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Scion TRD FR-S Project Vehicle

In 2014, we had the opportunity to drive and capture the first ever Scion FR-S RS1 Turbo, well kind of. In actuality, it was a project vehicle that resembled the unreleased Scion FR-S RS1. In fact, the project vehicle inspired the current RS1. The work was done in partnership with Advanced Design Fabrication (ADF), Scion Racing, TRD, Toyota Technocraft, KMA Industries, GReddy, Techno Square, and Evasive Motorsports. Subtle differences sets the US Spec vs. the TRD Project Vehicle apart, the aero package are all JDM Spec. The addition of fender aero fins and the deletion of “TRD” from the rear bumper cover are notable differences.

The project vehicle also gets a bump from the 200HP to 400HP with the help of an upgraded Greddy Turbo Kit, JE Pistons, Carrillo Rods, with a MOTEC engine management. The suspension is an adjustable coil-over system also from TRD.

ADF did a great job in the interior with an 8-point roll cage, fuel cell, TRD gauges, and custom door panels. Seriously, you can’t touch this FR-S.

Let’s look at the details up close.

The rear bumper cover loses the embossed “TRD” that is on the Scion FR-S RS1

Fender Aero Fins really sets the TRD Project Vehicle apart from the US Spec RS1

GReddy Turbo Kit with upgraded Garrett Turbo

8-Point cage, TRD gauges, TRD seats, and custom door inserts.

Forged Volk Racing with Toyo Tires and TRD Big Brake Kit.

Additional goodies! TRD Dual Tip Exhaust, 3-piece decklid spoiler

You just do not get better than this!

Words and Photos: Denny H.

2013 Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Supercharger Systems announced by Vortech Supercharger

Vortech Supercharger announces 2013 Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ Supercharger Systems!

The fun-to-drive car is back, and the FT86 platform is the most exciting thing to come along in years! However, most people believe there is one thing missing… more power!

With a legendary history of improved performance through efficient boost, the team of Engineers at Vortech have designed a kit that makes these great cars even more enjoyable to drive.

Design, detail and execution exceed OEM standards for a look you will be excited to show off at the car show or the track.

Boost your Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ to the next level of performance with the new centrifugal supercharging system from Vortech.

System Features

  • Gear-driven V-3 H67BC centrifugal supercharger, designed specifically for the FA20 Boxer engine.
  • The V-3 features an internal oil reservoir. No connection between the oil pan and the compressor gear case is required; no oil line. Includes a remote fluid drain hose (attached to supercharger) that allows for simple fluid changes without removing the supercharger from the vehicle.
  • Technologically advanced, high-efficiency, 5-Axis machined billet impeller and high-diffusion housing developed in our SAE-J1723-compliant supercharger test cell.
  • Stylized airbox and filter housing design allows for additional flow, while retaining the factory cold air ram intake. Quick release fasteners allow for simple access to filter for change/cleaning.
  • Integrated air/air charge cooler configuration features all aluminum tube ducting and an oversized cooler core to provide maximum cooling with minimum pressure loss.
  • Discharge duct connections utilize heat resistant silicon sleeves and premium quality stainless steel clamps.
  • CNC machined billet mounting bracketry with black anodized finish for attractive and functional “factory-type” appearance and rigidity.
  • Complete bolt-on system including all necessary belts, pulleys and reusable high-flow air filter.



For more information visit… www.vortechsuperchargers.com


86Fest – Auto Club Speedway – Coverage

The Corolla, the Hachiroku, the AE86; nimble, rear-wheel drive, and fun-factor all describes Toyota’s compact car of the 80’s. In stock trim the AE86, a.k.a. the Corolla was an inline-4 1.6L, dual over head cam engine. The 2400 pound GT-S outputted 112HP and 97 ft. lbs. of torque.

I still remember in the early 90’s, a neighborhood kid Billy, had a black Corolla GT-S with all the TRD fixings. It was nicely dropped on a set of 15″ SSR Fins; though stylish it couldn’t match our Civic EF’s in the 1320. The AE86 wasn’t that quick, but you could never compare the driving experience of the 2 cars.

