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Beats ‘n Pieces – LA

During the summer, we had the opportunity to visit an art show called Beats ‘n Pieces (bts ‘n pcs), a production put on by Faded. It was a collaboration between many street artists with music, notably Rhettmatic of the world famous Beat Junkies.

I met Scott of Faded in February of this year when we took a stroll to their previous show called Pins ‘n Pieces, which was a fund raiser for Rob Strawder. Anyways, Scott was kind enough to contact me and opened their doors to us with open arms. At, the same time, a few guys from NASA contacted Nilo to inform him of the event as well.

The event consisted of many artists such as Czer, Just195, and Rich One from the NASA Crew. Montana Colors was on hand and supplied the cans. This venue was much bigger than Pins ‘n Pieces since it was held at Lucky Strike previously, so there was definitely more elbow room.

The focus was a live painting which spanned a good 30ft by 10ft tall and around the venue there were large canvases with other artists painting live as well.

The event included a bar, a dance area, live painting, and an art exhibition section.

Take a look at what we experienced, it took a little while for us to get this feature up and we apologize for that. We can’t wait for the next event. It was great seeing Scott from Faded, and meeting up with the crew at NASA.

Much love…


DaYUUM! Jam HIWAiian Style , Sat. June 2, 2012

A celebration of the summer season with old and new friends, B-day celebrants and party goers.

Come join us and chill with us at HIWA restaurant & bar in the city of Cerritos. A full bar is provided with drink specials, an open kitchen for eats and a big outside patiofor your smoking pleasure.

Musical stylings and video mixing will be provided by DJ Skitz of Awthentik Vibes.

We are also celebration a few Birthdays including:
Maricel Miranda and Ritchie Paracuelles so you know it’s gonna be packed.

This is a one time event so don’t miss out. Please spread the word and tell your friends.

We hope to see you all and remember that this event is FREE w/ NO COVER CHARGE !

For more info, check out our facebook event page.

REALM Reference Grade Headphones by Scosche – RH1056

When traveling or attending an all day event there are a few essential pieces I always need to take with me. One is my Scosche goBAT II portable charger and back-up battery with the syncABLE II and the Scosche IDR653md earbuds. These are the bare minimum I pack on the go.

I do have an arsenal of Scosche products, because I like their designs and their knowledge of what consumers’ needs are.

I use my Scosche IDR653md on a daily basis, whether it’s for hands-free in the car or blocking out annoyances during flights.

When Scosche announced an over-the-ear reference headphone at SEMA 2011, I immediately needed them. I needed them to fill the void in my Scosche arsenal, plus it would be great during video edit sessions.

A few months later, I was lucky enough to get my hands on not only the Realm Reference Headphones (RH1056) but I was also got my paws on a pair of Realm In Ear Monitors (IEM856).

This time around I want to focus on the RH1000 Series of over-the-ear headphones.

The Packaging


I wanted to emphasis a little bit on the packaging. Overall, “it’s always the first impression that counts.” I was pleasantly impressed by the heavy stock that was being used, along with the descriptive diagrams and contrasting colors on the packaging itself. The spot UV on the product image balances out perfectly with the matte-black finish while highlighting what is important. The details on this package carried itself all the way to the Realm logo wallpapered on the outer casing of the inner sleeve.  A touch that is very classy.

The yellow lining was so in your face that got you excited once it was opened.

Inside was a rubberized-foam hard case with a nicely placed Scosche logo and heavy-duty zipper. When opened, the Realm RH1056 is placed neatly folded into its place. Inside the kangaroo pouch, were many adapters: like the standard 3.5mm jack, 3.5mm to 1/4″ adapter, PC adapter for gaming and VoIP, and their infamous tapLINE remote and mic. All of the cables are a flat wire to eliminate or lessen tangling. It also includes a soft travel pouch and a cleaning cloth.

The Construction

The shell is constructed of a high-impact polycarbonate material and pinned using hex screws around the folding hinges.

The driver is a 40mm precision wound copper voice coil coupled with a rare-earth neodymium magnet for weight and efficiency. The driver is surround by a finely engineered ported sound chamber.

For comfort, visolastic memory foam is wrapped with supple genuine leather for over-the-ear and head comfort.

The Listening
For the listening source I chose what I would use on a daily basis: a MacBook Pro, Gen 5 video iPod and a HTC Incredible 2, an android based phone. I listened to a variety of tracks from different artists, random YouTube clips, and a couple video editing sessions.

