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Imagine it, Design it, Live it… IDL Grand Opening

At IDL Design USA‘s grand opening, the only thing rolling deeper than your car crew were the squads wearing NMDs and Anti Social Social Club or Super Street Garage apparel.

No L’s Taken Here

Spotted front center was the Yeezy-inspired turtle dove wrapped Liberty Ferrari 458 on Rotiform LSR dumped on Airlift and wrapped by Impressive Wrap.

Work It

Amongst all the fresh new exotics and imports, Joel Tan’s 1972 Work-Style Hakosuka stands the test of time.

Run by Milky Bun

Scott from After’s Ice Cream brought out the Liberty Walk McLaren wrapped on gold plated Rotiform QLB. According to Cody at Deity Motorsports, it’s an MP4-12c with a 650s front conversion and P1 rear styling.

Homecourt Advantage

While the neighborhood continues to fill with hypebeasts, the Phaze2 line up is low-key chillin’ in the iDL garage.

Buster. (@phaze2hubert)
I❤️RBRC. (@phz2rc)

Wider than your average GS. (phaze2yogi)

Purp ‘N’ Gold (@lcreaminzl)


Fresher than a stick of gum.

I Don’t Have Friends, I Have Family

If you were there, you might have thought you saw Vin Diesel. Sorry to say, that was just Phaze2’s Hubert Barnum. Either way, iDL Design isn’t just a business, it isn’t just a friendship…it’s a family affair.

Buffalo Gals, Go Around the Outside

That’s all folks!

Words: Denny H. / Justin P.
Photos: Denny H. / Justin P. / Tyler H.

SEMA Show 2014: Jayson’s Pick(s)


Las Vegas becomes the mecca of automotive geniuses and visionaries every time SEMA (Specialty Equipment Manufacturer’s Association) event is in town.  Fortunate enough to attend this year’s event to feast my eyes on creations that I know were done with extensive planning, hardwork and good partnerships.  This year I was able to witness a good variety of vehicles that impressed me due to its craftsmanship and details – creations that conformed to my liking.  So let’s start…


#Brotherlylove.  Tjin Edition Ford Fiesta ST and Honda Fit

It’s one thing to work with friends on car builds but to make it a family affair is another.  I can just imagine how the brothers bounced ideas at one another -as crazy as these guys are; they probably used, and abused Denny (@dayuumDen) as a cushion to exert their brotherly frustrations.  But in the end, both vehicles were highly recognized by Ford and Honda for an outstanding vision.





#NotaRocketBunny. The internet breakers Noel’s Varis FRS and Yogi’s widebody GS

These Asiatic Red Devils just killed it… Nope Kim K didn’t break the internet first… Do you remember when this FRS flooded the facebook and IG feeds? When Noel first broke out the FRS with the Airrex suspension? How about the time when he revealed his Rocket Bunny with the Work VS-KF wheels  and lastly showing off with the full Varis Kit and SSR’s newest wheel, the Professor TF1.  Simple but tasteful details can be noticed not only in the exterior but under the FRS’ hood and interior as well.  I am sure brother Bert had his share of scrapes and bruises working on this FRS.



Well Yogi broke the internet a few days before his GS showed up in SEMA.  After months of non-stop preparation and work to complete the GS with the help from Buddha Paint, Weds, Falken and Airrex, and many more; the handcrafted widebody sedan stole the spotlight the day it was revealed.




#TheRocketBunny.  Lexus RB RC350 Fsport, SSA x AutoFashion RB NSX, RB RX7, RB R35 and RB Genesis Coupe

One build that I really wanted to see in person was the Lexus RB RC350 Fsport.  I have not driven one yet but I read a number of good reviews about the vehicle most specially the RC-F.  For me, it was like a luxury FRS on steroids. Or maybe I am just a little Lexus biased but seeing the first renderings of the RC with the RB kit, just made me want to see one in person. The RB kit enhanced the already aggressive look of the RC.  Meaty tires, mesh wheels, perfect stance, the RC will definitely be a hit once it reaches the dealerships.




