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SEMA 2016 Recap


sema-2016-6064If you are an automotive enthusiast, then you know the mecca of car events, SEMA. We’ve covered it through the years and since the recession, it has gotten bigger and bigger every year. This year SEMA celebrates it’s 50th year and without a doubt, it’s also a reunion of current and past partners. It’s a week where you can gorge on 50 dollar buffet dinners and not feel too guilty because you’re walking an average of 10 miles a day. With over 3000 vehicles, it’s easy to miss a good amount. therefore. you walk though the halls and snap whatever catches your attention.

For example, the field-savaged, body-dropped, rotary-powered, 510 built by Twisted Images, sitting low on AirLift suspension and classic BBS wheels.sema-2016-6236




Thanh’s Scion FR-S built by Auto Tuned in Monrovia, and styled by Fatlace with a Ilene million-piece kit. Twiggy’s FR-S sits on AIrLIft Performance Suspension on custom Rotiform WGR wheels and powered by Sprinted Supercharger.sema-2016-6118





This copper and black Cadillac sled was tucked away in the North hall, which was accompanied by this nicely built bike.sema-2016-6103



AirLift Performance had an ultra-wide RWB Porsche with Rotiform wheels and an 80’s classic BMW E30 on Rotiform Wheels. OMG!sema-2016-6153





Mikey made waves in Toyo Tires booth with his 997 fitted with a Old&New kit from Japan. A kit which resembles the 930 slantnose Porsches of the 70’s and 80’s. It’s a Porsche that I always admired, especially in the Targa form. Ah, 911 Targa Slantnose, YUM!sema-2016-6197



Ace Wheels / AMF Forged teamed up with Kuhl Racing and stopped anyone in their tracks. The hand-carved GTR and STi, were just amazing!sema-2016-6190





Japanifornia, a Dodge Charger on TE’s. Oh, Yeah!sema-2016-6205




Too fresh is Ryan Tureks Ferrari powered 86. LS What?sema-2016-6111






The Tjin Edition Explorer made its debut in Falken Tire’s booth as you enter the North Hall and Gold Parking lot. It sports a matching Honda Quad.sema-2016-6063

Gene’s Civic Si.sema-2016-6162


Fortune’s Cinemamotive Focus front and center in Ford’s booth.sema-2016-6098

WD-40 Camaro, designed by Neil Tjin of Tjin Edition at PowerNation TV for SEMA Cares. The 1967 Camaro will be auctioned off at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale and the proceeds will go to Childhelp, a non-profit organization aiding victims of child abuse.sema-2016-6219



From a technology stand-point. I couldn’t get my eye’s off AccuAir’s ENDO Series of modular air tanks. Seriously, an air suspension game changer, again!sema-2016-6137






Dump Trucks, Yea! Can go wrong with slammed x boost!sema-2016-6082




And… I’m going to leave you with some NsEX!sema-2016-6172







Thanks for checking out the feed, now unto the rest of the gallery! Have a great day! -Denny @dayuumden

The Legends, JDM Legends – Shop Visit

With the popularity of Japanese classics on the rise, the prices of the Hakosuka’s, Kenmeri’s, and the Fairlady Z have increased – dramatically. Not forgotten are the Celica’s, Corolla’s, or the Crown’s and the rotary classics of the RX’s, which brings us to a visit to JDM Legends. One of the few shops that specializes in restoring, modifying and importing Japanese classics.

JDM Legends is tucked away in the outskirts of Salt Lake City, 15 minutes south, on a long stretch of road.


Inside the humble 2000’ish square foot automotive man cave are neatly placed, dream cars. A Subie STi, a Nissan Hakosuka GT-R, Ultra-rare 1970 432 Datsun Fairlady Z, Nissan Hakosuka GT-R Sedan, Nissan Hakosuka shell, and an early 70’s Toyota Celica with a Beams engine are placed side-by-side waiting to be transformed or restored. A prized 67.5 Datsun Roadster 2000 also marked its territory, center stage.JDM_LEGENDS-9212








On JDM Legend’s photo wall, sits a very mint Mazda Cosmo and Nissan Silvia (CSP311), the precursor to the infamous S chassis.JDM_LEGENDS-9231










On the flip side, a pair of 2-post lifts accompany 2 classics, a Hakosuka GT-X and the Fairlady Z. Molested, massaged, and restored to the customer’s liking.JDM_LEGENDS-9130



