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AirREX x DaYUUM Hawaii Shoot

DSC_0388 copy

DSC_0284 copyI recently took a trip to Oahu, Hawaii for family matters; I stayed on the islands for two weeks so
you know I had to take advantage of this trip back home. During that time I was in Hawaii, I linked up with Marshall Lum to do a DaYUUM X Team AirREX Hawaii photo shoot. The day that Marshall and I both had time to meet up was at a meet and greet that “Vip’d Out” from Nor Cal put together. The weather was pretty crappy that day; it rained/drizzled for a good amount in the beginning of the meet. Later on that day, when the rain stopped, skies cleared up. Marshall showed up with his clean 2008 Scion xB, we talked for a bit then we ended up doing a quick photo shoot under the monkey pod trees in the park where the meet was being held at.

DSC_0319 copyThe following day Marshall announced a last minute meet and greet for a group shoot for Team Air
Rex Hawaii. The meet was held at Kapolei Wal-Mart, total of 11 cars came out that day, and that’s not even the whole AirREX Hawaii team. While everyone was catching up; talking stories, I had to put in work; I started to take individual shots. We then rolled out to the next location into barbers point where the Naval Hangars are, then found an abandoned warehouse to do the AirREX Hawaii group shots.

DSC_0260 copy

DSC_0261 copy

DSC_0263 copy

DSC_0264 copy

DSC_0272 copyI’d like to give a special Mahalo to Marshall Lum of Team Air Rex Hawaii for coordinating and finding time to do a shoot and also to the rest of Team AirREX Hawaii for coming out to make this photo shoot a success, wish everyone had to time to come out. –@DaYUUMJQuilla

DSC_0029 copy

DSC_0032 copy

DSC_0033 copy

DSC_0034 copy

DSC_0036 copy

DSC_0038 copy

DSC_0039 copy

DSC_0042 copy

DSC_0044 copy

DSC_0046 copy

DSC_0048 copy

DSC_0049 copy

DSC_0057 copy

DSC_0072 copy

DSC_0083 copy2008 Scion xB (Marshall Lum)

DSC_0105 copy

DSC_0108 copy

DSC_0111 copy

DSC_0113 copy

DSC_0114 copy2007 Nissan 350Z (Mike Tengasantos)

DSC_0172 copy

DSC_0173 copy

DSC_0174 copy2013 Audi A6 (Herman Kama II)

DSC_0093 copy

DSC_0095 copy

DSC_0101 copy

DSC_0102 copy2012 Nissan Maxima (Davin Pasion)

DSC_0132 copy

DSC_0137 copy2007 Infiniti G35s Coupe (Ethan Kerfoot)

DSC_0175 copy

DSC_0179 copy

DSC_0186 copy2008 Infiniti G37 Sedan (Mike Debaets)

DSC_0196 copy

DSC_0217 copy

DSC_0200 copy

DSC_0206 copy

DSC_0210 copy

DSC_0215 copy2012 Scion FR-S (Reyn Matsunaga)

DSC_0222 copy

DSC_0223 copy

DSC_0224 copy

DSC_0225 copy

DSC_0228 copy2008 Lexus IS350 (Jon Anderson)

DSC_0156 copy

DSC_0154 copy

DSC_0161 copy

DSC_0147 copy

DSC_0162 copy2008 Honda Civic SI Sedan (Mark Deleon)

DSC_0118 copy

DSC_0121 copy

DSC_0123 copy2012 Hyundai Genesis Coupe (Akoni Arnold)

DSC_0288 copy

DSC_0298 copy2010 Acura TSX (Rainer Palakiko)

DSC_0330 copyTHE END.

Spocom Hawaii 2013 Recap Part 1 of 2

Photos: Justin (@JustDaYUUM), Scottie (@DaYUUMScottie), Jayson (@DaYUUMjayce), and Myself (@DaYUUMDen)


SPOCOM_HAWAII-1-4It seems like we were just in Hawaii last week or maybe it’s the strong desire to go back. It was definitely a trip we will remember for some time. We decided on taking this trip three weeks before Spocom Hawaii because we were on the fence whether we were going or staying. We decided the crew needed a nice vacation so we pulled the trigger. We made some calls and booked our flights. A total of eight of us took flight over the Pacific Ocean to the Rock. Some of us have never been there including myself, so the experience was very fresh. The laid back vibe, the zero sense of urgency, and the food – simply amazing.


