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Reiko Motobu Winchell – Up Close and Personal

As we attend to different events, shows, meets, and social functions, we tend to meet a lot of people, heck even on the DaYUUM page we meet people from different parts of the world, but seldom do we get to meet a unique, exotic, and adorable ones like Reiko Motobu Winchell.

A few months ago, Reiko started following our page and we would always notice her comments on some of the pictures we post up, we found some of the comments to be witty and humorous.

A few days later, Reiko shared a few pics with us and asked us to share them which we gladly did. Reiko also told us that she is a model from Japan along with few more tidbits about herself which we found very interesting.

We asked Reiko if she would mind if we asked her a few questions and some pictures of herself to add to a write up. Reiko not only sent us pictures, but she actually set up a whole new shoot just for us, how cool can one girl be?

Here are Q&A’s we did with Reiko, hope you find her as beautiful person inside and out as we did:

DaYUUM: Reiko please tell us a little bit about yourself, your unique and exotic look and how did it come about that you now live in Japan?
Reiko: OK, so I come from a big and warm Ecuadorian family. My mom, an Ecuadorian lady and my dad a Japanese guy, fell in love and got married back in Ecuador about 22 years ago (i was born a year after they got married) lol. 
My dad was a ship mechanic so he was always either overseas or here in Japan while my mom and I lived in Ecuador.
 Spanish is my first language but I was always interested on learning different languages and English was my favorite language even back then, all because I was Britney Spears #1 fan and of course the N’sync and BSB lol. 
They were the reason why I told my mom to put me in an English class so I could sing their songs haha.

I lived in Ecuador until I was 17 right after my high school graduation my dad came home and decided that it’d be best for me to go to Japan to study Japanese and go to college.
 I wasn’t too happy to come, leave all my friends and family and move to a different country in the other side of the world. 
Now I’m glad I did it though, once we got here I started to learn Japanese, got a job and got an interest for modeling.

DaYUUM: So how did you get into the modeling scene there?
Reiko: I’ve always loved modeling since I was little I would go to summer modeling courses just for fun but once I got here I decided to give it a shot and register in a modeling agency. I started making more friends and met a few event promoters which would ask me to do promotional modeling for events or bikini fashion shows for summer events.

I love doing it! It’s so much fun. Now that I moved to Okinawa I’m just trying to meet people in the industry (which isn’t too big) so I can start working as a model again. I’m also working really hard to try and get a feature in an American magazines so people know a little more about me and hopefully I get job offers in the states

DaYUUM: A lot of the import models here follow and copy the styles there, what is it really like to model in Japan, especially for a mixed model such as yourself?
Reiko: um actually there’s a lot of “half” models (if you are half japanese, half something else they call you half) lol mostly Japanese-Caucasian and they usually do clothing modeling or runway or are on TV. 
They love half American, British, NZ, Australian, Hawaiian girls (usually any white skin girl that is half) they love white skin here in Japan you know?  So for a half like me, (brown) lol they usually just think I’m Filipino or Thai so I guess is a good thing that I learn Japanese and that my name is Japanese!

Import Models here, well.. I’d say they’re very different. I had the opportunity to work at the Tokyo Motor show last year and the girls aren’t trying to be sexy.. or maybe they’re trying to be their own version of sexy. lol they like to be more “cute” than sexy. Soft voice, soft girly makeup, pig tails and the skinnier the better. Honestly, unless you have a thing for Japanese girls, I think the US does it better. (IMPORT MODELS WISE) hahaha

DaYUUM: You inspire others with your positive attitude, who inspires you?
Reiko: Who inspires me? My parents! For all we have been through, my dad always away for work to give us the best life and my mom making the mom and dad role when he was gone. She has been working so hard now that my dad can’t work anymore. They are the best and they have inspire me to work hard, chase my dreams and make them proud!

DaYUUM: You seem pretty busy with all your activities, what do you like to do on your free time?
Reiko: On my free time i like to play with my dogs, watch tv and just be lazy lol sometimes, very rare though, I’d feel like working out.. lol

DaYUUM:  Are you a foodie? What do you enjoy eating?
Reiko: I cook! and I cook some delicious food! Or at least I’d like to think so haha! I love making Ecuadorian food! Some seco de pollo or ceviche are my favs! but they usually take a while to make so if I’m hungry or in a rush i’d like to make japanese food because is simple, easy to make and usually healthier!