The AE86 is what rejuvenated Toyota’s thought of a fun sports compact car which ultimately created the Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ in North America. When it was finally released enthusiasts bombarded dealerships in hopes of snatching up the flat-4, RWD masterpiece. With the quick popularity of the FR-S many forums, groups, and clubs where formed even before the release of the FR-S.

Antonio Alvendia of MotorMavens, a diehard AE86 collector, saw the opportunity and gathered a bunch of enthusiasts together for a meet also known as 86Fest. It was an event that was put together in a short 3-weeks, which was a phenomenal accomplishment in itself.

86Fest was held at Auto Club Speedway in conjunction with Speed Venture. The gathering brought out many owners of the AE86, FR-S, and BRZ platforms; as well as Scion owners and enthusiasts. Many vendors came out such as FR-S/86, HPI Racing, Falken, GReddy, and OEM Audio Plus – just to name a few.


We had the opportunity to attend the event with our 10×10 set-up featuring Neil’s KP61 and Ben’s AE71; we also had Marissa Hiroko and Ashley Clark in attendance. It was also our public debut of our Slogan T-Shirt. We had a pretty sick location close to the track action along with the food vendors and the enthusiasts coming in and out of the location.

The gang from Vortech Superchargers stopped by to show us their supercharger for the FR-S.

We also had our Scosche goBatt charge station for those that needed a lift on their phones during the event.

Claudia Lopez was also in attendance.

The event also included a try me track so driver’s can put up or shut up. We spotted Ulysses’ LS powered FD and Ben’s AE71 on the track .

The R-Rydes / Whiteline 350Z took the track as well

Moto’s Whiteout on the try me track exiting a drift on the sweeping corner

Ken Gushi of GReddy was also on the tight track displaying his drifting talents with fans. He even brought out his personal FR-S equip with Volks and GReddy’s exhaust and intake system.

Other enthusiasts where also in attendance like Noel’s Firestorm FR-S on a set of custom SSR’s and AirRex air suspension.

Krist’s Rockey Bunny Gen1 xB which rarely sees daylight was out at 86Fest.

Young’s Whiteout was in Mann Engineering’s booth

SpoCom also brought out their freshly wrapped FR-S.

Scion Evolution, the longest established Scion club came out in stylish fashion.

Everyone enjoyed the eventful day. The turnout was amazing. I want to give a big ups to Antonio and his crew for putting together a dope event with sweet vendors. 86Fest2 can only get bigger from here.

For more images, check out our facebook page.


86Fest – Auto Club Speedway – Event

Come join US at 86Fest held at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, Sunday October 7th! It’s going to be a dope day of fun and excitement. Experience this event that will be talked about for years.

Do you remember Scion’s first Scion Exposed in El Toro? Rest assure, 86Fest will be the largest event for all enthusiasts.

It’s open to all but please RSVP at www.86fest.com!


The newly designed 86 platform (Scion FRS and Subaru BRZ in the USA) has received international acclaim as the second coming of the legendary AE86. We honor the rich heritage of the original AE86 and celebrate the new 86 platform by inviting all car enthusiasts to 86FEST.

86FEST is the ultimate gathering of Scion FRS, Toyota AE86, and Subaru BRZ enthusiasts. Auto Club Speedway will serve as the destination for the inaugural 86FEST on Sunday, October 7th, 2012.

The meet will run from 10am-5pm, but drivers should arrive promptly at 7am for drivers meeting.

86FEST features the following:

– FRS/BRZ/AE86 Professional Photoshoot
– Timed Autocross presented by Falken Tires
– Roval Course SpeedVentures Track Day
– OEM Audio Plus Sound Demos
– Vendor Village
– Raffle with Thousands of Dollars in Performance Parts
– 86FEST Swapmeet presented by Club4AG
– Food Truck Corral

We welcome drivers of all skill levels to participate in the 86FEST Autocross and Track Experience, and all makes of cars are encouraged to participate in the driving events.


>>Preregister Now<<

2013 Scion FR-S – Behind the Wheel

Not every year a vehicle gets introduced that causes a group of enthusiasts to fall in love with on sight. From what I can recall, the Scion xB created a huge buzz, but that was a style that had to grow on you. The restyling of a retro design on the Camaro or Mustang did too, but those platforms already existed. The FR-S is something new.

