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Sandra Wong – Up Close and Personal

Sandra Wong has been the sweet girl-next-door that has made a lasting impression in the import community. From gracing the covers of Super Street Magazine to being crowned Miss MFest, there is no limits to the seemingly endless accolaids that she has received.

For the the longest time, I’ve been wanting to put together a photoshoot for the lovely Sandra Wong and thanks to DaYUUM, I have an opportunity to feature her with my photography. Also, check out our brief interview with Miss Wong to find out more about her!

-Gilbert (@girlsbutts – IG)

Edited by John – @DaYUUMJQuilla
Interviewed by Nilo – @DaYUUMNilo13
Photos by Gilbert – @GirlsButts

























Collin Tjin’s Mix Tape

Collin Tjin crossing over uncle Gene Tjin.
Photo by: Vincent Herrera

Some of you guys have seen this little man in our Tjin Edition x DaYUUM RoadShow booth – usually dribbling a basketball. For those of you who haven’t, now you have….Neil Tjin and the crew have a little baller on their hands. Time to pull out the heavy artillery. Check out the Basketball Reel of Bballer Collin Tjin.

Beware! He might only be 5 years old, but he will give you a run for your money. You have been warned!

DSC_38502Photo by: Yogi via

Lori Lin -Up Close and Personal


Name: Lori Lin

Hometown: Bakersfield, Ca.

Ethnicity: Filipino/Chinese

Birthdate: January 28

Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5′ 6″

Occupation: Full-time student

Lori is an adorable and fun loving girl. Even though Lori was born and raised in a small town, she loves the life of the city and knows how to use it to her advantage. Her modeling has quickly emerged and caused a fire storm in the scene. It began to spark last year with the help of her close friend who is a recognizable person in the industry.

Lori loves music, is a creative artist, and a down to earth person who is sending fans tripping over their own shadows. It’s no surprise that this hottie can strike a smile and a seductive stare that could paralyze anyone, even females. Aside from her seksi appearance and loving soul, Lori is a kid at heart who is goofy and a little bit silly. But don’t be fooled by her kind hearted personality and playful attitude, her goals are set on her career and she’s not going to let anyone stop her! Enough of our rabbles, let’s see what she has to say…


DaYUUM: Tell us a little about yourself.
Lori: I love life, I love to laugh, I can’t function without music. I surround myself with it as much as possible. When I hear good music, it makes me dance no matter where I am. I could be in the car stuck in traffic and I’d still be bobbing my head to the beat. I’m goofy and a bit silly but I’ve come to love and embrace all my quirks and qualities. I believe I was born with a creative mind which makes me see and perceive the world differently than most. I’m also a very passion driven person which is why I’ve always chosen a creative based career path. I love art. It’s my core. I would like to say I am a carefree being that is very caring at the same time especially to those I hold dear to my heart. I love the city life but I’ll always be a small town girl at heart. I love God, I love my family, and my friends. I see everyday as a blessing and a new adventure.


DaYUUM: How did you get into modeling?
Lori: My good friend Jofel Tolosa invited me to do a casting call last year and from there I ended up attending my first show DUB Show LA and since then I attended other shows throughout that year. It’s been an amazing adventure and I’m so glad I took that leap of faith last year and tried it out.

DaYUUM: What is your most memorable modeling job to date?
Lori: Autocon LA 2013, I was with R1 Concepts it was so hot outside but that didn’t matter to me because I just had so much fun. I loved being out there meeting new people and being amongst great company. I was also very new to the scene, and I just felt so welcomed and loved. In that moment I felt my true confidence as a model come out and I think it was one of my highest moments of last year.

DaYUUM: What do you think are the toughest challenge as a model?
Lori:  Image is essentially one of the most important parts of being a model, but I think the toughest thing is to not get caught up in the judgement of others whether it be good or bad. Staying confident no matter what people say or how a photo of you turns out is key. Personality and being a good person is always more important than looking good.



DaYUUM: What do you think is the best feature of your body?
Lori: Honestly my smile, but a little booty never hurt anybody.

DaYUUM: 3 words that best describe you and why?
Lori:  3 f words. Free spirited, Fun loving, and Friendly. I’ve come to love the person I am and I feel most myself being free and unrestrained. Although that doesn’t mean I have no boundaries it just means I love embracing my true essence as a person and living like the sky is the limit. I also love to be goofy and laugh. As much as possible I love being happy and don’t like wasting emotions on negativity unless it’s absolutely necessary. Lastly, I love to connect with others and I try to always see the good in everyone which is why i’m happy meeting new people.



