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Extreme Autofest 2014 – San Diego

Photos by: Jae (@dayuumjae), Denny (@dayuumden), Byron (@yosheasteverything) , Gilbert (@girlsbutts), Justin (@justdayuum)


Extreme Autofest San Diego, where the show keeps Up All Nite long, and the headline performance is Too $hort!


We tend to get a little spoiled with all the car shows and events that are put together in the LA area; there’s almost one every other weekend or so. But for San Diego natives this is the big show, it’s become a tradition of sorts for EAF to reach out to San Diego’s finest to show off their rides.

EAFSD-9774 EAFSD-9771 EAFSD-9772 EAFSD-9784 EAFSD-9787 EAFSD-9792 EAFSD-9790 EAFSD-9796 EAFSD-9798 EAFSD-9804 EAFSD-9778 EAFSD-9812

This was our first EAF appearance as the Tjin Edition X DaYUUM Roadshow, and I think our display fit right in.


In a car scene so saturated with import cars, most of the hype is pumped over our green Rocket Bunny Scion FR-S by Phantasy Kolors in Washington.


Which is all well and good, but that tends to leave our awesome, trailer hauling, American domestic, Ford F-150 not always getting the attention it deserves.


But at EAF, where the spectators are just as diverse as the car entries, both were the stars of the RoadShow.


Speaking of stars, the energetic San Diego native, Jessica Xiao was rocking the booth for us.

eaf sd gil 1EAF_just_02

Whether it was taking photos or taking names (for the raffle!), she kicked butt the entire show. Her high-spirited personality helped bring in a lot of foot traffic to our booth, from all sorts of spectators.

EAF_Byron_30 EAF_Byron_31 EAF_Byron_32 EAF_Byron_33EAFSD-9803

Also with us was the UTI crew handing out literature, posing for photos, and answering any UTI related questions. Brains and beauty all rolled into one with Bells and Juliana at the helm.


You have imports new and old, luxury builds and race spec builds, American classics and street rods, ruckuses and motorcycles. This is the one show where the lines of car types get blurred.


There is a lot to get through so bear with me as we pick out some of the standout rides of the event. Don’t worry, at least you’re feet wont get as tired as mine walking the entire lot. Unless you’re reading this one your iPad or tablet or Samsung Android that’s basically a tablet, then maybe you’ll be on your feet for a while too, just don’t walk into anything okay?

EAF_just_09 EAF_Byron_09EAF_Byron_08

At one end of the same row there were those Chevy street rods, and at the other this aggressive FD and mean Rocket Bunny FR-S.

Nothing short of crazy here at EAF…

EAF_Byron_04 EAF_just_10

The tire isn’t even stretched! It’s just hanging on for dear life in the middle of the wheel.

EAF_Byron_01 EAF_just_12

LowKey is one of the prominent car clubs in SD and they have some pretty clean cars. Like this pair of s2k’s and Jeff’s civic just Wreckin’ it!


Been seeing this stunning BMW at every show it seems, collecting awards left and right as it hangs out with AutoFashion USA, another SD native.


Style Over Comfort with an Audi Over Asphalt.


Veilside NSX doing its business as usual.

EAF_Byron_12 EAF_Byron_13

Liberty Walks everywhere!


You don’t usually think Honda, let alone Civic when you associate with VIP. But this burgundy with gold theme is just so seksi.


Bright yellow paint, white Racing Harts…oh my JDM nostalgia feels are kicking in.


Another bright beauty.

EAF_just_24 EAF_just_25 EAF_Byron_03 EAF_Byron_11

The Datsun game was on point.


Bring the mo#asjkfhldk$jfg&bl*akshSkfding Ruckus!

EAF_Byron_17 EAF_Byron_18 EAF_just_23 EAF_just_21

Project Zero had a nice line up as well, especially their battle ready S14.


I wonder if any of the other souped up cars could hold a lick to this NotASoccerMom Odyssey?


Cause this people mover is pushing over 1000+ HP! Never be late to school or to the market again.

EAF_just_34 EAF_just_35 EAF_just_36

I’m used to the smell of gas, exhaust fumes, and burnt rubber at car shows, but rarely aerosol cans. Spotted a section where live artist were creating some wild spray can masterpieces; definitely a different smell, sight, and, sense but overall very appealing.

Venturing off to the other end of the show now, it’s like stepping into a whole other world.

EAF_just_32 EAF_just_33

First spotting this Fresh Prince (of “Bel-Air”).

EAF_just_28 EAF_just_29 EAF_just_30

These old school Chevy trucks were magnificent. The body lines, the retro style, pristine condition, you don’t have to be a fan to appreciate beauty like these.