In 2001ish, Toyota brought over a handful of bB’s into the United States. A few of their partners like Pioneer had the opportunity to work on them and was displayed at events throughout the country. The bB was small, quirky, almost alien-like, nothing so boxy existed in the United States.

In 2003, Toyota released a USDM model of the bB, the xB, to California under a new brand called Scion. Scion means, a descendant, which is very fitting for Toyota’s tier of vehicles. The Scion launch was accompanied by 2 models, the xA and xB, and was sold only in California for the first 12-months, then they were rolled out in segments to the remainder of the United States. The xB alone rejuvenated the Sport Compact industry which seemed stagnate at the time. Almost every aftermarket manufacturer was jumping on board with the new brand, it became the hottest car at SEMA for 2-years.

9 years later in 2012, Scion does it again. Introducing the 2013 Scion FR-S, the hottest car of 2012. The FR-S is a sports coupe inspired by the popular AE86 (Corolla in the States). Scion’s intention wasn’t to create a rocket-ship, but to bring the fun and passion back to the enthusiast.

So much hype was brought to the FR-S. At the 2011 New York Auto Show, Troy Sumitomo and the Five Axis crew showed off the FR-S concept which blew people’s minds. Later in 2011, the actual FR-S was unveiled to a selected group in an event held in Hollywood. (found here)

June 1st, 2012, marked the official release of the FR-S, and we were fortunate enough to have an FR-S loaner for a week.

Overall exterior of the FR-S is sexy – sleek lines with an aggressive flare.

Small details such as these deflectors on the taillights aides in the aerodynamics of the FR-S.

I must admit, I’m really fascinated by the fat rear-end of the FR-S. The engineers even rolled the fenders for the people wanting aftermarket fitment that is more aggressive than the factory 215 tires. The stock height is a bit tall, but what enthusiast really keeps their cars factory height?

The front of the FR-S has an aggressive large grill and a swooping chin. The headlights are equipped with standard halogens bulbs and the housing pose an imitating stare.

Stepping into the interior and the bolstered seats fit nicely snug up against the body. The instruments are nicely placed but nothing extremely fancy. The tachometer does come with a programmable shift light which is an added bonus.

The awkwardly placed window switches take a little of getting used to, but the comfort of the door handles are impeccable.

The steering and shift knob are leather with sporty red stitching. Everything related to driving is comfortable. The steering wheel is smaller than most passenger cars but thick and form fitting. It reminded me of a MOMO Corse steering wheel I used to have in my Civic. The shifter indexes well and the shifts are short with slight wrist movements.

The FR-S lives up to the hype. It’s steering was nimble and takes very little effort to point in the direction you want to go – it’s very responsive. At first, it took a little bit to adapt to the steering, but after a few miles through traffic, it becomes natural. The clutch was a bit high and moving the thighs were sometimes necessary.

During my time with the FR-S I took it to run errands, cruised Pacific Coast Highway, and took it on the freeways to experience everyday driving. The suspension was firm, sometimes a little jarring but leaves an impression of a sporty handling vehicle. The flat-4 revs nicely and sounds throaty with the tuned intake. Our FR-S was equipped with a manual 6-speed, during acceleration from a stand still, 1st, and 2nd, were quick, but made more intake noise than speed, but the higher gears made up for it. Even in 6th gear at freeway cursing speeds, stomping the pedal and passing vehicles were a breeze. The FR-S was such an amazing and enjoyable car and Scion accomplished what they wanted to do, with the design and engineering catered to the enthusiast, it will be interesting to see what manufacturers will challenge them.

The following day, I played co-pilot with Jayson as he took the driver’s seat on a day trip to the central coast to visit a site contributor, Angela, and here are Jayson’s words.


I was fortunate enough to be invited to the exclusive reveal of the Scion FR-S / 86 / GT86 held in LA.  My initial impression based from its looks alone – I felt that it was simply stunning.  I am anticipating skyrocketing sales similar to the first generation xB and tC where it took a great percentage of the compact vehicle market.  However, I was one of the skeptics and thought that the FR-S was all looks alone.  I thought that media was just hyping up the FR-S to bring back the sport compact segment that Toyota has been lacking for years…then the FR-S proved me wrong.