DaYUUM: What is your favorite food?
Lori: I love all types but sushi has to be at the top of my list. I also have a huge sweet tooth!

DaYUUM: Do you have any talents that would surprise anyone?
Lori: I love Art. It is my first love in life and my main way of self expression. I like to paint and draw and immerse myself in pretty much anything artistic. I believe that is why I love modeling also, because it is a different form of art as well as self expression. I also love makeup, and can make people look like zombies and monsters with movie magic make up techniques.

DaYUUM: What type of music do you listen to?
Lori: Every kind, it just depends on my mood but Hip Hop always makes me wanna dance. EDM also always puts me in a good mood no matter what is happening in life.



DaYUUM: What are your hobbies?
Lori: Art, Movie watching, Sight seeing, People watching, Modeling, Traveling and Shopping.

DaYUUM: Turn ons and turn offs?
Lori: I love, love, love, somebody who can make me laugh. I love to laugh and be goofy. I want someone who makes it hard for me to stay mad at them because that’s how hard they make me laugh. Laughter to me is happiness, and you shouldn’t forget to have fun with whoever you’re with. I also love a confident man, it is such a turn on when they know they’re great. On the flip side, there is a distinct line between confidence and arrogance. Once a man is too full of themselves, and overly flamboyant about their lifestyle it is a major turn off. I also don’t like guys who smoke and drink too much. Although I like to have fun, I also I enjoy quiet nights in.

DaYUUM: What do you think is the most romantic thing a man can do for a woman?
Lori: I think the most romantic thing a man can do for a woman is simpler than it seems. When you really get to know her and know all the little things she likes and what makes her happy, I think it is the most romantic thing to do all those little things versus an over the top trip or expensive gifts.




DaYUUM: If you can go on a perfect date, what would it be?
Lori: It would start on a sunny California day, on the beach with a pier, playing arcade games, talking while taking a light stroll along the beach, laughing, then riding the ferris wheel while taking in the sights and enjoying each others company. A cup of coffee sprinkled in there somewhere would make my day 10x better!

DaYUUM: What is the craziest thing a guy did to get your attention?
Lori: Decorating my car, and house on Valentine’s day. Another is driving all the way to my hometown while I was visiting my family to see me as a surprise.

DaYUUM: Who is your celebrity crush?
Lori: James and Dave Franco. They’re talented and good looking. I think they have a unique, cool quality about them that makes them sexy.



DaYUUM: What is your dream car?
Lori: Mercedes Benz SLS AMG or Nilo’s NSX.

DaYUUM: What are the things you would never leave without?
Lori: Keys, Wallet, and Phone.

DaYUUM: If you can go on a vacation anywhere, where would it be?
Lori: Paris, it’s such a romantic and historically rich place. I would be constantly mesmerized.




DaYUUM: If you were given a power to save the world from harm, what would you do and why?
Lori: I would like to be a time traveler so I could prevent dangerous situations from occurring.

DaYUUM: Do you have any quotes that you live by?
Lori: I have two.

“Set your life on fire, and seek those who fan your flames.”- Rumi

“You either like me or you don’t. It took me twenty something years to learn how to love myself, i don’t have that kinda time to convince somebody else.” -Daniel Franzese

DaYUUM: What are your goals in the future?
Lori: Eat, Pray, Love.




DaYUUM: Shout outs and last words?
Lori: I would like to thank my family first and foremost for always loving and supporting my dreams no matter how outrageous they are. Big shoutout to all my friends who have always believed in me and had my back. You know who you are. Thank you to both my family and friends for holding my hand through every struggle, celebrating with me through every victory and loving me despite my imperfections. Thank you to Jofel Tolosa for getting me started on this wonderful journey. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to my new passion in life. Thank you for seeing it in me even when i didn’t. To my DaYUUM family and friends, thank you for being so genuine and for accepting me as part of the crew. You are an absolute blessing to my life. So thankful to have met you all and it has been so much fun every step of the way. Can’t wait for what this year has to offer. The sky is the limit, for sure.

We want to thank Lori for giving us the time and opportunity to get her featured. She will be one of our DaYUUM Hunnies who will be joining us this year at upcoming shows, events and more shoots! We are stoked to have her as part of the DaYUUM family! Till next time and happy reading!

Also check out our behind the scenes video by John Quidilla


Emmy – Up Close and Personal


Name: Emmy Briones
Hometown: Philippines/Chicago
Ethnicity: Filipino
Birthdate: May 27
Sign: Gemini
Height: 5’3″
Measurements: 32-25-33
Occupation: Hospital biller/scheduler

“A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.”

