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Formula Drift Top Livery

Formula Drift opener is always exciting to see the new cars and its liverys. This year, chrome is in. We took the liberty to pick out some of our favorites.

Ken Gushi

Toyota FR-S, GReddy Performance, Nexen Tires

Chelsea DeNofa

Ford Mustang RTR, BC Racing, Nitto Tire

Alex Heilbrunn

BMW E46 M3, Nitto Tire

Alec Hohnadell

Nissan S14, Fix Our Fuel.com, Nexen Tire

Cameron Moore

Toyota FR-S, Nameless Performance, Nexen Tire

Matt Coffman

Nissan S13, Nexen Tire

Justin Pawlak

Ford Mustang, ROUSH Racing, Falken Tire

Who was your favorite?

Words: Denny H.

Photos: Denny H. / Justin P.

Formula Drift / Offset Kings – 2014 – Coverage

Formula Drift’s season opener in Long Beach, California was exciting for drift fans as it was for us. Fatlace’s Offset Kings, which is the combination of their previous HellaFlush and Slammed Society events was part of the attraction at Formula Drift. Formula Drift / Offset Kings was also our debut and the start of our collaboration with Tjin Edition.










OffsetKings-9359In the past, we collaborated together, but never in a fashion that we are branding ourselves together. Offset Kings was our first event of the year utilizing a footprint of 60’x30’ to house our 24’ trailer, tow vehicle, secondary vehicle, and our displays. Not only are we fortunate enough to collaborate with Tjin Edition but we also partnered up with selected companies such as, Universal Technical Institute, Royal Purple, Glow Shift, LED Glow, Baer Brakes, Falken Tire, Escort Radars, AccuAir, Forgestar, IForged, Magnaflow, Meguiars, Paxton Superchargers, Vortech Superchargers, Guppy House, Daley Visual, and Viair. together we formed Tjin Edition x DaYUUM RoadShow. The roadshow will consists of 18-22 events throughout California and Arizona, from San Diego to San Francisco and Phoenix, Arizona. The RoadShow has taken 11 months for it to materialize since the idea first was tossed around. Since then, it’s been non-stop working behind-the-scenes while we continued to attend events throughout 2013.







fdlb2014-0465We are excited for 2014 and years to come. This year we added a few new contributors to the family, John Quidilla, Gilbert Chen, and Patrick Pugeda. In terms of hunnies, Lori and Emmy has joined us for Formula Drift / Offset Kings and is also new to the family.




OffsetKings-9387The morning was a little hectic because we had boxes and boxes of literature and giveaway items which needed to be displayed. With the help of Justin, Michelle, Jae, and Scottie, we managed to get everything set up by 10AM and was ready to go. By 10:30AM the Offset Kings car show was filling up and patrons started to fill the stands. John was capturing the action with video and stills, Justin was at the booth and snapping a few extra shots, while Gilbert and Jae covered the vendor section in the pits. I stuck around the booth until top 16 when I took homage on the track.






fdlb2014-0455In our booth was our slammed F-150 with custom air suspension controlled by AccuAir, fabricated by Unique Fabrication. We also had Christian Coujin’s FR-S customized by Phantasy Kolors in Washington.

In the Offset Kings section there were some standouts.



just-ok-fdlb-012Courtney Wingfield’s 328i


just-ok-fdlb-030Slammed Toyota Sienna van.

DSC_0928 copyA static Scion FR-S

DSC_0946 copyThis Fiat was pretty fresh.

DSC_0970 copy

DSC_0969 copyMark and Yogi reppin Fatlace, AirREX and Phase 2.

DSC_1018 copy

DSC_1014 copyFresh Z and Subi



just-ok-fdlb-017Dig this S2K

just-ok-fdlb-005Arcenal’s Bus

DSC_0937 copy

DSC_0934 copyLS Toy

Here is a video recap by John Quidilla (@dayuumjquilla)

In vendor the section, Jae and Gilbert ran into some of our favorites in the scene.