DaYUUM: So Reiko are you in any US magazines now or have you tried getting into one?
Reiko: I’ve tried to get into almost all of them. Well I’ve gone to a lot of the magazines websites but not many had a submission option and idk how else to contact them. I try to submit to PasMag but the submission in their website didn’t go through 🙁 so I emailed one of the editors but never heard back, I also messaged Super Street.

Lucky for me I found this really cool crew called DAYUUM that has been supporting me since the beginning! They’re awesome!! Hope we get to meet in person soon.

DaYUUM: So who would you like to give some shout outs to ?
Reiko: omg so many people, my parents, my boo, friends, the DAYUUM crew and everyone that have supported me since day uno

Well I sure hope you enjoyed the short insight on Reiko Motobu Winchell, we wish her the best and welcome her to the DaYUUM family as she is now the first ever DaYUUM approved model outside the U.S. and we truly hope to meet her in person soon!

Check out the behinds the scenes video from Belles Lumieres.

Reiko can be reached at : and subscribe to her on Facebook at Reiko Motobu Winchell

Thank you to Belles Lumieres for the shots, and of course, our supporter for taking the time to check this out. Peace -DaYUUMNilo

Bonus pictures provided by Reiko.

Mauricio Ornelas Jr. – Up Close and Personal with Formula Drift Pro Driver

For us, Fontana is a love hate relationship. We love it because of the people we have met, like Scott Vanderheide and Kerryann De La Cruz. But, the hate… Ok hate is a strong word, but we don’t get along.

The first outing was to our one-on-one with Kerryann, we were challenged with arctic like temperatures and threatening thunderclouds – we conquered.  DaYUUM-1, Fontana-0

The second time, we were lucky enough to have an one-on-one with Nissan RaceShops’ Mauricio Ornelas Jr. This time, there was tornado like winds with clashing bay doors and flying debris. We stuck through it – its a draw: DaYUUM-1, Fontana-0, Draw-1

During our trip, drifter John Jimison sat down with Mauricio Ornelas Jr., a self-funded pro driver for Formula Drift, to speak about his career. Mauricio is debuting as a rookie this year for Formula D. Having already been drifting for 8 years, Mauricio drifted competitively for two. Impressive, yes. in the short two years he was able to obtain his Formula Drift license to compete with seasoned drivers such as Dai Yoshihara, Ken Gushi, and Vaughn Jr., just to name a few.

Mauricio speaks about music, his favorite cologne, down to his dream umbrella girl. We wont spoil the ending for you so check out the clip. But, excuse the clatter and some slight sound technicalities. We hope you enjoy it, its one of our longest to date, but well worth it.

You can also catch Mauricio during the first round of Formula Drift in Long Beach on April 6th and 7th or on Facebook at: and

Thank you Mauricio, Scott at Fontana Nissan / Nissan RaceShop for all the time given. PVR Motorsports, John Jimison, and of course our crew!

Special Shout-outs to:

Fontana Nissan

Nissan RaceShop

Bardabe Performance

Borracho Racing

BC Brian Crower

Clutch Masters

CX Racing

Falken Tire

Garrett Turbo

Import Performance Shop

OSR Dyno Shop

Raw Brokerage


Whiteline Flatout

VIS Racing

John Jimison
twiiter @pessimistedisco

Scott VanderHeide

MIkey Dang

“The Million Dollar Shoot” – Behind the Scenes w/ Marissa Hiroko

Another day, another AWESOME photo-shoot with the “DaYUUM CREW!” (LOL). Not that I’m ever going to tell you that this gets old, because then I would really be lying to you! Hahahaha. But I will never stop being amazed at how many people that Nilo and Denny know, and because of that we have all of these incredible opportunities to be a part of the automotive culture that you usually only read about in magazines! As the old saying goes…”It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it.”