This beauty who considers Chicago her home, but began her modeling career in Las Vegas is starting to catch fire into the scene with her great looks and engaging personality. Emmy never had any thoughts of modeling especially into the automotive scene until she was asked by a friend to take some shots for fun. From then on, she never looked back and has been doing editorial/fashion shoots on occasion. Her appealing style, playful nature, and goofy attitude are some of the unique personalities this woman has. Not to mention, her sense of humor is always up for something fun. Just talking with her is enough to bring anyone out of the dumps as her hyper active personality is contagious. Let’s get to know more about Emmy as we ask her some questions that you guys would normally do.



DaYUUM: Tell us a little about yourself.
Emmy: I’ve always worked hard for what I wanted.  I take my career seriously and I put 100% into everything that I do.  I am very goofy and I love to enjoy my spare time with my friends and family. On my day off you can usually find me relaxing at the beach with my puppy enjoying the sun.

DaYUUM: How did you get into modeling?
Emmy: It’s funny because I never really considered myself a model.  I always thought you had to be over 6 ft tall to really make a career from modeling.  One day a friend of mine who is a photographer asked if I wanted to pose for some quick shots.  I agreed and I loved how it felt being on the other end of the camera.  It came natural to me and I never looked back.

DaYUUM:What is your most memorable modeling job to date?
Emmy: Each modeling shoot I do is unique and I always try to make the best out of my time with the photographer I am with for that day.  One of my most memorable shoots was the time I dressed up in Star Wars gear.  I was a sexy Sith and I got to play with some light sabers which made my day.  I am a huge Star Wars fan so I had a lot of fun on that day.




DaYUUM: What do you think are the pros and cons of being a model?
Emmy: I think there are challenges and rewards in any industry you are in.  I would say there are definitely a lot more pros than cons.  The photographers and people I meet and surround myself with have been wonderful.  I love to associate myself with positive people and I have been lucky enough to have that in my career.  Of course, with success comes those that try to bring you down. I just learned to focus on the good stuff and just be the best in everything I do.

DaYUUM:What do you think is the best feature on your body and why?
Emmy: I’ve always been told it’s my big, round eyes. They can be very expressive and I think it says a lot about my personality and mood. It’s a toss up between my eyes and my smile as I was told.

DaYUUM: 3 words that best describe you most?
Emmy: Ambitious, goofy, and sincere.




DaYUUM: Do you have any quotes that you live by?
Emmy: You sleep with an itchy butt, you wake up with a smelly finger! haha  jk! Life is short, make each day count!

DaYUUM: What is your favorite food?
Emmy: I can never get enough of Filipino food.  Yum! I dont eat meat but I’m always down for Thai and Italian. Oh, and Ramen and Sushi of course!

DaYUUM: Do you have any talents that would surprise anyone?
Emmy: I love to play instruments.  I am pretty proud that I can read song sheets.  I am pretty good on the piano and I can sing good as well. (plus i can fart and burp like a man lol. or i can pop one eyeball by just using my facial muscles. lol)




DaYUUM: What type of music do you listen to?
Emmy: I listen to mostly 80s, new wave, indie type of music. My top favorites are The Cure, The Smiths, Metric and The Killers.

DaYUUM: What are your hobbies?
Emmy: There is nothing more satisfying to me than putting on my pajamas and curling up to a great book.  I also love watching movies, A LOT of movies, especially if it’s Star Wars, from a comic book, anime, cartoons, and sci-fi. I love to cook and watch football too!

DaYUUM: Turn ons and turn offs?

Turn offs: Cocky guys, bad hygiene, rude behavior, disrespectful people and someone who can’t carry a conversation with me.

Turn ons: Genuinely nice people, someone that does unexpected sweet things for me, good fashion, politeness, a HUGE sense of humor and someone who’s not afraid to be silly.

DaYUUM: What do you think is the most romantic thing a man can do for a woman?
Emmy: Coming home to find dinner is made, flowers on the table, sweet background music, maybe even a candle lit bathtub session. Oh and finding the dishes washed the next day. My heart would melt!




DaYUUM: What is the craziest thing a guy did to try to get your attention?
Emmy: A man drove to Vegas nearly every weekend to win me over.

DaYUUM: Who is your celebrity crush?
Emmy: Aaron Rodgers. I had a mini breakdown when I saw him for the first time when I went to Green Bay for a game!

