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SEMA Sneak Peek, Vortech 2015 Mustang Superchargers And SEMA Car

The 2015 Mustang is just hitting the streets, but that hasn’t stopped the aftermarket from getting a jump on producing parts for the all new S550. Our friends over at Vortech Superchargers are already putting together kits to boost Coyote powered 2015 Mustangs to well over 600 hp. We experienced the power of a Vortech supercharger early in our Project Wild E Coyote, and can tell you from first hand experience the parts, and the power are nothing short of incredible.

Just like the S197 before it, Vortech will be offering supercharger systems to accommodate any level of performance that a 2015 Mustang enthusiast is looking for. Beginning with the V-3 Si kit, a relatively stock Coyote should make 640 hp at the flywheel and 485 ft-lbs on just 7.5-8 psi of boost. That same V-3 Si is capable of supporting up to 775 hp on modified vehicles. That’s enough horsepower to take a S550 Mustang deep into the 10 second zone, or possibly the 9s.

If that’s not enough power, those looking for big numbers can step up to the V-7 JT-trim. This monster can propel a properly outfitted Coyote powered car deep into the 8s, as proven by racer Terry Beefcake Reeves, with his JT equipped Coyote Modified S197 holding the class ET record of 8.18 in the quarter-mile.

If you’re still looking for more, as in the 1,200-plus horsepower kind of more, then the V-7 YSi is the ticket. Based on race winning technology, the YSi is one awesome blower. If your horsepower cravings are beyond that, the guys on the Vortech tech hotline can help you out there as well.

Vortech along with Neil Tjin will be bringing a slew of hot cars to the 2014 SEMA show, including the one pictured in the rendering in this article, which is owned by Rey Rivera. The competition orange Fastback will of course wear a Vortech supercharger. Other mods will include exhaust by MagnaFlow, Forgestar F14 wheels, Nitto Tires, and Baer brakes. Look for full coverage of this car during our coverage of SEMA in just a few weeks.

If you have an S550 in your hands, or are awaiting delivery, be sure to check out the 2015 Superchargers info at the Vortech web-site.

SpoCom Anaheim 2013 – Part 1 of 2

2013 was the 2nd year we exhibited at SpoCom and this year was bonkers. I’m not sure if it was the headline guests such as, Tera Patrick or Nina Mercedez, perhaps it was Dannie Riel. The hall was packed and there was a line… outside – waiting to enter, YES! Usually we are a bit busy inside setting up so I never had the opportunity to venture outside before the opening.

What I do love about SpoCom is the interaction we have with our supporters, it seems like SpoCom is the type of event that they can come up and talk about whatever, for a long time, sort of like a SEMA but on a consumer level. The fact that it is indoors is also one of the biggest advantages for SpoCom.

Our call time was 8AM-10AM, we showed up respectfully around 9AM after running countless errands before hand. We met with Tricia at the gate and was quickly swifted away. It literally took less than 2 mins before we were inside the venue. Set up took us about an hour so myself, Jae, and Scottie had ample time before the 4PM event. Since it was also Scottie’s birthday, we chose to go to Downtown Disney and have lunch at ESPN Zone. After lunch we had time to spare so I charged up the game card and proceeded to kick Jae’s and Scotties’ asses in Hoops, oh and hockey. You can see a video of it on our instagram (@instadayuum).

Anyways, back to the event.

SpoCom_2013-8257Once the doors opened it was a rush of people. We were placed in-between both the two model lounges and HIN City so we are definitely not complaining about our spot! Hot cars and women.. Shesh…

SpoCom_2013-8267One guest that was insane was Dannie Riel, oh my goodness, I had no idea that girl single handedly controlled the lines. Not to say the others didn’t have a huge fan base, but no one had a line that extended 150ft – at all times – throughout the whole night. I still can’t wrap my head around it. Perhaps it’s her limited appearance in So Cal since she is from Canada, but still… DaYUUM, it was nuts.

I did manage to sneak out of the booth a few times to snap shots, but it was extremely difficult. I had to wait towards the end of the event before I could get some without a foot or leg in the picture, but even then it was tough. I will cover part 1 of SpoCom as Jae will continue with Part 2 with the girls.

SpoCom is an event we try to attend every year, the staff is awesome and it’s drama free. SpoCom was never a confusion of where a vendor’s booth is located and how to get there, it’s simply flows perfect. KUDOS to the staff.