Six Sigma AUTOdesign said it best, “We knew many aspects of the project would be controversial, but we wanted to stir the pot. In the end, modifying cars is like an art, what’s the point if we are all painting the same picture? Don’t be afraid to take risks! We love how the car turned out…” Kudos to you guys for taking that leap -out of the norm.







#Fanboyfavs.  Falken IND M3, Artisan NX200t, Ironman4x4 LC60, Vossen LS460, Vorsteiner M4, Sarto Racing CLK and the Hotchkis Road Runner

This IND-Distribution (based from Chicago, Il)  M3 under the Falken booth was simply stunning – no widebody add-ons but simply utilizing the usual aero enhancements that screams Form and Function. But what really drew me to this vehicle was the color scheme which may be too bold for some. The BMW Yas Marina Blue, cement gray and mint green highlights worked great for this build.



The very first Lexus NX200t that was fitted with an Artisan kit.  I didn’t imagine that the NX would look so good with just the kit, wheels and low ride height.  The NX series maybe the vehicle that puts the RX series out of the Lexus lineup – only time will tell…


I have always been a big fan of Ironman 4×4 products.  This year they used an LC60 VX Diesel Turbo to display the quality of accessories, gear and parts they offer. I would not mind taking this LC out on a trailing trip…


The big body sedan LS460 has always been in my “want” list and this long sled from Vossen was tastefully done.  The elegance of the LS460 Fsport was maintained with the addition of the Skipper front lip and air suspension.


BMW Widebody M3 suited up with Vorsteiner aero.


Sarto Racing CLK


Who would not want to own an American Muscle if it looked this good? This Plymouth Road Runner Superbird was under the Hotchkis booth.


In addition to the vehicles mentioned above , this year I’ve decided to deviate from my typical wheelhouse and highlight trucks for my SEMA 2014 picks.  From the plethora of new Jeep Rubicons and Wranglers around most of the halls, I found a few that really caught my eye.  I could not pick just one so here it goes…


3.  The Legacy Classic Trucks: Scrambler and 1942-1943 Dodge WC-53 conversion

These Legacy Classic conversions gives you the old classic feel with new reliable hardware.  The Legacy Classic Trucks are assembled to a customers liking – in terms of its looks and application that it will be used. The Classic V8 Legacy Scrambler Conversion symbolizes the heritage of the Jeep CJ, with full fenders, 33” tires and classic line. This is equipped with a 430Hp LS3 engine which is capable of adventures both on and off-road. The Scrambler is also available as a Soft-top, Hard-top and 2-Door version. Also, this is made with a mandrel bent fully boxed frame as well as Atlas transfer-case, Dynatrac 1-Ton ProRock 60 axles with ARB locking differential. Long travel suspension and air-bump stops are used to fit ones adventure needs.

The Dodge Carryal WC-53 is a rare and unique multi-passenger truck also available from Legacy Classic trucks in limited number. Each truck is handcrafted since it takes at least 1,200 hours to build. This is also powered by a 430Hp LS engine coupled with a 4-speed automatic. This comes standard with locking differentials and an Atlas Transfer-case.












2.  Vortech BOSS F100

One of Vortech Superchargers’ booth vehicles is this 1973 Ford F100 done by High Octane Hot Rods. Owner: Jason Jones, On the Ground Designs. This truck is seriously looking like a Boss sitting still and laying frame. Under the hood you will find a 5.0L Ford Coyote engine, BOSS intake and Vortech Supercharger. Hard to find pieces and details were sourced from LMC trucks. One will not miss the massive tubs of the truck which tucks the B-Forged 595 wheels 22×9 up front and 24×14 rear. These are wrapped with Pirelli P-Zero Nero tires 265/30/22 for the fronts and super wide 405/25/24 for the rear. Sew it Seams from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania completed the truck’s interior. Audi RS4 Red Volker was used to complete the exterior looks of the BOSS.