I have to admit, I don’t listen to much hip hop because I am more intrigued by physical instruments rather than electronic samples, beats, and voice synthesizers. Although there are some pretty sick beats being created today, but when I need to enjoy music, I need to hear the bass, guitar, drums, vocals, and every filler in between. There is nothing more amazing than being able to listen to your favorite band and visualize actually being at a live show.

I’m a big fan of acoustic and live recordings because of the raw detail in them and when I first cued up Alanis Morissette’s, Jagged Little Pill Acoustic, I was blown away. The vocals were clearly front-staged and the guitars were in their perspective channels. I could clearly visualize the acoustic guitar on the right and bass on the left. The string noise added so much realism into the music and was picked up well in the Realm headphones. Bass was well controlled and solid.

Another favorite album of mine is Madonna’s, Immaculate Collection. Some may frown on it, but tracks like “La Isla Bonita” has a detailed guitar solo section, with hand drums, and various hand shakers throughout. All were well defined in the background while Madonna’s voice was apparent in the front.

I also needed to test the Realms on The Eagles’, Hell Freezes Over CD. My favorite tracks are “Hotel California” and “Take It Easy.” Having been to their show at the Rose Bowl during their Hell Freezes Over tour I kind of knew what to expect. I love the long guitar interlude which lead to Don Henley’s distinctive voice and was reproduced with excellence.

I then wanted to venture in a little different route from the acoustic forms and cued up another favorite classic, Dr. Dre’s, The Chronic. Of course, “Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang” was immediately chosen. I wanted to see how it could handle lower bass notes. Without a doubt they were very well controlled and had good extension. The Realms actually picked up more high-end details than his own self branded headphones.

I even decided to listen to a heavier bass track, “Like a G6” from Far East Movement and it surprised me how well controlled the extension was. It was clean and undistorted.

It’s been a while since I have had an over-the-ear headset, but I could still remember the experience I had with my Sony on a few tracks back then. The Realms really brought that experience back – something that lacked in my music listening lately. One of the most beneficial experiences that I’ve had with the Realms was that I never got listening fatigue. It often happens to me on an unbalanced headset or audio system.

The addition, Scosche’s tapLINE III is very convenient to advance music, launch the music player, and control the volume. It worked wonderfully on the MacBook Pro.

The only drawback with the Realm is they are difficult to sleep with at night since I like to sleep on my side.

Contributor Jay concludes:

The new high end folding Realm Series headphones from Scosche, gave my iPod tunes a new breath of life and excitement. The driver, coils and magnets used on the Realm Series headphones produced clear, precise and on-point musical production no matter what genre I listened to. The super soft –memory foams contoured to the ears easily and didn’t make it hurt even after more than 3 hours of use. Also, need not to worry about getting your tunes cut off due to low batteries as these are not needed. As you’re ready to tuck away the easy folding Realm series, the kit comes with a travel pouch, which includes gold plated audio cables, adapters and clips. The Scosche Realm series headphones looked sleek and backed up its design with an astounding sound at an affordable price. This is definitely a “Must Have” accessory for the music lovers.

For more information on Scosche products, visit their web site. at

As a DaYUUM reader, we can offer you 20% off on your sale of all Scosche products by using “DAYUUM” at check out.

Pins N Pieces by Faded and NASA Crew

Although there are other projects that need attention, I wanted to move this entry up just a little before everyone else’s.

The DaYUUM crew is a diverse group of individuals with a centric bond that revolves around the automotive scene. When we set to start DaYUUM, we wanted to bring our readers – people, things, and places that inspires our ideas, thoughts, and passion – Art being one of them.

During the week  we got tipped from the NASA Crew of an event that was being held at Lucky Strike in Orange, California. It’s called, Pins•N•Pieces by Faded.

We pushed this entry up because this event is also a fundraiser and charity event for Rob Strawder. We don’t know Rob Strawder personally, but a simple URL directed us to his page. Rob was unfortunately caught in a house fire that severely burned his body and is currently in critical condition. He has about 2 to 3 months left in the hospital and a long recovery ahead. Pins•N•Pieces is a fundraiser to help with his recovery.

We wanted to cover this event to show our support and pay our contribution to humanity. Everyone needs a little help from time to time, so a little support goes a long way, and DaYUUM was happy to be there. Plus any show backed by the NASA Crew has our support.  Why? You see, NASA Crew was and still is the sickest crew in our town. They shined during the 80’s and 90’s, and since then, they are still throwing up pieces with world-wide recognition.

At the event, there were several art pieces surrounding the private section of Lucky Strike.

NASA had a large 16’x5′ canvas piece in the lane area of the alley, along with several other pieces on small tables.

Other artists also had their work on display as well, like Just195 and TIny.

