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Jonny’s 2010 Hyundai Genesis

Flashback to Jonny’s green Genesis, currently matte black. We originally shot it for us but an overseas publication picked it up, so we put the photo set on hold. With the delay of the release, we decided to release our photo set of Jonny’s gem of a creation.Jonny_Genesis-2


We first spotted Jonny during his daily route as an industrial designer, seamlessly avoiding known dips, potholes, and cracks on the road, I had to catch up with it. I had to see how Jonny managed these suspension jarring obstacles, while being an inch or so off the ground. I am not the biggest fan when it comes to obsessive camber, but I am a fan of slammed rides – to the point of tucking. Jonny’s Genesis was both, but why? Why was I so drawn in.

Perhaps, the mods on the Genesis was so seemly matched? The body kit was nothing I had seen before on a Genesis. It was straight and angular, yet stylish, like the BN Sports – fairly simple, but complicated and perfect. Later, we found out that Jonny had crafted the kit alongside Auto Explosion in Gardena. His own design, his own vision, all masterfully executed to match the fitment of the 20″ Forgiato Artigli, resting at -11 degree camber. The overall appearance is contrasted by custom powered coated Brembo calipers and R1 Concepts slotted rotors; a VIS AMS carbon hood, custom Spec-D Headlights and modified factory tails ties it all together.Jonny_Genesis-2532




So how did Jonny get on the low low and avoid obstacles? Jonny’s suspension comprises of customized Parts Shop Max coilovers on Platinum VIP Phantom suspension cups with PSM and Isis suspension arms. It allows Jonny just enough clearance – maybe an inch. Jonny_Genesis-2560




The best part of Jonny’s build was he did it out of creativity since the aftermarket parts available didn’t suit his needs, therefore, create what you envision. He nailed it.Jonny_Genesis-2574









Since, it is Jonny’s daily, it’s not uncommon to see it riding very low on all popular Southern California freeways.

Jonny would like to give Special Thanks to:

-I want give the First and Greatest of thanks to my love, Jesus Christ, who gives me worth and makes life worth living.

-Many thanks to Esteban, Damian, and the team at Auto Explosion for their phenomenal work.

-Shout out to the Awesome fellas at 714 Tires in Westiminster. Lee, David, and Kevin always keep these wheels rollin’.

-Huge thanks to Mike Carducci at Import Shark for hooking me up with tons of aftermarket parts over the years.

-Shout out to Martin, Dave, and Dan form Parts Shop Max for helping me to achieve the super camber I was going for.

-Big thanks to Andy at All Star Tire for working with Forgiato to get my wheels designed, custom painted and built the way I wanted. And thanks to Forgiato for an awesome wheel design.

-Shout out to Kennedy at Platinum VIP for all of the help with the cup kit.

And huge thanks to my family and friends for their love and support of my design projects.

Lastly, thank you to Denny Huang for taking the time out to do an awesome shoot of my car and also to USDM FREAX for the feature and the opportunity to share this design project with others.

Formula Drift / Offset Kings – 2014 – Coverage

Formula Drift’s season opener in Long Beach, California was exciting for drift fans as it was for us. Fatlace’s Offset Kings, which is the combination of their previous HellaFlush and Slammed Society events was part of the attraction at Formula Drift. Formula Drift / Offset Kings was also our debut and the start of our collaboration with Tjin Edition.










OffsetKings-9359In the past, we collaborated together, but never in a fashion that we are branding ourselves together. Offset Kings was our first event of the year utilizing a footprint of 60’x30’ to house our 24’ trailer, tow vehicle, secondary vehicle, and our displays. Not only are we fortunate enough to collaborate with Tjin Edition but we also partnered up with selected companies such as, Universal Technical Institute, Royal Purple, Glow Shift, LED Glow, Baer Brakes, Falken Tire, Escort Radars, AccuAir, Forgestar, IForged, Magnaflow, Meguiars, Paxton Superchargers, Vortech Superchargers, Guppy House, Daley Visual, and Viair. together we formed Tjin Edition x DaYUUM RoadShow. The roadshow will consists of 18-22 events throughout California and Arizona, from San Diego to San Francisco and Phoenix, Arizona. The RoadShow has taken 11 months for it to materialize since the idea first was tossed around. Since then, it’s been non-stop working behind-the-scenes while we continued to attend events throughout 2013.







fdlb2014-0465We are excited for 2014 and years to come. This year we added a few new contributors to the family, John Quidilla, Gilbert Chen, and Patrick Pugeda. In terms of hunnies, Lori and Emmy has joined us for Formula Drift / Offset Kings and is also new to the family.