1.  1949 Chevrolet 3100 five window pickup

Under the bright lights of the Las Vegas Convention Center, showing with the PAC racing springs booth tucks a truck that really caught my eye, this is the 1949 Chevy 3100 five window pickup. At first, its rusted out exterior will throw you off as this seem to not belong with the big boys with their shiny paint schemes. But look under the hood and you will immediately know that this beast will blow your doors off standing still. The 3100 is equipped with a fully built 442 LS engine with a 4.125 Bore and Stroke using K1 Technologies Forged Crank and Wiseco Pistons. This also has a Trick Flow Fully CNC LS3 Heads with OE LS7 rockers and titanium retainers from PAC Racing Springs. All ARP hardware was also used in putting together the powerplant of the truck. The 442 was also partnered to a Tremec 6-speed transmission with Centerforce DYAD dual disk clutch. As for its low slung ride height, PAC-JRi Racing coilovers were used. The Red Steel wheels from Coker Tire really did set off the look of the truck – wrapped in Firestone Nostalgia Drag Slicks Wide White. Although it cannot be seen behind the wheel, stopping on a dime is achieved using Wilwood Six Piston Calipers with 12 inch rotors. One of the eye catching details of the truck was the TIG Welded Butler built “Bomber Seats” with custom leather enhancements. I also liked the squared tubing interior styling as well as the bad ass grenade shift knob. The rear end of the truck just shows off the old and new pieces that really set this truck apart from the others.  Eighteen glorious months is what it took to put this beast together, this 3100 deserves a spotlight under the bright lights of Las Vegas.



















Hope you guys enjoyed a little flashback of SEMA 2014.

Until the next one… Peace!

-jayson (@dayuumjayce)

Not Your Mom’s Regular “grocery getter” – Joe’s E46 Wagon

Joe's M3wagon-0144

Almost two years ago, Jayson featured an immaculate S38B36-powered Diamond Schwartz E30 M3 from Joe Barrios’ BMW collection.  To refresh your memory, Joe has a garage, or better yet, his own man-cave equipped with a couple of lifts.  This man-cave houses two E30 M3s, a twin screw supercharged E36 S52B32-powered 332ti, an E31 850i being built for Bonneville, a 1974 2002tii stocker, an E46 332it wagon (featured here),a BMW G450X supermoto, and a 2012 Fiat 500 Abarth.

I know it may be every BMW enthusiast’s dream to have more than one bimmer, but Joe is no ordinary enthusiast.  He is the owner/operator of The M Shop in Eagle Rock.  The M Shop specializes in the service and performance of BMWs, Mini Coopers and Fiats.


This time, we decided to feature Joe’s 2000 BMW E46 323it wagon.  Looking at it, one might ask if the vehicle is even modified beyond the lowered stance and the mesh wheels, but don’t judge a book by its cover.  If you ever see and hear this car on the street, it will definitely make you look twice. To understand, one has to know what’s going on underneath the skin of this wagon. We bring you Joe’s grocery getter!


Joe's M3wagon-0073

Around 2005, Joe was presented an offer he couldn’t refuse – a totaled 2002 E46 M3 with SMG sequential gearbox once owned by friend, Jon Caldito.  This particular M3 met its demise when it got sandwiched between a fwy center divider and a FedEx truck.  It was the perfect case scenario.  Both sides of the car were destroyed, but everything within the frame rails was untouched.  Joe didn’t hesitate and immediately paid the insurance company for the whole car.


Joe's M3wagon-0133

After about a month spent looking for a BMW he could drop the M3 drivetrain into, a customer of The M Shop informed Joe that she wanted to sell her Diamond Schwartz E46 323i wagon. Joe thought how cool and different it would be to have an M3 wagon as a daily driver.  The deal was made and the journey began.


Joe's M3wagon-0114

First, Joe was thinking of using a conventional manual 6-speed transmission that would have made this swap a slam dunk.  At the time, another BMW tuning company on the east coast had just completed an S54 swap in an E46 wagon with a conventional 6-speed transmission.  Joe thought he’d do it one better and transplant the whole drivetrain including the SMG transmission with complete SMG logic.  In order for this all to work seamlessly in the wagon, everything from the E46 M3 donor car had to be transferred, including front and rear subframes, LSD, suspension, brakes, complete body wire harness, engine harness, instrument cluster, ABS/DSC hydraulic pump, speed sensors, and yaw sensors.  Yes, folks!  The SMG transmission, ABS, and DSC traction control logic is all M3, and it all works just as it did in its original home.