There were several techniques used such as watercolors, acrylic on canvas, wood, bowling pins – it was a diverse mixture of different mediums.

In the patio area there was live screen printing for shirts made-to-order. They were cranking those out all night long.

While waiting for my shirt I was approached by a gentlemen, Scott. At first I thought he was going to kick me out because I was being a loner and snapping photos all willy-nilly, but he introduced himself and handed me his card to send him photos. He turned out to be a cool dude. Scott is part of Faded , the company that organized and collaborated with NASA on this event. He explained to me how they organize many events around L.A. and their events are a way to give back to the community. At the same time, help artists display an art form that is typically frowned upon. We both happened to grow up in the same hometown and had a lot of commonality regarding graffiti art, so you know, there will be more of these exhibits we will be attending.

It was good times and I look forward to future events with Faded and NASA Crew.

PS – I need to get my hands on that dope Faded Beat n’Pieces T.



CES 2012 – DaYUUM’s Best OF

If you ever been to CES, The Consumer Electronics Show, you will know that its a bit overwhelming, even if you attend for the full 4-days. But, try and pull that off in 1-day. This was my 7th or 8th time attending CES and I haven’t been back there since 2006 so I was expecting a lot of change.

CES is the largest show in Las Vegas,  with SEMA running a very close second. CES boasts an attendee number of over 154,000, inflated? Maybe. It’s a large show though. It contains anything electronic, from TV’s to robotic floor sweepers, and mobile phones – in short a gadget geek’s dream house.

On the morning of January 12th,  I was up at 5AM. It was an attempt to attend CES, then drive home at the conclusion of the day. I jumped into the car with a few idiots, one being Neil, and we drove the 280 miles.

The main agenda, mobile electronics section in the North Hall and TV’s in the Central, everything else was a bonus.

I am going to let the pictures do the talking, but here are some DaYUUM approved gadgets.

Of course, the DaYUUM of the show…


LG Cinema 3D Smart TV and…

the awesome 55″ OLED 4mm thin TV. Extraordinary blacks and vivid colors.

Panasonic’s 152″ TV in the center, it makes the 60’s surrounding it look like baby monitors.

then there were the 4Ks.. and 8Ks from Sharp

Sharp’s arsenal of 80″, 70″, and 60″.. The 60″ looks like a computer monitor compared to the 80″

Mitsubishi’s 92″ 3D

We continued in the Central hall with overwhelming fright. The booths were so large and the isle were narrow. Its like being an ant in a forest.

North hall is where most of the vehicles were at.

We spotted Rick Bottom’s Cruze in Metras booth.

Rick Bottom’s Ford SHO in MTX’s booth

The Five Axis GS in Pioneers booth

and this cool Scion xD in one of Scosche‘s booths.

The north hall also housed,



and Ford, which introduced their Evos concept car,

and the 2013 Ford Fusion.

In addition to cars, the north hall had the iLounge. Pretty much it is almost everything “i”. Cases, headphones, earbuds, and novelty items. In the iLounge and a few isles down was Scosche‘s other booth. It was more focused on mobile accessories such as headphones and charging accessories.

These were one of Scosche’s accolades, a iLounge 2012 winner for a Bluetooth reference headphones with integrated remote and mic.

a couple over-the-ear headphones

and cool earbuds. (sorry for the horrible pic.)

Polk Audio had some as well.

There was so much cool stuff for iPhones like these telephoto lenses.

Underwater casing

13db Horn Stand for the iPhone

Novelty headset

Bling-Bling with Swarovski crystals

Laser keyboard by Celluon called Magic Cube. It types and has a mouse as well.

In the south hall was slew off cool stuff as well… Motorized cleaning robots, removable storage, and more headphones.

I really love the packaging on the Marshall pieces

Their display wall was dope. It seemed like every headphone company had color headphones, with matching packaging. Makes for a colorful display.

Like Skullcandy

I love the color on the Seinsheimer.

and check out these 64G storage cards.

And Swiss Army storage knives.

This one was 1TB with a cost of $3000

And, if you exhibit at CES and spend 50+ thousand, do not come with a tattered booth like this… It amazed me that any company that spends so much money to represent at the largest electronic show brings a busted up display. I don’t even know what this company does but they had a 10×50 or so on each side of the isle.

Their booth.

yes, it is blue packing tape securing the corners. This was typical of the whole booth. Tosy if you are reading, invest in your booth and crates for proper representation.

A day trip to Vegas can be a bit much and draining, but do a day trip to Vegas and walk a 4-day show in a short 6 hours was very draining. On the upside, no one had the chance to gamble so we all won in that sense.

