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DesignerCon 2018 – Weird, But Cool

Photos & Words: Justin P.

We’ve become very familiar with the inner walls of the Anaheim Convention Center, for events like SpoCom or TunerEvo. And here we are again walking the same floor, but this time with a whole new perspective. Welcome to DesignerCon!

You might be used to our automotive content, but rest assure, we try to branch out to other forms of art whenever possible. Hello Kitty Con or Star Wars Legion Art Show to name a few. (Yea, it’s been a while). Car shows and art conventions aren’t too different if you think about it. Because when it comes down to it, the heart of each event is all about the people – their passion projects and their creativity.

Here are some highlights from this year’s DesignerCon:

Car Cars Cars!

We can’t help it, we’re addicted. You know when we see something with wheels we’re going to gravitate to it.

Old School Toyota Corona at the Lifted Laces x HYPERCHASERS booth

Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! Ectoxo’s ECTO-1 complete with matching Ghostbusters

Streets closed pizza boy! (oh wait, wrong movie). You’ve probably seen them at SEMA and other shows. Yes, Leen Customs Pin Garage is here too – this time featuring the Pizza Planet Truck!

Jurassic 25

Okay, time to address the T-Rex in the room. One of the big nostalgic attractions at DesignerCon is the celebration of the 25th anniversary since the release of the original Jurassic Park movie. Replica Jeeps and creative pieces of work from various artists surrounded this mighty beast.

Art Works

As I mentioned above, what makes any event is the creativity, uniqueness and passion put into the work at every booth. Vinyl figures, custom pins, canvas, prints and much, much more. It’s quite overwhelming with everything you might see and find at DesignerCon.

Hip Hop Culture

Live and direct! From spinning 1s-and-2s to spray cans, the many art forms that express Hip Hop culture is representing strong at DesignerCon! Also, aloha to the homies, Kavet and Spel, from Lightsleepers who made the trip all the way from Hawaii. (So happy I was finally able to get myself a Mickey x MF Doom Tee!)

Vinyl is BIG

Last, by not least, vinyl collectibles are a major fixture in events like this and are probably way bigger than you and I may ever understand. They have seen many, many shapes and forms, with Funko POP!, Kidrobot, Toy Tokyo among the heavy hitters in the game. But my personal favorite at DesignerCon is the epic MEDICOM Toy booth featuring a time capsule of Be@rbrick vinyl collectibles. Be@arbrick has done collaborations of all kinds, from streetwear brands to Nike, from superheros to Disney and a whole lot more over the years.

Definitely a fun adventure and a nice change from the daily gear grinding of the automotive world. We’re always looking for new avenues to explore; let us know what you thought about this lifestyle pieces and other potentials like it!

See more below from DesignerCon 2018:

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Extreme Autofest Anaheim 2013

Oh Fricken ‘eh man! It’s been one event after another and I totally skipped out on Extreme Autofest Anaheim coverage. I don’t know how I managed to do that since all the photos have been filtered already.

Extreme Autofest is one of those shows that combine import, domestic, and motorsports in one spot. In fact, it even covers a completely different automotive culture as well. Live entertainment is always a part of EAF as well.





EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7281We are typically situated in the import section because the orientation of our eyes, but we do greatly appreciate the quality, time, and efforts the lowrider guys put into their rides. Its a night and day difference in builds. Those guys are like hot rod builders, they spend so much time and money on their paint, undercarriage, motors, displays, and props. For the most part, the import show scene should be a little more detailed oriented like those guys, rather than slapping on a set of wide ass wheels with pulled fenders and calling it a day, I’d like to see more people concentrate on the details in the import scene. At one point it was getting that way, then everything shifted on its axis and people were cambering cars that were never meant to be cambered – but I get it. Its the trend, the style – I’m just saying, its a “show” car, it should be complete. I do like all the shaved and tucked bays in our scene though, that’s a good direction.

While strolling the lowrider portion of the show, I found it surprising that we couldn’t sneak a 16oz. Arrowhead bottle of water into the venue but the lowrider guys somehow were able to sneak in a whole bar worth of Tecate and weed – a whole lot of it.







EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7219Anyways, for this year’s Extreme Autofest, we had a nice layout that consisted of a 10×20 tent and 3 cars. We had Neil of Tjin Edition’s Ford Fusion with us this year and it was interesting to see so many people crawl underneath the car to check out the exhaust. We also had Jayson’s IS350 and Nilo’s NSX which was its first public debut of the wrap and the AirREX Suspension.







EAFAnaheim52Also joining us was Aila Elyzze. Aila drove 7 hours from Arizona to join us. Leading up to the event she was stressing hard about school so we appreciate her gathering the necessary belongings and making a drive to Cali. While modeling is just a side project for her, she has a lot of drive and passion where she invests 100% with anything she does. We are glad to have her as part of the family. PS – Happy Belated Birthday!

The event was actually quite huge and so much going on that it was hard to even concentrate on what was going down.



EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7211So Cal  R/C Drift had an R/C drift competition.

Some of the car in the show was






EAFAnaheim55Young Tea’s FR-S with Beat Sonic / OEM Audio Plus

EAFAnaheim56JDM Sport was in the mix.


EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7254AutoFashion USA / Trendy Vape had a booth set up with a skeleton crew.

EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7256It’sJDMYo had Michael Mao’s infamous NSX



EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7266Noel with his Rocket Bunny x Vertex was next to Yogi’s Vertex GS both on AirREX Air Suspension. They were with San Diego’s Style Over Comfort






EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7273The Original German Folks brought out some rare gems. Including an Oval bug with semaphores, Porsche alloys, and Porsche brakes.

EAFAnaheim26Here is Stickyicon with his Rocket Bunny xB parked next to Hey Mikey’s white polar xB with amazing fender work.







EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7263Infinite Auto Design had a massive set up for EAF.




Back at homebase we had a few surprise visitors.






EAFAnaheim22Ashley Clark and Amanda Kerr stopped by for some chats and snaps while they were taking a break from the themed models lounge. The Heros vs. Villans made for some interesting ideas.



EAF_ANAHEIM_2013-7249Claudia Lopez and Emileen came by for a few laughs as well.












EAFAnaheim41Erica Law




Thanks for check out our coverage of EAF Anaheim


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