The evening started out pretty ordinary. We met in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant and waited for everyone to get there. Then all of the sudden I heard one of the sweetest sounds that could ever pierce a car guy’s ears! It was the sound of a very finely tuned big block engine with deep and throaty pipes, and I was totally tuned in! I looked around and pulling into the lot was a $327,000 Ferrari GTB Fiorano Coupe. “WOW” is just not an adequate enough word to describe my feelings at that point! A 48 valve V-12 with a 6-speed auto clutch manual transmission, pumping out 620HP and it zooms up to 205mph. When you turn the CTS off and it goes into Race Mode, it cancels all traction and stability systems and it takes you from 0 to 62 mph in only 3.4 seconds!

Believe it or not, right behind the Ferrari was a $186,000 Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 that comes in at a respectable 450HP…0 to 60 in 3.8 seconds, and a top speed of 193 mph. But it even gets better, because right behind it was an orange-wrapped Mercedes Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series Coupe that prices at over $100,000. This is a 6.2 liter V-8 cranking out 518HP that does 0 to 60 in 4.3 seconds and can move at 200mph! Needless to say, I was BEYOND IMPRESSED!!!


Denny’s Scion XB was also very impressive next to these super cars because he was carrying the very beautiful Miss Marissa Hiroko, our model for the shoot. After we finally stopped oogling the rides and got our lust back under control we followed this $600,000 caravan to an undisclosed location, in a non-descript industrial complex. Even “the helpful Honda people” couldn’t find this place. But in the heart of this complex lies one of the most KILLER MAN CAVES that I’ve ever seen! Later on I was talking to Nilo and I said…“This has got to be the ultimate Man Cave!” But Nilo told me that Joe’s man cave is even more outrageous than this one. (Now I don’t even know who Joe is, but if his Man Cave tops this one, I’ll just have to see it and report back to you guys later). 😉

Now if you guys can imagine this, we pull up to an extremely plain warehouse and our host unlocks the door and goes inside. The next thing I know is that the big steel roll up door is going up, and as my eyes are adjusting to the light the very first thing I see is a $275,000 Lamborghini All-Wheel Drive DiabloVT 6.0 V-12. We’re talking 543HP @ 7100rpm’s and 0 to 62 in 3.95 seconds, plus it was the very first Lambo to ever top over 200mph…208mph to be exact! VT stands for viscous traction where you can direct 25% of the torque to the front wheels to aid traction during rear wheel slip.

So just when I’m starting to regain my composure, I look to the left and low and behold there is a brand spanking new $387,000 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4!!! With its 700HP V-12, and a Formula One style suspension, this one will get you from 0 to 62mph in only 2.9 seconds and get you up to 217mph if you happen to be late for any appointments. (LOL)




As I’m trying to wrap my mind around the fact that one lucky dude owns both of these KILLER rides, then the owner himself pulls up in his ‘daily driver.’ Now get this, it’s a $275,000 Bentley Continental GT Supersports, a 6.0 liter Twin Turbo V-12 with 560HP that does 0 to 60 in 4.8 seconds! I’m here to tell you that this guy is living VERY RIGHT!!!

“WOW…WOW…WOW!!!” What an absolutely incredible evening, and if you ‘Math Majors’ have been adding this up, that was OVER $1,500,000.00 WORTH OF VEHICLES, and that’s not even counting Denny’s ride! (LOL)

I should also mention the “DaYUUM CREW” project car was there at the shoot. The guys are evaluating the new Scion iQ, with its 94HP, 1.3 liter engine. It springs from o to 60 in 10.8 seconds at 77.1 mph, but more importantly, it added another $16,000 to our evening’s total! “WOW!”

Thank you Noel Barnum that helped take photos for us.

Stay tuned and remember…”I’ll see you out on the streets!”

Chief DéMarks

OEM Audio+ Hearing is Believing – “Clean,” Crisp,” and “Clear.”

Photos Courtesy of: OEM Audio+

The average working class spends a minimum of 3 hours daily in-car laboring the urban sprawl and congestion. Some spend a few more and treat their vehicles as a moving office.  Others relish this time as alone time for relaxation – accompanied by their favorite soft, slow or upbeat tunes.  OEM Audio+ wants to enhance and capture this daily aural experience and take it to the next level by “putting a little more extra to the ordinary.

OEM Audio+ is a company that designs and upgrades the audio systems for Scion vehicles.  Each vehicle sound system is engineered and tailored to a specific Scion vehicle while meeting OEM specifications, superior sound quality and flawless vehicle integration.

