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Formula Drift – Umbrella Girls

Umbrella Girls have been a tradition in motorsports for some time. F1 regularly has them and D1 Grand Prix in Japan, as well. Formula Drift adapted them with the infamous Falken Girls and soon after, every tire manufacturer had them.

One of the original girls is Randyl Dawn, a Import Tuner cover model

Joining her was Courtney Day, which was also an Import Tuner cover model.


Rocking the orange M for Motegi Racing was Vivian.


Courtney Riggs representing for Nitto Tire.


Hankook Tire, white and orange theme was represented by Erica Juliet and Alexia Cortez.


The dynamic trio at Nexen Tire was Erica Nagashima, Jessica Harbour, and Karina Veléz.


Back with Achilles Tires was Arley Elizabeth and Nicole Reckers.


Godspeed Represent.

Who was your favorite?

Words: Denny H.

Photos: Gilbert C.

Formula Drift – Rd.1 Long Beach – Top 32

Round 1 of Formula Drift takes place at the Streets of Long Beach. It’s always an exciting time because it’s when fans finally get the chance see new livery and the cars of their favorite drivers. The pits are naturally opened for fans to zero in on the action and to have a selfie with them or the teams umbrella girls.

Top 32:

Kicked off with 5 drivers given a bye-run.

Top 32 action included Alec getting a little too close for comfort and taps Forsberg.

Ken’s momentum carries him into a slowing Greogy.

Top 16

was a free-for-all at the top. Number one qualifier, Gittin Jr. lost momentum and punted Dean Kearney at the hairpin as if he was on track at Go-kart world. Ultimately, Dean would move to the next round.

Run 1 of Aasbo and Bluss coming in hot tapping Aasbo. Online chatter accuses Aasbo of slowing down causing Bluss to tap Aasbo which resulted in a spin out.

The FD judges awarded Bluss at fault and he retaliates with a smokey lead run, but not enough to knock Aasbo off his mark.

James Deane returns to FD and makes a splash. Tapping the wall on clipping point 2 without a hiccup and continues with an impressive lead run, causing Essa to loop at the clipping point.

Essa had an impressive lead run while Deane keep it shallow, but it was still good enough for Deane to advance.

Great 8:

First battle was Dean Kearny and Odi Bakchis. Both drivers had impressive lead runs while I thought Odi’s chase was slightly better. The result from the FD judges, one more time!

Second battle of Great 8 between Heilbrunn and Aasbo resulted in an OMT as well. Heilbrunn was very impressive in his lead run.

An amazing lead run by both James Deane and Chris Forsberg. James’s edges Forsberg by hitting every clipping point to the T on his lead run and advances!

Up next was Aasbo vs Heilbrunn’s OMT run, while both drivers made a mistake on their chase run. Aasbo’s mistake was slightly more apparent than Heilbrunn’s, resulting in Heilbrunn moving forward.

Top 4:

James Deane vs Ryan Tuerck. What an amazing battle but Deane had a better lead run while their chases were on point.

Heilbrunn blowing the remaining taillight off his BMW during his lead run with Bakchis.

While Odi had a very impress lead run, Heilbrunn would not drop back.



In the finals, James Deane vs. Alex Heilbrunn. I felt Alex had a better lead run, but James had a better chase. It would have been a great candidate for a OMT, but ultimately that was not the case.

And the Winner…

James Deane

Words: Denny H.

Photos: Denny H. / Justin P.

Formula Drift – Streets of Long Beach – Rd. 1 – Qualifying – Top 5

Formula Drift kicks off their 14th year at the infamous Street of Long Beach, as what I call the concrete jungle.

Long Beach is the first event where spectators can see their favorite driver and their new livery, which is always good to see!

Qualifying took place Friday afternoon in the breezy 70 degree Southern California weather, so let’s recap the top 5!

1. Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Taking the number one spot is none other than Vaughn Gittin Jr. with a qualifying score of 97 in his Monster Energy Ford Mustang

2. James Deane

James Deane with his S15 with qualifying score of 96

3. Ryan Tuerck

Ryan Tuerck with a 96 in qualfying in his Hankook Tire Gumout FR-S

4. Fredric Aasbo

Fredric Aasbo in his new Nexen Rockstar Toyota Corolla iM with a score of 91

5. Alex Heilbrunn

Alex Heilbrunn rounds out the top 5 with a score of 91 in his Nitto Tire, E46 M3

A look at the bracket and the rest of the qualifying field, courtesy of www.formulad.com

…and the rest of the qualifying field.