The Fairlady is a complete ground up build. Every single nut and bolt was removed, re-plated, and installed. Every trim and sheet metal was repaired, prepared, and finished. There is not one piece that has not been touched. Custom suspension, upgraded brakes, and new RS rollers on sticky R888’s.JDM_LEGENDS-9133




Josh Martin putting on a few final touches.JDM_LEGENDS-9136

The Hakosuka GT, imported, corrected, and restored is being prepped for delivery to So Cal.JDM_LEGENDS-9189






Eric Bizek, is the humble owner of JDM Legends. He is one of the few that performs the art of restoration. It’s even more rare that they are of Japanese Classics. Eric and team often travel to Japan in search of more treasures and shows off some of his talents at the famous JCCS in Long Beach, California. We had the opportunity to see the completed Z last summer, but even more appreciative to see it in the phases of restoration.

To show appreciation of our visit, Eric and team, put together a last minute meet for us. There lies ultra-rare and clean old school rides. I never imaged that the Utah Japanese Classic scene was on point, until that day.JDM_LEGENDS-9352


Loving the air set up on this Datsun wagon.JDM_LEGENDS-9338





















We love JDM Legend’s parts hauler, a Datsun 620!JDM_LEGENDS-9358




We are going to close out with this sequence shot of a slammmmmed Cressida rolling out!JDM_LEGENDS-9411





Visit… Www.jdmlegends.com, Instagram: @jdm_legends

SEMA Show 2014: Scottie’s Pick

Every year in Las Vegas, the world’s greatest car builders bring out their most extreme, outrageous, and breathtaking cars to SEMA and show them off to the media and public. This year Wataru Kato owner of Liberty Walk Co. displayed over 20 vehicles ranging from several Nissan GTR’s to a very unique Lamborghini Aventador. While everyone is salivating over these exotics, tucked in the back was the LBW x Works Kenmeri. Japanese classic cars like this Kenmeri are always fascinating to me because the character and styling points which makes it different from anything that was being displayed at this year’s show.



The agressive Mizuno Works three-piece ducktail spoiler adds a unique Japanese styling.


Color matched Vitaloni Sebring mirrors…


Rear overfenders just flow with the car…these are the widest that Works offers for the Kenmeri.



L28 spiced up with triple Mikuni 44mm carburetors mated with Mikuni velocity stacks.


Ultra MDI unit was added to improve fuel mixture and synchronize each of the 6-cylinder heads.


Bosozoku style exhaust…compliments the old school Japanese styling.



This concludes my topic for SEMA 2014. Big thanks to Wataru Kato and the Liberty Walk team for giving me an all-access pass to this awesome build. Can’t wait to see whats in store for next year!

Till next time…Peace!


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AirREX x DaYUUM Hawaii Shoot

DSC_0388 copy

DSC_0284 copyI recently took a trip to Oahu, Hawaii for family matters; I stayed on the islands for two weeks so
you know I had to take advantage of this trip back home. During that time I was in Hawaii, I linked up with Marshall Lum to do a DaYUUM X Team AirREX Hawaii photo shoot. The day that Marshall and I both had time to meet up was at a meet and greet that “Vip’d Out” from Nor Cal put together. The weather was pretty crappy that day; it rained/drizzled for a good amount in the beginning of the meet. Later on that day, when the rain stopped, skies cleared up. Marshall showed up with his clean 2008 Scion xB, we talked for a bit then we ended up doing a quick photo shoot under the monkey pod trees in the park where the meet was being held at.

DSC_0319 copyThe following day Marshall announced a last minute meet and greet for a group shoot for Team Air
Rex Hawaii. The meet was held at Kapolei Wal-Mart, total of 11 cars came out that day, and that’s not even the whole AirREX Hawaii team. While everyone was catching up; talking stories, I had to put in work; I started to take individual shots. We then rolled out to the next location into barbers point where the Naval Hangars are, then found an abandoned warehouse to do the AirREX Hawaii group shots.

