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Scion Racing Drift Teams Media Preview 2013

Drift Teams Media PreviewYou know something is coming when Scion Racing starts throwing epic parties like this for the media. FormulaDRIFT officially kicks off their 2013 season today, but before that we were able to attend a couple media previews to get some early insight on the drivers and their new drift cars.

Last week we were trackside for Drift Day at Irwindale Speedway and got some laps in with Ken Gushi and Fredric Aasbo. And a few days ago we were bar-side at Smog Shoppe in the Arts District of Los Angeles, CA partying it up with the Scion Racing Drift Teams!



SRMediaParty_0003 As you enter the half indoor, half outdoor venue, your eyes can’t help but focus on the main attraction: the three Scion Racing cars from each team.

SRMediaParty_0004With spotlights on each one, first up is Ken’s GReddy Performance X Scion Racing Drift FR-S with a fresh new Rocket Bunny aero kit and livery designed by JONSIBAL DESIGNWORKS.

SRMediaParty_0005In the middle, with a little bit of wall rash from the track is Fredric’s Hankook USA Drift Scion tC build by Papadakis Racing with the front end facelift of the 2014 Scion tC.

SRMediaParty_0006And last but not least, Tony Angelo‘s brand spanking new TAngelo Racing Scion FR-S, also with a Rocket Bunny aero kit.








SRMediaParty_0014There are the obvious visual upgrades done to Ken’s FR-S, but GReddy Racing has also went in and added about 50-hp more to it. More power and being a seasoned veteran, Ken is looking to improve on his top 10 finish in the standings from last years FormulaDRIFT.







SRMediaParty_0021Visual changes primarily for Fredric and his 2nd Generation Scion tC as well, which is now dominantly branded by Hankook USA. Fredric has been moving up in the standings every year since his Rookie of the Year season, and that trend doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.





SRMediaParty_0027Much like Ken the year before, Tony will now step into a Scion FR-S after previously competing in a 1st Generation Scion tC. Tony’s FR-S is styling a camo pattern livery as well as showing his support to the U.S. Air Force. On the inside, the FR-S has been turbochanged by R/T Tuning. Tony is poised to take his new toy and finish near the top along with his fellow driftmates this upcoming season.





SRMediaParty_0032Okay enough about the cars, we will see them all season long. Now about the party and man, does Scion Racing know how to throw a party!

SRMediaParty_0033Open bar and a variety of gourmet appetizers. There was no need to be shy at this event, waiters and waitresses constantly walking around bringing plates straight to you to try everything. There were steak skewers, mini fish tacos, mini beef sliders, mac & cheese, and carne asada fries! Yum!


SRMediaParty_0035It seemed like all areas of the media and the industry were in attendance partying it up. The FRS86 crew were there, as Ken’s guests of course.

SRMediaParty_0036Even fellow DaYUUM contributor DJ Skitz was on the 1’s n 2’s providing a kickback, audio and visually appealing atmosphere for the night.

SRMediaParty_0037Well I mainly covered the cars and the general happenings of the event before heading out a little early. Nilo (@dayuumnilo13) on the other hand arrived later on and worked the crowd. I will leave it to him to share his thoughts:


Through the years I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited to Scion Corporate gatherings year after year. I’ve meet so many great people at Scion which have become good friends. This year’s Scion Racing media preview was held at the Smog Shoppe in Los Angeles a very unique, cool and eclectic venue to show everyone the 2013 Scion drift cars for the Formula Drift series. The atmosphere at these events are always so chill and relaxing, nothing stuffy and over corporate. It’s very comfortable and welcoming, like going to an old friend’s party. Great place, dope music, awesome food and always the hospitality the always come to expect from Scion.


The styling and designs of the cars looked great and we had a chance to get first hand experience of their performance on the track a few days before this night and man what a rush. I look forward to seeing how they do this year in the series especially the FR-S. We wish the best of luck to Scion Racing during the season. Thanks again and much appreciated. “What Moves You” Peace



Thank you again Scion Racing, and good luck this up coming season!