Words: Denny H.

Photos: Denny H. / Justin P.

Formula D 2015 – Round 1 Streets of Long Beach

With Round 2 coming up this weekend in Atlanta, Georgia, I wanted to get my brief coverage of the event up. Taking place the weekend before the Long Beach Grand Prix, the Formula D scene is a great way to get fans amped up for the new season of car events and new vendors, new drivers, new cars, new umbrella girls and just generally a taste of things to come this season.

Fredrick Aasbo for Rockstar Energy drink snagged the win at the first round and the competition did get pretty fierce on the track.

FDLB_ (22) FDLB_ (30) FDLB_ (29) FDLB_ (28) FDLB_ (27) FDLB_ (26) FDLB_ (25) FDLB_ (24) FDLB_ (23)

As always, there were lovely ladies gracing the booths as well as serving as umbrella girls for the drivers.

Arley Elizabeth for Achilles’

FDLB_ (7)

Brittani Paige for R1 Concepts

FDLB_ (10) FDLB_ (11)


FDLB_ (13) FDLB_ (14)

Amy Ames with Limitless Society

FDLB_ (16)

Erica Juliet, Erica Nagashima & Sarah Top for Hankook Tires

FDLB_ (17)

Catherine Ho for McLeod

FDLB_ (18) FDLB_ (19)

Hayle Cayaga

FDLB_ (21)

Joolie Mai for Nitto

FDLB_ (31) FDLB_ (32)

Miss Gina Darling for Nitto

FDLB_ (36) FDLB_ (38)

Janey B for Monster Energy

FDLB_ (39)

Jessica Weaver, R1 Concepts

FDLB_ (40) FDLB_ (42)

Ela Pasion, McLeod

FDLB_ (44)

FDLB_ (45)

Christine Zegers, Juno Power

FDLB_ (46) FDLB_ (47)

Vivian Chau, GReddy

FDLB_ (48) FDLB_ (49)

Jenn Q, Juno Power

FDLB_ (50)

Rockstar Energy

FDLB_ (51)


FDLB_ (54) FDLB_ (53)

GT Radial

FDLB_ (57)


FDLB_ (60) FDLB_ (61)


FDLB_ (74)

Also check out a couple cool rides in the vendor’s area

FDLB_ (1) FDLB_ (6) FDLB_ (5) FDLB_ (4) FDLB_ (3) FDLB_ (2) FDLB_ (8) FDLB_ (9) FDLB_ (12)

And some more of the drifting action during the Top 16 Competition

FDLB_ (67) FDLB_ (71) FDLB_ (70) FDLB_ (69) FDLB_ (68)

Formula Drift 2014 – Round 7 – Title Fight

Photos: Jae, Gilbert, and Denny

The smell of burning rubber, the taste of tire marbles, the feel of rumbling V8’s with open headers touches your senses of smell, taste, and feel. It’s the experience one would feel at the last event of the year for Formula Drift.

Irwindale, Round 9, Title Fight – was a close one, with Forsberg in the lead and Aasbo just spitting distance away. The battle came down to the final 8 or final… Let’s not spoil it.

While the main event didn’t start till the sun dropped, the spectators had ample time to cruise the pit, meet their favorite drivers, or keep themselves entertained.


FDIRW2014-0016The Falken Tire team has always made a huge presence in FD since day one, which rumor has, 2014 will be the last year they are participating at his level.


FDIRW2014-0055In the last couple of years they have had HPI Racing team along side with a try me track.

FDIRW2014-0026In the pits, we ran into our friends at MotorMavens with Adrian holding down the fort.

FDIRW2014-0029Jon from Dstroyr doing his thing also at FD.




fdirw 2014-2721Universal Technical Institute made a visit with the lovely Raichelle and Kim.