The cool thing about running the SMG transmission in the wagon is the automatic mode which becomes a blessing when fighting the L.A. traffic, but when the roads are clear, toggle the shifter to manual mode and you can bang through the gears via paddle shifters or shift knob.  “Kinda’ like a video game” as Joe describes.

Since the M3 donor car was equipped with many options, Joe went ahead and transferred over the factory navigation units, Harman Kardon sound system, Xenon headlights, IHKA automatic climate control, and M3 front seats.

Joe's M3wagon-01291

Joe's M3wagon-01221

For added rigidity and to prevent front shock tower flex, the upper strut tower bar from the M3 was also transferred over.  Joe could have gone with an aftermarket strutbar but wanted the engine bay to look as factory as possible.


Joe stated that around the time this swap took place, many BMW owners would have never thought to put Japanese parts on their German made cars.  Joe came from the ‘Old School’, right around the time when HKS was starting to bring their products into the US (mid/late 80s) and when his friends from HKS USA told him of the products they were importing for the E46 based BMWs, he was all over it.  Joe stated, “HKS is known for their quality and I had no doubt in my mind that their stuff would fit correctly and perform as claimed.  The Hypermax coilovers are perfect for the street and can be adjusted for weekend track duty if needed, and the Ti exhaust sounds perfect behind the E46 M3 euro headers and euro cats.”  Needless to say, Joe installed a 30-way adjustable HKS Hypermax coilover set and HKS Ti exhaust system.  As you read this, Joe is trying to get the vehicle BAR labeled so that smog inspections are not an issue.  Yes, all emissions control devices for the S54 engine are installed and working as designed.

Joe's M3wagon-0118

Joe's M3wagon-0060

The wagon is currently sitting on HRE 3-piece mesh wheels – 19×9’s in the front, 19×10’s in the rear.  Wheels are wrapped with Continental Extreme DW tires.  Behind the front wheels sit Brembo 6 piston mono-blocks and 380 mm floating rotors.  Behind the rear wheels sit Brembo 4 piston calipers and 345mm floating rotors.  The stopping power of the Brembo’s is right on par with the 350 bhp that the S54 engine is putting out.



Joe kept the exterior modifications simple but still unique to the wagon body style by adding a color-coded front M Tech bumper and M Tech splitters.

Joe's M3wagon-0056

Joe's M3wagon-0069

Joe managed to complete this project over a 6-month period working on it off and on after work and on weekends in his backyard.  This swap isn’t for everyone and Joe states that he would probably not want to do another S54/SMG swap like this one anytime soon, but would definitely swap one with a conventional manual transmission anytime.  Joe has accomplished building a stylish, quick, fun, CA emissions legal daily driver M3 wagon that can get groceries like no other Bimmer wagon can.  Big ups to Joe!

Joe's M3wagon-0105

Joe's M3wagon-0065

Joe's M3wagon-0054

Until next time. Enjoy.

M3 & RX7: A Purist’s Nightmare

A purist is “one who desires that an item remain true to its essence.”  Often times, a purist strives for uniqueness by staying within the known conservative realm.   In the automotive scene, acronyms such as JDM, USDM and DTM may sound very familiar.   Often times, capturing and preserving how automobiles were originally made or improved in Japan, United States, and Europe in terms of parts / aesthetics are religiously followed and admired.  However, there are individuals who seek to bend these boundaries and want to be simply creative on their own way – simply channeling their creative juices to their own standards and satisfaction.

By no means will I consider myself a purist but I always had that niche to stay with the norm and conservative. Don’t’ get me wrong, I have always admired people that have been open minded, brave and bold enough to go with their own inventive – instinctive ways.  In one of the events, I’ve met Ryan and Ulysses, individuals that pushed their personal boundaries, ingenuity, automotive knowledge and engineering.  One gentleman at an event where I met both guys said it best, “It took a little more thinking to put it together.”