As I sat on the driver seat getting ready to take the FR-S for a spin to Santa Barbara, I immediately felt the sports seats as it kept me intact and supported for any side to side movement. Dash gauges, AC knobs and radio were simple and ergonomically optimal for any driver. Driving off, I noticed the tone of the horizontally opposed four go to work and made me feel immediately in-control of the car.  Shifts were short and easy as I went through first, second and third before jumping onto a freeway on ramp.  Not driving a car with a manual transmission for a couple of years didn’t help either, as I “clutch-ride” through gears entering Freeway 22.  As I got the hang of driving manual, I observed how the vehicle contoured through the freeway.  The stock suspension felt firm while steering reacted instantly as you point it to a lane you want it to go to.


Don’t’ get me wrong, the FR-S isn’t perfect; as most sport compacts out in the market today.  One, I wasn’t really fond of the taillights.  It reminded me of the Altezza tails that was heavily copied sometime in 2005 where every car or truck had it.  I wish the designers kept the full red tail lights that the concept FT86 had.  Torque could be improved.  As I downshifted and kept the engine at high rpms, it seemed that the vehicle didn’t move quickly enough but created that grunting engine noise as I shifted through gears.  And don’t expect to fit a person on the back seat, it was uncomfortably cramp seating at the back.  However, pull that back seat down and trunk space becomes plenty -asking to be filled with track tires for weekend run sessions.  These are just minor things that I whine about – No vehicle in this sport compact segment will be perfect. And for its price, I felt you get a lot of bang for your buck.


Overall, did I enjoy my day of long driving using the FR-S? You bet!  The firestorm (red) color of the FR-S definitely broke some necks too while on the freeway and city streets.  The general balance of the FR-S from its looks to the feedback that it provides the driver is remarkable. Toyota / Scion certainly gave the car enthusiast something special.  Without a doubt, Toyota/Scion unquestionably is back in the sport compact market segment. -DaYUUMJayce

After our day trip, Nilo and I took the FR-S to an event in L.A. and then he took it home to evaluate the FR-S.

Ever since I was invited about 3-4 years ago to look at some new concepts Scion was planning, I didn’t realize at the time that it was the FR-S, a RWD sports coupe concept, they were talking about. When I first seen the production car, the styling were to my expectations, clean and very sporty sleek lines, but when I got a chance to drive it, things got even better.  The car felt very nice and comfortable, instrumentation were on point except for the radio, I drove the 6-speed manual, the clutch was a bit too long for me with too much play. 1st and 2nd were a bit weak, but as the speeds increase, the FR-S held its own on the freeways. The FR-S was nimble and cruised at higher speeds very well.  The brakes were pretty responsive and the suspension for being stock was not bad around the corners as I tried it out in hilly roads of Yorba Linda and Anaheim Hills. Overall the car was fun and enjoyable, it could use a bit more power and maybe a shorter sports clutch may be in that order too. I say it’s a win for Scion. -DaYUUMNilo

Paul Dabao also had the opportunity to take the FR-S for a drive. He was lucky enough to hit the mountains of San Gabriel to test out the FR-S hype.

I had the opportunity to test drive the new Scion FR-S, with my time, I took it to Glendora Mountain Road in the San Gabriel Mountains. It was a perfect Wednesday and the road was relatively empty. It felt like I was in a private driving session. As I started the ascend to the top, I was trying to get a feel of the car and by the time I was about 2 miles up, I started to drive a bit more aggressive. I can feel my face start to grin with excitement. There’s a lot of sweeping turns as well as some tight curves all the way to the top. There was no time to relax. The way the FR-S enters the corners seems so agile for the first few miles but once you learn the characteristics of the FR-S you suddenly realize how precise this car is in guiding you into an apex and out. The steering is light and precise, not too fast, not too edgy. You can feel the LSD work when you attack the corners, the FR-S has very minimal oversteer even with the factory tires, I can only imagine the handling with gripper tires.

Finally, I arrived to the top, parked on the side to take some photos, then proceeded to drive the FR-S down the mountain one more time. My face was pretty numb from smiling by the time I reached the base of GMR and back on regular roads. It was an amazing feeling that I ordered one. Can’t wait for my own FR-S to arrive. – Van_DaYUUM_Paul

Since this FR-S was a pre-production and the 3rd off the line, some of the quirks are probably ironed out. The FR-S is definitely a car to be modeled after, especially at the price of under $25,000!