IMG_0109Spocom brought Krstina Hong from Houston



IMG_0096DaYUUM Hunnie Serena Su was with Extreme Dimensions



fdirw 2014-2798


FDIRW2014-0063Brittani Paige, Big Abe, and Erica Law

FDIRW2014-0093Brittani Paige with Ashley Clark




IMG_0078Liz Goodwin, Katie Carnes, and Julie Galindo was representing Falken Tire

fdirw 2014-2782





IMG_0410Gina Darling, Natalie Paladin, Eva Skye representing Nitto Tire



IMG_0060Angelina Andrada and Alicia Whitten with Super Street


IMG_0416We also caught Breezy Jade and Sandra Wong roaming the pits


IMG_0385The lovely trio of Sadie May, Erica Nagashima, and Jessica Harbor with Hankook Tire.

fdirw 2014-2684Jessica Weaver and Exedy

fdirw 2014-2749

IMG_0138Female drifter Bear Dellinger was with our friends at Rehv Clothing

fdirw 2014-2790Olivia Korte x Motegi Wheels




FDIRW2014-0082Unto the practice rounds and top 32… The heat was scorching and I was able to sneak up into a skybox to take a few shots, while Gilbert Chen took the liberty to get close track side.

Here are some shots of practice and top 32









Top 16 included…


FDIRW2014-01222nd place qualifier Dai Yoshihara

FDIRW2014-0125Dstroyr Mats Baribeau

FDIRW2014-01272013 FD Champion Michael Essa

FDIRW2014-0129Scion Racing / GReddy Racing, Ken Gushi

FDIRW2014-0130Scion Racing / Hankook Tires, Fredric Aasbo

FDIRW2014-0137Dean Kearney

FDIRW2014-0141Conrad Grunewald

FDIRW2014-0156Number 1 qualifier Forrest Wang

FDIRW2014-0158Dstroyr’s Odi Bakchis

FDIRW2014-0162Matt Fields

FDIRW2014-0164Current points leader Chris Forsberg

FDIRW2014-0168Wild man Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Top 16 went rather quick with the limited amount of 5 min calls or “one-more time” battles.

FDIRW2014-0225First up was Wang vs. 2013 Michael Essa… Wang would advance to the next round.

FDIRW2014-0289Baribeau was no match for Aasbo, as Aasbo skated a way with the win

FDIRW2014-0323A tough battle with fellow champions Gittin and current points leader Forsberg. Forsberg would ultimately would take the win.


FDIRW2014-0342Gruneswald was no match for Wang, as Wang advances.


FDIRW2014-0361No one likes to go up again your teammates, but teammates Saito and Nishida had to. Look how close and in tuned the are to each other. Saito would eventually move on to top 8




FDIRW2014-0384Aasbo vs Yoshihara… Aasbo advances.


FDIRW2014-0401Fields vs Forsberg, Forsberg advances to top 4

Top 4:


FDIRW2014-0417First up in top 4 was Forrest vs. Daigo… Daigo would out horsepower Forrest leaving him in the dust. Daigo would and move ahead.

Next battle was a crucial one. A win for Forsberg would secure him the championship for 2014, but if Aasbo was to win, he would have to beat out Daigo in order to take the championship for 2014.





FDIRW2014-0455Despite what these images show you, Aasbo had a commanding lead run in the first few corners. He would advance to the final round against Daigo.

If Aasbo wins, he obviously would take the 2014 FD Championship, if not, he would fall to second and Forsberg would take the championship.







FDIRW2014-0470Check out the proximity of Daigo… On Aasbo’s tail the whole way.


FDIRW2014-0480These last sets of pics can easily explain the outcome…

The winners were announced at the top of Irwindale straightaway.


FDIRW2014-0515Daigo, Aasbo, and Wang having a little fun before the announcement.

FDIRW2014-0530Forrest celebrating his podium finish. The second time for him in Irwindale.

FDIRW2014-0533The anticipation before they announce the winner.

FDIRW2014-0537Daigo Saito was announced the winner for Irwindale.

FDIRW2014-0548Thus, crowning Forsberg the 2014 Formula Drift Champion!


FDIRW2014-0562And, a friendly chat between Aasbo and Forsberg.

This concludes our coverage for Formula Drift – Title Fight!

Thank you John for the opportunity to cover another great event!