Neil best summed it up with this…

That’s a wrap on CES 2012.

Here are a couple things I learned about CES:

-There are no “young” people at CES. I don’t think I saw anyone in there thirties at the show.

-There are a lot, and I mean a lot of Asians and Europeans walking around CES (of course none younger then 40).

-The booths at CES are insane, over the top, massive, mind blowing.

-Headphones, headphones, and more headphones.

-Phone cases, phone covers, phone protectors, anything and everything that covers phones was on display.

-TV’s, TV’s, and more TV’s (wowers).

-A 152″ TV is really as big as it seams.

-Everyone was promoting 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D TV’s.

-There were a total of like 6 cars at CES, you see more cars by the taxi line at SEMA (would have been cool to see more cars at CES.

-Walking the main / central hall at CES can be completely overwhelming
I have never got lost at SEMA, I got lost on more then one occasion walking around CES (when the booth go from the ground to the ceiling and there are no isles, it is very easy to lose track of where you are walking).

-CES can make any guy very depressed, there are so many cool gadgets and TV’s and you can’t take any of them home with you!

Last but certainly not least, if you are going to take photos of products in a booth ran by Asians, get ready to be yelled at and given the dirty look (haha Denny, sucka!)

Did I mention that everyone and their mom’s are now selling headphones, phone covers, oh yeah CES can and mostly like is completely overwhelming for everyone!

CES 2012 was pretty cool, and I wouldn’t mind going back next year to see the 252″ TV!


These Kicks Are Made for Walkin’

You may not easily realize this but you may have used and abused a specific item that you possess.  I know, I know what you guys and gals are thinking… obvious answers would be your cell phone, ipod, ipad, wallet, credit / debit cards, and keys.  Well aside from those things, you may have a favorite pair of flip-flops, sandals, vans, chucks or even a pair of boots that you’ll put on to kick around the house, grocery shopping, walks on the beach or just simply hanging out with friends. Keeping our feet comfy, unrestricted, relaxed and away from blisters is like a habit that is often overlooked.  For me, I would be kickin it with my Nike Free Runs.

Originally released in 2005, Nike released the very comfy and lightweight Free’s targeting runners, track and marathon athletes, and your casual young and old joggers.  Similar to 1970’s legendary University of Oregon track coach Bill Bowerman; pouring rubber into his wife’s waffle iron to create a new running shoe sole,   Nike pushed its engineers to revolutionize a shoe that will cushion, support and protect one’s feet but still felt and simulated running barefoot.

While looking for answers interviewing coaches and athletes, Nike engineers and designers came across Vin Lananna, who was the track coach of Stanford University.  During the discussions, V. Lananna shared an unusual routine that’s part of his athletes training – He had them run barefoot on grass.  The coach mentioned that this routine kept his athletes stronger and less prone to injuries.  As Nike engineers and designers were so intrigued with this statement, they assembled 10 men and 10 women to run without shoes on grass.  Equipped with high speed cameras and paper-thin pressure sensors to measure joint angles and foot impact, the engineers and designers had a comprehensive understanding of the biomechanics running barefoot.

Like most kicks out in the market, shoe design always aims to protect, stabilize and cushion the foot.  All these factors put together, most of the time a lot of motion are restricted and confined hence the challenge of emulating a barefoot walking or running experience. Nike answered these challenges by designing the Free project with superb flexibility, deep-grooved and channeled sole.  This design gave one’s foot more movement, the toes flex and grip as well as using underutilized foot muscles normally overlooked by traditional footwear.

Nike envisioned designating each Free version with a number – “1” aimed for runners who needed with less support and “12” was designed like a traditional running shoe.  As the numbering system was lost in translation, the Nike Free was re-launched with a mid-performance 7 ounce model, dubbed as the Nike Free Run+.

Judging from the reviews and statements that I’ve read and heard, the Nike Free Run+ was a huge success.  Not only did it achieve athletes’ quest for a barefoot style footwear but maintained cushion and foot protection.  These kicks seemed to be popular not just to athletes but young and old as well as medical and healthcare representatives due to its featherweight and comfort properties.

Due to the success of the Nike Free Run+ release, it encouraged Nike to put a new flavor and bring back the successful Air Huarache line by putting this in fusion with the innovative sole of the Free Run+ – I must say that this is another recipe for success and I will for sure put them to test as I got my pairs ready for action – 2012 Quick Strike (QS) Air Huarache Free pack.