DSC_0260 copy

DSC_0261 copy

DSC_0263 copy

DSC_0264 copy

DSC_0272 copyI’d like to give a special Mahalo to Marshall Lum of Team Air Rex Hawaii for coordinating and finding time to do a shoot and also to the rest of Team AirREX Hawaii for coming out to make this photo shoot a success, wish everyone had to time to come out. –@DaYUUMJQuilla

DSC_0029 copy

DSC_0032 copy

DSC_0033 copy

DSC_0034 copy

DSC_0036 copy

DSC_0038 copy

DSC_0039 copy

DSC_0042 copy

DSC_0044 copy

DSC_0046 copy

DSC_0048 copy

DSC_0049 copy

DSC_0057 copy

DSC_0072 copy

DSC_0083 copy2008 Scion xB (Marshall Lum)

DSC_0105 copy

DSC_0108 copy

DSC_0111 copy

DSC_0113 copy

DSC_0114 copy2007 Nissan 350Z (Mike Tengasantos)

DSC_0172 copy

DSC_0173 copy

DSC_0174 copy2013 Audi A6 (Herman Kama II)

DSC_0093 copy

DSC_0095 copy

DSC_0101 copy

DSC_0102 copy2012 Nissan Maxima (Davin Pasion)

DSC_0132 copy

DSC_0137 copy2007 Infiniti G35s Coupe (Ethan Kerfoot)

DSC_0175 copy

DSC_0179 copy

DSC_0186 copy2008 Infiniti G37 Sedan (Mike Debaets)

DSC_0196 copy

DSC_0217 copy

DSC_0200 copy

DSC_0206 copy

DSC_0210 copy

DSC_0215 copy2012 Scion FR-S (Reyn Matsunaga)

DSC_0222 copy

DSC_0223 copy

DSC_0224 copy

DSC_0225 copy

DSC_0228 copy2008 Lexus IS350 (Jon Anderson)

DSC_0156 copy

DSC_0154 copy

DSC_0161 copy

DSC_0147 copy

DSC_0162 copy2008 Honda Civic SI Sedan (Mark Deleon)

DSC_0118 copy

DSC_0121 copy

DSC_0123 copy2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe (Akoni Arnold)

DSC_0288 copy

DSC_0298 copy2010 Acura TSX (Rainer Palakiko)

DSC_0330 copyTHE END.

Japanese Classic Car Show | Konnichiwa.

Youkoso irasshai mashita. (Welcome.) Ogenki desuka? (How are you?) Saikin dou desuka? (What’s new?) Japanese Classic Car Show is new! Whether you’re a young’n, like me, or an oldie, like…uhm…yea, the translation of classic cars will never be lost. There is a timeless excellence and respect for Japanese automotive heritage that is on display every year at JCCS in Long Beach, going on 9 years strong now. Check out all the good stuff from this year.


First thing I do before I cover an even is do some test shots, especially on an outdoor show I get a feel for the lighting, play with my f/stops, shutter speed, all that jazz. Most of my early shots don’t make the cut, but I felt this 1st Gen, right hand drive RX-7  import from Japan deserved to a small place in my write up.

9thJCCS_02 9thJCCS_03

Really into these SSR’s by the way. On a side note, it was very displeasing seeing a well built classic, get ready to shoot it and then upon closer inspection…replicas. What a waste, moving along…


Now a car you can truly appreciate and build right, sure the more modern R32 Skyline was right next to it, but my eye was already captivated by this Hakosuka. The first GTR line that was produced for the Skyline model line, this car holds a special place in many classic car enthusiasts’ hearts.

9thJCCS_05 9thJCCS_06 9thJCCS_07 9thJCCS_08

Not far from it was its “brother” a Kenmeri famously owned by Fatlace’s Felix Marcelino. This one is sported the new F/ZERO1 wheels designed by Fatlace and produced by AME Wheels. They did a real good job on these; it pays homage to the vintage lifestyle yet has modern designs that keep it up to the ever evolving tuner lifestyle.

9thJCCS_09 9thJCCS_10

The restoration on this Fairlady 1600 looks as if it just rolled off a Datsun lot. The 14” wheels, the “Datsun” lettering on the hood, the color…everything just screams classic.

9thJCCS_11 9thJCCS_12 9thJCCS_13

Including the vintage junk in the trunk!


The old school A60 Celica is far from popular, but Jesse Ortiz has really made a name for himself and his car for this out of the ordinary build. I say out of the ordinary because most people don’t go through the distance to restore this model Celica, let alone tune it into an absolute showstopper. It’s amazing to learn that he practically saved this car from being sent to the junkyard and spent most of the rebuilding process in his dad’s backyard. (His dad is a fellow Scion Evolution member too by the way, with a rockin’ Scion tC as well!)