Before we check out what went down at the model’s lounge, we were spotted by the one and only Betty Boop!

With the foot traffic easing up a bit, we got a chance to get some snaps of Ms. Jess X

EAF_Byron_24 EAF_Byron_22EAF_Byron_25EAF_Byron_26 EAF_Byron_23

Can be imitated, but never duplicated. Jessica always has fun when the cameras are on her.

EAF_Byron_27 EAF_Byron_29 EAF_Byron_28

Jess X, making everyone green with envy.


Let’s bring on some of the other models shall we?

R1 Concepts had some seski eye candy for everyone to see and take pictures.

EAF_Byron_34 EAF_Byron_35 EAF_Byron_36 EAF_Byron_37eaf sd 2014-1546

Look but don’t touch, you wouldn’t want to break any of Erica‘s Laws because R1 also brought in Big Abe to keep the creepers at bay.

eaf sd gil 8

Male model or body-guard, I’m not sure what his official title is anymore but either way he’ll stop you in your tracks if your mess with him or his people.

eaf sd 2014-1559 eaf sd 2014-1561 eaf sd gil 6 eaf sd gil 9

Also part of the R1 team, the beautiful, bodacious and sometimes bizarre (in a good way!), Brittani Paige.


Glen‘s s2k makes everyone say DaYUUM!

EAF_Byron_38 EAF_Byron_39 EAF_Byron_40 EAF_Byron_41 EAF_Byron_42 EAF_Byron_43

But even more so when hottie Kairi Drème is all over it. Wanna ride?

EAF_Byron_44 EAF_Byron_45

Cute as a lamb, Jenny Lam also made an always stunning appearance.

EAF_Byron_47 EAF_Byron_48

Asia from JDMSport looking oh so seductive.

eaf sd 2014-1540 eaf sd 2014-1543

Wowing the crowd at the AutoFashion USA booth was the gorgeous Julie Mai.

eaf sd 2014-1574 eaf gil 13

Get your adrenaline rushing with Jenna Lane.

EAF_Byron_56 EAF_Byron_57 EAF_Byron_58

And look who we got here! Hot DaYUUM Hunnie Ms. Amanda Kerr is back in the SoCal and already getting back into the groove of things. It’s like she never left…so please don’t leave again!

In case you were at the show and didn’t notice, but the EAF staff always provides the models with a theme they could follow; this year…Sports!

eaf sd gil 2 eaf sd gil 3 eaf sd gil 4

Here are a couple of ladies really playing to the crowd and sporting their Chargers jerseys, Lynn Lyn and Christine Zegers.

eaf sd gil 5

We found Amanda again, this time popping in with Clipet, Allyson Joy.

eaf sd gil 10 eaf sd gil 11 eaf sd gil 12

Let luck be a lady tonight with Elizabeth Tran.

eaf sd gil 7 eaf sd 2014-1532 eaf sd 2014-1535

Sandra Wong going with a simple #19 jersey, why? Well 1+9 = the perfect 10 that she is! We were fortunate enough to feature here recently in an up close and personal interview.

eaf sd 2014-1522 eaf sd 2014-1525

Batter up! Step to the plate to see if you can match up to Morning Star or if she’s just out of your league.

EAF_Byron_59 EAF_Byron_60

When she’s not racing on the track, the sporty Lea Anne is showing off her seksi football stance

EAF_Byron_51 EAF_Byron_53 EAF_Byron_55EAF_Byron_52

The loveable Lyna Ly with a racer track suit. It does look good on her, but I’m not quite sure if it’s up to code as far as track safety, unless maybe if the bikini top is you know, fireproof? 😉

EAF_just_40 EAF_just_38EAFSD-9884EAFSD-9885

With all the yummy eye candy around the show we had to come up with something fresh, so why not bring a crowd by throwing free stuff? So we band together (literally, like with rubberbands) and came up with these goodie packages real quick. Once there was a crowd we started throwing them up in the air for people to fight over attempt to grab. It was pretty fun and engaging, I think we might do this more often, so come by the booth a check it out!

Catch you guys at our next shenanigans! @justdayuum

Extreme AutoFest 2013 – San Diego

It’s another busy year for DaYUUM and I’m a little disappointed in myself that we haven’t been able to pop out our show recaps quick enough. Our personal goal is a few days to a week at the latest but preparations for the next event has kept us busy and behind. A couple weeks ago, we headed south to Qualcomm Stadium for Extreme Autofest’s San Diego event. Headlining the entertainment was DJ Quik.