-This JustIn (@justdayuum)

Vortech Super chargers Wins Dyno Day at Evasive Motorsports


Over the weekend was Evasive Motorsports’ FR-S / BRZ Dyno Day. Evasive Motorsports is no stranger to the platform, as they have built a boosted FR-S for Global Time Attack. Evasive’s facility houses a Mustang Dynamometer which is said to produce the most accurate and reliable dyno readings because of its ability to simulate load under “real-world” driving conditions, which is much different from other brands that use a free spinning drum, thus exaggerating the numbers upward.

Representing Team Vortech Superchargers was Robert Kochis, a.k.a. Staycrushing, and his Hot Lava Scion FR-S, equipped with a Gear-driven V-3 H67BC centrifugal supercharger. The intercooled system is a complete bolt-on with all the necessary belts, pulleys and reusable high-flow air filter. Robert’s FR-S is mildly tuned at 6PSI.


During that day, Robert’s FR-S pulled an impressive 209WHP and 160TQ on Evasive’s Mustang Dynamometer.  These numbers were good enough to surpass all the others that day, including the Green HKS powered FR-S from Garage FR-S that dynode at a respectable 200WHP (reported).

For information on Vortech products visit, www.vortechsuperchargers.comVortech Facebook

Thanks Danny Nguyen of JDMZIPTIES.com for the awesome shots. JDMZIPTIES Facebook.





Motion Auto Show 2012 – Long Beach – Part 1

Motion Auto Show 2012 was held at the Long Beach Convention Center, is an event to look forward to every year. Another great event that always gets packed no matter what. From vendors, to show cars, to models, and of course the spectators, it seems to be bigger than last year’s turn out. They even had the dance competition and the bikini contest which had more competitors and more people attending this year. Motion also accomidated a space for us to show and sell our latest shirts and stickers and to house our three lovely DaYUUM Angels, Ashley, Marissa, and Amanda, and of course to meet our fans as well. We want to thank Motion for giving us the opportunity and for having us be a part of one of the greatest shows here in Cali. We can’t wait for the next one. With that being said, here’s the first part of the show where we cover most of the car show portion. We will have the models and the bikini contest later on for part 2 so stay tuned.


One of the guys from Import Fashion, Mr. Tracy tmac Shaw’s TSX.

Here’s the Bisimoto Porsche in the Falken booth.


Hollux Industries Benz at the Import Fashion booth.


This clean G35 showing under the Import Fashion booth as well.


The homie James Oliver’s Prelude also at the Import Fashion booth.


This CR-Z is clean! On teal BBS LM’s.


I believed this AE-86 placed 3rd best Toyota.




One of Auto Concept Elite’s S2K.


Another of Auto Concept Elite / High End custom wide body Evo.


Of course you should know Armand’s popular MR2.


BLK’s clean G35.




Auto Concept Elite’s Godzilla.


Lotus Elise.


One of Tjin‘s clean ride on Rotiforms.




Falken’s own Monsters.


Another Godzilla wrapped in matte gray.


Clean S2K on BBS RS.


Michael Mao’s NSX wrapped in Mugen MF10 dipped in gold. Show stopper.


Sean Garcia’s 350z with its new wrapped. Didn’t recognized it first.


Big Mike’s award winning Prelude.


Ar Kan’s red and white 370Z’s with the Amuse body kit.




Also from Ar Kan Jovi’s Evo X.


Another one from Ar Kan also Jovi’s Evo IX.


Clean TSX.


Five Axis’s own FR-S.


Also from Five Axis and a friend of ours, Rodney Esteban’s bagged Prius.


Another shot of an FR-S at the DC sports booth.


The guys at Auto Fashion with their VIP’s.


Import Fashion’s boss man’s G35. Unfortunately, this beauty is in the market and this might be my last shot of her.


Jackson Wong’s wrapped S2K.



That’s all for part 1. Hope you guys enjoy. Stay tuned for part 2 coming up next.