9thJCCS_15 9thJCCS_16

And just to show you all he means business, he did a 1JZ-GTE swap with a single turbo, which pushes about 300whp! This “bandit” isn’t shy to give you a real chase you’d never expect

9thJCCS_17 9thJCCS_18

Continuing on with some seksi Toyotas in the first section of the show, we find one of our favorite Toyota Corollas, Patrick Ng’s Levin 1600, which we featured here on DaYUUM! during last year’s SEMA. Patrick has won multiple awards with this car, including 1st Place Best of JCCS last year. One reason is because he always brings something new, keeping an old car fresh isn’t easy, but he pulls it off each and every time.


This year Patrick went with new carbon fiber body mods all around, but something tells me he’s already got new plans to change it up again real soon.

9thJCCS_20 9thJCCS_21

Moving from the pavement to the grass, it was like entering a whole other classic car show. The first thing I noticed sitting by the Yokohama booth was Jun Imai’s Fairlady Z. For those who don’t know, Jun is a famous designer for Hot Wheels (I can think of at least one fellow DaYUUM! contributor who would love this.)

9thJCCS_22 9thJCCS_23

In contrast to the Datsun Fairlady 1600 roadster I touched on earlier, this Fairlady Z is one of the ultimate #MaximumAttack vehicles around. From the fender flares to the meaty Advan tires, this is one aggressive beast.

9thJCCS_24 9thJCCS_25

The timeless look accompanied with its simple mechanics and easily interchangeable parts has made the Datsun 510 one of the most popular cars amongst collectors and restorers. This one is perfectly clean inside and out, and the bright red, white, and blue NISMO colorway really make it sound out.

9thJCCS_26 9thJCCS_27 9thJCCS_28

Speaking of clean paintjobs, Hawaii native Kirk Hubbard’s TA22 Celica was a big standout of the show. When you look for a classic to be done right, you can look no further than Kirk’s, aloha!

9thJCCS_29 9thJCCS_30

The red GT stripe just pops along the side along with the classic wheels colored to match it.


Partly hiding in the shade we found our favorite little guy, Neil De La Cruz from Team Klassified and his pride and joy “Milo”. Neil put in a lot of last minute work to get it ready of JCCS, including going to bed at 2AM and then driving down to Long Beach by 6AM! At least all that hard work paid off as he won Best Toyota “Old School” 3rd Place.

9thJCCS_32 9thJCCS_33

Better take a good look at this immaculate engine bay now; Neil has big plans, including some major engine and suspension mods. By next year you might not recognize it anymore.


It’s a shame that this car was hiding behind the big Toyota rig when you first overlook the area. Or was this gangster “Yakooza” purposely hanging out in secrecy? I’d rather not type the wrong thing and have my fingers chopped off, so let’s just get to the pictures and admire this super clean, super low, gangsta’ Toyota Crown.

9thJCCS_35 9thJCCS_36 9thJCCS_37 9thJCCS_38

Little eco-friendly cars might be the trend now, but it isn’t anything new. Back when Honda first broke into the US market, they brought the mini car style from Japan but with just enough power to keep up on US highways. And hence this little guy was born, the Honda N600.

9thJCCS_39 9thJCCS_40

While the one above was in pristine condition, these are a few other mini Hondas that have been restored.

9thJCCS_41 9thJCCS_42

There’s always got to be that one car; that weird, quirky car that just makes its way to appeal to you for some unknown reason. It doesn’t have to have the biggest engine, the nicest paint job, or the prettiest wheels; it just has to have that look that will make you smile and laugh. And so I introduce you to a Daihatsu Hijet!

9thJCCS_43 9thJCCS_44

While this cleanly restored kei car (small Japanese vehicle) exterior pops, the interior has a more laid-back, easy-going feel. Maybe it was the Hawaiian theme that pulled me in…this really makes me miss Hawaii even more now…#DaYUUM808

9thJCCS_45 9thJCCS_46

Well that’s that, another show in the books and the year is winding down. As some of these classics go back into hiding until the next show season, especially with next year being JCCS’ 10th year, it’s getting that time for us to just unwind and relax. Oh but not until our “Mash Up Three” later this month of course! As always there will be cars, food, girls, prizes, and this time a Halloween costume contest. Be sure not to miss out on it!