OffsetKings-05003Erica Nagashima with Hankook

OffsetKings-04995Gina Darling and Eva Skye

OffsetKings-04923Gina Darling, Natalie Paladin, and Eva Skye




fdlb2014-0481Olivia Korte

fdlb2014-0514Kallita Daniel with Motor Mavens



OffsetKings-04989Jessica Weaver repping AutoCon Events.


fdlb2014-0503Brittani Paige with R1 Concepts

OffsetKings-04940Corissa Furr



OffsetKings-04965Maureen Chen


Before top 16 began, I ran into long time friend Randyl Dawn. 2014 is Randyl’s 6 year with Falken Tire. I’m glad to see her continue with such a great company, you can catch her at selected Falken Tire events throughout the United States.







OffsetKings-9500Top 16 introductions began with the National Anthem, xriver introductions and it was time to rock.


OffsetKings-9519Top 16 began with 2013 Forumla Drift champion Michael Essa vs. Mats Baribeau. Baribeau didn’t match up with Essa consistency and clean lines was elminated.



OffsetKings-95332013 podium winner, Forrest Wang with his clean 2JZ powered S14 matched up against Dennis Mertzanis. Forrest would take the win in that round.


OffsetKings-9551Mohan vs. Moen. Mohan managed to propel his beat up RX8 into top 16 after smashing into the unforgiving Long Beach barriers, then gained some what control then smashed into the tire barrier. He was a bit luckier than Joon who introduced himself with the same tire barrier. The exposed Mohan let Moen slip by for the W.



OffsetKings-9654Scion Racing, Fredric Aasbo vs. Hankook tire Grunewald would kiss each other on turn 9 of the Long Beach Grand Prix course and put both cars in the pits for repairs. Upon the return of the duo, Aasbo would move to the next round


OffsetKings-9578Ex-teammates Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Darren McNamara would match up with each other in top 16. Falken Tire sponsored Darren McNamara would move to the next round.


OffsetKings-9598Forsberg vs. Gooden’s Enjuku LS powered 240SX would get edged out by the 370z of Forsberg.


OffsetKings-9615The battle between Odi Bakchis vs. McQuarrie moved quickly. The close proximity of Odi’s chase run seemed to seal the deal.


OffsetKings-9644To finish off the top 16, Pawlak and Tuerck would battle, Pawak would advance and move on to the next round.




OffsetKings-9681In the great 8, Wang and Essa would match up. In Wang’s chase run, it seemed he was following a little behind, but Essa would be close on his tail in his chase with Wang. Essa would later advance.




OffsetKings-9708Aasbo and Moen’s run would mirror Wang’s and Essas run. Aasbo trailed a little behind in his chase as Moen advances.


OffsetKings-9730McNamara and Forsberg was a close one, but after many minutes of tallying, Forsberg would advance to top 4.




OffsetKings-9749Bakchis and Pawlak getting close in the top 4




OffsetKings-9808When the smoke cleared, Moen and Forsberg would battle it out to see who would be crowned number 1 at streets of Long Beach.




OffsetKings-9838Essa would pull of a great start from his championship run in 2013 with a 3rd.

OffsetKings-9871Moen’s lead run appeared to have less of an angle in turn 10 and would get 2nd and land his first podium since the start of his professional Formula Drift.



OffsetKings-9857Forsberg would get crowned with a first place at the start of the Formula Drift 2014 season.


OffsetKings-9867A little bro hug and that concludes Formula Drift season opener at Long Beach!

Im outs! @dayuumden

Japanese Classic Car Show | Konnichiwa.

Youkoso irasshai mashita. (Welcome.) Ogenki desuka? (How are you?) Saikin dou desuka? (What’s new?) Japanese Classic Car Show is new! Whether you’re a young’n, like me, or an oldie, like…uhm…yea, the translation of classic cars will never be lost. There is a timeless excellence and respect for Japanese automotive heritage that is on display every year at JCCS in Long Beach, going on 9 years strong now. Check out all the good stuff from this year.


First thing I do before I cover an even is do some test shots, especially on an outdoor show I get a feel for the lighting, play with my f/stops, shutter speed, all that jazz. Most of my early shots don’t make the cut, but I felt this 1st Gen, right hand drive RX-7  import from Japan deserved to a small place in my write up.