DaYUUM: What is your dream car?
Emmy: A Lamborghini.





DaYUUM: What are the things you would never leave without?
Emmy: My puppy, phone, curling iron and lip gloss. They said you can tell how much a woman takes care of herself by how she maintains her lips.

DaYUUM: If you can go on a vacation anywhere, where would it be and why?
Emmy: Paris. I took French lessons and I’ve always wanted to practice.  (and Amsterdam for reasons i cant say on here…jk lol)

DaYUUM: If you were a superhero, who would you be?
Emmy: Psylocke.  She is from X-Men and she is telepathic and telekinetic.  She is a former fashion model and martial artist. Thats for Marvel. I would say Wonder Woman if i have to pick from DC.

DaYUUM: Shout outs and last words.
Emmy: I just want to say thank you to all my friends and family that have supported me throughout these years.  All your support and love pushes me everyday to be better.  I am so blessed to be at this point in my life and I will continue to work hard to keep rising up.  Thank you to all!!

We want to thank Emmy for giving us the time and opportunity to get her featured. She will be one of our few DaYUUM Hunnies who will be joining us this year at upcoming shows, events and more shoots! We are stoked to have her as part of the DaYUUM family! Till next time and happy reading!



Catch our behind the scenes, filmed by: John Quidilla @dayuumjquilla

Jon Sibal – Up Close and Personal – JONSIBAL DESIGNWORKS


About a week ago, we were lucky enough to get some seat time with the talented Jon Sibal. Some of you may have never seen his face, but you have most likely seen some of his work. He’s a bit of a mystery.

Jon has done several comic books and automotive renderings for companies such as, DC, Meguiar’s, LeftLaneNews, RWB, and many more.

You will also find Jon’s creative designs in many automotive publications.

Jon is humble, friendly, and prefers to stay behind-the-scenes rather than in front of it as his work speaks for itself.



DaYUUM: Hi Jon, thank you for your time. Tell us a little bit about JONSIBAL Designworks
Jon Siball: Thanks Denny. JONSIBAL Designworks focuses on Automotive designs and Illustrations. We design concept renderings, liveries, to full body kits for clients all over the world.

DaYUUM: How did you get into automotive designs and illustrations? We hear you also do some dabbling with comics, do you care to  elaborate on that?
Jon Sibal: Drawing cars has always been something that I enjoyed since I was young. When I was finally able to afford my own car, it became the subject of my many artworks. Being in the import scene here in So. Cal, it was crucial for me personally to have a unique ride. I liked a lot of different body kits in the market but at that time, nothing really stood out. So I started mixing up different body parts and combining it with my own designs. It would be very expensive to just fork out the money to buy these parts without knowing if it will look good or not so I went and learned Photoshop so I can create a photo-realtistic rendering of what my car would look like. I also learned that this helped tremendously with conveying my vision to my body shop. This worked out well and started to do more automotive designs from there.

I’m a comic book artist by trade, since 1992. I started with Image Comics working with Top Cow and Extreme Studios. Then later went freelance and worked for Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

List of titles that I’ve worked on are:-MARVEL COMICS-
Uncanny X-Men
Fantastic Four
Supreme Squadron
Supreme Power
The Avengers

Fantastic Four-DC COMICS-
Wonder Woman

Action Comics-IMAGE COMICS-
Tomb Raider
Midnight Nation

The last book I worked on was the graphic novel BATMAN Earth One with Gary Frank written by Geoff Johns. Although currently, most of my work is Automotive-related, I still love working on Comics as much as drawing cars. It’s truly a blessing to do both.



(INKS Courtesy of Jon Sibal)

DaYUUM: Impressive resume! Were you the type of student that doodled on your book covers and folders? And did you ever think as a kid you were going to illustrate as a career?
Jon Sibal: Yeah def got in trouble as my notebooks were filled with “Voltes V” drawings.

I never really thought this is what I would be doing as a career. If you’re Filipino, you pursue Nursing lol j/k. I probably should’ve have as it’s better pay and benefits. But in all seriousness, although there are plenty of challenges, I love what I do and wouldn’t trade it for anything else.

DaYUUM: What inspirations did you have growing up? Personally I loved Voltron, Transformers, and Spiderman.
Jon Sibal: My biggest influences and inspirations came from the Japanese Anime in the late ’70s to the early ’80s. From Voltes V to Mazinger Z , you name it, I was captivated by them.