-Justin (@JustDaYUUM)

Scott VanderHeide – Nissan Raceshop – B13 Sentra SE-R

My fondest memory of a Nissan Sentra was in the 90’s when my buddy Armando had a crew called Insane Racing in North Carolina. In his crew, there was a black Sentra SE-R owned by Chris Argo. Given the popularity of Honda’s and Acura’s at that time, the Nissan Sentra was overlooked on both style and performance. Even though the sleeper SE-R boasted 140HP with its 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, the Acura Integra’s (non-VTec) 142HP was still a more popular choice. Before the black Sentra was boosted, it was juicing a happy 125-150HP shot of nitrous via direct-port. While some of the Honda blocks had a hard time keeping things together, the solid deck block of the SR20DE held up with ease even with the combo of boost and juice. That’s when I became impressed with the SE-R and the SR20DE block.

Katelin_Southern-0195We met Scott VanderHeide while interviewing his race mate and girlfriend Kerryann De La Cruz, Scott had a Sentra that he was re-building. In fact, we had to push it that night of the filming for some reason. At the time, It was solid red with a few hand crafted Home Depot mods to assist with airflow and cooling.








Scott_Nissan-5240In 2013, Scott fully committed into completing the Sentra for competition. The commitment morphed the Sentra into a beast with a new graphics package by Gatorwraps and aero package by Andy Turlo of Robispec. An APR Performance GTC-200 rear wing was added as well. Scott chose a combination of KSport Coilovers, Whiteline sway bars with bushings, and Team Dynamic Pro Race wheels attached to Toyo R888 to keep the Sentra on the track. The larger Wilwood brake helps Scott hone in his braking target.




Scott_Nissan-5269The factory motor was quickly replaced by an SR20DET from a Japanese spec Pulsar GTiR, but even in stock trim it couldn’t meet the demands Scott was looking for. The internals were swapped for stronger JE Pistons and a Synergy 20G turbocharger was added. At the time of the shoot, Scott was still waiting for the Garrett GTX3067R turbocharger to land into his hands. A few goodies from Turbosmart was added on to regulate pressure and boost, while a Godspeed intercooler lowers the intake temp.

While i’m only slightly capable of describing how Scott started racing to the ladies, Scott was kind enough to give us a few words during his downtime.

DaYUUM: When did you start getting involved with cars?
Scott: I’ve pretty much always been involved with cars in some way or another.  My dad used to take me go-kart racing when I was younger and I always kind of had a knack for it.  At 16 years old I bought my first car…a brand new 1990 Nissan 240sx way before it was cool ($11,500 – 1 at this price).  During my teens and early 20’s, I didn’t own a car for more than 2 years…I was always on to the next car and modifications!

DaYUUM: How did you get involved into motorsports?
Scott: My first job out of college was working with the Marlboro Team Penske Racing Team. I performed onsite marketing/promotions with the team as we followed the C.A.R.T. circuit which then merged with Indy Racing.  We also worked a promotional program funded by Philip Morris and Marlboro.  I was part of the staff at the Marlboro Racing School.  One of the bonuses of working with the team was that we always rotated the staff into the school as students.  I was able to get a free education in car control on the job…the rest I think I just learned through Osmosis!  Honestly, you can’t work in this field without catching the bug.  After 6 years of traveling with the team, I took a good paying stationary job where I was able to build my own car and start racing for fun.  After that…it just became a disease.  I compare it to any addiction…drugs, alcohol, gambling, racing…all the same stuff!  After five years out of the industry…I became bored.  I don’t make half as much money as I used to…but at least I get to work in this industry again…and I wouldn’t change a thing!

DaYUUM: What other motor sports have you been involved with? Either for fun or competition?
Scott: I started with Auto-X and quickly got bored with it.  Seriously….in a full day, you’d get less than 10 minutes of actual driving! And then they made you work!  I soon worked my way into open track days with Redline Track Events and Speed Ventures.  2+ hours of driving in a day…and I could relax between sessions…yeah that’s the ticket!   Then Redline created their first Time Attack event and I decided to give it a shot.  It was so much fun that I continued to go, learn, and progress as their events did the same. The best part about being out at the track is the friendships I have made throughout the years.  Heck, I even met the most amazing woman in the world at a Redline Time Attack event 5 years ago…and she is still here by my side.  I even have Time Attack to thank for my career in this industry.  I met the owner of Fontana Nissan, Mike Cronin Jr. at an event at Buttonwillow Raceway…which resulted in the position I hold today.
DaYUUM: Tell me the services that Nissan RaceShop provides.
Scott: NissanRaceShop is the Motorsports/Performance division of Fontana Nissan.  We specialize in aftermarket performance parts for Nissans and Infinti’s.  Although we don’t limit ourselves to those makes…a lot of our customers drive other makes and models.  With the support of the owners of Fontana Nissan (Family Owned), we have a huge amount of freedom with this department and offer a huge variety of aftermarket and OEM parts and Genuine Accessories.  We are a small crew of true automotive enthusiasts that actually use the parts we sell.  Race on Sunday…Sell on Monday.  We live this statement!  Our service department is also a Mod-Friendly Service Center.  Its not uncommon to see 4-5 R35 GT-R’s getting serviced here, full blown race cars getting track prepped and aligned, lifted Off-Road Trucks, and even Herra-Frush cars too!  No, really…we actually welcome Modified Cars here 😉