Thank you Scion for this great opportunity to drive the FR-S we had such a great time and it lived up to the hype!

2013 Scion FR-S Unveiling

Photos courtesy of Scion / D.Huang / J.Pagtalunan
Video courtesy of M.Dang

When Scion first went on sale in 2003, it was the gateway brand for Toyota and Lexus, targeting a younger demographic which the Toyota brand failed to capture. The Scion brand was pushed towards the first-time buyers with their fixed-no-haggle pricing and customizable platform. The long-term strategic plan was to plant the seed with the Scion, then with their loyalty graduate them to a Toyota, and unto a Lexus.

Scion debuted 2 models at launch, the xB and xA, the prediction of the xA being a more desirable model caused Toyota to manufacture more of them. To their surprise, the xB outsold the xA 2-to-1. Many enthusiasts and tuners quickly flocked to the quirky style and the roominess of the xB. At the same time many clubs were formed, such as Scion Evolution, which started a following in itself.

In 2004, Scion continued the success by adding a highly adaptable coupe, the tC. Even with a powerful engine and sleeker lines it was quickly categorized as a “chick” car. Scion then seemed to loose its fizz with the introduction of the xD, and the 2nd Generation xB in 2007.

In 2011, Scion is creating a New Dimension, a New Cycle by introducing 2 new models to their line-up, the iQ and FR-S.

We were lucky enough to have gotten an early invite  for the Global Reveal of the FR-S, a semi-private event held in Hollywood and hosted by Scion V.P. Jack Hollis.

The FR-S was inspired by the AE86 of the mid-80’s. Its platform is popular for drifters and was the main car for the Japanese comic and anime, Initial D.

Without trying to bored you will too many specs, the FR-S / 86 / GT-86 / Subaru BRZ are all similar.

The FR-S features a 200HP boxer engine with 151 ft. lb. of tq., RWD, an aluminum hood, low center of gravity, 53:47 weight distribution for “Pure Balance”, and a moon-less roof, the FR-S will be a nimble little fella.

We asked a few staff members and affiliates of their first impression and here is what they said.

“The Scion FR-S is a very promising vehicle. It has all the ingredients of being a great sports car. Lightweight, rear wheel drive, low center of gravity and 100hp/liter are key features that stand out for me. The FR-S could well be the best bang for the buck sports car. The FR-S is like a plain canvas for an artist to work on. It has all the key features of a true sports car and is highly anticipated by the aftermarket manufacturers. This car will be a huge hit with all ages. I really like the overall styling of the FR-S but I do wish it had wider stock wheels and tires. It would also be nice to have the auto climate control, push button start and the front foglamps the 86 in Japan has.”
– Flipside909 of Kaizen Factor

“I was lucky enough to be invited to Scion corp a few years ago and shown a concept picture of this car, the image was pretty DaYUUM close to the real thing, I was impressed with it back then and even more impressed now. The styling both on the outside and inside of the FR-S are awesome. The details like instrumentation, aluminum hood for lighter weight, channeled roof and such were unexpected perks. The Subaru boxer engine is nice too, but I thought the 200hp needs a bit more pop, but I have no doubt that the big aftermarket companies already have plans to take care of that for more boost. Over all I think Toyota has a big hit on its hands and hope it will be the start of a new generation of Toyota’s tradition in sports cars which has been lacking for years now. It really does not matter much to me if it is under the Scion name or Toyota (same company), though Toyota purist may disagree. Given a chance I would most definitely purchase one of these cars and think this is what Scion needs right now after a lack luster 2nd Gen line up.”
– Nilo J.C. Miranda, Co-founder of DaYUUM & Scion Evolution

“Concept (check) Performance (check) Styling (check) now this is where my short list goes astray. Loyalty to Toyota or Scion; having been on both sides of ownership I am torn on the decision of it having gone with the Scion badge here in the USA. Granted, that would be my first mod as I am sure eBay sellers are gearing up for the badge conversion as you are reading this. Price point will be a crucial, a make or break in my opinion with so many performance vehicles schedule to drop Spring/Summer of next year dollar per horsepower will be a determining factor for me. With that said I would have to say being a proud Toyota and Scion owner if it would have been released under the 86 and Toyota logo it would of sealed the deal for me and some other die hard Toyota fans!”
– Dave Moulton, Scion Evolution So Cal Liaison, operator of CFM.