Let’s take a look at some of the cool rides.

Beat Sonic’s FR-S sporting a twin-screw style supercharger. Twin screw provides a great torque on the lower RPMs. Beat Sonic sells the infamouse SharkFin antennas you see on all the popular FR-S’.



Mike’s Levin with a Rotary engine.SpoCom_2013-8261



ALways love seeing this AE, that is cleanly done.SpoCom_2013-8270


Chapter 11’s boosted Genesis.SpoCom_2013-8273


Another Chapter 11SpoCom_2013-8272

Fuzion Teknique’s Vortech Supercharged Scion FR-SSpoCom_2013-8276



R-Rydes clean Crown – So gangstaSpoCom_2013-8297



Joey Lee’s Wald QSpoCom_2013-8296

Rywire’s fresh drive-by-wire Civic. The bay is immaculate.SpoCom_2013-8301


Five Axis and Five:ADSpoCom_2013-8280

Noel’s Rocket Bunny/Vertex FR-S in Scion Racing’s boothSpoCom_2013-8283

AutoFashion / Trendy Vape came out strong with their line of accessories and juices. They are in San Diego so make sure to look them up.SpoCom_2013-8284




TOYO Tires had a couple cool cars include this rod and a Scion tC done by MV Designz.SpoCom_2013-8288


Gary of Creations n’ Chrome’s Monster Notch representing Hybrid.SpoCom_2013-8292


NissanRaceShop GT-RSpoCom_2013-8303

Cleanly done.SpoCom_2013-8279

We thanks the SpoCom crew for their hospitality, it’s never a dull moment at a SpoCom show and we had a great time!


Torque Meet Tour – Glendale Heights – Chicago


Glendale Heights was the Torque Meet Tour’s second stop. It brought out hundreds of cars and even more spectators. Torque Meet Tour is a 5-Stop tour featuring different activates and entertainment.







Universal Technical Institute kicked up the entertainment




TMTCHICAGO-0805such as a live demo from SMAGE BROS Riding Show


TMTCHICAGO-0734To further entertain the crowd there was also a drift r/c track.




TMTCHICAGO-0684El Toro and Crusader were on display


TMTCHICAGO-0781Tjin Edition also brought out their huge rig and displayed the Camaro and UTI’s Toyota Tacomoa giveaway truck.

TMTCHICAGO-0701Equilibrium, a Urban Survivor Gear company, was on display with their interchangeable and modular backpacks, bags, and accessories.




TMTCHICAGO-0856Congrats to Mike Szabo with a 2001 Subaru Impreza for bringing home the DaYUUM Choice Award.






TMTCHICAGO-0853Rick Bottom took home the Vortech/Paxton Award.

The event brought enthusiasts from all around.


















Next stop is Philadelphia, PA July 22nd, 2013!

The Streets of Long Beach – 2013 Formula Drift – Rd.1

Formula Drift kicked off its 10th year on April 12st, 2013 at The Streets of Long Beach. Long Beach is FD’s first event of the series and utilizes turns 9-11 of the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach. The unforgiving concrete lined course has been a challenge to all the drivers as it manages to end some of their weekend abruptly. Its a difficult track because the course uses the walls as clipping points, therefore drivers tend to cut them close in order to impress the judges and wow the crowds. Thick smoke combined with solid walls hasn’t appeared to be a good combination – but exciting.

Overcast and drizzle shadowed the day and kept the temperatures cool. A bit different from previous years when hydration and shade was a must. The weather was a treat to spectators and media partners alike.

2013 implemented a few new rules and modifications- one being the “Knock-out” style qualifying, which the top 16 qualifiers will lock themselves in their positions and the rest will have a 2nd run to fight for the remaining 17-32 spots (correct me if I misunderstood). Another rule is the modification to the “5-minute rule”, which is now called the “Competition Timeout.” The driver may call 5-minutes but MUST work on their car on the grid and no longer in the paddock. These changes will help speed up competition with lessen down time.

FD showed some promising rookies such as Forrest Wang with Get Nuts Laboratory. Forrest has probably one of the sickest S14’s in the field. The S14 is powered by a turbo’ed 2JZ. His style was clean and managed to muscle himself a 10th qualifying spot in his professional debut at Formula Drift. During top 32, Justin Pawlak ultimately pushed him out of the running and knocked him.FDLB-6061



Top 32 went rather quick and ended much earlier than scheduled. which moved the smoke sniffers to visit the vendor booths and the Slammed Society car show hosted by Fatlace.
