Ryan Castro owns a 1995 E36 M3 along with numerous Bavarian machineries through the years.  The avus blue E36 M3 coupe looked like one common E36 on the road.  Close your eyes – listen to the rumble it makes and it is more than likely that you will second guess yourself.  The E36 M3 packs a 5.7L LS1 aluminum block from a Camaro SS under its bonnet.  It zips through freeways or from time to time track days using its 350 whp and 311 ft-lbs of torque Americana centerpiece.   The LS1 aluminum block was also paired with a T56 – 6 speed transmission with a Z06 clutch.  This is also equipped with a rebuilt 3.91 LSD with a 40% lock up.




Road turns and curves are handled by custom BC racing coilovers with custom spring rates.  Also added to the E36 were Turner front – rear sway bars as well as Mason Engineering front – rear strut bars to provide some extra stiffness.


Closely look at its stoppers and one will notice the C6 Z06 Silver 6 piston calipers paired with the 355 mm DBA slotted rotors and PFC-Z brake pads.  Stainless steel brake lines were also installed at each corner.  This M3 uses Miro 111 18×9.5 +20 offset all around with Hankook V12 EVO 245/35/18 as its street kicks.  On track, Toyo R888 255/35/18 is the tire of choice.







Subtle exterior modifications of the M3 such as the Max Velocity GTR front lip and Hard Motorsport Fender Flares add to the deceptive euro look that this midnight blue machinery goes for. EVO II Recaro seats with Corbeau 4pt. harness, Kirk 4pt roll bar, MOMO Champion steering wheel, STRI 60 mm Tach -water temp -oil pressure gauges and AEM UEGO wideband were all installed to prepare the E36 for any track battle.



Similar to that of Ryan’s midnight Euro machine, Ulysses Aguayo chose a similar path for his knightly FD after numerous (2) rotary powerplants failed him. Ulysses owns a 1993 Mazda RX7 R1.  Sitting still this RX7 looks simply stunning.  With the one too many tasteful modification added to the RX7, one will think that this came straight from the JDM gods.  However, peek under the hood and you’ll see an LS2: 6.0 liter V8 from a 2006 Pontiac GTO.  This was also paired with the GTO’s T56 6-speed transmission. Ulysses also installed a Hurst short-shifter with Steeda Tri-ax shifter handle while an E40 ECU keeps this RX7 always in check.



The FD’s front end was completely converted to a 99 OEM front end spec with the front lip.  The taillights were also switched to the 99 spec.  Shine Auto OEM style 20 mm wider front fenders were also used to accommodate some wider wheels and tires. The rear fenders were also widened to 25-30 mm for the same reason. Top Fuel style rear wing, Shine Auto Sanai rear diffuser and feed side skirts complete the devious but understated look of the RX7.




Keeping this FD close to the ground are Tein Type Flex coilovers.  Optimizing cornering for its track day run ins are Powerflex polyurethane suspension bushings, AWR solid front sway bar mounts, OEM front / rear sway and strut bars. SSR SP1 black face is the wheel of choice with 18×10 +25 all around sizing.  However, an 18×11 +8 rear set is already on its way to provide a more intimidating look to an already aggressive bearing. SSRs were mounted on Hankook Ventus RS3 – 265/35/18 Fronts and 275/35/18 Rear tires.






Keeping the all black theme – JDM RX7 RZ spec Recaro seats (Carbon Kevlar shells), complete Di-noc  carbon wrapped dash/clusters/hvac/shifter, Redline leather wrapped transmission tunnel cover and shift boot can be seen inside this FD.  FlyRX7 center quad gauge pod with the 4 Prosport gauges and the Nardi 350 mm Deep Corn racing wheel with Works Bell hub cannot also be missed.