SPOCOM_HAWAII-2-2Since we took different flights, our first night was to regroup. That night we also met up with Big Mike (@thebigmike) and Antonio (@antoniosureshot) from Motor Mavens (@motormavens) for late night eats and no filter conversations. The night was memorable to say the least.




SPOCOM_HAWAII-1-3Saturday was showtime and since it was an evening event, we had a little free time before heading out. We enjoyed breakfast at Hula Grill and the beach of Waikiki. Scott and I rented paddle boards for about 30 mins before we got bored and exchanged them for bodyboards, while the rest of the gang soaked some rays on the sand and enjoyed the warm water.


SpocomHI_0003At around 12:30PM we went back to our rooms to clean up then to the Spocom show to set up.




SPOCOM_HAWAII-9001At Spocom Hawaii we teamed up with our buddies at AirREX USA. AirREX USA is responsible for importing the AirREX Digital Suspension into the United States. Their suspension features threaded shock-bodies to fine tune your height.

AirREX also has an unique all-in-one air management system. The days of teflon tape and playing with valves are a thing of its past. The complete AirREX system has the tank, compressor, ecu, and valves in a self contained box the size of a few Jordan boxes. It’s completely leak tested before it leaves the factory. Routing the airlines to the struts or bags and hooking up the power completes the install. The AirREX system is by far the most simplest system to install, Period!











SPOCOM_HAWAII-9009In our booth was Madoka (@happymadoka) from Hawaii, Jon Jon’s Genesis on Gram Lights, and Davin’s Maxima with a prototype AirREX kit on a set of Vossens.. We also brought out some DaYUUM gear from the mainland.

Spocom Hawaii didn’t disappoint, the venue was packed with spectators and well executed rides.






SpocomHI_0029Here is Marshall Lum’s second gen Scion xB representing DaYUUM and our very close friends Scion Evolution.





SPCM13HI2Scion Evolution Hawaii is still pretty strong and still repping.


SPOCOM_HAWAII-9050This NSX had a custom turbo set up and had height sensors underneath the front bumper and side skirts to detect raised surfaces. Once detected, it would raise the car a couple inches to clear the obstacle.





SPCM13HI32I loved the way this Bug was executed. It had custom low offset steelies for that old flavor with modern style.

SPOCOM_HAWAII-9021The Subaru Forester had a gang of JDM goodies and was clean as heck.


SPOCOM_HAWAII-9023Here is a pair of clean Evo’s with several ARC and Voltex goodies.

SPOCOM_HAWAII-9033Also spotted was a rare breed for the Honda S2000 family, the CR. With less than 2000 made, this is only the second CR i’ve seen.

SPOCOM_HAWAII-9032I also loved this track prepared Integra Type-R




SpocomHI_0088A few old school Toyota’s were cleanly built.

Hawaii was all about fitment also.


SpocomHI_0091Check out this insane fitment on the Miata with over fenders and an aggressive wheel and tire combination.


SpocomHI_0046I love Silvias, so seeing this S14 on Work VS-XX was pretty dope.

Hawaii also had their VIP game locked. Upon entrance was this pair sitting on the red carpet, very fitting for these well executed builds.








SPOCOM_HAWAII-8994An amazing pair of LS’s.


SPCM13HI30I can’t remember the fine details of the blue Infiniti but from what I can remember it was a rare trim and had a rare body kit.

SPOCOM_HAWAII-9028Another clean Lexus

Back to the rest of the show.


SPCM13HI16I really loved this Evo, it was well built and had some ARC goodies as well.

SPCM13HI24A clean MKIV

SPCM13HI61A pair of well executed S2K’s, both had fine details. The blue S2K mimics Evasive Motorsports Laguna Blue S2K and it’s said to have the original highlighter yellow WedsSport TC105N from it.

SPCM13HI95Random shot of an Endless brakes system

SPCM13HI96Diggin the Z.

Around the show there were a ton of AirREX equipped cars, here are a few.










The show ended with a gang of awards, including…

SPOCOM_HAWAII-9047Best Team, Best of Show, and Best Engineering.



dayuumscottieOur night hardly ends without late snacks and we just can’t get enough of Zippy’s, enough that myself, Nilo, and Scottie all instagrammed about it. Big up’s to Marshall and the AirREX family for the lift from the event and taking us to Zippy’s, then back to our hotel.

We loved Hawaii so much we may just write a little bit of our trip. I’m greatful to have such a great crew and group of friends, without their support none of this would have happened. Thank you to our supporters that stopped by the booth to say HI. And a BIG Thank you the Spocom Family for showing us amazing hospitality, we are very very grateful! Jae will continue with part 2 of our coverage.