There are a number of appealing features that OEM Audio+ sound systems bring to the table and one of them is Ease of installation. The personnel behind OEM Audio+ ensured that the system can be installed by an average “Joe or Jane” – with little or no experience; following the straightforward procedures they prepared and using simple tools for each sound system.  Each OEM Audio+ sound system installation can be completed in 2 to 4 hours of labor, giving each sound system that seal of approval from “do-it-yourself” car enthusiast.

Another engaging feature of OEM Audio+ sound systems is that it “fits like a glove” and utilizes OEM locations. This feature gives the sound system of the vehicle the “stealth-look.” The sound system upgrade may not be physically recognized by an onlooker since upgrades are in the vehicles standard or in concealed locations. Every component was designed and fitted like it was from factory.

Lastly, the real strength of OEM Audio+ sound system is the overall sound improvements that it brings to each Scion vehicle.  Once the system is turned on and put to work, the owner or observer will hear and feel how Scion owners nationwide defined OEM Audio+ vehicle sound systems…“Clean,” “Crisp,” and “Clear.” A philosophy that designers and engineers of OEM Audio+ ensued during the construction of each sound system was to have a system with pieces and elements complementing each other – as oppose to most aftermarket systems designed with an individual component approach.  OEM Audio+ sound systems are closed-loop systems which “include factory speaker replacements, vehicle-specific subwoofer system, 32-bit digital Signal Processing Amplifier and their Quick-Sync Wiring harness for the ultimate Plug-and-Play installation

As OEM Audio+ is quickly making a name in the sound system industry, the personnel behind the company want YOU to be the judge and encourage everyone by saying… “You’ve got to hear it for yourself!!!”

Catch the OEM Audio+ team at your nearest 2012 Scion scheduled events or you can follow them at…

Marissa Hiroko – Up Close and Personal

Marissa Hiroko is fairly new to the modeling scene, but by looking through her portfolio, no one would notice. Born part Japanese and part Caucasian, Ms. Hiroko started modeling in June of 2011. Her photographic artistry and openness combined with her unique beauty quickly made her a photographer’s favorite. Her beauty easily matches her friendly personality. With a slender physique and tall stature,  Ms. Hiroko was able to pull off  shoots from glamour to seksi. She is a passionate and driven individual that won’t take failure as an option. It’s no wonder why she has been so successful in a short period of time.

When we had the opportunity to photograph a few exotics, we knew Ms. Hiroko would be perfect for the job and we had a lot of fun doing it.

We would like to thank Marissa Hiroko for her time and beauty, the owner’s of the Ferrari 599 and Porsche GT3 RS 4.0, Arling and Nick (we will have more on these cars later); Noel Barnum for helping us with the awesome shots (despite all the distractions), and David for the link up.

And of course Mikey from PVR Motorsports for this amazing video!

Oh yeah, we almost forgot 🙂 , between shoots and editing, Jae was able to catch up with her for a few questions… Enjoy!

Name: Marissa Hiroko Masuno
Hometown: Cypress, CA
Ethnicity: Half Japanese, Half Caucasian
Birth date: May 17, 1992
Zodiac sign: Taurus (:
Height: 5’8”
Measurements: 34C-29-37
Occupation: Student & Model
Relationship status: Taken <3

Jae: How long have you been modeling?
Marissa: I have been modeling since June 2011.

Jae: How did you start modeling?
Marissa: I was always told that I should model, so I finally decided to take a shot at it. Set up my first photoshoot with local photographer and from then on, I’ve been trying to work my way up doing lots of shoots and attending events.

Jae: What do you think are your features that makes you attract the crowd as a model?
Marissa: I would say my smile and welcoming attitude, but I mean making sure I look nice helps too hahah.

Jae: Is there anything you would share that’s been a highlight or toughest challenges of your modeling career?
Marissa: Toughest challenge as a model is fitting into that model “image”. Everyone wants a different look, sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t…

Jae: Where are you originally from?
Marissa: I am originally from Los Alamitos, CA.

Jae: How would you describe yourself?
Marissa: I would describe myself as very determined and outgoing. I’m fun to be around and love making people smile. I love kids and am incredibly caring person/friend.