Until next time…


Formula Drift Tech Day | 2014

Super Street, Import Tuner, European Car, & Honda Tuning Magazine hosted the 2014 Formula DRIFT Annual Tech Inspection on Saturday, March 15th. This was my 2nd time attending the event. I live about 200 miles North of Irvine, and didn’t get there until late-afternoon. With that said, I’m not sure what I may have missed, but there was still plenty to see!!



Unlike last year, the doors were completely closed so I couldn’t get close to the inspection area at all. However, I’m definitely not complaining because, wow, so many beautiful cars were on display all throughout the parking lot.


As always, it was nice to see Glen’s S2K.


The variety of cars on display was great. I really enjoyed walking through the lot.





These are few of my personal favorites:






It seemed like the line of cars was never-ending (that’s a good thing!).





It was very cool to see a Fahrenheit GTI in the mix.


‘I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave’…caught a few beauties as they were leaving for the day.



The variety continued as I made my way back around to finish up for the day.













Hanging out with great friends, surrounded by beautiful cars – what a great way to spend my Saturday afternoon!! Until next time!!!

– Angie |

Scion Racing Drift Teams Media Preview 2013

Drift Teams Media PreviewYou know something is coming when Scion Racing starts throwing epic parties like this for the media. FormulaDRIFT officially kicks off their 2013 season today, but before that we were able to attend a couple media previews to get some early insight on the drivers and their new drift cars.

Last week we were trackside for Drift Day at Irwindale Speedway and got some laps in with Ken Gushi and Fredric Aasbo. And a few days ago we were bar-side at Smog Shoppe in the Arts District of Los Angeles, CA partying it up with the Scion Racing Drift Teams!



SRMediaParty_0003 As you enter the half indoor, half outdoor venue, your eyes can’t help but focus on the main attraction: the three Scion Racing cars from each team.

SRMediaParty_0004With spotlights on each one, first up is Ken’s GReddy Performance X Scion Racing Drift FR-S with a fresh new Rocket Bunny aero kit and livery designed by JONSIBAL DESIGNWORKS.

SRMediaParty_0005In the middle, with a little bit of wall rash from the track is Fredric’s Hankook USA Drift Scion tC build by Papadakis Racing with the front end facelift of the 2014 Scion tC.

SRMediaParty_0006And last but not least, Tony Angelo‘s brand spanking new TAngelo Racing Scion FR-S, also with a Rocket Bunny aero kit.








SRMediaParty_0014There are the obvious visual upgrades done to Ken’s FR-S, but GReddy Racing has also went in and added about 50-hp more to it. More power and being a seasoned veteran, Ken is looking to improve on his top 10 finish in the standings from last years FormulaDRIFT.







SRMediaParty_0021Visual changes primarily for Fredric and his 2nd Generation Scion tC as well, which is now dominantly branded by Hankook USA. Fredric has been moving up in the standings every year since his Rookie of the Year season, and that trend doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon.





SRMediaParty_0027Much like Ken the year before, Tony will now step into a Scion FR-S after previously competing in a 1st Generation Scion tC. Tony’s FR-S is styling a camo pattern livery as well as showing his support to the U.S. Air Force. On the inside, the FR-S has been turbochanged by R/T Tuning. Tony is poised to take his new toy and finish near the top along with his fellow driftmates this upcoming season.





SRMediaParty_0032Okay enough about the cars, we will see them all season long. Now about the party and man, does Scion Racing know how to throw a party!

SRMediaParty_0033Open bar and a variety of gourmet appetizers. There was no need to be shy at this event, waiters and waitresses constantly walking around bringing plates straight to you to try everything. There were steak skewers, mini fish tacos, mini beef sliders, mac & cheese, and carne asada fries! Yum!


SRMediaParty_0035It seemed like all areas of the media and the industry were in attendance partying it up. The FRS86 crew were there, as Ken’s guests of course.

SRMediaParty_0036Even fellow DaYUUM contributor DJ Skitz was on the 1’s n 2’s providing a kickback, audio and visually appealing atmosphere for the night.