Here is a sneak.

spocomhawaii-0091Aussie’s Rosie Ly

spocomhawaii-0084Ashley Vee

I see some commonality here!

Until later…


86Fest II – Coverage – Auto Club Speedway


86fest2_000286Fest is known to be the largest gathering of the AE86/FRS in North America. The event was spearheaded by the folks at MotorMavens, whom are also the same people that brought us Mass Appeal and Speed and Stance – just to name a couple. This elaborate production took place at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California as it did for the previous 86Fest.


86fest2_0007The two-day event was a spectacular success for enthusiasts that wanted to size up their own 86 platform with the plethora of others in form of old school to new.



86fest2_0058The track was open for auto-crossers to hone and test their skills. If you were a novice, 86Fest also provided an option to learn to drive like a pro with their Dynamic Driving Academy for 86/FR-S owners.





86fest2_0019Many vendors were on site including OEM Audio Plus with a gang of FRS-86 cars.

86fest2_0024Super Stret / Import Tuner came out to show support be bring out their own project FR-S with a Rocket Bunny widebody kit and white BBS’s.



86fest2_0027MV Designz had Daniel Song’s Scion Tuner Challenge FRS-GT.

86fest2_0008GReddy Racing’s Ken Gushi drift car with the Rocket Bunny kit

86fest2_0009Mike Kim’s FR-S with Klutch Wheels

86fest2_0012Mackin Industries Rocket Bunny FR-S

86fest2_0028ARK Performance Custom Widebody

86fest2_0017Young Tea’s FR-S with Whiteline

86fest2_0011Migel in Vortech Supercharger’s booth


86fest2_0033and US, just to name a few. In short, if you wanted to outfit your FR-S this event was the place to be!







86fest-0052For this year’s 86Fest we also hosted a mini models lounge that had, Lilly Evans, Serena Su, Ashley Clark, Amanda Kerr, and Jay Ferrer as our DaYUUM Hunnies.



86fest-0126Others at the event was DaYUUM Hunnie Marissa Hiroko with OEM Audio and a new face to some, Kallita, on Adrian’s Ruckus.



86fest2_0032Fontana has always been predictable, a lot warmer than most So Cal cities in the day and hurricane winds as the sun sets. It just a weird eco system in Fontana but every time we have been to Fontana, our tents always tend to take flight.



86fest2_0038We spotted our friends from Scion Evolution out to support the event.

Since this was an 86/FRS event, a Speed and Stance Pre-Meet took place in a nearby lot.


86fest2_0037There was some dope cars including the Phaze2 Crew and some of our own rides including Jayson’s IS350 on freshly installed AirREX Suspension and Nilo’s NSX.

86fest2_0042This is Hey Mikey’s fresh xB on CCW’s. I still love the nice fender work that was done on this Box.

86fest2_0035Bert’s M5 and Mike K.’s Z on AirREX Suspension

86fest2_0043Neil’s Evo from Team Klassified

Other dope rides…






86fest2_0047Really diggin this right-hand drive VW.

We are anticipating the Official Speed and Stance and the next 86Fest.

Until later..


Extreme AutoFest EAF 2012 – San Diego Qualcomm Stadium

Extreme AutoFest (EAF) has been throwing events for more than 10-years and has always been an event rather than a car show. Unlike, other shows that are specifically catered to low riders or fitment based vehicles, EAF has combined the best of both worlds. In short, if you hardly attend car events, EAF is the one to attend.

The crew at EAF didn’t fall short this year in San Diego as they occupied Qualcomm Stadium and packed the venue with drifting, autocross, low riders, imports, girls, live entertainment and girls.. girls.. oh, girls.

In the past, we’ve had members travel to Hawaii and NorCal for events, but this trip was the furthest we have traveled as a crew. Armed with water, munchies, and our display. Jae, Paul, Mikey, Scott, Jayson, Marissa, Josh, and myself headed to San Diego the afternoon before the event to set up and check into our cozy Best Western.

Thanks to our trusty driver (van_dayuum_paul) and our un-trusty navigation system, we had to use 2 systems. We spent most of Saturday afternoon trying to figure out SD’s freeway system near the stadium and got lost on several several occasions. Did I mention several, several? Some blame me for not providing the proper directions because of my relationship with Instagram and Facebook, but someone had to update our whereabouts and coordinate our group! 😛 After being lost 4000x’s, we finally met up with Ashley and Ronnie back at home base and checked into our rooms.