Last year, we attended with a full staff including our DaYUUM Hunnies and stayed overnight for the event. This year, there was so much going on that not everyone could attend, so instead of staying overnight we managed to run a skeleton crew and drove to SD during the day of the event. Myself, Nilo and Scottie attended the event – four, if you count Glen from Long Beach Auto Tech, whom also joined us.

The drive to San Diego from LA County made for a long day, so long that once we arrived and settled in, Nilo had already fallen asleep before the event started.

The day started at 7:30 AM, when Scottie and myself met with Glen at a local Ralph’s. We headed south on the 405 and made a pitstop to meet Nilo and for me to pick up the Tjin Edition Fusion.

We arrived at the venue and was immediately greeted by Ale. Ale and the crew has always taken very good care of us and since we were a little late to the party that morning, we were quickly taken in via escort.














EAF_SD_CARS-8317Featured in our booth was Glen’s S2K, Nilo’s AirREX NSX, Tjin Edition’s Ford Fusion, and Scottie’s TRD Supercharged 2nd Gen xB.

EAF SD was also the same day as WekFest SJ, so some of our friends were up there as well. We still had great friends there such as AutoFashion and their latest endeavor, Trendy Vape.



EAF_SD_CARS-8368Kevin’s FR-S was a centerpiece for Trendy Vape, and rightfully so. Kevin’s FR-S is hot!



EAF_SD_CARS-8336-2Trendy Vape has been popular in So Cal with their arsenal of unique pieces. Their retail outlet is a vaper’s candy store.








EAF_SD_CARS-8362-2In addition, the AutoFashion family had an arsenal of dope cars including Bluebirds and Hakosukas.



EAF_SD_CARS-8354-2Other dope rides with Autofashion and Trendy Vape






EAFSD2013-8383Flossy was there with the lovely Myra. They are a manufacturer of custom shift knobs for your car. They also had a few hot rides on display including a widebody FD.


EAFSD2013-8397We don’t request much when we go to an event because we know last minute demands can add additional stress to the team, but Nilo has always made one request which EAF has always honored, and that is to be near the models lounge. In the model’s lounge was our long time favorites including Ashley Clark and Amanda Kerr.

This event’s theme was pin-up. It’s a pretty cool theme because it really puts the models in character. So far, every model we have shot has always wanted to do a pin-up shoot, so maybe this theme was a request from the ladies that attended the event.

Since we were close to the model’s lounge, Glen and Nilo pulled in the ladies to shoot with the cars. By doing so, it created a crowd, to the point that it was difficult to set up for a shot but at the same we time had some good laughs.

Away from the models lounge, Marie was with Lexani, so I decided to harass her.




EAFSD2013-8460Here is her flirty pic reenacted… At first she did it so nonchalant but I wasn’t quick on the draw with the camera.

The golden hour was upon us so we tried to get as many shoots in as possible. Some ran longer than others and I didn’t bring any strobes because, well, I didn’t plan on shooting any models in the extent that we did. It got late; by the time we shot with Brittani Paige, it was almost next to impossible to capture anything in focus, but I tried.






EAFSD2013-8649Alexia Cortez is one of the more known girls, there is always a line to take a simple picture of her. When we managed to drag her from the model’s lounge, all nearby photographers swarmed like bees, so we got what we could get.




EAFSD2013-8442-2Sexy Lilly Evans was kind enough to give us some of her time. We will be setting up a shoot with her soon.

Glen then went to the R1 Concept’s booth and not only did he drink all their alcohol, he also borrowed some of their ladies.




EAFSD2013-8880-2Lori Lin… She has since taken a break from the scene, but she will always be welcomed with open arms.




EAFSD2013-8551-2Next up was Amber, she was totally fun as well and we took all kinds of random shots.


EAFSD2013-8953Then it got late, but we were able to capture a couple shots of Brittani Paige, included this ghosted one of her. haha

Back to some of the other cars…

EAF_SD_CARS-8318-2Love this Celica. It was super clean.

EAF_SD_CARS-8319A group of Supras

EAF_SD_CARS-8353-2I’m always a fan of the S-Chassis

EAF_SD_CARS-8358-2Old school flavor with Style Over Comfort





We had a great time and before we headed back to LA we had a feast at Gordon Biersch. Probably not the best idea before driving 2 hours home, but everyone was starving and it’s become a tradition to eat after an event to unwind and recap the day. On the way home we almost witnessed Nilo jacking up his NSX when he attempted to 4×4 over a center divider. That would have made for a long day!

We want to thank Extreme Autofest for the hospitality, we always enjoy their events and entertainment.


Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2013

Oh Fricken ‘eh man! It’s been one event after another and I totally skipped out on Extreme Autofest Anaheim coverage. I don’t know how I managed to do that since all the photos have been filtered already.

Extreme Autofest is one of those shows that combine import, domestic, and motorsports in one spot. In fact, it even covers a completely different automotive culture as well. Live entertainment is always a part of EAF as well.





EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7281We are typically situated in the import section because the orientation of our eyes, but we do greatly appreciate the quality, time, and efforts the lowrider guys put into their rides. Its a night and day difference in builds. Those guys are like hot rod builders, they spend so much time and money on their paint, undercarriage, motors, displays, and props. For the most part, the import show scene should be a little more detailed oriented like those guys, rather than slapping on a set of wide ass wheels with pulled fenders and calling it a day, I’d like to see more people concentrate on the details in the import scene. At one point it was getting that way, then everything shifted on its axis and people were cambering cars that were never meant to be cambered – but I get it. Its the trend, the style – I’m just saying, its a “show” car, it should be complete. I do like all the shaved and tucked bays in our scene though, that’s a good direction.

While strolling the lowrider portion of the show, I found it surprising that we couldn’t sneak a 16oz. Arrowhead bottle of water into the venue but the lowrider guys somehow were able to sneak in a whole bar worth of Tecate and weed – a whole lot of it.







EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7219Anyways, for this year’s Extreme Autofest, we had a nice layout that consisted of a 10×20 tent and 3 cars. We had Neil of Tjin Edition’s Ford Fusion with us this year and it was interesting to see so many people crawl underneath the car to check out the exhaust. We also had Jayson’s IS350 and Nilo’s NSX which was its first public debut of the wrap and the AirREX Suspension.







EAFAnaheim52Also joining us was Aila Elyzze. Aila drove 7 hours from Arizona to join us. Leading up to the event she was stressing hard about school so we appreciate her gathering the necessary belongings and making a drive to Cali. While modeling is just a side project for her, she has a lot of drive and passion where she invests 100% with anything she does. We are glad to have her as part of the family. PS – Happy Belated Birthday!

The event was actually quite huge and so much going on that it was hard to even concentrate on what was going down.



EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7211So Cal  R/C Drift had an R/C drift competition.

Some of the car in the show was






EAFAnaheim55Young Tea’s FR-S with Beat Sonic / OEM Audio Plus

EAFAnaheim56JDM Sport was in the mix.


EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7254AutoFashion USA / Trendy Vape had a booth set up with a skeleton crew.

EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7256It’sJDMYo had Michael Mao’s infamous NSX



EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7266Noel with his Rocket Bunny x Vertex was next to Yogi’s Vertex GS both on AirREX Air Suspension. They were with San Diego’s Style Over Comfort






EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7273The Original German Folks brought out some rare gems. Including an Oval bug with semaphores, Porsche alloys, and Porsche brakes.

EAFAnaheim26Here is Stickyicon with his Rocket Bunny xB parked next to Hey Mikey’s white polar xB with amazing fender work.







EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7263Infinite Auto Design had a massive set up for EAF.




Back at homebase we had a few surprise visitors.






EAFAnaheim22Ashley Clark and Amanda Kerr stopped by for some chats and snaps while they were taking a break from the themed models lounge. The Heros vs. Villans made for some interesting ideas.



EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7249Claudia Lopez and Emileen came by for a few laughs as well.












EAFAnaheim41Erica Law




Thanks for check out our coverage of EAF Anaheim


Extreme AutoFest EAF 2012 – San Diego Qualcomm Stadium

Extreme AutoFest (EAF) has been throwing events for more than 10-years and has always been an event rather than a car show. Unlike, other shows that are specifically catered to low riders or fitment based vehicles, EAF has combined the best of both worlds. In short, if you hardly attend car events, EAF is the one to attend.

The crew at EAF didn’t fall short this year in San Diego as they occupied Qualcomm Stadium and packed the venue with drifting, autocross, low riders, imports, girls, live entertainment and girls.. girls.. oh, girls.

In the past, we’ve had members travel to Hawaii and NorCal for events, but this trip was the furthest we have traveled as a crew. Armed with water, munchies, and our display. Jae, Paul, Mikey, Scott, Jayson, Marissa, Josh, and myself headed to San Diego the afternoon before the event to set up and check into our cozy Best Western.

