that severely burned his body and is currently in critical condition. He has about 2 to 3 months left in the hospital and a long recovery ahead. Pins•N•Pieces is a fundraiser to help with his recovery.

We wanted to cover this event to show our support and pay our contribution to humanity. Everyone needs a little help from time to time, so a little support goes a long way, and DaYUUM was happy to be there. Plus any show backed by the NASA Crew has our support.  Why? You see, NASA Crew was and still is the sickest crew in our town. They shined during the 80’s and 90’s, and since then, they are still throwing up pieces with world-wide recognition.

At the event, there were several art pieces surrounding the private section of Lucky Strike.

NASA had a large 16’x5′ canvas piece in the lane area of the alley, along with several other pieces on small tables.

Other artists also had their work on display as well, like Just195 and TIny.

There were several techniques used such as watercolors, acrylic on canvas, wood, bowling pins – it was a diverse mixture of different mediums.

In the patio area there was live screen printing for shirts made-to-order. They were cranking those out all night long.

While waiting for my shirt I was approached by a gentlemen, Scott. At first I thought he was going to kick me out because I was being a loner and snapping photos all willy-nilly, but he introduced himself and handed me his card to send him photos. He turned out to be a cool dude. Scott is part of Faded , the company that organized and collaborated with NASA on this event. He explained to me how they organize many events around L.A. and their events are a way to give back to the community. At the same time, help artists display an art form that is typically frowned upon. We both happened to grow up in the same hometown and had a lot of commonality regarding graffiti art, so you know, there will be more of these exhibits we will be attending.

It was good times and I look forward to future events with Faded and NASA Crew.

PS – I need to get my hands on that dope Faded Beat n’Pieces T.



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