FDLB-5817Slammed Society was busier than previous years. Fatlace was front center as you enter the event. Fatlace openly displayed their BenSopra GT-R, Rocket Bunny FR-S boosted by Vortech Superchargers, Yogi’s AirREX GS, and John’s Veloster.



















FDLB-5811Vortech Superchargers was also in attendance showing off their latest charged vehicles like the hot FR-S. Migels, Noel’s, and the company’s FR-S all showed different build styles and purposes. On the backside was Gene Tjin’s Lysholm Camaro, Joey Redmon’s 2013 Paxton charged Mustang, Jon Sibal’s Challenger  using Vortech’s latest wrap-around system and Vortech’s in-house Challenger.


FDLB-5953The Tjin Edition Ford Fusion also made an appearance.

FDLB-5987AutoFashion‘s Kevin’s Trendy Vape FR-S looks totally hot in black and teal.



FDLB-5995In the vendor area, Meng and Young of FRS-86 shared a booth with AEM. Meng’s Hot Lava FR-S was fronting MV Designz hot lip kit as his brother Young, had the Stillen lip kit.





FDLB-5989Nissan Raceshop had our own DaYUUM Hunnie Katelin Southern signing posters to proud fans.

FDLB-6156DaYUUM Hunnie Ashley Clark was slanging wares with OMGDrift.

FDLB-6159Hunnie Amand Kerr a was with Drive Energy drinks promoting for their brand.

FDLB-5991Also spotted in the vendor booths was Abe with Mishimoto carrying a radiator around his neck. Next time we would like to see radiator hoses or hose clamps as a form of a neckless. Abe, make that happen.

FDLB-6192Brittani Paige was serving up drinks in NOS’ booth killing people with her smile and eyes.

FDLB-6154Gina “ex-supervillain, bruenette, to white, to blue haired” Darling, was being goofy in DSPORT’s booth with cameras following her around for an upcoming show called Roll Models.


FDLB-6147Randyl Dawn was patiently waiting for Falken’s photo booth glitch to clear up, so I snap a shot of her.




FDLB-6153HPI Racing was near by displaying some of their sick R/C Cars, including Gitten’s Mustang and RTR Mustang from 2011’s SEMA Show.

FDLB-6161The lovely Emma Rose was chilling with SSR, she always get an A+ on fashion points.

FDLB-6204Melyssa Grace with her MelygRace Girls showing 143.





FDLB-6198Trendy Vape / AutoFashion also had a booth displaying the latest in vapes and flavors. They even had solutions to customize your vapes with custom Trendy Vape wraps.

Unto the Top 16 was,


FDLB-6255Dai Yoshihara, Matt Powers, Daigo Saito, Fredric Aasbo, Chelsea DeNofa, Kado, Moen, Odi Bakchis, McNamara, Chris Forseberg, Ryan Tuerck, Justin, Pawlak, Michael Essa, Ken Gushi, Vaugh Gittin, and Pat Mordaunt.


FDLB-6328In the mist of the battles, Dai vs. Powers, as Dai advances.

Daigo-san vs Fredric was in an amazing battle. Two one-more-times as Fredric advances. Check out the close proximity by both drivers on their chase runs. It was one of the best battles to date. Daigo seems to always get into close battles. Last year at the House of Drift, he battled it out with Matt Powers in the same fashion.






FDLB-6355Here is the first round with Daigo-san and Fredric.






FDLB-6405Second Round… Daigo vs Fredric





FDLB-6448Fredric takes the Win!


FDLB-6376DeNofa vs Kado, DeNofa advances

FDLB-6423Moen vs. Bakchis, Moen advances



FDLB-6467McNamara vs. Forsberg, Forsberg advances

FDLB-6483Tuerk vs. Pawlak, Tuerck advances


FDLB-6503Essa vs. Gushi, Gushi advances

FDLB-6512Gittin vs. Mordaunt, Gitten advances

Top 8 didn’t have too much drama but there were close battles.