Thanks to our trusty driver (van_dayuum_paul) and our un-trusty navigation system, we had to use 2 systems. We spent most of Saturday afternoon trying to figure out SD’s freeway system near the stadium and got lost on several several occasions. Did I mention several, several? Some blame me for not providing the proper directions because of my relationship with Instagram and Facebook, but someone had to update our whereabouts and coordinate our group! 😛 After being lost 4000x’s, we finally met up with Ashley and Ronnie back at home base and checked into our rooms.

Through it all, we spent time quality together and ended up at Slater’s 50/50 where we met up with Justin, Michelle, and Eliza. We had some bomb eats with our DaYUUM family. (excuse the blur as our waitress wasn’t steady with her hands, obviously)

We ended Saturday night with a trip to the liquor store and shared ghost stories, played a little truth or dare, and dared Jae (dayuumjae) to streak Interstate 805, ok, we really didn’t tell ghost stories, but what if? Hmm…

On Sunday, Amanda and Nilo joined us and the weather was content. We had a nice breeze but the black top, well… it still tends to heat up. Nevertheless the event was as expected. We met a lot of our site supporters, and our own Marissa Hiroko took 3rd place in her first ever bikini contest. She definitely is an industry’s favorite.

We want to thank the stunning and lovely Ashley Clark and Amanda Kerr for joining us (sorry for the picture quality, somehow we failed on that department for taking pictures of our own family except through our phones :(( ) and we thank the crew at Extreme AutoFest for taking great care of us!

It’s time to pass the torch to Jae and Scott for the photos.

Much Love – DaYUUMDen

Video from our own Mikey Dang.


Our set up at the day of the show. We had Jayson’s clean IS350 and Nilo’s sexy NSX.

Gun metal blue. Anyone?


More of Jayson’s IS350.

Another cool shot of Nilo’s NSX.

Some fresh stickers slapped on the NSX.

A shot of our friends booth from KROPS with Jerel’s miata.

With Michael Koldus’s Cobalt who’s also from KROPS.

We also found Leo Dignadice from KUYA Protection taking care of the model lounge.

A shot of the booth of our friends from AutoFashion.

Some of the merchandise we were selling at the booth.

A cool shot of our famous videographer, Mikey Dang doing work.

A shot of the booth of our friends from JDM Sport.

The famous Miata that we saw at WekFest San Fran.

Another Godzilla that was at the event.


Here’s some of our coverage of the girls of EAF San Diego. Starting off with our very own, Miss Marissa Hiroko who also won 3rd place at the bikini contest as mentioned earlier by Denny (DayuumDen).


Saw miss Raquel Estrella modeling with this Tekken themed Lamborghini under Savini booth.


Here we spotted miss Lauren La Carriere while walking around to check up some booths.

EAF set up an ” Island paradise” themed attire for the model lounge. Spotted miss Leianna Kai first while looking around the lounge. Did you guys also know that she could sing? Well now you know.


Who would not recognize the sexy curves of miss Ela Pasion with her bright yellow bikini top.


Right next to her was miss Alexis Kobayashi.


We also saw miss Sheryll Lynn all dressed up and ready to pose for us.

What surprised me the most walking around the lounge was when I saw miss Raichelle Viado. She was creating a crowd right when I saw her. I’ll let the pictures explain it all.


Then we passed by miss Sandra Wong.


Walked the other side of the lounge and I saw miss Veronica Vhynes. To be honest, this was the first time I met her.

Then right next to her was miss Mimi Sarmiento. A good follower of us on our FB page. Didn’t recognize her at first until she introduced herself. It was nice to finally meet you miss Mimi.

Also, right next to her was miss Christine Zegers.


Here we have miss Dianna Lushus and miss Kat Gutierrez.

Started to walk around again cause the lounge is getting packed and saw miss Siray Kong being mobbed by photographers.


Then we saw miss Marie Alvarez working with kapu motor trends booth.


Our friends from Geisha with miss Wendy Lopez, Claudia Lopez, Gina sky, and Jenn the backseat love.


Here’s more of miss Claudia Lopez.


I decided to walk back to the lounge to see who else is there and look who I ran into. Miss April Garcia and miss Amy Ames.


The gorgeous miss Tanya Love. Looking good as always.


Here we have the combo of our good friends miss Kristin Barcelona and miss Chean Labuen.

More of miss Kristin Barcelona

More of miss Chean Labuen.

Also in attendance at the lounge was the lovely Miss Jeri Lee and alongside with her was miss Darling Darla.

Miss Alexia Cortez was also in attendance.

Miss Kay Bae striking a pose for us.


Got a chance to grab miss Lena Love to pose in front of our booth with Nilo (DaYUUMNilo13)’s NSX.

That completes our coverage of Extreme Auto Fest San Diego. Until next time. Peace.

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