SRMediaParty_0037Well I mainly covered the cars and the general happenings of the event before heading out a little early. Nilo (@dayuumnilo13) on the other hand arrived later on and worked the crowd. I will leave it to him to share his thoughts:


Through the years I’ve been lucky enough to have been invited to Scion Corporate gatherings year after year. I’ve meet so many great people at Scion which have become good friends. This year’s Scion Racing media preview was held at the Smog Shoppe in Los Angeles a very unique, cool and eclectic venue to show everyone the 2013 Scion drift cars for the Formula Drift series. The atmosphere at these events are always so chill and relaxing, nothing stuffy and over corporate. It’s very comfortable and welcoming, like going to an old friend’s party. Great place, dope music, awesome food and always the hospitality the always come to expect from Scion.


The styling and designs of the cars looked great and we had a chance to get first hand experience of their performance on the track a few days before this night and man what a rush. I look forward to seeing how they do this year in the series especially the FR-S. We wish the best of luck to Scion Racing during the season. Thanks again and much appreciated. “What Moves You” Peace



Thank you again Scion Racing, and good luck this up coming season!

-This JustIn (@justdayuum)

Scion Racing Drift Day – Daily Drift-en

Whether you’re power sliding in Mario Kart, in the midst of an Initial D marathon, or indulging in the guilty pleasure movie of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift; most of you have probably tried to imagine what it would be like to be taking a corner with the car angled and laying a thick smoke behind you. Well for a few individuals, this is their day job.

We’d first like to thank Craig Taguchi and Scion Racing for inviting us to step into Mr. Gushi’s and Mr. Aasbo’s sideways office to get an up close peek of what drifting is all about. With the 2013 Formula DRIFT season about a week away, Scion Racing was at Irwindale Speedway, aka the House of Drift, to allow their drivers to get some more track time in.

Ken Gushi with his GReddy Performance X Scion Racing Drift FR-S and Fredric Aasbo with his Papadakis Racing Drift Scion tC were both there with their crews, dialing everything in, while giving the media a nice show.










There is just something about drifting that is both elegant and powerful. It takes skill, practice, and a protected track to be able to do the things these drivers do. So it’s not like I should have to remind you all to not try this at home! With that said, it’s clear that both drivers have a feel for their cars and how it wants to cruise through the track, sideways. Going around cones or drifting right up against the wall, it was like witnessing controlled chaos on four wheels.







New for the 2013 season, Ken Gushi’s Drift FR-S was given a refresher with wild new livery and a Rocket Bunny aero kit.







With great looks comes great power…or something like that. GReddy Racing was able to add about an additional 50-hp to Ken’s turbocharged Drift FR-S.





It wasn’t a hot day, but with the amount of power the cars were putting out and the heat from the tires; the cars and their drivers needed to take some breaks during the day. Which was good since it gave them the opportunity to talk with their crew as well as the media. While both Ken and Fredric would be considered celebrities in the sport of drifting, they are both generally down to earth, great guys.









Not to be out done, Fredric Aasbo’s Drift tC got its own little make over prior to the start of the season. With Scion recently unveiling a new facelift for the 2014 Scion tC, Papadakis Racing immediately outfitted Fredric’s Drift tC with the completely new front end, which includes new headlights, hood, and front bumper cover with a much wider grill (to allow more air to the intercooler).



Lucky us, we also the opportunity to ride shotgun with these awesome drivers! Nilo (@dayuumnilo13) asked me after if his girly screams could be heard through the thick padded helmet. Personally, it was an experience of a lifetime to ride along with Fredric Aasbo, who races a beefed up, RWD version of my daily driver. When you’re looking through the lens, it seems like the cars quickly blaze by each turn, but when you’re inside the car, it’s almost as if everything slows down. I remember when we were about to go up against the wall, I looked to my side and could clearly see all the other media people shooting away. As we took the turn, I could have easily pointed out to Fredric who each photographer was shooting for, that’s how much time I felt I had during that single moment. It’s just crazy how calm the entire drift session was; despite the screeching tires, thick smoke, quick turns, and all the other obstacles. And these’s guys basically do it daily; I tip my hat to them for honing in their talents on the track.



I guess the only downside of being so close to the track was that each time the drivers took the wall, the smoke would occasionally seep out passed the barrier, heading right at us. And unless I wanted them to get extra smokey, I needed to make sure I covered up my sausage and balls…

Seoul Sausage that is! Chris and Anthony form Seoul Sausage were catering the event and served their famous Spicy Pork and Galbi/Beef Sausages and deep fried Osaka Balls. They were preparing the food with their Scion xB, modified with its own grill by our good friends at MV Designz. It’s always a treat to have them at events, cause of course, drifting makes you hungry. They will also be at round one of Formula DRIFT held at Long Beach with their delicious creations to grub on.