FDLB-6541Here is Fredric vs. Dai, Dai advances to Top 4




FDLB-6554DeNofa vs. Moen, Moen makes contact in turn 9 and knocks himself out of competition, DeNofa advances to Top 4



FDLB-6571Forsberg vs. Tuerk, Forsberg advances to Top 4!





FDLB-6603Gushi vs. Gittin, Gittin moves on to Top 4.

Top 4 looks like this, Dai vs. DeNofa / Forsberg vs Gittin



FDLB-6631Here is Dai vs. DeNofa, Dai advances to the finals!

FDLB-6636Gittin vs. Forsberg, Gittin moves on.



FDLB-6670 Tuerk vs Forsberg for 3rd, Forsberg takes 3rd at round 1 of the 2013 season.

Final battle was between Dai and Gittin.





A tough clean battle and the winner of FD LB is…




Dai! Dai takes the win at the 2013 first round!



Antonio getting some footage of Dai’s victory burnout

FDLB-6743The Celebration.

Thanks for checking out our coverage. @DaYUUMDen



AirPower Group Hits the streets – Part 4 – Vortech Superchargers

Just released is Vortech Superchargers part 4 of their famous “Hitting The Streets” series.

What do you get when you combine possibly the craziest Fox Body Mustang build of all time with arguably the hottest Challenger around right now…then add in a GM SEMA Design award winning Camaro 1LE, and a little bit of TruFiber Gotta-Have-It-Green Coyote Convertible – All Supercharged and making great power??? Well, you have the fourth installment of Hitting The Streets; the Vortech and Paxton Superchargers video series showcasing their Superchargers and Supercharging Systems on some of the hottest cars around.




2013 5.0L Mustang GT Systems Now Available from Vortech Supercharger

2013 5.0L Mustang GT Systems Now Available…

2013 5.0L Mustang GT owners, your time to rejoice is now. The complete Vortech V-3 Si Supercharging Systems for the manual transmission 2013 5.0L Mustang GT are now released and available for purchase. These great systems are making massive gains at a conservative 7.5psi, bringing your 2013 GT up to 605 horsepower! Available in Stealth Black, Satin, or Polished finishes, Vortech has a system for virtually any enthusiast’s tastes. Call your Vortech Dealer and get your system on order today!

4FQ218-020L Satin Finish Complete Supercharging System*
4FQ218-024L Stealth Black Finish Complete Supercharging System*
4FQ218-028L Polished Finish Complete Supercharging System*

* 2013 5.0L Mustang GT Systems currently released for manual transmission vehicles only. For information, visit www.vortechsuperchargers.com

SEMA Show 2012 – Denny’s Picks

The SEMA show is huge… I mean real HUGE… When we decided to seek out who we thought had the hottest build, it was impossible to agree on just one. Much like personalities and tastes, people’s idea of hot is subjective; therefore, we decided on individual picks. With THOUSANDS of cars, bikes, and everything in between; it’s next to impossible to see every car, talk to every owner, and hear every story about a build. As much as we would like to, it’s impossible.

For myself, I am picking what I felt had cool elements, details, fit and finish, or simply how it presents itself. I will describe what I like about each vehicle the best I can.

My first pick is this Ford Mustang built by the Ring Brothers. Ring Brother’s builds are notorious for awesome one-off parts and accessories.

I love the detail in the dry carbon spitter, the anguler design would become a consistant element in the build.

Consistency is key.  Once again,  the angular design in the detail of the rear spoiler.

Awesome detail in the tips and the fit of the rear-diffuser.

I’m loving the rear quarter panel cover that houses the gas filler pipe for the vehicle.

Take a look at the dimple-died strut bar,  it also had the roofing stripe carry through to that as well.

From the side, this mimicked the 70’s BOSS 302 graphic scheme, but up close they are fine carbon accents that stood off  from the front fenders to the side skirts.

Another fine detail are the “Switch” name plates on each door handle.

Here is a close up of the hardware used to secure the hood insert unto the hood.

In the same booth only a few feet away was the Tjin Edition Fusion. I really liked the color combination of the beige / tan exterior matched to the darker brown accents.

The Tjin Edition builds have always included unique colors and small details that only a few may see. For example, the multi-color fading on the pinstripe fill done by, Styles.

The striping extends to the rear in 2-colors and are united by the initial of Neil Tjin’s kids.

The pinstripe is also carried to the rear of the spoiler.