So if you catch me sporting my Free Runs – “Avert your eyes, because it’s been known to hypnotize…” …just means I’m kickin it “Happy Feet Style.”  =P

Until the next one… Peace!  – jp

I’m DJ Skitz

I started DJ’n when I was about 10 years old, playing music for family parties using 2 tape-decks and a realistic mixer from Radio Shack. Then when I was a freshman in high school I started practicing with my buddy Eronic. He had 2 belt-drive technics and we went through a lot of mixers (Realistic, Numark, Gemini, etc.). We then eventually moved up to using 1200’s. I’ve been collecting vinyl since the 90’s (even before i had my very own turntables) and I would easily drop my whole pay check at record shops sometimes. I had to have 2 of the same vinyls for every track (one to throw in the instrumental, the other to throw in the vocals) IT WASN’T CHEAP.

Technology is designed to make our lives easier. I probably wouldn’t be DJ’n today if it wasn’t for a program called Serato. It’s basically a program that allows me to play my music on my laptop using my mixer and turntables. So instead of bringing milk crates of records to parties, I would just bring a laptop/mixer/2 turntables with me. The program basically extended my DJ’n career. There is no way I would carry crates of records to a gig these days (unless it’s a strictly vinyl event like “beat swapmeet”). Serato is being used by same DJ’s i grew up listening to like Mixmaster Mike, DJ Jazzy Jeff, and The Beatjunkies just to name a few. If you think a person on Serato isn’t a real DJ, then you have it all twisted and I encourage you to do some homework before you decide to judge. But, nothing can replace buying and collecting records (which is why i still buy records every now and then).

Here is a sample of my work.


Rich’s Shrimp Shack & Tropical Shave Ice

..…….That’s the greeting you get when you walk into the storefront for “Tropical Shave Ice” and “Rich’s Shrimp Shack“. Having newly opened in the city of West Covina. The feel of Hawaii is definitely present here, everything from the people to the decor. Having these two in one storefront is a match made in heaven. What started as two separate gourmet food trucks has now turned into a storefront housing both of these must have eats! I have never been to the islands of Hawaii, and if this is a small taste of what they can bring. Then sign me up and book my ticket.

Rich’s Shrimp Shack has brought the taste of Hawaiian style shrimp to the states. From what I hear, it’s as close as you can get to the real deal. Their menu includes: Garlic Butter shrimp, Cocoanut Lime shrimp, both available spicy or non-spicy, Citrus Chicken, Tilapia, and Loco Moco. Each plate also include steamed rice. They are continually coming up with new ideas for their growing menu. So be on the lookout for newly added items. I will have to tell you that my favorite plate is the “Spicy Cocoanut Lime”. I mean everything is good so don’t hold back on trying it all! What also makes this food so good is that it is made to order, which makes it as fresh as can be. It will take a few minutes, but the wait is well worth it.

Tropical Shave Ice also brings their take on a Hawaiian classic, shaved ice. Their mission statement, “To introduce and serve our customers with the best Hawaiian Style Shave Ice one cup at a time. We want our customer to feel the warm Aloha Spirit not only from our store/truck but also our flavors,” and they have flavor galore. Including Banana, Passion Fruit, Lilikoi, Tigers Blood(no its not really Tigers Blood), Cotton Candy, and many more. They also have favorite combinations, like, Rainbow, The 808, Da Kine, and Keanu, just to name a few. There are so many flavor combinations that you could keep coming back and it’ll be like your first time all over again. With the finely shaven ice and all the different flavor combinations you cannot go wrong.

If you’re a foodie like me, and want the “ono kine grinds”. I hope I said that right! Make sure to add this as a place to stop!!! Aloha and Mahalo!!!!


Here are a few extra pics from their grand opening….



J’s Addiction

There is a great possibility that basketball season this year will be cut short or will never happen at all due to the looming lockout that the NBA is currently plagued.  Both NBA Players Association and Team owners are still trying to straighten out issues.  But it seems that these guys are not in a hurry to resolve their differences and work out their demands.   While wishing basketball season will start this year, I’ve decided to uplift myself by writing about someone that truly changed NBA basketball – the game, as well as the money-making sneaker industry side of things.