Jae: What kind of personalities attracts you the most towards a guy?
Marissa: Definitely has to be able to make me laugh and smile, a very important thing to me! That “bad boy” type, who’s also kind hearted haha.

: Turn on and turn offs?
Marissa: Turn on: someone who is confident, has a great smile, funny and respectful. ~ Turn off: immature “boys”, trying to be “cool” in front of people, just be yourself!

: Has anyone used a pick up line to get your attention?
Marissa: Not really. Sometimes a whistle, most just stare until I walk past them, then they whisper to all their guys friends haha.
Jae: Where would you go for a nice vacation?
Marissa: Hmm, somewhere with a nice beach… Cancun.

: What are your hobbies?
Marissa: I like to paint, I’m into photography too.

: Are there any hidden talents that you would like to share with us?
Marissa: Haha, wouldn’t call it a talent. I played basketball for 7 years, I WAS really good. I haven’t played in a long time!
Jae: What is your favorite food?
Marissa: Sushi!

: What is your dream car?
Marissa: A4

: What type of songs do you listen to?
Marissa: Anything and everything.

Jae: Things you would never leave without?
Marissa: My phone & purse.

Jae: Is there anything your parents don’t know about you?
Marissa: Of course -______- LOL

Jae: What are your future goals?
Marissa: To become a very successful, well known model and obtain a college degree.

Jae: What advice would you tell to an aspiring model?
Marissa: Stay positive and don’t let anyone bring you down!

: Shout outs and last words?
Marissa: Thanks to all my friends, colleagues and loved ones who have supported me this far! Your guys’ continuous love and support does not go unnoticed. And thank you to everyone I have worked with that has promoted me and provided me with great photos. Lastly, thanks everyone at DaYUUM for all the coverage and support <3

Marissa can be contacted at:

I’m DJ Skitz

I started DJ’n when I was about 10 years old, playing music for family parties using 2 tape-decks and a realistic mixer from Radio Shack. Then when I was a freshman in high school I started practicing with my buddy Eronic. He had 2 belt-drive technics and we went through a lot of mixers (Realistic, Numark, Gemini, etc.). We then eventually moved up to using 1200’s. I’ve been collecting vinyl since the 90’s (even before i had my very own turntables) and I would easily drop my whole pay check at record shops sometimes. I had to have 2 of the same vinyls for every track (one to throw in the instrumental, the other to throw in the vocals) IT WASN’T CHEAP.

Technology is designed to make our lives easier. I probably wouldn’t be DJ’n today if it wasn’t for a program called Serato. It’s basically a program that allows me to play my music on my laptop using my mixer and turntables. So instead of bringing milk crates of records to parties, I would just bring a laptop/mixer/2 turntables with me. The program basically extended my DJ’n career. There is no way I would carry crates of records to a gig these days (unless it’s a strictly vinyl event like “beat swapmeet”). Serato is being used by same DJ’s i grew up listening to like Mixmaster Mike, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and The Beatjunkies just to name a few. If you think a person on Serato isn’t a real DJ, then you have it all twisted and I encourage you to do some homework before you decide to judge. But, nothing can replace buying and collecting records (which is why i still buy records every now and then).

Here is a sample of my work.


Kerryann De La Cruz – Up Close and Personal

Born in Darwin, North Territory, Australia, Kerryann De La Cruz eventually ended up in the States.  Between Montana and what she calls her hometown – Seattle, she eventually settled to Fontana, California. With her tall, slender, and striking girly girl beauty, it’s hard to believe that she is a true motor head.

With over ten-years of motor sports under her belt, she has experienced drag racing with her CR-X, motoring around on 2-wheels, to maneuvering through chicanes and bends; discovering her passion on the track with 4-wheels. You see, Kerryann owns and drives the holy grail of cars, the Skyline GT-R R32, a dream for most, a reality for Kerryann.

In race suit, Kerryann is a competitive driver and owner, with pure determination to achieve her goals. But, don’t allow her stunning smile fool anyone, she took 1st place in the Modified AWD class during Time Attack’s 3rd round in 2011.

With Arctic like weather passing through Southern California, Kerryann De La Cruz toughened out the wind, cold, and our lame sense of humor.