The rear half of the Fusion has a dual exhaust set up that peeks out of the rear bumpers and finished with a black coating.

Equally impressive is the Tjin Edition and Baer calipers in green to accent the interior stitching.

Outside of the Ford booth and only a few booths away was BASF Refinishing’s booth. BASF typically display very well built cars and this year was no different. They had the 2012 Ridler award winner on display, as well as Chip Foose’s 1948 Cadillac “Eldorod,” both very impressive but I really liked the Ring Brother’s Grinch.

The Grinch is a 1970 Camaro with many one-off parts. Like the “Switch”, the Grinch features many billet parts inside and out.

The Grinch is painted with BASF’s Glasurit® Waterborne paint. I liked the contrast between the gloss and the matte finish which separated the nose piece to the exterior of the Camaro.

This custom bracing that closely hugged the inside fender well was so clean. The interior of the engine bay had a matte finish and was the home of the LS3

The fit and finish of the interior and all the accent piece that surrounded it was done with fine detail.

Back to the exterior side was a matte deck spoiler that featured multi-levels. Rather than have it straight across the team extended it further to surround the side body panels and utilized a stylish step to contour the deck lid. Also notice how tightly the rear bumper flows with the rest of the body. In stock form, fit wasn’t even in the vocabulary and had un-matching gaps.

Here is a detail shot of the billet bezel around the taillights.

I love the Flowmaster exhaust dump that exited the rear valiance

Unto the next, was this 69 Camaro in Auto Metal Direct’s booth. At first glance, the Camaro was simply clean. As I was walking way I noticed a few mods that attracted by attention. I took a few pictures then kept finding treasures that kept me shooting, I was hooked!

What hooked me in was the flush window treatment on the front and back. The deletion of the chrome moldings around the windows gave the Camaro a modern look.

I was then drown in by the rain gutter that was nicely fabricated into the body of the Camaro

I especially loved the frenched rear bumper and taillights. The exhaust also had a nice bevel treatment to keep the build consistent.

The lower chin spoiler was nicely fitted along with the front bumper that had the same flush treatment as the rear.

A nicely fitted mirror and smooth interior finished the ensemble of the 69 Camaro

From classic to modern. My other pick is the Tjin Edition 2013 Camaro 1LE. It was featured in Vortech Superchargers booth for the week and grabbed a lot of attention due to its unique color combination that the Tjin team is known for. The solid brown and orange treatment with the one-off Rotiform wheels sets this modern muscle build from others.

This shot of the engine bay shows how nicely the Vortech Supercharger rests in the bay, which won GM’s Best New Product Award. Other details include the blue pinstripe that separates the orange and brown.

The Tjin Edition 1LE was award the Best Sports Car by the General Motors team and as you can see, its well deserved.

After roaming the central hall a little longer I ran into a 69 Mach 1 Mustang. What took me by surprise was the fender work put into the vehicle and the aggressively low physique, well not to mention the mid-engine layout of the 5.4L supercharged engine in the rear. This Mustang is called the Mach Forty, for the combination of a 69 Mach 1 Mustang and a GT40. I didn’t get the chance to speak with anyone in the booth but noticed unique elements in this build. The Mach Forty is predominately a 69 Mach 1 mid-section; doors, roof, and pillars; but the rear, the rear quarters, the hood, fenders, and frame were all hand formed.

Very nice hood latch.

I love this rear vent that leads into the rear of the engine compartment.

The fender work was very nicely done.

Last but not certainly least, was a 1964 Plymouth Belvedere named “ForPly” tucked in the North hall. It’s dubbed the “Old School American Style. Modern NASCAR Technology.” It features NASCAR suspension, brakes, 4-speed transmission, and fuel-injected engine Dodge 358. Long story short, its a NASCAR chassis with an 64 Belvedere body. In fact, the 64 Belvedere has won the Daytona 500 and the NASCAR Grand National Champion. I love the fact that they took a racing platform and fused it with this classic that is street friendly and duct tape free.

A fuel cell was in the rear with a direct side filler.

I believe this is the overflow tube.

I loved the frenched filler.

NASCAR exhaust with integrated mufflers

Fully adjustable suspension

Such fine detail even up to the spoiler.

These round out my SEMA picks. There were so many nice builds that this could have gone on for many days and our site could have been littered with cool cars.