A stellar career at the University of North Carolina started it all; where he led the Tar Heels to an NCAA Championship in 1982. He was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1984, picking him third at the NBA draft.  He mesmerized his fans with grace, finesse and tongue-out drive to the basket moves which he backed up with accolades and accomplishments that included five MVP awards, six NBA Finals MVP awards, 14 NBA All-Star Game appearances, 10 NBA scoring titles, NBA Defensive Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year Awards, two Olympic Gold Medals and six NBA titles – Furthermore, the only player in NBA history to win back-to-back regular season and NBA Finals MVP awards.  In 2004, he revealed a passion for motorcycle racing and founded MJ Motorsports.  He purchased part of the Charlotte Bobcats franchise in 2010.  I can still go on and on and on but by this time you already know who I’m describing – Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

Michael Jordan, a well-known icon and epitome of the NBA, a business mogul, earned himself nicknames such as “His Airness”, “Air Jordan”, and “MJ”.  Michael Jordan made such a significant impact when he entered the NBA that he changed and transformed the outlook of the athletic footwear industry.   Nike of course tried to capitalize on his popularity by exciting the fans and sneakerheads with annual releases of “Air Jordan” which started in 1984. When every player was sporting the boring white high and low tops, “His Airness” captivated his fans with bold colors of red, black and white that matched the Chicago jersey color ways.  There was even a time where Nike opted to make a statement and paid for Jordan’s $5000 NBA fine (due the non-conforming look of his kicks / against the norm) for every game that he wore the red and black color way of the Air Jordan I during home or away games.   Even after retirement, his marketability remained untouched.  Nike kept a separate division dedicated to Jordan-esque style, elegance, poise and commitment, which brings us to the “Jordan Brand”.  Nike was so confident with MJ that they gambled and chose to replace the all so famous “Swoosh” logo after the first Air Jordan release with Jordan’s image of his free throw line dunk.  The dunk that made us believe that man can levitate… hang in the air… fly like a superhero.

It may be years now since the series of “J’s”, as most people will call them, had been released under the Jordan Brand.  A number of “J” fusion versions came out to revive the sneak excitement of the past but it’s nowhere close to the originals.  The young-once and young’ins today long for original color ways and versions of the “J’s”.  Nike heard this cry and saw a new market for bringing back the ol’skul styling of the Air Jordans.  Why won’t Nike listen to this cry when way back when… a pair of Jordans was $80-$120. Now, a pair would for a minimum cost $150-$500 depending on the Air Jordan version.  I must say that the most popular Air Jordans were versions 1 through 14 – however, the J – III, IV, VI, IX, XI and XII are considered the most sellable sneaks and can drive prices up depending on the color way or edition.

Well now if you’ve been waiting to get a hold of reasonably priced brand new “J’s”, the wait is over – last year and especially this year seemed to be the year of the J-retros.   The young once and young’ins can now get and enjoy the beloved Jordan retro kicks.   Here’s a cheat sheet that I would like to share – release dates that you may want to mark your calendars.

MJ definitely had his ups and downs in his career but there is no doubt that MJ always had that swagger that not only changed the game of basketball but turned a new chapter in the world of kicksology.  He will always be imitated by ball players but there will only be one “Air Jordan”.  Just like I’ve always said, you may not jump and fly as high as Mike, you may not have the first step that leaves opponents behind just like Mike but you can always rock J’s and relive the Jordan legacy in you.  Until the next one…  – JP


See some of Michael Jordan’s – Top 10 MJ Game Dunks



– (Release Dates)

– (AJ 1-23 Pics)






Eric Haze’s – New Mathematics

Dodging L.A. Traffic on a Sunday afternoon (Yup, there was traffic), I headed over to Known Gallery to check out Eric Haze’s 2nd one-man exhibit.  Driving on L.A. surface streets, you can’t help but notice graffiti stricken walls that could be interpreted in different ways by tourists, bystanders, locals… I’m sure some love them, and some would hate them which bring us to the majestic nature of Graffiti as a form of Art. Nowadays, these pieces are starting to get noticed and appreciated not only by the new but older generations as well.

Eric Haze has carved his niche in the art, product and graphic design world for more than 30 years.  It all started in New York during the 1980’s where he set himself to be at the forefront of the art scene.  He was one of the frontrunners in defining the look and graphic definitions of Hip-Hop during its grandeur years.  Working with the likes of Public Enemy, EPMD, LL Cool J and the Beastie Boys identified him as one of the best in his craft.  This led Haze to establish his own urban clothing line in ‘93 as well as opening the doors to collab with industry leaders such as Nike, Casio, Honda, MTV, Scion and Stussy.

After the numerous rounds around Fairfax looking for parking, I was lucky enough to find a spot at last and walked over to Haze’s exhibit.  Revealing his graffiti roots, Haze exemplified his style by using repetitive geometric patterns and shapes as well as just working with various shades of gray, black and white.  He teased his audience in his play of positive and negative space which for me had a modernized yin-yang effect.  In my years of studying engineering and commonly seeing triangles, squares, deriving areas under the curve, bell curves and distributions, I could not have imagined that common engineering shapes and patterns captured my attention.  Haze’s compositions gave my day to day common a surprisingly uncommon perspective.