9thJCCS_02 9thJCCS_03

Really into these SSR’s by the way. On a side note, it was very displeasing seeing a well built classic, get ready to shoot it and then upon closer inspection…replicas. What a waste, moving along…


Now a car you can truly appreciate and build right, sure the more modern R32 Skyline was right next to it, but my eye was already captivated by this Hakosuka. The first GTR line that was produced for the Skyline model line, this car holds a special place in many classic car enthusiasts’ hearts.

9thJCCS_05 9thJCCS_06 9thJCCS_07 9thJCCS_08

Not far from it was its “brother” a Kenmeri famously owned by Fatlace’s Felix Marcelino. This one is sported the new F/ZERO1 wheels designed by Fatlace and produced by AME Wheels. They did a real good job on these; it pays homage to the vintage lifestyle yet has modern designs that keep it up to the ever evolving tuner lifestyle.

9thJCCS_09 9thJCCS_10

The restoration on this Fairlady 1600 looks as if it just rolled off a Datsun lot. The 14” wheels, the “Datsun” lettering on the hood, the color…everything just screams classic.

9thJCCS_11 9thJCCS_12 9thJCCS_13

Including the vintage junk in the trunk!


The old school A60 Celica is far from popular, but Jesse Ortiz has really made a name for himself and his car for this out of the ordinary build. I say out of the ordinary because most people don’t go through the distance to restore this model Celica, let alone tune it into an absolute showstopper. It’s amazing to learn that he practically saved this car from being sent to the junkyard and spent most of the rebuilding process in his dad’s backyard. (His dad is a fellow Scion Evolution member too by the way, with a rockin’ Scion tC as well!)

9thJCCS_15 9thJCCS_16

And just to show you all he means business, he did a 1JZ-GTE swap with a single turbo, which pushes about 300whp! This “bandit” isn’t shy to give you a real chase you’d never expect

9thJCCS_17 9thJCCS_18

Continuing on with some seksi Toyotas in the first section of the show, we find one of our favorite Toyota Corollas, Patrick Ng’s Levin 1600, which we featured here on DaYUUM! during last year’s SEMA. Patrick has won multiple awards with this car, including 1st Place Best of JCCS last year. One reason is because he always brings something new, keeping an old car fresh isn’t easy, but he pulls it off each and every time.


This year Patrick went with new carbon fiber body mods all around, but something tells me he’s already got new plans to change it up again real soon.

9thJCCS_20 9thJCCS_21

Moving from the pavement to the grass, it was like entering a whole other classic car show. The first thing I noticed sitting by the Yokohama booth was Jun Imai’s Fairlady Z. For those who don’t know, Jun is a famous designer for Hot Wheels (I can think of at least one fellow DaYUUM! contributor who would love this.)

9thJCCS_22 9thJCCS_23

In contrast to the Datsun Fairlady 1600 roadster I touched on earlier, this Fairlady Z is one of the ultimate #MaximumAttack vehicles around. From the fender flares to the meaty Advan tires, this is one aggressive beast.

9thJCCS_24 9thJCCS_25

The timeless look accompanied with its simple mechanics and easily interchangeable parts has made the Datsun 510 one of the most popular cars amongst collectors and restorers. This one is perfectly clean inside and out, and the bright red, white, and blue NISMO colorway really make it sound out.

9thJCCS_26 9thJCCS_27 9thJCCS_28

Speaking of clean paintjobs, Hawaii native Kirk Hubbard’s TA22 Celica was a big standout of the show. When you look for a classic to be done right, you can look no further than Kirk’s, aloha!

9thJCCS_29 9thJCCS_30

The red GT stripe just pops along the side along with the classic wheels colored to match it.


Partly hiding in the shade we found our favorite little guy, Neil De La Cruz from Team Klassified and his pride and joy “Milo”. Neil put in a lot of last minute work to get it ready of JCCS, including going to bed at 2AM and then driving down to Long Beach by 6AM! At least all that hard work paid off as he won Best Toyota “Old School” 3rd Place.