We aren’t going to write everything about Kerryann, but we will let you watch for yourself. We had some good laughs and she was such a trooper with a great sense of humor – it was more than we bargained for or expected.

We want to thank Kerryann for taking time away from her family to join us in the freezing cold. You can contact Kerryann through facebook, twitter, or email.

Special thanks to:
Scott VanderHeide at Fontana Nissan and Nissan RaceShop for accommodating us during business hours.

Shouts to:
Fontana Nissan –
Nissan RaceShop –
Cobb Tuning –
Enkei Wheels –
Sparco –
KW Suspension –
K&W Autobody –
Buddy Club –
Scion Evolution –



PVR Motorsports –

Listen to what Kerryann had to say!

Rich’s Shrimp Shack & Tropical Shave Ice

..…….That’s the greeting you get when you walk into the storefront for “Tropical Shave Ice” and “Rich’s Shrimp Shack“. Having newly opened in the city of West Covina. The feel of Hawaii is definitely present here, everything from the people to the decor. Having these two in one storefront is a match made in heaven. What started as two separate gourmet food trucks has now turned into a storefront housing both of these must have eats! I have never been to the islands of Hawaii, and if this is a small taste of what they can bring. Then sign me up and book my ticket.

Rich’s Shrimp Shack has brought the taste of Hawaiian style shrimp to the states. From what I hear, it’s as close as you can get to the real deal. Their menu includes: Garlic Butter shrimp, Cocoanut Lime shrimp, both available spicy or non-spicy, Citrus Chicken, Tilapia, and Loco Moco. Each plate also include steamed rice. They are continually coming up with new ideas for their growing menu. So be on the lookout for newly added items. I will have to tell you that my favorite plate is the “Spicy Cocoanut Lime”. I mean everything is good so don’t hold back on trying it all! What also makes this food so good is that it is made to order, which makes it as fresh as can be. It will take a few minutes, but the wait is well worth it.

Tropical Shave Ice also brings their take on a Hawaiian classic, shaved ice. Their mission statement, “To introduce and serve our customers with the best Hawaiian Style Shave Ice one cup at a time. We want our customer to feel the warm Aloha Spirit not only from our store/truck but also our flavors,” and they have flavor galore. Including Banana, Passion Fruit, Lilikoi, Tigers Blood(no its not really Tigers Blood), Cotton Candy, and many more. They also have favorite combinations, like, Rainbow, The 808, Da Kine, and Keanu, just to name a few. There are so many flavor combinations that you could keep coming back and it’ll be like your first time all over again. With the finely shaven ice and all the different flavor combinations you cannot go wrong.

If you’re a foodie like me, and want the “ono kine grinds”. I hope I said that right! Make sure to add this as a place to stop!!! Aloha and Mahalo!!!!


Here are a few extra pics from their grand opening….



Christine Barnum – Up Close and Personal

Talented, attractive, humorous, and intelligent all describes Ms. Christine Barnum, a self-confessed people-watcher who is also a talented tattoo artist and part-time model.  Through giggles and laughter, Christine tells us about her career, her inspirations, and her hatred towards an over-active, horn-honking, train conductor. She also speaks about her dream of becoming a D.J. and how it began and ended.

But don’t let her charming hotness distract you from her intellectual business sense. She’s on the move and ready to make an impact.

We first ran into Ms. Barnum at the Motion show, her charm and personality hooked us… Ok, maybe it was the glasses or her petite figure. Or, maybe it was her smile. Those are all besides the point, the point is, watch the video and enjoy Ms. Barnum…and don’t forget to watch it to the end.

We thank Christine for allowing us to bug her during business hours and giving us the time and day to chitchat with her.

You can get a hold of Christine through twitter and facebook.

Special thanks to: Showdown Tattoo Parlor and PVR Motorsports.




Rest In Peace Dan Wheldon

Dan WheldonPhoto courtesy of ID Agency.

It’s Monday, the day after the horrifying death of Dan Wheldon at Las Vegas Motor Speedway’s 1.5 mile oval with 20 degree turns and 9 degree straights. The high banking results in super high speeds. These open-wheel IndyCars can reach 225 MPH and run 3 or 4 wide. I followed IndyCar religiously in the 90’s when they were called CART but after many financial failures, loss of sponsors, and mismanagement I stopped following it. I still attend the Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach on an annual basis just to see how some of my favorite drivers are progressing in the field. Some have become team owners, some are still drivers.