Up to this day, I can’t help but admire the consistency of his freehand strokes and patterns.  It takes a lot of practice and work to get to the level that he’s at.  Eric Haze’s exhibit, gave me a fresh twist and meaning to abstraction.  Haze wasn’t afraid to change up and explore his style and recall his graffiti roots.  The New Mathematics exhibition truly exemplified – Simplicity at its best…  Until the next one… Peace!  -JP.

My Sneakers…

Every time I wear a new pair of sneakers, I get the expressions… “Wow, new shoes…”, or  “New kiiicks…”,  or “Damn! that’s bright”, or “How do you keep your kicks clean man?” or something that I’ll get from Mom and Dad, “New shoes again??? You’re like Imelda Marcos – with too many Rubbershoes (that’s sneakers in Filipino).”  Well, with the feedback that I’ve received from family and friends, I came to realize that I may have a little more than some people would typically have.

Every sneaker geek will have a story to share that triggered his / her passion or love for sneaks.   To kick off my first write up with DaYUUM, I get the chance to share what launched me to the world of “Kicksology.”

Born and raised in the Philippines, I grew up considering basketball as the only sport that I played somewhat decent.  Some of you may not know, but basketball is the most popular sport in the Philippines even if Filipinos aren’t considered amongst the tallest peeps.  And having an uncle that managed and coached in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) – “the NBA of Filipinos”, during the mid 1980’s to early 90’s lured me to the sport even more.   My uncle would take my cousins and I to practices, exhibition games and actual games sitting behind the players’ bench.   By this time, I came to idolize up and coming players that played for my uncle – How they wear their jersey, mimic their signature bball moves, haircut, copying their gear and of course what sneaks they wear.  I knew little about the NBA… but I knew Magic’s insane passes, the Great shooter -Larry Bird, Kareem’s skyhook, Worthy, AC Green, Dominique, and of course the great Airness, Michael Jordan.   But ask me about the PBA, heck yeah!!!  I knew each and every player and team – sched, stats and the kicks the players wear.

I remember when I first asked my Mom and Dad to buy me my first pair of basketball sneakers.   White with red and blue trims, Nike was not popular to me at that time but Converse – yes, Converse CONS ERX 300 was what I got.  My CONS ERX 300 hi tops with a big tongue that printed CONS upfront was what made me feel like a superstar when playing with buddies and friends.   We called them “CONS”.  I liked the pair so much that I would rock them every game and every game it would get scuffed but after play – I would take off the laces and brush them up.   I would soak the laces under soap and water.  The next morning, I’d squeezed the soap and water out of the laces and put them back on making sure there were no twisters.  This way, my CONS look fresh every time I wear them.  I remember putting some big fat laces on them too just to change up the look.   I’m sure you sneaker geeks could somewhat relate… =)

My uncle’s team was sponsored by Adidas, so aside from my CONS, I would get brand spanking new kicks from him and what are they… white, low cut Superstars with 3 blue stripes and the hi top version of the Superstar, the Promodel with 3 black stripes.   I bet this was the peak of the Run DMC and Adidas collab; would I recognize DMC back then? – Nope.  I learned about these kicks from Bball players.  The Superstars were just a hot item but keeping them clean was a pain.  My friends would even envy how I would get kicks for free.   They knew that these pairs were what bballers rocked.   Rock them with fat, skinny, colored laces – tied, untied laces, no laces – These just looked good with everything.    Then one summer,  my aunt from the U.S. visited us and in one of the “balik-bayan” or storage boxes (for the peeps that don’t know what these big boxes are that Filipinos bring when travelling- you’ll see them a lot at International Airports… hehe) she gave me my first pair of Nike.  It was a love and hate for some- all navy blue Nike Air Force mids.  Talk about grabbing people’s attention this pair did when I wore them.  Playing ball you’ll see these kids with the regular white boring hi-tops or low cut kicks and here I am playing with some colored, mid cut kicks.  These pair felt a lot more lighter that the CONS and more comfy than the Superstars specially when playing on rock solid concrete floored courts.  The air sole seemed to make a difference.  This was for sure before the Fab Five showed up with the all so famous black socks and mid Nike Air Force Max – This just started the wave of Nike kicks in my life and for exclusivity purposes, my cousin and aunt in the U. S. would buy me Air Flights, Air Flight Huaraches, Air max etc.