9thJCCS_32 9thJCCS_33

Better take a good look at this immaculate engine bay now; Neil has big plans, including some major engine and suspension mods. By next year you might not recognize it anymore.


It’s a shame that this car was hiding behind the big Toyota rig when you first overlook the area. Or was this gangster “Yakooza” purposely hanging out in secrecy? I’d rather not type the wrong thing and have my fingers chopped off, so let’s just get to the pictures and admire this super clean, super low, gangsta’ Toyota Crown.

9thJCCS_35 9thJCCS_36 9thJCCS_37 9thJCCS_38

Little eco-friendly cars might be the trend now, but it isn’t anything new. Back when Honda first broke into the US market, they brought the mini car style from Japan but with just enough power to keep up on US highways. And hence this little guy was born, the Honda N600.

9thJCCS_39 9thJCCS_40

While the one above was in pristine condition, these are a few other mini Hondas that have been restored.

9thJCCS_41 9thJCCS_42

There’s always got to be that one car; that weird, quirky car that just makes its way to appeal to you for some unknown reason. It doesn’t have to have the biggest engine, the nicest paint job, or the prettiest wheels; it just has to have that look that will make you smile and laugh. And so I introduce you to a Daihatsu Hijet!

9thJCCS_43 9thJCCS_44

While this cleanly restored kei car (small Japanese vehicle) exterior pops, the interior has a more laid-back, easy-going feel. Maybe it was the Hawaiian theme that pulled me in…this really makes me miss Hawaii even more now…#DaYUUM808

9thJCCS_45 9thJCCS_46

Well that’s that, another show in the books and the year is winding down. As some of these classics go back into hiding until the next show season, especially with next year being JCCS’ 10th year, it’s getting that time for us to just unwind and relax. Oh but not until our “Mash Up Three” later this month of course! As always there will be cars, food, girls, prizes, and this time a Halloween costume contest. Be sure not to miss out on it!

-Justin (@JustDaYUUM)

Wekfest LA 2013 – Part 1

Its 1:16AM on a Tuesday morning, and I started to think about Wekfest Los Angeles and the happenings of this past weekend. I was totally exhausted and even passed out early on the couch. When I woke up around midnight to crawl into bed, I found myself catching up on the last glimpse of Instagram and our Facebook page. Nilo has really been holding down the fort on Facebook and I contribute when I remember, but I am not as religious as Nilo with all the postings. We recently started an official Instagram (@instadayuum) page because Facebook has implemented changes that require a page to promote with dollars in order to reach all of your followers (so I’ve been told). Instagram is just another outlet for us to express what we do and also to bring you up to date info on our whereabouts and all the exciting events we are involved with. Why InstaDaYUUM? In short, someone is holding on to DaYUUM as if it’s a prize possession. I think the person thinks we are in the 90’s during the URL boom, but in fact, we have been hash tagging #instadayuum for a while now, so it is just as good as DaYUUM.

I wasn’t planning on writing any Wekfest coverage because I’ve been struggling on finishing other write ups but I felt I needed to write something. This is considered part 1. Angie will continue with part 2. Angela, aka Angie, is a passionate enthusiast from the San Luis Obispo area and she came to visit Wekfest to celebrate her birthday with her fiancé. She will finish off the coverage with her ramblings. PS – Happy Birthday Angie!


WEKFESTLA-7336I didn’t get a chance to walk around the show much because it was busy at the booth. The busiest one to date. This year we teamed up with Forjworks from Hawaii whom have blessed us to be a distributor for them on AirREX Suspensions in So Cal. That’s why our booth was split up with AirREX and DaYUUM. With the booth being busy I felt I shouldn’t leave the booth much while Jayson and Scottie hustle with merchandise. I am greatly blessed to have these guys for there passion and drive, as they are able to conduct business while Nilo and I try to take care of all the questions with the AirREX Suspension.