Toyotafest 2012 – Long Beach – TORC

Since 1995, Toyota celebrates an event every year where it brings all Toyota enthusiasts together in one place. The Toyotafest, hosted by TORC, better known as Toyota Owners Restoration Club, is one of the premier gatherings in the West Coast. Celebrating its 17th year at the scenic Queen Mary park in Long Beach, Ca., it welcomes all who love and appreciate everything about Toyota. From the old school Centurys, 2000 GTs, Publicas, Celicas, Truenos, MR2s, Supras, to the latest Scion, and the high tech and luxurious Lexus models. It’s fascinating to see these vehicles either modified or restored. To top it all off, it was the debut of the Scion FR-S. Mr. Troy of Five Axis brought his latest creations of what we could expect on this new found excitement from the Toyota family. With that being said, here’s our coverage of the event.

We decided to come at an early time to shoot some roll in shots and when we arrived, this is how packed and how long the line was for the cars that are showing to get in. Didn’t take long enough to start shooting.

Haven’t seen our good friend Elizabeth “mama liz” Koshak in a while with this green machine. One of the cleanest xA’s I’ve seen. No wonder she got the best xA award. Congratulations on the win!

You’ll see more of the old schools like this from Donlyson when you get to the show portion.

Another friend of ours from “rarejdm”, Mr. Peter Tadros with his toyvitz. He’s done alot with this car and when I talked to him, he still have alot of projects coming in.

Here comes a pack of Supra coming thru.

Another one from Donlyson.

Here comes the vip’s.

There were some trucks too but I didn’t get a chance to cover them. Not really a fan of 4×4’s but here’s a clean pick up with an engine swap.

Cleanest Trueno I’ve seen for this show. You’ll see more of it later when I get to the show area.

Our good friends Tito,

and Nick from Scion Evolution with his xb,

and Jeremy with his tC2.

I remember seeing this Supra in NorCal at Wekfest.

Now, when this sc430 came rolling in, I almost dropped my camera and drooled all over myself. This must have been the cleanest Lexus I’ve seen so far.

So gorgeous it deserves another shot.

Now onto the show portion of the event. It was so organize you can even spot where each categories are located.

Here’s a shot of one of the cleanest engine bays I’ve seen at the show.

A clean xB which I believe the owner drove all the way from NorCal.

With its neat interior.


Here’s another shot of Elizabeth “mama liz” Koshak’s award winning xA.

Another car that won an award at the show, Mishel Trujillo’s best xd.

The homie’s car, Manny Vasquez’s tC which I believe was the best tC out there but since he’s showing under AEM booth, I don’t think he was even judged.


Here’s a few shot of some vip’s that broke my neck.

Now here’s another car that caught my attention. A bagged, VIP RX330. Never thought my mom’s car would look this good until I saw this.

Check out its interior.

Hello LFA.

Here’s the sc430 I was drooling about at roll in. *(Staring at this picture for more than 5 minutes may cause drooling and need some towel to wipe your mouth)*

Don’t tell us we didn’t warned you.

Here’s the FR-S I was talking about. Mr. Troy Sumitomo’s version of FR-S with the Five Axis kit. I’m pretty sure a lot of people can’t wait to get their hands on with this car. It was surrounded by a massive group of people and I was just lucky enough to get a window and snap a photo without any lurkers around.

Then I passed by the 2 crave booth and saw Miss Jessica Endres working and passing some free posters at the booth.

She’s gorgeous isn’t she?!


Then I saw Miss Lena Love.

With Miss Brittani working the PAS mag booth.

Now onto the old schools.

Another clean engine bay from this Trueno.


The cleanest Trueno at the show.

Now onto the Supras.

2JZ beast.

Seeing this MKIII made me miss my very first car. Same exact exterior with a 1JZ engine. My dad gave it to me when I was 18, but unfortunately, with my immaturity at that time, it was taken away from me. I remember when I had it, someone told me to take good care of it because its a piece of jewelry. Now I know why.

A wide body MKIII.

Slammed Camry.


The good friend and ever famous Armand’s MR2.

Now this is what old school yakuza’s used to ride. A clean Century.



That wraps up our coverage of the 17th annual toyotafest. Before I left the scene, I snapped a few scenery of how beautiful of a day it was in Long beach.

That means summer is ahead of us and show season is about to kick in. Crazy weekends in California is ahead of us but that’s okay. That is why we are here trying our best to cover each event for you guys.

Hope you guys enjoy it. Last but not least the cool video by PVR Motorsports.

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