The DaYUUM group already knew the type of cars I was going to choose, because they know my style. My passion is in imports but I feel that the import segment needs to step their game up a little. There are a few builders and designers like Jon Sibal, Mike Vu, and Troy Sumitomo that know a little thing or two about fit, finish, and design; I’m very passionate about their works as well.

I do have a soft spot for classics cars that are transformed into modernize pieces of machinery and art. I wished I could have covered more of the floor but there was just so much to see at SEMA. I hoped to stay longer but Halloween put a damper in my plans. As I quickly hit the halls, these were the builds that stood out to me. I hope you enjoyed them.


AirPower Group Hits the Street – Part 3 – Vortech Superchargers

Just released is Vortech Superchargers part 3 of their famous “Hitting The Streets” series. Aside from the impressive cars, this video features the lovely DaYUUM Angels,  Marissa, Ashley, and Amanda as they will take part in 2012’s SEMA Show with the AirPower Group (Vortech, Paxton, Lysholm) at booth# 23063

The 3rd chapter is all about the power, the boost, the lifestyle. Marissa starts off the video with the brand new, hot off the presses Vortech Supercharging System for the 5.7L Challenger R/T. This complete kit takes your HEMI up to an amazing 503 Horsepower and 563 Torque at only 7.5psi.

Next, we meet up with Arseniy’s VF-Engineering Supercharged E92 M3, which utilizes a Vortech V-3 Si Supercharger and brings the Vorsteiner widebody equipped Bimmer up to a staggering 650 Horsepower and 420 Torque. Got a BMW of your own that needs boost? Maybe you should get in touch with VF-Engineering too!

After that, we get a short glimpse of what a ride along with 17 time IJSBA National Champion Dustin Farthing would be like on his Vortech V-50 B60 Supercharged Yamaha Personal Watercraft. Could you hold on when he rockets 0-60 in just over 2 seconds?

The boost and the power keep rising from there, as we catch up to Ashley with Jeremy’s Triple Threat Fox Body Mustang. This car is the real deal, and can impress everywhere – On the street, at the track, or at the car show. Equipped with a built 347 engine and a Vortech V-7 YSi @ 23psi, Jeremy’s Fox annihilates the road with an incredible 806 Horsepower and 689 Torque TO THE REAR WHEELS!

Last but certainly not least, after a little help around the shop from Amanda, Ashton hits the street and then the track with his V-3 Si Supercharged 2012 5.0L Mustang GT. Lapping those other guys is no problem with over 600 Horsepower on tap at just 7.5psi!


Bent Axles Car Show

The Bent Axles car club was organized in 1980 and consists of pre 1949 modified American-made vehicles normally recognized as street rods (any body style). Every year the members help put on a 3-day car show during the third weekend of July in Old Orcutt, Ca.  The show features rides that belong to the 144 members of Bent Axles, along with around 200 other non-member rides.

I love all cars – old and new – so this was a really fun event to cover.  The weather was perfect and the cars were beautiful. Although I was pretty short on time, I was able to avoid most of the crowd and take a few shots. Enjoy!!






AirPower Group Hits the Street – Vortech and Paxton Style!

The newly released video by the AirPower Group features some really cool rides flaunting power adders by Vortech and Paxton Superchargers. One is a Camaro SS convertible, A Mustang GT dubbed “Last Ride”, a Mustang GT Convertible from the vocational school Universal Technical Institute, and a Nissan 350Z.

A great mix of drama, performance, and excitement. This stunning 3-minute or so video shows what the AirPower Group has to offer, whether its for style or function, they have a supercharger for any application.

Apparently there will be more videos to come, so we are excited to see what’s next!

Here is what the AirPower Group had to say:

Check out these 4 heavy hitting supercharged street machines as they meet up and then roll out. This is the first in a new series of Videos for the brands of the Air Power Group, showcasing our products along with top cars, top builders, and the aftermarket lifestyle. Here we find the Paxton NOVI 2200 Supercharged Tjin Edition/Universal Technical Institute 5.0L Mustang GT Convertible, the Vortech V-3 Si Supercharged “Last Ride” 5.0L Mustang GT Tribute Car, the Vortech V-3 Si Supercharged Tjin Edition Chevy Camaro SS, and Sean G’s Vortech V-3 SCi Supercharged 350Z.

Click on the link below for the video.

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