Through it all, we spent time quality together and ended up at Slater’s 50/50 where we met up with Justin, Michelle, and Eliza. We had some bomb eats with our DaYUUM family. (excuse the blur as our waitress wasn’t steady with her hands, obviously)

We ended Saturday night with a trip to the liquor store and shared ghost stories, played a little truth or dare, and dared Jae (dayuumjae) to streak Interstate 805, ok, we really didn’t tell ghost stories, but what if? Hmm…

On Sunday, Amanda and Nilo joined us and the weather was content. We had a nice breeze but the black top, well… it still tends to heat up. Nevertheless the event was as expected. We met a lot of our site supporters, and our own Marissa Hiroko took 3rd place in her first ever bikini contest. She definitely is an industry’s favorite.

We want to thank the stunning and lovely Ashley Clark and Amanda Kerr for joining us (sorry for the picture quality, somehow we failed on that department for taking pictures of our own family except through our phones :(( ) and we thank the crew at Extreme AutoFest for taking great care of us!

It’s time to pass the torch to Jae and Scott for the photos.

Much Love – DaYUUMDen

Video from our own Mikey Dang.


Our set up at the day of the show. We had Jayson’s clean IS350 and Nilo’s sexy NSX.

Gun metal blue. Anyone?


More of Jayson’s IS350.

Another cool shot of Nilo’s NSX.

Some fresh stickers slapped on the NSX.

A shot of our friends booth from KROPS with Jerel’s miata.

With Michael Koldus’s Cobalt who’s also from KROPS.

We also found Leo Dignadice from KUYA Protection taking care of the model lounge.

A shot of the booth of our friends from AutoFashion.

Some of the merchandise we were selling at the booth.

A cool shot of our famous videographer, Mikey Dang doing work.

A shot of the booth of our friends from JDM Sport.

The famous Miata that we saw at WekFest San Fran.

Another Godzilla that was at the event.


Here’s some of our coverage of the girls of EAF San Diego. Starting off with our very own, Miss Marissa Hiroko who also won 3rd place at the bikini contest as mentioned earlier by Denny (DayuumDen).


Saw miss Raquel Estrella modeling with this Tekken themed Lamborghini under Savini booth.


Here we spotted miss Lauren La Carriere while walking around to check up some booths.

EAF set up an ” Island paradise” themed attire for the model lounge. Spotted miss Leianna Kai first while looking around the lounge. Did you guys also know that she could sing? Well now you know.


Who would not recognize the sexy curves of miss Ela Pasion with her bright yellow bikini top.


Right next to her was miss Alexis Kobayashi.


We also saw miss Sheryll Lynn all dressed up and ready to pose for us.

What surprised me the most walking around the lounge was when I saw miss Raichelle Viado. She was creating a crowd right when I saw her. I’ll let the pictures explain it all.


Then we passed by miss Sandra Wong.


Walked the other side of the lounge and I saw miss Veronica Vhynes. To be honest, this was the first time I met her.

Then right next to her was miss Mimi Sarmiento. A good follower of us on our FB page. Didn’t recognize her at first until she introduced herself. It was nice to finally meet you miss Mimi.

Also, right next to her was miss Christine Zegers.


Here we have miss Dianna Lushus and miss Kat Gutierrez.

Started to walk around again cause the lounge is getting packed and saw miss Siray Kong being mobbed by photographers.


Then we saw miss Marie Alvarez working with kapu motor trends booth.


Our friends from Geisha with miss Wendy Lopez, Claudia Lopez, Gina sky, and Jenn the backseat love.


Here’s more of miss Claudia Lopez.


I decided to walk back to the lounge to see who else is there and look who I ran into. Miss April Garcia and miss Amy Ames.


The gorgeous miss Tanya Love. Looking good as always.


Here we have the combo of our good friends miss Kristin Barcelona and miss Chean Labuen.

More of miss Kristin Barcelona

More of miss Chean Labuen.

Also in attendance at the lounge was the lovely Miss Jeri Lee and alongside with her was miss Darling Darla.

Miss Alexia Cortez was also in attendance.

Miss Kay Bae striking a pose for us.


Got a chance to grab miss Lena Love to pose in front of our booth with Nilo (DaYUUMNilo13)’s NSX.

That completes our coverage of Extreme Auto Fest San Diego. Until next time. Peace.

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