Of course most of the work was put into the engine and drivetrain.  Aside from the Pontiac GTO transplant, this FD used components from a Ford Cobra as well.  2003 Ford Cobra IRS differential with OEM carbon traction-lock LSD and Samberg Rod and Custom rear Cobra differential cradle were also used to transmit all that torque and rotation to the massive rear wheels.  Professional products LS2 fuel rails and Supra Denso fuel pump were also installed to keep this V8 from thirsting. Greddy 3.5” exhaust and custom stainless piping fabricated by Rene Motorsports fulfills the exhaust notes that Ulysses wanted to hear out of his black beauty.







Purists may be cringing just by the thoughts of doing american muscle V8 swaps especially to such iconic vehicles as the M3 and RX7.  However, one can’t deny that V8 swaps are now common -to get that certain torque and horsepower that one desires.  As shared by Ryan and Ulysses, the engine swap gave them a reliable and a well balanced car on the track.  Parts are also cheap and now easy to get.  For the laborious settings that these engines were put to, they are extremely satisfied with what they have accomplished.  What both these men have put together may be a purist’s nightmare but what counts is the completion of what was once an ingenious vision.

Until the next one… Peace.

-jayson (Dayuumjayce)


AirPower Group Hits the Street – Part 3 – Vortech Superchargers

Just released is Vortech Superchargers part 3 of their famous “Hitting The Streets” series. Aside from the impressive cars, this video features the lovely DaYUUM Angels,  Marissa, Ashley, and Amanda as they will take part in 2012’s SEMA Show with the AirPower Group (Vortech, Paxton, Lysholm) at booth# 23063

The 3rd chapter is all about the power, the boost, the lifestyle. Marissa starts off the video with the brand new, hot off the presses Vortech Supercharging System for the 5.7L Challenger R/T. This complete kit takes your HEMI up to an amazing 503 Horsepower and 563 Torque at only 7.5psi.

Next, we meet up with Arseniy’s VF-Engineering Supercharged E92 M3, which utilizes a Vortech V-3 Si Supercharger and brings the Vorsteiner widebody equipped Bimmer up to a staggering 650 Horsepower and 420 Torque. Got a BMW of your own that needs boost? Maybe you should get in touch with VF-Engineering too!

After that, we get a short glimpse of what a ride along with 17 time IJSBA National Champion Dustin Farthing would be like on his Vortech V-50 B60 Supercharged Yamaha Personal Watercraft. Could you hold on when he rockets 0-60 in just over 2 seconds?

The boost and the power keep rising from there, as we catch up to Ashley with Jeremy’s Triple Threat Fox Body Mustang. This car is the real deal, and can impress everywhere – On the street, at the track, or at the car show. Equipped with a built 347 engine and a Vortech V-7 YSi @ 23psi, Jeremy’s Fox annihilates the road with an incredible 806 Horsepower and 689 Torque TO THE REAR WHEELS!

Last but certainly not least, after a little help around the shop from Amanda, Ashton hits the street and then the track with his V-3 Si Supercharged 2012 5.0L Mustang GT. Lapping those other guys is no problem with over 600 Horsepower on tap at just 7.5psi!


Joe’s E30 M3ans Business

The Eighties had a plethora of events that influenced today’s culture and economic liberalization; an era that can be associated with hairsprays, synthesizers and new wave music.  It can also be accounted for the emergence of the majestic vibe of hip-hop from the likes of Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, EPMD and ATCQ.  R.E.M, 10000 Maniacs, Metallica and Guns N Roses were bands that invaded the punk, alternative and hard rock genre.  Films such as E.T. as well as the Ray-Ban Aviator infested gig, Top Gun, can be easily remembered during this decade.  For many, including myself, this was an era that started my appreciation and recognition for European cars.

I first glued on Joe Barrios’ pristine E30 M3 during DaYUUM’s site launch collaboration at Guppy’s Greenhouse.   I told myself that, “This E30 will be my first car feature write-up.”  One, Joe’s E30 M3 just screamed Top Gun’s mantra, “I feel the need… The need for speed!” making me want to bust out my Aviators at night.  Second, it was just SIMPLY CLEAN!  It was also fortunate that Joe is a good friend of DaYUUM’s founder.  Setting up a time to do a photo shoot for the car would not be an issue.  It was just a matter of putting it down in our calendar.