It’s only today that was I able to carefully watch video footage of the collision, flipping through pictures, and reading stories, all brought back memories of many fatalities involving open-wheel racing. Some come to mind are…


Greg Moore at Fontana,


Jeff Krosnoff at Toronto,


and of course Ayrton Senna at Imola.


In 1996, I was at the U.S. 500 in Michigan when Adrian Fernandez’s wheel came detached during a 200MPH collision and launched into the spectator stand. The wheel and debris injured 9 people and killed 3. After that race CART mandated wheel tethers to the keep that from happening again.


I’m still at a complete lost for words as I view the videos and images. They show carbon fiber scraps raining from the sky, cars lifting off, sparks flying, and fireballs with comet like tails. It looked more like a staged production from Transformers, instead these were real images, real effects, and real lives. They were so graphic that it doesn’t even leave any room for imagination. This crash took out 15 cars and red flagged the race.

As exciting ovals are for spectators, I feel it doesn’t have a place in open-wheel racing. It’s a recipe for disaster – a human catapult. Sunday was an example of that. A small speedway with high banking is like throwing frozen berries in a high-speed blender with the lid off. We all know when entering the career of motor sports, the possibilities of injuries or fatalities are magnified exponentially but it is still a tragedy when one is lost. I hope the IndyCar league will take a good look at their track schedule in the near future and put aside contractual greed for lives.

We get so caught up in our daily lives, already planning trip for the winter or the summer. The fact is we are all susceptible to any harm at any time. Any loss is tragic especially ones that are taken so suddenly. Rest In Peace Dan Wheldon. Condolences to the family.

I’m not down to take copyright images, so here is a link to Wall Street Journal.


Ali Marie – “C-Ali-fornia Dreami’n”

When we started to throw around the idea of putting together a DaYUUM! Facebook page back in June or maybe even a site, I envisioned nice shots of cars or a beautiful fresh-faced California girl with a great photographer. So when I spotted a beautiful blonde a few months back, I knew she had to be the one for that idea. Too much surprise, my good friend and photographer extraordinaire Mr. John Salangsang was thinking the same thing. While he was taking shots of her with the Purple machine at a local gathering, he said, “If you can get in contact with her, I’ll shoot your cars.”

Ali washing car and with me.

Without hesitation I said “Deal!” Soon after I was hard at work like a hound trying to get in touch with the mystery blonde that took over the charity car wash event with her good looks and cool attitude. Come to find out her name was Ali Marie and she modeled for a local clothing company called Rehv Clothing based out of Huntington Beach which is also where Ali is from. When I got in contact with her, she was easy to talk to, really chill and was gracious enough to take the photos, even with her very busy schedule as a mixologist at 2 local establishments.

Although Ali has not been in the scene too long, she was a natural in front of the camera, with her Cali girl good looks, dimples, pretty smile, and never ending legs. We were all mesmerized including John, because he didn’t even take any full pictures of the cars! Ha-ha, but I don’t blame him, because they were just props and Ali was the main focus.  We were very lucky to have John Salangsang shoot and for Ali to be our first featured model on the site.  It’s obvious we are very happy with the photos. We appreciate the time Ali Marie and John Salangsang put in for this shoot and we hope you all like them as much as we did.



Ali Marie – Up Close and Personal

Photos/Video: Tony Docuyanan


At first glance she is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, tall. blonde, and tan – the perfect California Girl from Surf City.  We first met Ali Marie at Infinite Auto Designs in Huntington Beach while she was helping and volunteering to wash cars for our good friend Big Abe’s charity car wash event, Suds of Love. It was a hi and bye at first, but as we got to know Ali more from meets, shoots and shows, we realized that Ali was more than a pretty face.  Ali is a very cool, funny, down to earth girl with a positive attitude. Being a fresh face on the scene like us, we all thought that she would be the perfect candidate for our first shoot and video interview. Yeah we all know how Hott and Seksi Ms. Ali Marie is in her pictures, but her bright and fresh personality on video will knock you over and make you say “DaYUUM!” Enjoy the video and photos. –@DaYUUMNilo13



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