DaYUUM: Let me Google on who those are and maybe I can produce amazing art… haha… You’re big into the automotive scene and you currently produce a ton of renderings for clients. Tell us a little bit on how you start your latest projects.
Jon Sibal: Haha, yeah, if you’re pinoy and you grew up there during that time, those were you’re heroes no doubt! Every project requires a different approach but most starts with a lot of research and studying about the subject matter.

DaYUUM: Let’s talk about your Challenger, how do you start the project and how do you decide what parts are installed on it.
Jon Sibal: Pretty much the same way actually. I’d like to do a lot of reading and researching before I move forward with any upgrades/ mods. This part of the process gives me a basic knowledge of my options. Then it’s a matter of figuring out the proper combination of parts for cohesiveness.





DaYUUM: You seem pretty in tune with fit and finish. The colors on your challenger is a  nice matte black with gloss stripes on them. Is that a wrap? Also, tell us a little about your wheel and suspension combination.
Jon Sibal: It is a wrap courtesy of WRAPTIVO from Meguiar’s. It’s a 3M Matte Black with DINOC film on the roof of the car. To break it up a bit, I had Josh Daley from Daley Visual apply a Gloss Black racing stripe across the front and rear end of the car.

The wheels are SSR SP1 Professor 3-pc wheels specifically made for this application. They were powder coated in Vintage Matte Gold to give the car that retro look. The suspension is from Air Runner air suspension with a capability of adjusting ride height via iPhone.




DaYUUM: Awesome, JDM parts on a domestic car must ruffle some feathers with the purists. What do you have as power adders for engine?
Jon Sibal: Yeah I got some heat from those who didn’t like the idea of Japanese wheels on Domestics but the SSR SP1 5-spoke designs combined with a step lip barrels were exactly what I wanted. I’m just glad that they made it in 20″ and in 5×115 bolt pattern.

The added power comes via Vortech Supercharger, certainly one of the mods that made me fall in love with this car again.






DaYUUM: How much boost are you running? And, how did it change the drivability of it?
Jon Sibal: The system is set at 7psi. The drivability when off-boost didn’t change much actually. Very civil on the streets until you stomp on the gas pedal and boost kicks in. Then the size of your grin becomes proportion to the RPM and Speed lol.

DaYUUM: Vroom vroom… haha.. One last question, what new build can we see from JonSibal in the near future? Any personal builds in the pipeline?
Jon Sibal: There are plenty of builds I wanna do but then reality kicks in and I realized I’m broke so I think I’m just gonna try to get my E36 back up and running someday.

DaYUUM: Is there anyone you would like to thank? A mentor? Anyone?
Jon Sibal: I wanna thank everyone that had supported me, my family, friends, my car crew and to all my sponsors that believed in my vision. And above all, I thank God for all of it.

Thanks Jon, we appreciate your time and good luck to you on all your future projects. To browse Jon’s work, you can find him on his social outlets.  FACEBOOK , Twitter and Instagram at @jonsibal, or at

Thank you!








For some dynamic visual stimulation check out the works of Mikey Dang

Reiko Motobu Winchell – Up Close and Personal

As we attend to different events, shows, meets, and social functions, we tend to meet a lot of people, heck even on the DaYUUM page we meet people from different parts of the world, but seldom do we get to meet a unique, exotic, and adorable ones like Reiko Motobu Winchell.

A few months ago, Reiko started following our page and we would always notice her comments on some of the pictures we post up, we found some of the comments to be witty and humorous.

A few days later, Reiko shared a few pics with us and asked us to share them which we gladly did. Reiko also told us that she is a model from Japan along with few more tidbits about herself which we found very interesting.

We asked Reiko if she would mind if we asked her a few questions and some pictures of herself to add to a write up. Reiko not only sent us pictures, but she actually set up a whole new shoot just for us, how cool can one girl be?

Here are Q&A’s we did with Reiko, hope you find her as beautiful person inside and out as we did:

DaYUUM: Reiko please tell us a little bit about yourself, your unique and exotic look and how did it come about that you now live in Japan?
Reiko: OK, so I come from a big and warm Ecuadorian family. My mom, an Ecuadorian lady and my dad a Japanese guy, fell in love and got married back in Ecuador about 22 years ago (i was born a year after they got married) lol. 
My dad was a ship mechanic so he was always either overseas or here in Japan while my mom and I lived in Ecuador.
 Spanish is my first language but I was always interested on learning different languages and English was my favorite language even back then, all because I was Britney Spears #1 fan and of course the N’sync and BSB lol. 
They were the reason why I told my mom to put me in an English class so I could sing their songs haha.