The E30 M3 was developed and introduce by BMW to the masses to be campaigned in many forms of racing.  Also, one of its main targets – to go head to head -mano y mano with Mercedes Benz’s 2.3 16V W201 190E. The E30 M3 was readily equipped with a 2.3L I4 S14B23 engine (also known as S14) rated at 192 horsepower, it quickly became Benz 190E’s direct competition not only in performance but as well as the racing world.   To a novice car enthusiast, the E30 M3 may look similar to a regular E30.  But as you’ll look closely, there are 12 unique body panels that were put in place for the sole purpose of improving the aerodynamics of this European sport compact.  The front and rear wheel arches were “box-flared” to accommodate wider track wheels and tires.

Joe Barrios willingly welcomed the DaYUUM crew to his home in Glendale to get a good look at his immaculate E30 M3.  As he escorted us to his garage, we were not only greeted by one E30 but a heaven of BMW rides.  His garage collection includes a project white E30 M3, an E36 M3, an E46 wagon with a swapped E46 M3 motor, working SMG drivelogic tranny that shifts via the SMG gear knob or paddle shifters.  Stamped on the E46 wagon; a new badge marking its transplant from 323i to 332i – showing that it is not just a regular “grocery-getter” sport wagon but a 3.2L S54 M-tuned daily workhorse.  Also in his garage, up on a lift -and yes, his home garage has two lifts, is a 318ti which was his first car. Transplanted on the 318ti, is a 3.2L E36 M3 engine hence explains the new badge 332ts.  Aside from these cars he has two BMW 850’s one donor the other a full-blown race car project with a roll cage (we will feature this build as well). Lastly, flawless silver BMW 2002 was under a canopy waiting for an M-tune transplant.  After picking our jaws back up, we started what we came for – Joe’s E30 M3.

Joe’s 1989 E30 M3 is no ordinary E30 as well.  You may have gotten a little hint on it with the surgeries that he did on the cars that he currently owns.   The E30 M3 started with a 2.3L S14 engine, now its heart is made of a 3.6L S38B36 1991 M5 powerplant.  The M5 engine fits cleanly under the bonnet of the E30. Joe has only owned the E30 M3/M5 for a year.  He bought the car from his good friend, Anri, who he gives most of the credit to this great looking E30.  Working 10 years as a mechanic at a BMW Dealership at New Century / Alhambra, Joe really had an eye for a well-built car.  Aside from the transplant done on the car, this is also equipped with Euro cams, Evo Cam gears, Euro headers and custom exhaust.  To dial in the stance and overall look, it has ground control coil-overs with BBS RS 17 x 8.5 +13 offset wheel to fill the widened arches of the E30.

The E30 M3 also sports a carbon fiber hood as well as an adjustable carbon fiber wing which goes very well with the metallic gun grey color of the car as well as its overall look.

After chatting it up with Joe during our visit, I learned that he now owns a shop in Glendale.   The shop has been going very strong for the past 8 years – the shop’s name, The M Shop.   The shop specializes in of course, any BMW and Mini needs from regular maintenance work, engine upgrade and tunes  to engine transplants that he cleanly does in a daily basis as he’d performed it on his own cars.

We at DaYUUM are very thankful to Joe for welcoming us in his home to do the shoot.  We found that the photoshoot is his very first formal shoot to show his own cars.  We were fortunate to get this opportunity to show the great cars that he has built and own as well as current ones that he’s trying to complete.   So if your BMW is in need of some TLC.  Visit Joe and his crew at:

The M Shop :

5041 Eagle Rock Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90041
1.323.257.5773 office
1.323.257.6773 fax

Website:  theMshop.com

This 80’s engineered E30 M3 truly started one of the greatest competitions in the European car industry.  As I asked Joe what would be his future plans to the E30, he could not said it best; “None…  Just enjoy driving the car.” Joe’s E30 definitely stayed true to European styling that deserves to be driven and as a racing icon, it needs to be driven hard.

Check out this rad video clip prepared by our good friend, Mikey D. from PVR Motorsports .   Until the next one… Peace!   – jp

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