“I was pleasantly impressed with the Scion FR-S, and at the rumored $25K pay-to-play level, it should appeal to a lot of people. In my opinion, it’s main competition won’t be coming from Honda or Nissan, but from the Hyundai Genesis coupe. The FR-S buyers are going to get a lot of affordable performance and that’s a marketing demographic that Toyota is quite familiar with. The body lines are smooth and it looks like it graduated at the top of its class from wind tunnel design school. I found the interior to be pretty standard and it could have been interchangeable with most coupes on the market today. It is definitely the type of car that the aftermarket accessory people are probably cranking up and measuring wheel off-sets even as we speak! The carbon fiber makers will also be hailing it’s arrival! Overall, I think that Scion has a winner on its hands. If they sick to the projected price guidelines, it should be another feather in their already successful cap!”
– Chief, DaYUUM Contributor.

“First and foremost, credit must be given to Troy Sumitomo and Five Axis who single handedly teased the whole world with their concept version of the Scion FR-S, raising the expectations very high. This meant that come the night of the unveil, Toyota/Scion needed to make sure they were going to deliver a fantastic vehicle. And they did! From the aggressive yet sleek body lines to the sporty, detailed interior, the Scion FR-S is a very impressive ride. Looking at the stock production vehicle, there is a lot this car CAN be, but potential is true with just about every other car as well. What’s great about the Scion branding is that Scion cars are known for being completely customizable, and the FR-S is more than ready to fill any car modder’s dreams. While its competition will be steep this summer, going up against the Subraru BRZ and even the Hyundai Genesis Coupe, I think it will do well in the market because of the Toyota/Scion legacy it is being backed by. All in all, I am sure the release of Scion FR-S will help the overall enthusiasm of the Toyota/Scion legacy grow.”
– Justin, Scion Evolution member.

“I’m very thankful for having been invited to this special reveal of the FR-S / 86 / GT86. This being my first Scion reveal attendance , it really did not disappoint. With so much buzz and rumors that came with this car in blogs and sites, I really believe that Toyota came through with this car. The body lines and several innovative /engineering designs such as moon roof- less car to establish rigidity, roof channel for aerodynamics, aluminum hood are great ideas that went with the car. Getting some cues from the AE86, MR2, 2000GT and LFA, the FR-S / 86 / GT86 will surely be a fun car to drive. Aside from the aesthetics, This car isn’t the wimpy kid of the block too. Borrowing a power plant from Subaru will definitely back up its looks. Seeing the modified version that GReddy prepared, i can envision what kind of turbo kits and additional power this car will have. The front air-dam is just asking to be filled with an intercooler… Mr. Sumitomo and the Five Axis crew, MV Designz, I’m sure are very busy as well. I’m sure that they too have something up their sleeves. One thing that I’m sure of, it will be Tight!!! I’ll end my FR-S / 86 / GT86 reveal review with what Mr. Jack Hollis said, that the “sport” is definitely back in the sport compact Toyota Family line of cars. Latz!”
– JP, DaYUUM Contributor and Editor.

“The Scion FR-S is an amazing extremity that evolved from a little hatchback that I knew and loved in the anime series Initial D and that was when the drifting scene was in. When I first heard it was coming out, I was happy that Toyota was going to bring out the legend back from the grave. It’s the best of both worlds of Form and Function where you can daily it and battle it out on the track. I can see that this is a pure driver’s car that can be the normal every day traveler to the extremes of motorsport. This little car has potential and with the heart and soul of Toyota bringing back the essence of their racing heritage, this car will dominate in the automotive industry.”
– Mikey Dang, Director of Media Relations at PVR Motorsports

We have supplied a few images of the event for you, what do you think? Judge for yourself.

The GReddy FR-S

Now for a really cool video done by our friends at PVR Motorsports.

And some random pics.

Paul Dabao with the HPI Racing FR-S, Hilman in the background

Lisa Marie Chen and Jack Hollis

Gene Tjin of Tjin Edition

Matt Teske of Five Axis

Thank you for your hospitality Scion, the FR-S is going to be hot! We can’t wait!



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