OffsetKings-9387The morning was a little hectic because we had boxes and boxes of literature and giveaway items which needed to be displayed. With the help of Justin, Michelle, Jae, and Scottie, we managed to get everything set up by 10AM and was ready to go. By 10:30AM the Offset Kings car show was filling up and patrons started to fill the stands. John was capturing the action with video and stills, Justin was at the booth and snapping a few extra shots, while Gilbert and Jae covered the vendor section in the pits. I stuck around the booth until top 16 when I took homage on the track.






fdlb2014-0455In our booth was our slammed F-150 with custom air suspension controlled by AccuAir, fabricated by Unique Fabrication. We also had Christian Coujin’s FR-S customized by Phantasy Kolors in Washington.

In the Offset Kings section there were some standouts.



just-ok-fdlb-012Courtney Wingfield’s 328i


just-ok-fdlb-030Slammed Toyota Sienna van.

DSC_0928 copyA static Scion FR-S

DSC_0946 copyThis Fiat was pretty fresh.

DSC_0970 copy

DSC_0969 copyMark and Yogi reppin Fatlace, AirREX and Phase 2.

DSC_1018 copy

DSC_1014 copyFresh Z and Subi



just-ok-fdlb-017Dig this S2K

just-ok-fdlb-005Arcenal’s Bus

DSC_0937 copy

DSC_0934 copyLS Toy

Here is a video recap by John Quidilla (@dayuumjquilla)

In vendor the section, Jae and Gilbert ran into some of our favorites in the scene.



OffsetKings-05003Erica Nagashima with Hankook

OffsetKings-04995Gina Darling and Eva Skye

OffsetKings-04923Gina Darling, Natalie Paladin, and Eva Skye




fdlb2014-0481Olivia Korte

fdlb2014-0514Kallita Daniel with Motor Mavens



OffsetKings-04989Jessica Weaver repping AutoCon Events.


fdlb2014-0503Brittani Paige with R1 Concepts

OffsetKings-04940Corissa Furr



OffsetKings-04965Maureen Chen


Before top 16 began, I ran into long time friend Randyl Dawn. 2014 is Randyl’s 6 year with Falken Tire. I’m glad to see her continue with such a great company, you can catch her at selected Falken Tire events throughout the United States.







OffsetKings-9500Top 16 introductions began with the National Anthem, xriver introductions and it was time to rock.


OffsetKings-9519Top 16 began with 2013 Forumla Drift champion Michael Essa vs. Mats Baribeau. Baribeau didn’t match up with Essa consistency and clean lines was elminated.



OffsetKings-95332013 podium winner, Forrest Wang with his clean 2JZ powered S14 matched up against Dennis Mertzanis. Forrest would take the win in that round.


OffsetKings-9551Mohan vs. Moen. Mohan managed to propel his beat up RX8 into top 16 after smashing into the unforgiving Long Beach barriers, then gained some what control then smashed into the tire barrier. He was a bit luckier than Joon who introduced himself with the same tire barrier. The exposed Mohan let Moen slip by for the W.



OffsetKings-9654Scion Racing, Fredric Aasbo vs. Hankook tire Grunewald would kiss each other on turn 9 of the Long Beach Grand Prix course and put both cars in the pits for repairs. Upon the return of the duo, Aasbo would move to the next round


OffsetKings-9578Ex-teammates Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Darren McNamara would match up with each other in top 16. Falken Tire sponsored Darren McNamara would move to the next round.


OffsetKings-9598Forsberg vs. Gooden’s Enjuku LS powered 240SX would get edged out by the 370z of Forsberg.


OffsetKings-9615The battle between Odi Bakchis vs. McQuarrie moved quickly. The close proximity of Odi’s chase run seemed to seal the deal.