I lived in Ecuador until I was 17 right after my high school graduation my dad came home and decided that it’d be best for me to go to Japan to study Japanese and go to college.
 I wasn’t too happy to come, leave all my friends and family and move to a different country in the other side of the world. 
Now I’m glad I did it though, once we got here I started to learn Japanese, got a job and got an interest for modeling.

DaYUUM: So how did you get into the modeling scene there?
Reiko: I’ve always loved modeling since I was little I would go to summer modeling courses just for fun but once I got here I decided to give it a shot and register in a modeling agency. I started making more friends and met a few event promoters which would ask me to do promotional modeling for events or bikini fashion shows for summer events.

I love doing it! It’s so much fun. Now that I moved to Okinawa I’m just trying to meet people in the industry (which isn’t too big) so I can start working as a model again. I’m also working really hard to try and get a feature in an American magazines so people know a little more about me and hopefully I get job offers in the states

DaYUUM: A lot of the import models here follow and copy the styles there, what is it really like to model in Japan, especially for a mixed model such as yourself?
Reiko: um actually there’s a lot of “half” models (if you are half japanese, half something else they call you half) lol mostly Japanese-Caucasian and they usually do clothing modeling or runway or are on TV. 
They love half American, British, NZ, Australian, Hawaiian girls (usually any white skin girl that is half) they love white skin here in Japan you know?  So for a half like me, (brown) lol they usually just think I’m Filipino or Thai so I guess is a good thing that I learn Japanese and that my name is Japanese!

Import Models here, well.. I’d say they’re very different. I had the opportunity to work at the Tokyo Motor show last year and the girls aren’t trying to be sexy.. or maybe they’re trying to be their own version of sexy. lol they like to be more “cute” than sexy. Soft voice, soft girly makeup, pig tails and the skinnier the better. Honestly, unless you have a thing for Japanese girls, I think the US does it better. (IMPORT MODELS WISE) hahaha

DaYUUM: You inspire others with your positive attitude, who inspires you?
Reiko: Who inspires me? My parents! For all we have been through, my dad always away for work to give us the best life and my mom making the mom and dad role when he was gone. She has been working so hard now that my dad can’t work anymore. They are the best and they have inspire me to work hard, chase my dreams and make them proud!

DaYUUM: You seem pretty busy with all your activities, what do you like to do on your free time?
Reiko: On my free time i like to play with my dogs, watch tv and just be lazy lol sometimes, very rare though, I’d feel like working out.. lol

DaYUUM:  Are you a foodie? What do you enjoy eating?
Reiko: I cook! and I cook some delicious food! Or at least I’d like to think so haha! I love making Ecuadorian food! Some seco de pollo or ceviche are my favs! but they usually take a while to make so if I’m hungry or in a rush i’d like to make japanese food because is simple, easy to make and usually healthier!

DaYUUM: So Reiko are you in any US magazines now or have you tried getting into one?
Reiko: I’ve tried to get into almost all of them. Well I’ve gone to a lot of the magazines websites but not many had a submission option and idk how else to contact them. I try to submit to PasMag but the submission in their website didn’t go through 🙁 so I emailed one of the editors but never heard back, I also messaged Super Street.

Lucky for me I found this really cool crew called DAYUUM that has been supporting me since the beginning! They’re awesome!! Hope we get to meet in person soon.

DaYUUM: So who would you like to give some shout outs to ?
Reiko: omg so many people, my parents, my boo, friends, the DAYUUM crew and everyone that have supported me since day uno

Well I sure hope you enjoyed the short insight on Reiko Motobu Winchell, we wish her the best and welcome her to the DaYUUM family as she is now the first ever DaYUUM approved model outside the U.S. and we truly hope to meet her in person soon!

Check out the behinds the scenes video from Belles Lumieres.

Reiko can be reached at : and subscribe to her on Facebook at Reiko Motobu Winchell

Thank you to Belles Lumieres for the shots, and of course, our supporter for taking the time to check this out. Peace -DaYUUMNilo

Bonus pictures provided by Reiko.

Mauricio Ornelas Jr. – Up Close and Personal with Formula Drift Pro Driver

For us, Fontana is a love hate relationship. We love it because of the people we have met, like Scott Vanderheide and Kerryann De La Cruz. But, the hate… Ok hate is a strong word, but we don’t get along.