It was a good day, a really good day, and we just want to thank the entire Scion Racing team for the experience. Best of luck to Ken Gushi, Fredric Aasbo, and Tony Angelo in the first round of Formula DRIFT coming to the Streets of Long Beach! Peace!

-This JustIn (@justdayuum)

Norway: Gatebil July 2012

Hey guys, I’m Henrik from Norway and I’ve been so lucky to be able bring you some hot DaYUUM pictures and event coverages from my side of the ocean!

Firstly I’ll introduce myself… I’m a car enthusiast to be easy on the term.  I am 24 years old and have been into the car scene in Norway since around 2005.  This is even before I got my license at 18.

This time I’m here to present you «The Gatebil Madness!»

As a Norwegian and a car guy, I’m a Gatebil veteran. My first time at this event was back in 2006, where we had to park in a field a couple of miles away because of the number of spectators that attended the event.  Back then, we didn’t have the nice paddock you see on the right in the picture above and the track was half the size it is now.   It went from 1.9km ( 1.1 miles ) to a full 3.3km ( 2 miles ) and now has a F1 standard!  The field of cars you see above is the Gatebil extreme heat.  Here, the most insane track cars Scandinavia has to offer go at it to be first over the finish line in ten laps!  The cars are arranged by qualifying times and set off on a rolling start.

The first bend tends to be a tight one…

This year the track was PACKED! Numbers read 55000 spectators, only unofficially, it somewhat looked past that.  But this year was special.

And here’s the reason why-

I had only seen the MadBull and Mad Mike Whiddett on YouTube and read about him on Facebook and other pages.  It was a spectacular feeling standing next to the legendary RX 7 – that is the MadBull, let alone hear the 4 rotor scream and squeal!  Actually it screamed so loud, Mad Mike got 3 black flags for noise, they had to quiet it down from 160 db!!!! to a little under 110 db which was the limit this weekend.

Yup, a Ferocious Bull it was.  Its been sitting in a container for a month as this was transported from New Zealand; no wonder it was mad.

Another treat was this, Darren MacNamara in his Dmac AE86, this was also with a screaming rotary with a rather nice turbo setup.  He had just finished the car and got it on a trailer to Norway before the weekend.

We were all super keen on seeing Aasbo run his new Toyota 86-X.  The madman started this build 4 weeks prior to Gatebil.   But he had some issues the whole weekend until Sunday, when he went totally berserk:

The car he hits is actually his good friend and former spotter Steffen Moy!  No mercy from Aasbo.

Aasbo in the burnout ring.  The rain was on and off,  it’s Norway after all.

This is Kenneth Groth and his collegue Sara.  I’ve been to almost every drift/track event with this guy this season and we’ve become quite close friends.  We kinda fulfill each other.

He does the driving,  I do the shooting.  Sometimes I shoot from inside the car too – I love that position, I don’t know why, hmm…

Our stand was the biggest I’ve been a participant of ever!  We also got to sleep in the bus, hallelujah!  Oh and did I mention we built his car in two weeks?  More on that another time maybe? 😉

I’ve come to know that ladies is a thing of passion here on DaYUUM.  We got those too 😀

To ask for better weather was just silly, Thor would just drop the hammer and it would get worse, so we enjoyed the super nice sunset on Saturday evening.

Since we had been working on Kenneth’s car so in furiously and on the evening before there’s a big after track party ( which I of course didn’t take any pics of 🙁 next time! ).  I was too tired to even think about going out on the track on Saturday, but come Sunday, after getting rid of my hangover, I picked myself off the floor and got out there.

Now, through most of the years Gatebil has been an event to look forward to. There’s been the power-slide competition, some clipping points are set up through a 180° sweeper and points are awarded for style, proximity to the clips and angle and there’s also a show factor.  Last year it was the Norwegian Championship of power-sliding; this year it was made into the World Championship.  Over 15 nations were represented.  Many drivers were keen on this price and 50 cars lined up.  A top 16 was formed on Saturday, come Sunday, it was game time.  The cars lined up for a ceremony.