WEKFESTLA-7366In the booth this year, we also had Serena. She is a new face for us and is a new addition to the DaYUUMFam along with our other ladies we have had in the past. We are experimenting with a few new ideas this year so you may or may not see mulitple Hunnies in our booth this year, but we will see how it progresses in the year. I am also happy to see that some of our previous DaYUUM Hunnies hustling and getting gigs in the industry. Anyways, I did get a little chance to walk around the vendor area, I didn’t get far into the grass area and missed some of our friends like Autofasion and the guys at Style Over Comfort, but we did catch up with the guys at FRS-86, Vortech, our brothers at Tjin Edition, and Noel at Canibeat.





WEKFESTLA-7351In our booth we had Glen from Long Beach Auto Tech’s S2K on new gold Weds Kranze LXZ, Jayson’s IS350 with his newest look on Work Emotion CR’s, and Gary with his matte blue wrapped Lysholm charged Camaro done by Infinite Auto Design. It’s crazy how so many people confuse this Camaro for Gene’s Camaro. It’s actually hilarious.






WEKFESTLA-7349On the AirREX side we had M2 Motoring’s Fiesta on Rotiform NUE, Nilo’s vintage (haha) NSX with probably the only RAYS manufactured 3-Piece Ro_Jas in existence, and Yogi’s newly wrapped GS on Weds SA55m.




WEKFESTLA-7357On the vendor side I spotted the Tea brothers (www.frs86.com), Meng and Young in Beat Sonics booth, as well as Mike from Motor Mavens. I have no clue why I dont have an individual shot of Mikes, I swore I took one. I really love the new Work Emotion XD-9 on Meng’s FR-S. The color is a perfect complement to Scion’s Hot Lava.



WEKFESTLA-7331Across the way was Vortech Superchargers / Tjin Edition. They brought out Roberts FR-S that debuted the Gold Forgestar F14F’s 17×11. The company’s own FR-S was also on display.




WEKFESTLA-7322On the flip side, Jon Sibal’s Challenger was sitting pretty as usual. Close by was Gene Tjin’s Lysholm charged Camaro which has been on the selling block for about 2 years now. It appears even buyers with deposits are flakey like pastries. RJ’s Mustang, and Neil Tjin’s Fusion end capped their display. I wonder how many people stuck their heads under his car this time to check out the side exit exhaust.


WEKFESTLA-7333Spitting distance away was Noel’s FR-S which is also AirREX and Vortech equipped. Noel tends to pull a crowd with his Rocket Bunny / Vertex combo, as it was surrounded the whole time to the point that I just gave up waiting for people to get the hell out of the way so I just took a shot. At least I got half the car in.

WEKFESTLA-7341Rodney with Clazzio had a crazy spot right in front of the entrance. I caught up with him at the end of the event as he was packing his clean Prius with a whole lot of booth items. It’s hard to believe he dailies his Prius and transports all the displays. Rodney was so beat at the end of the day but he was still chippery, just less.

WEKFESTLA-7358I happened to step on the grass area briefly and captured Joey’s Q45 from The Chronicles. He’s probably one of the busiest bloggers I know and provides content so quickly that I believe the guy never sleeps. I always poke fun of his lack of sleep, but in reality I do admire his drive and passion for the industry.

WEKFESTLA-7356Other cars I saw in the vendor area.



WEKFESTLA-7364Accuair had some dope black gems.


WEKFESTLA-7335It was also good to see Marissa at the event. She was with VIP Modular.

Well that’s going to wrap it up for me. Stay tuned for Angie’s rambles. I also just saw Justin uploaded some pictures in Dropbox which is still synching, so there may be a part 3 as well. Either way, have a great week and stay tuned.



Toyotafest 2012 – Long Beach – TORC

Since 1995, Toyota celebrates an event every year where it brings all Toyota enthusiasts together in one place. The Toyotafest, hosted by TORC, better known as Toyota Owners Restoration Club, is one of the premier gatherings in the West Coast. Celebrating its 17th year at the scenic Queen Mary park in Long Beach, Ca., it welcomes all who love and appreciate everything about Toyota. From the old school Centurys, 2000 GTs, Publicas, Celicas, Truenos, MR2s, Supras, to the latest Scion, and the high tech and luxurious Lexus models. It’s fascinating to see these vehicles either modified or restored. To top it all off, it was the debut of the Scion FR-S. Mr. Troy of Five Axis brought his latest creations of what we could expect on this new found excitement from the Toyota family. With that being said, here’s our coverage of the event.