DaYUUM: How did you decide on the platform you have now to compete.
Scott: After racing my 05 Subaru STi for the previous 5 years, I was able to accomplish many goals…but it was time to move on.  With the new position as Motorsports Director, I felt it was in the best interest of the store that I pilot some sort of Nissan.  I firmly believe that it brings legitimacy when I can talk to my customers and explain what parts I recommend and show that I use the exact parts on my own race car.  I found this car as a rolling chassis from a gentleman in Las Vegas that had already gutted and caged the car…it was a good start.  This build was meant to be a budget build…even though it has been nothing but budget!  I guess it never is when it comes to racing.  The B13 Sentra really is a good platform…its light, nimble, and has a pretty good aftermarket available to it.

Scott’s sponsors include: Fontana Nissan, NissanRaceShop.com, OSR Dyno, Robispec, Turbo by Garrett, Jordan Innovations, Toyo Tires, Team Dynamics, Whiteline Suspension, Turbosmart USA, KSport Suspension, Sparco USA, Buddy Club USA, Gatorwraps, APR Performance, AEM Electronics, Mishimoto, JE Pistons, and Wolf Technology

Other mods include:

Snow Performance Water/Methanol Injection
RC Engineering 1000cc injectors
Tuning by Reggie Youmans of OSR Dyno in Fontana, CA



AEM EMS-4 Stand Alone ECU
AEM Gauges – Water Temp, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure
Snow Performance Water/Meth Controller
Turbosmart Electronic Boost Controller
All wiring by Jeff Jordan of Jordan Innovations




Buddy Club P1 Race Seats
Sparco 6 point harness
Sparco Competition Wheel with Quick Release
Custom 6 Point Cage
Dash wrapped with Suede

Fastbrakes Wilwood big brake kit up front (Thank you Mike Kojima!)


Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood
Seibon Carbon Fiber Trunk
Extreme Dimensions R33 Style Front Bumper



Scott_Nissan-5309In closing, Scott would like acknowledge the following:
I would like to thank all of my valuable sponsors that make it possible for me to do what I love. Special thanks to my pit crew, Robert Krencik, Chris Heimburg, Aaron Singh, and Albert Castaneda. You guys bust your asses to make sure I can drive the car safely on track…I’d be nothing without you guys! Reggie Youmans and his crew at OSR Dyno for putting in tons of hard work prepping the motor and tuning before we head to the track. Also thanks to Andy Turlo and Robert Fuller of Robispec for dialing in my suspension and aerodynamics. And of course, my beautiful girlfriend, photographer, and hype woman, Kerryann…I’m the luckiest guy in the world! And thank you to the guys at DaYUUM! For always showing your support!

If you feel the need to stalk or to keeps tabs on what Scott and Kerryann are doing, then check out their site www.scottandkerryann.com. It’s pretty hilarious because they video tape the most random stuff and talk about cool things and completely nonsense. It’s worth checking out – I got hooked on it – Episode 1 was hilarious.

Thank  you Scott for your time and always supporting us! -@DaYUUMDen

The Streets of Long Beach – 2013 Formula Drift – Rd.1

Formula Drift kicked off its 10th year on April 12st, 2013 at The Streets of Long Beach. Long Beach is FD’s first event of the series and utilizes turns 9-11 of the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. The unforgiving concrete lined course has been a challenge to all the drivers as it manages to end some of their weekend abruptly. Its a difficult track because the course uses the walls as clipping points, therefore drivers tend to cut them close in order to impress the judges and wow the crowds. Thick smoke combined with solid walls hasn’t appeared to be a good combination – but exciting.