Here’s Øyvind Øversveen, a pro drifter here in Norway, he’s not known to take things too serious….

Out on the track i met some familiar faces from last year!  Here’s Joe Ayala from Tandem of Die.

Just as the competition was about to start, the rain came down on us, Justin Shreeve wasn’t too inspired.

But to think that a little rain was going to stop the Norwegians, was out of the question.  Here;s Øyvind in his 750 hp Supra!

Supras has become a rather popular platform here in Norway, reliable power and a good chassis with tons of grip is a pretty good mix. This is what Aasbo started out with in FD -remember?

I couldn’t hold myself when i saw this thing coming at me, a v8 RWD converted, ridiculous, steering angled GOLF!  This just underlines what Gatebil is all about, build something ridiculous.

Teemu Peltola from Finland brought his diesel powered Merc, he was smoking it out careless of the rain!  This Merc may look like a heap of junk, but underneath that body, there’s so much technology any tech geek would be jizzin their pants full.  His mechanic reads about gearbox geometry for fun!

MadMikey went at it with one hand out the window through the whole turn, style points!

Anders Jansson from Sweden also made the trip and was ripping in his s13.5!

We all shed a tear for Ismail Salih who had to forfeit due to electrical problems during the final battle.  But he ended up on 3rd place bro! Congrats!

Dmac also fought for the title and landed 2nd place!

But it was this man who took first place.

Time for some celebrating!


Last but not least, I want to thank everybody who made this weekend special and thank you for the good times we had!

You can also visit my facebook page Henrik Oulie Media.

More pics below!


Scion Racing Drift Teams Media Preview 2012

Last week, we were lucky enough to attend Scion’s  2012 Drift Teams Media Preview, its an event to announce Scion’s 2012 drift team and drivers. The gala was held at the tasty Far East Cafe in Downtown LA’s Little Tokyo district.

In previous years, Scion supported 2 teams, this year, Scion Racing has increased their numbers to 3 teams/drivers: Ken Gushi with the FR-S,  Fredric Aasbo with the tC2 and Tony Angelo piloting a tC1.

The FR-S is Ken’s new ride for the 2012 season and is also Scion’s newest model that was be released this Spring. Some of you may remember, but RS*R had backed Ken’s tC for the last 2 or so years, but this year, Ken has headed to GReddy. Ken’s FR-S is said to have a 2.5l Flat 4 Turbo outputting close to 600HP.

Again this year Fredric Aasbo will be piloting Scion’s 2nd Gen tC. It seemed relatively untouched on the exterior department with the possibly of a few tweaks such as the rear spoiler. He will still be running strong with Team Need for Speed.

New to the Scion Racing team is Tony Angelo. In recent year’s, Tony’s voice could be heard through the loudspeaker at drift events as a judge. This year, he had the opportunity to take over Ken’s Gen1 tC for the season. Drifting under the Drift Alliance flag, Tony will be an exciting driver to watch.

All 3 drivers will be running the smokey Hankook tires. We are pretty excited to see how Scion’s team can do this year. Ken’s been plagued with mechanical failures that kept him out of competition, as Fredric was still learning the car,  but did manage a podium finish.

Even with the popularity of LS motors in the Formula D circuit, all three Scion’s will be running high-powered 4-cylinders. It’s going to be an exciting season and we hope to share Ken’s 2012 goal of taking the championship.

As always, Scion knows how to throw a party. We were warmly welcomed with an open bar, yummy appetizers, and great friends.

Our own DaYUUM contributor, DJ Skitz was spinning the tunes.

There were tons of raffle prizes being given out, mostly booze, and a few cool items from HPI Racing, as well as, Alpinestars. While  Hankook’s Danielle and Vivian put smiles on people’s faces.

Merry and Mike of MV Designz was in attendance as well, taking pics with our own Nilo and Paul.

Antonio from MotorMavens always being sociable.

Drifter Dai Yoshihara took the time to snap pictures with Aasbo and Gushi.

In the end it was a awesome evening catching up with great friends and checking out the 2012 Scion drift team.

Thank you Scion for a great event, good luck in the 2012 season, and see you in Long Beach!

Here is a video put together by our great friends at PVR Motorsports.




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