OffsetKings-9644To finish off the top 16, Pawlak and Tuerck would battle, Pawak would advance and move on to the next round.




OffsetKings-9681In the great 8, Wang and Essa would match up. In Wang’s chase run, it seemed he was following a little behind, but Essa would be close on his tail in his chase with Wang. Essa would later advance.




OffsetKings-9708Aasbo and Moen’s run would mirror Wang’s and Essas run. Aasbo trailed a little behind in his chase as Moen advances.


OffsetKings-9730McNamara and Forsberg was a close one, but after many minutes of tallying, Forsberg would advance to top 4.




OffsetKings-9749Bakchis and Pawlak getting close in the top 4




OffsetKings-9808When the smoke cleared, Moen and Forsberg would battle it out to see who would be crowned number 1 at streets of Long Beach.




OffsetKings-9838Essa would pull of a great start from his championship run in 2013 with a 3rd.

OffsetKings-9871Moen’s lead run appeared to have less of an angle in turn 10 and would get 2nd and land his first podium since the start of his professional Formula Drift.



OffsetKings-9857Forsberg would get crowned with a first place at the start of the Formula Drift 2014 season.


OffsetKings-9867A little bro hug and that concludes Formula Drift season opener at Long Beach!

Im outs! @dayuumden

Scion Pre-SEMA Party 2012

Thursday night was Scion’s Pre-SEMA release party at the SmogShoppe. I’ve never been to the SmogShoppe or know anything about it but leave it to Scion for always picking quirky but interesting places. The setting was dark and I came totally unprepared assuming there would be ample lighting. I’m armed with a camera with no flash or tripod, you can feel my pain – but i muscle through it.

It was so dark it couldn’t even get it to focus, sorry in advance for the blurry pictures.

Displayed was the three FR-S’ that are competing in Scion’s yearly Tuner Challenge. Daniel Song of So. Cal., Chris Basselgia of Pennsylvania, and John Toca of Chicago in that particular order as you enter the venue. Three completely different styles and all executed to perfection.

Daniel’s carbon wrapped FR-S was rendered by extraordinaire artist Jon Sibal. It features a Vortech Supercharger, Air Runner suspension, MV Designz lip kit, SSR Professor Wheels with Toyo Tires, Brembo Brakes, and Sparco safety equipment. TUNER CHALLENGE FR-S _ SONG _ specs

Next to Daniel’s FR-S GT was Chris’ FR-S. The Minty FReSh has a molded kit amongst other molded body mods, Rotiform SNA wheels, AirLift suspension, BASF paint, custom interior, JL Audio electronics, and NEO Sport big brake kit is a short list of the mods. TUNER CHALLENGE FR-S _ BASSELGIA _ specs

John Toca’s FS-S seem to be the most tame of the 3 but equally impressive. John’s FR-S features a Vortech Supercharger, Five: AD Aero package, carbon fiber diffuser and hood, AirRex air suspension, CUSCO bracing, Cor Cipher Max Concave 3-pieces wheels, Soundstream electronics and K-Sport brake kit. TUNER CHALLENGE FR-S _ JOHN TOCA _ Specs

Equally impressive were the other four display cars that were 80 ft away, Evasive Motorsports, Cartel, Meguiars, and Fatlace round out the party.

Evasive Motorsports: Project Mu, Tint Factory, Cusco, Motul Sparco, Rays, HKS, Maxxis, KW Suspension. PROJECT FR-S _ EVASIVE _ specs

Fatlace: Vortech Superchargers, GReddy, Brembo, Rocket Bunny, Bride, Rays, Takata PROJECT FR-S _ FATLACE _ specs

Meguiars: Vortech Superchargers, Motiv Concepts, Brembo, Pirelli, Forgeline, ChargeSpeed, Five:AD, Daley Visuals, KW Suspension, and Shoreline. Project FR-S _ MEGUIARS _ specs

Cartel / MV Designz: Wilwood, AccuAir, Toyo Tires, House of Color, GReddy, Modulare. PROJECT FR-S _ CARTEL+MV _ specs

All the builds are examples of careful planning and thought out execution. You can see all these Scion’s up close at the Scion SEMA booth.

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