Overcast and drizzle shadowed the day and kept the temperatures cool. A bit different from previous years when hydration and shade was a must. The weather was a treat to spectators and media partners alike.

2013 implemented a few new rules and modifications- one being the “Knock-out” style qualifying, which the top 16 qualifiers will lock themselves in their positions and the rest will have a 2nd run to fight for the remaining 17-32 spots (correct me if I misunderstood). Another rule is the modification to the “5-minute rule”, which is now called the “Competition Timeout.” The driver may call 5-minutes but MUST work on their car on the grid and no longer in the paddock. These changes will help speed up competition with lessen down time.

FD showed some promising rookies such as Forrest Wang with Get Nuts Laboratory. Forrest has probably one of the sickest S14’s in the field. The S14 is powered by a turbo’ed 2JZ. His style was clean and managed to muscle himself a 10th qualifying spot in his professional debut at Formula Drift. During top 32, Justin Pawlak ultimately pushed him out of the running and knocked him.FDLB-6061



Top 32 went rather quick and ended much earlier than scheduled. which moved the smoke sniffers to visit the vendor booths and the Slammed Society car show hosted by Fatlace.
















FDLB-5817Slammed Society was busier than previous years. Fatlace was front center as you enter the event. Fatlace openly displayed their BenSopra GT-R, Rocket Bunny FR-S boosted by Vortech Superchargers, Yogi’s AirREX GS, and John’s Veloster.



















FDLB-5811Vortech Superchargers was also in attendance showing off their latest charged vehicles like the hot FR-S. Migels, Noel’s, and the company’s FR-S all showed different build styles and purposes. On the backside was Gene Tjin’s Lysholm Camaro, Joey Redmon’s 2013 Paxton charged Mustang, Jon Sibal’s Challenger  using Vortech’s latest wrap-around system and Vortech’s in-house Challenger.


FDLB-5953The Tjin Edition Ford Fusion also made an appearance.

FDLB-5987AutoFashion‘s Kevin’s Trendy Vape FR-S looks totally hot in black and teal.



FDLB-5995In the vendor area, Meng and Young of FRS-86 shared a booth with AEM. Meng’s Hot Lava FR-S was fronting MV Designz hot lip kit as his brother Young, had the Stillen lip kit.





FDLB-5989Nissan Raceshop had our own DaYUUM Hunnie Katelin Southern signing posters to proud fans.

FDLB-6156DaYUUM Hunnie Ashley Clark was slanging wares with OMGDrift.

FDLB-6159Hunnie Amand Kerr a was with Drive Energy drinks promoting for their brand.

FDLB-5991Also spotted in the vendor booths was Abe with Mishimoto carrying a radiator around his neck. Next time we would like to see radiator hoses or hose clamps as a form of a neckless. Abe, make that happen.

FDLB-6192Brittani Paige was serving up drinks in NOS’ booth killing people with her smile and eyes.

FDLB-6154Gina “ex-supervillain, bruenette, to white, to blue haired” Darling, was being goofy in DSPORT’s booth with cameras following her around for an upcoming show called Roll Models.


FDLB-6147Randyl Dawn was patiently waiting for Falken’s photo booth glitch to clear up, so I snap a shot of her.




FDLB-6153HPI Racing was near by displaying some of their sick R/C Cars, including Gitten’s Mustang and RTR Mustang from 2011’s SEMA Show.

FDLB-6161The lovely Emma Rose was chilling with SSR, she always get an A+ on fashion points.

FDLB-6204Melyssa Grace with her MelygRace Girls showing 143.





FDLB-6198Trendy Vape / AutoFashion also had a booth displaying the latest in vapes and flavors. They even had solutions to customize your vapes with custom Trendy Vape wraps.

Unto the Top 16 was,


FDLB-6255Dai Yoshihara, Matt Powers, Daigo Saito, Fredric Aasbo, Chelsea DeNofa, Kado, Moen, Odi Bakchis, McNamara, Chris Forseberg, Ryan Tuerck, Justin, Pawlak, Michael Essa, Ken Gushi, Vaugh Gittin, and Pat Mordaunt.


FDLB-6328In the mist of the battles, Dai vs. Powers, as Dai advances.

Daigo-san vs Fredric was in an amazing battle. Two one-more-times as Fredric advances. Check out the close proximity by both drivers on their chase runs. It was one of the best battles to date. Daigo seems to always get into close battles. Last year at the House of Drift, he battled it out with Matt Powers in the same fashion.