We decided to come at an early time to shoot some roll in shots and when we arrived, this is how packed and how long the line was for the cars that are showing to get in. Didn’t take long enough to start shooting.

Haven’t seen our good friend Elizabeth “mama liz” Koshak in a while with this green machine. One of the cleanest xA’s I’ve seen. No wonder she got the best xA award. Congratulations on the win!

You’ll see more of the old schools like this from Donlyson when you get to the show portion.

Another friend of ours from “rarejdm”, Mr. Peter Tadros with his toyvitz. He’s done alot with this car and when I talked to him, he still have alot of projects coming in.

Here comes a pack of Supra coming thru.

Another one from Donlyson.

Here comes the vip’s.

There were some trucks too but I didn’t get a chance to cover them. Not really a fan of 4×4’s but here’s a clean pick up with an engine swap.

Cleanest Trueno I’ve seen for this show. You’ll see more of it later when I get to the show area.

Our good friends Tito,

and Nick from Scion Evolution with his xb,

and Jeremy with his tC2.

I remember seeing this Supra in NorCal at Wekfest.

Now, when this sc430 came rolling in, I almost dropped my camera and drooled all over myself. This must have been the cleanest Lexus I’ve seen so far.

So gorgeous it deserves another shot.

Now onto the show portion of the event. It was so organize you can even spot where each categories are located.

Here’s a shot of one of the cleanest engine bays I’ve seen at the show.

A clean xB which I believe the owner drove all the way from NorCal.

With its neat interior.


Here’s another shot of Elizabeth “mama liz” Koshak’s award winning xA.

Another car that won an award at the show, Mishel Trujillo’s best xd.

The homie’s car, Manny Vasquez’s tC which I believe was the best tC out there but since he’s showing under AEM booth, I don’t think he was even judged.


Here’s a few shot of some vip’s that broke my neck.

Now here’s another car that caught my attention. A bagged, VIP RX330. Never thought my mom’s car would look this good until I saw this.

Check out its interior.

Hello LFA.

Here’s the sc430 I was drooling about at roll in. *(Staring at this picture for more than 5 minutes may cause drooling and need some towel to wipe your mouth)*

Don’t tell us we didn’t warned you.

Here’s the FR-S I was talking about. Mr. Troy Sumitomo’s version of FR-S with the Five Axis kit. I’m pretty sure a lot of people can’t wait to get their hands on with this car. It was surrounded by a massive group of people and I was just lucky enough to get a window and snap a photo without any lurkers around.

Then I passed by the 2 crave booth and saw Miss Jessica Endres working and passing some free posters at the booth.

She’s gorgeous isn’t she?!


Then I saw Miss Lena Love.

With Miss Brittani working the PAS mag booth.

Now onto the old schools.

Another clean engine bay from this Trueno.


The cleanest Trueno at the show.

Now onto the Supras.

2JZ beast.

Seeing this MKIII made me miss my very first car. Same exact exterior with a 1JZ engine. My dad gave it to me when I was 18, but unfortunately, with my immaturity at that time, it was taken away from me. I remember when I had it, someone told me to take good care of it because its a piece of jewelry. Now I know why.

A wide body MKIII.

Slammed Camry.


The good friend and ever famous Armand’s MR2.

Now this is what old school yakuza’s used to ride. A clean Century.



That wraps up our coverage of the 17th annual toyotafest. Before I left the scene, I snapped a few scenery of how beautiful of a day it was in Long beach.

That means summer is ahead of us and show season is about to kick in. Crazy weekends in California is ahead of us but that’s okay. That is why we are here trying our best to cover each event for you guys.

Hope you guys enjoy it. Last but not least the cool video by PVR Motorsports.

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