The first outing was to our one-on-one with Kerryann, we were challenged with arctic like temperatures and threatening thunderclouds – we conquered.  DaYUUM-1, Fontana-0

The second time, we were lucky enough to have an one-on-one with Nissan RaceShops’ Mauricio Ornelas Jr. This time, there was tornado like winds with clashing bay doors and flying debris. We stuck through it – its a draw: DaYUUM-1, Fontana-0, Draw-1

During our trip, drifter John Jimison sat down with Mauricio Ornelas Jr., a self-funded pro driver for Formula Drift, to speak about his career. Mauricio is debuting as a rookie this year for Formula D. Having already been drifting for 8 years, Mauricio drifted competitively for two. Impressive, yes. in the short two years he was able to obtain his Formula Drift license to compete with seasoned drivers such as Dai Yoshihara, Ken Gushi, and Vaughn Jr., just to name a few.

Mauricio speaks about music, his favorite cologne, down to his dream umbrella girl. We wont spoil the ending for you so check out the clip. But, excuse the clatter and some slight sound technicalities. We hope you enjoy it, its one of our longest to date, but well worth it.

You can also catch Mauricio during the first round of Formula Drift in Long Beach on April 6th and 7th or on Facebook at: and

Thank you Mauricio, Scott at Fontana Nissan / Nissan RaceShop for all the time given. PVR Motorsports, John Jimison, and of course our crew!

Special Shout-outs to:

Fontana Nissan

Nissan RaceShop

Bardabe Performance

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Clutch Masters

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Marissa Hiroko – Up Close and Personal

Marissa Hiroko is fairly new to the modeling scene, but by looking through her portfolio, no one would notice. Born part Japanese and part Caucasian, Ms. Hiroko started modeling in June of 2011. Her photographic artistry and openness combined with her unique beauty quickly made her a photographer’s favorite. Her beauty easily matches her friendly personality. With a slender physique and tall stature,  Ms. Hiroko was able to pull off  shoots from glamour to seksi. She is a passionate and driven individual that won’t take failure as an option. It’s no wonder why she has been so successful in a short period of time.

When we had the opportunity to photograph a few exotics, we knew Ms. Hiroko would be perfect for the job and we had a lot of fun doing it.

We would like to thank Marissa Hiroko for her time and beauty, the owner’s of the Ferrari 599 and Porsche GT3 RS 4.0, Arling and Nick (we will have more on these cars later); Noel Barnum for helping us with the awesome shots (despite all the distractions), and David for the link up.

And of course Mikey from PVR Motorsports for this amazing video!

Oh yeah, we almost forgot 🙂 , between shoots and editing, Jae was able to catch up with her for a few questions… Enjoy!

Name: Marissa Hiroko Masuno
Hometown: Cypress, CA
Ethnicity: Half Japanese, Half Caucasian
Birth date: May 17, 1992
Zodiac sign: Taurus (:
Height: 5’8”
Measurements: 34C-29-37
Occupation: Student & Model
Relationship status: Taken <3

Jae: How long have you been modeling?
Marissa: I have been modeling since June 2011.

Jae: How did you start modeling?
Marissa: I was always told that I should model, so I finally decided to take a shot at it. Set up my first photoshoot with local photographer and from then on, I’ve been trying to work my way up doing lots of shoots and attending events.

Jae: What do you think are your features that makes you attract the crowd as a model?
Marissa: I would say my smile and welcoming attitude, but I mean making sure I look nice helps too hahah.

Jae: Is there anything you would share that’s been a highlight or toughest challenges of your modeling career?
Marissa: Toughest challenge as a model is fitting into that model “image”. Everyone wants a different look, sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t…

Jae: Where are you originally from?
Marissa: I am originally from Los Alamitos, CA.

Jae: How would you describe yourself?
Marissa: I would describe myself as very determined and outgoing. I’m fun to be around and love making people smile. I love kids and am incredibly caring person/friend.

Jae: What kind of personalities attracts you the most towards a guy?
Marissa: Definitely has to be able to make me laugh and smile, a very important thing to me! That “bad boy” type, who’s also kind hearted haha.

: Turn on and turn offs?
Marissa: Turn on: someone who is confident, has a great smile, funny and respectful. ~ Turn off: immature “boys”, trying to be “cool” in front of people, just be yourself!

: Has anyone used a pick up line to get your attention?
Marissa: Not really. Sometimes a whistle, most just stare until I walk past them, then they whisper to all their guys friends haha.
Jae: Where would you go for a nice vacation?
Marissa: Hmm, somewhere with a nice beach… Cancun.

: What are your hobbies?
Marissa: I like to paint, I’m into photography too.