FDLB-6355Here is the first round with Daigo-san and Fredric.






FDLB-6405Second Round… Daigo vs Fredric





FDLB-6448Fredric takes the Win!


FDLB-6376DeNofa vs Kado, DeNofa advances

FDLB-6423Moen vs. Bakchis, Moen advances



FDLB-6467McNamara vs. Forsberg, Forsberg advances

FDLB-6483Tuerk vs. Pawlak, Tuerck advances


FDLB-6503Essa vs. Gushi, Gushi advances

FDLB-6512Gittin vs. Mordaunt, Gitten advances

Top 8 didn’t have too much drama but there were close battles.


FDLB-6541Here is Fredric vs. Dai, Dai advances to Top 4




FDLB-6554DeNofa vs. Moen, Moen makes contact in turn 9 and knocks himself out of competition, DeNofa advances to Top 4



FDLB-6571Forsberg vs. Tuerk, Forsberg advances to Top 4!





FDLB-6603Gushi vs. Gittin, Gittin moves on to Top 4.

Top 4 looks like this, Dai vs. DeNofa / Forsberg vs Gittin



FDLB-6631Here is Dai vs. DeNofa, Dai advances to the finals!

FDLB-6636Gittin vs. Forsberg, Gittin moves on.



FDLB-6670 Tuerk vs Forsberg for 3rd, Forsberg takes 3rd at round 1 of the 2013 season.

Final battle was between Dai and Gittin.





A tough clean battle and the winner of FD LB is…




Dai! Dai takes the win at the 2013 first round!



Antonio getting some footage of Dai’s victory burnout

FDLB-6743The Celebration.

Thanks for checking out our coverage. @DaYUUMDen



Fontana Nissan’s – “Cuatro Meeto”

Kicking off DaYUUM’s string of automotive events this spring, our friends from Fontana Nissan invited us to attend “Cuatro Meeto” – A Nissan enthusiast extravaganza.  This is the fourth Nissan exclusive car meet put together by Nissan Race Shop Motorsports Director, Mr. Scott VanderHeide and

the ever-appealing time attack driver, Ms. Kerryann De La Cruz.  We would definitely not refuse the invite and expect any less than exciting from this dynamic duo. The Nissan race vehicles that they’ve built already show the work that they can put forth.  And if you don’t already know the established friendship all started with an exclusive Q&A feature interview with Ms. De La Cruz as well as Fontana Nissan’s very own FD drift driver, Mauricio Ornelas Jr.  So be sure to be on the lookout for more exclusives to come your way in the very near future…

Scoping out the meeting grounds of “Cuatro Meeto”, a squadron of Fontana Nissan race prepped vehicles welcomed every vendor and invitee at the event.

A variety of Zs were represented at the meet to support Fontana Nissan in addition to showing various modifications and styles people do to their rides.


Showing their brawn, a crew of Xterras and Frontiers arrived in full force.

A number of vendors were also in attendance at the meet – to name a few MotoIQ.com, Berk, Tanabe/SSR, Savinni, Susan Komen group and of course DaYUUM to name a few.

One of my personal favorites at the event was this pristine white S13 on SSR SP1 that totally broke a few necks.

The event wasn’t short of ol ‘skul too in attendance – with a mix of some VIP as well.

A crew of R35s joining in… I would say that was a million dollar line up.

And there’s our very own Van_DaYUUM_Paul, putting his photo skills to work for Instagram – who needs a DSLR when you’ve got your iPhone…

The event will not be complete without some eye-candy to feast our eyes on…

There’s the charming and DaYUUM’s feature model – Ms. Marissa Hiroko

Spunky Ms. Brittani was in attendance to support the event.

New mesmerizing favorites, Ms. Ashley Clark and Ms. Amanda Kerr.

And of course, we wouldn’t forget the sweet Claudia Lopez.

We complete and end the day with a good tan from the blazing heat at Fontana.  I am sure that we will definitely be back to support Fontana Nissan next year and their upcoming events.   As we continue the partnership, you can expect some good racing events, builds and exclusive features with the help from Nissan Race Shop head honcho, Mr. Scott VanderHeide.  We are very thrilled and looking forward to this…

Check out the event video coverage by PVR Motorsports’ – Mikey Dang.

Peace and until the next one…  -jayson