: Are there any hidden talents that you would like to share with us?
Marissa: Haha, wouldn’t call it a talent. I played basketball for 7 years, I WAS really good. I haven’t played in a long time!
Jae: What is your favorite food?
Marissa: Sushi!

: What is your dream car?
Marissa: A4

: What type of songs do you listen to?
Marissa: Anything and everything.

Jae: Things you would never leave without?
Marissa: My phone & purse.

Jae: Is there anything your parents don’t know about you?
Marissa: Of course -______- LOL

Jae: What are your future goals?
Marissa: To become a very successful, well known model and obtain a college degree.

Jae: What advice would you tell to an aspiring model?
Marissa: Stay positive and don’t let anyone bring you down!

: Shout outs and last words?
Marissa: Thanks to all my friends, colleagues and loved ones who have supported me this far! Your guys’ continuous love and support does not go unnoticed. And thank you to everyone I have worked with that has promoted me and provided me with great photos. Lastly, thanks everyone at DaYUUM for all the coverage and support <3

Marissa can be contacted at:

Kerryann De La Cruz – Up Close and Personal

Born in Darwin, North Territory, Australia, Kerryann De La Cruz eventually ended up in the States.  Between Montana and what she calls her hometown – Seattle, she eventually settled to Fontana, California. With her tall, slender, and striking girly girl beauty, it’s hard to believe that she is a true motor head.

With over ten-years of motor sports under her belt, she has experienced drag racing with her CR-X, motoring around on 2-wheels, to maneuvering through chicanes and bends; discovering her passion on the track with 4-wheels. You see, Kerryann owns and drives the holy grail of cars, the Skyline GT-R R32, a dream for most, a reality for Kerryann.

In race suit, Kerryann is a competitive driver and owner, with pure determination to achieve her goals. But, don’t allow her stunning smile fool anyone, she took 1st place in the Modified AWD class during Time Attack’s 3rd round in 2011.

With Arctic like weather passing through Southern California, Kerryann De La Cruz toughened out the wind, cold, and our lame sense of humor.

We aren’t going to write everything about Kerryann, but we will let you watch for yourself. We had some good laughs and she was such a trooper with a great sense of humor – it was more than we bargained for or expected.

We want to thank Kerryann for taking time away from her family to join us in the freezing cold. You can contact Kerryann through facebook, twitter, or email.

Special thanks to:
Scott VanderHeide at Fontana Nissan and Nissan RaceShop for accommodating us during business hours.

Shouts to:
Fontana Nissan –
Nissan RaceShop –
Cobb Tuning –
Enkei Wheels –
Sparco –
KW Suspension –
K&W Autobody –
Buddy Club –
Scion Evolution –



PVR Motorsports –

Listen to what Kerryann had to say!

Christine Barnum – Up Close and Personal

Talented, attractive, humorous, and intelligent all describes Ms. Christine Barnum, a self-confessed people-watcher who is also a talented tattoo artist and part-time model.  Through giggles and laughter, Christine tells us about her career, her inspirations, and her hatred towards an over-active, horn-honking, train conductor. She also speaks about her dream of becoming a D.J. and how it began and ended.

But don’t let her charming hotness distract you from her intellectual business sense. She’s on the move and ready to make an impact.

We first ran into Ms. Barnum at the Motion show, her charm and personality hooked us… Ok, maybe it was the glasses or her petite figure. Or, maybe it was her smile. Those are all besides the point, the point is, watch the video and enjoy Ms. Barnum…and don’t forget to watch it to the end.

We thank Christine for allowing us to bug her during business hours and giving us the time and day to chitchat with her.

You can get a hold of Christine through twitter and facebook.

Special thanks to: Showdown Tattoo Parlor and PVR Motorsports.




Ali Marie – Up Close and Personal

Photos/Video: Tony Docuyanan


At first glance she is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, tall. blonde, and tan – the perfect California Girl from Surf City.  We first met Ali Marie at Infinite Auto Designs in Huntington Beach while she was helping and volunteering to wash cars for our good friend Big Abe’s charity car wash event, Suds of Love. It was a hi and bye at first, but as we got to know Ali more from meets, shoots and shows, we realized that Ali was more than a pretty face.  Ali is a very cool, funny, down to earth girl with a positive attitude. Being a fresh face on the scene like us, we all thought that she would be the perfect candidate for our first shoot and video interview. Yeah we all know how Hott and Seksi Ms. Ali Marie is in her pictures, but her bright and fresh personality on video will knock you over and make you say “DaYUUM!” Enjoy the video and photos. –@DaYUUMNilo13



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