So some would ask… did I jump higher with my cool kicks? Heck noh?!?  Did I play like Sir Charles rockin my sneaks?  Don’t think so?!?   Did I have a pair of sneaks that no one had seen at the Bball courts?  Helllsss Yeah!!!  All they could say was, “DaYUUM!!! Where did you get that?” so what was I thinking “Haha, Game Ova!!!  That’s for you fools to find out…” ;P  I am sure you sneaker heads  will always have a story to share too.  Do you remember your first pair of sneaks?  Until the next one…  Peace!  -JP.

Art in the Streets – Banksy


Over the spring and summer, L.A. hosted an art show at the Museum Of Contemporary Art, MOCA for short. The controversy show was called Art in the Streets. It comprised of 50 prolific graffiti and street artists from around the globe, each had their own exhibit. Keith Herring, Mr. Cartoon, Risk, and Retna were among a few artists that were in the show.

Banksy was one of my favorites at this show. I enjoy his work for his messages, his humor, and his attention to detail. Banksy is probably one of the most famous street artists that had gone mainstream, but unlike Shepard Fairey, Banksy remains anonymous (supposedly). Patrons have been nabbing up Banksy art from auctions for as much as 1.870 million dollars. Many high profile figures have purchased his work, including Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. His artwork all depict a message, often times political, which are meticulous executed on his canvas of choice. Banksy has a great history of stenciling rats, elephants, and monkeys, some symbolically pertaining to a position of the government and often painting them in hypocritical situations. But, it’s not solely the artwork itself but what the artwork is painted on.

He has criticized patrons for hyping street art, thus increasing the value of anything street at auctions. Which explains this next piece exactly. Notice the “STOP” sign tagged up and a frame around a tag with a well-suited individual staring at it in an intrigued fashion? Well executed, it sends a powerful message to stop viewing every bit of street work as art. I especially love the framed tag. It’s such a wonderful display of white space and balance. The body posture of the suited man was so intricate as well.

To the left of the Stop piece there was this large piece replicating a home video. Some of you may remember the beating of Rodney King, as 2011 marked the 20th anniversary of the beating. The not guilty verdict of the officers involved resulted in an all city riot through L.A. to protest and exhaust frustration of the justice system. This event would forever change the way people think about law enforcement.  Anyways, this piece is an excerpt of that same videotape, except there was no Rodney; instead a party piñata was replaced. Another powerful message showing a helpless being getting the guts beat out of it, much like what happened to Rodney.

Much like music lyrics, there can be many interpretation of art, and those are my interpretations.

Others on display were some of his stencils, a few art installations, and brush paintings, all laid out in observable fashion.

This piece was awesome as well, it’s feeding time and the mother was feeding her chicks, but instead of chicks they were cameras. Probably displaying the fact that big brother is watching you in a growing rate. This animated install had the cameras moving about making bird noise.

Banksy has one of the most powerful messages in his pieces, which makes him such a popular artist. And, the ones I have shown were my favorite. What do you guys think about Banksy?



Writer: Jose”Poch” Mendoza, Esq.

What do you call six-thousand geeks and gamers stuffed in two huge airplane hangers in Playa Del Rey just below the Loyola Marymount University sign?  You call them the fortunate attendees of the first ever Call of Duty XP Event convention devoted to the game’s past, present and future.

It was inevitable that Call of Duty, one of the world’s most popular gaming franchises would host its own convention. Call of Duty‘s strength in multiplayer makes a public gathering a natural fit, but Call of Duty XP offered more than just a place for strangers and friends alike to meet and compete in game; it was the debut venue for Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer reveal, host to a $1 million tournament. numerous military-themed activities and two concerts.   The event was held on September 2 and 3.  Tickets to the Call of Duty blowout went for $150 each, with all proceeds going to benefit the Call of Duty Endowment, a non-profit organization founded by Activision to help soldiers transition to civilian life with job placement and training programs.  The $150 price tag gave attendees access to two fun-filled days of action and a goodie back filled with a code to redeem the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition when it releases in November 2011.

In one of the giant hangers there were hundreds of Xbox 360 consoles featuring early Modern Warfare 3 access, tournaments big and small and even a chance to play older titles Call of Duty: World at War and the original Modern Warfare.   Each night was topped off with performances from Dropkick Murphys and Kanye West.

One of the highlights of Call of Duty XP was a Modern Warfare 3 tournament featuring the world’s best teams competing for cash prizes amounting to $1 million, with the winning team taking home a staggering $400,000 between them.  After two days of heated competition, the finals saw UK team Til Infinity square off against US side Optic Gaming.  In a hard fought match, the Optic Gaming team was the victor.

Up for grabs throughout the weekend were uniform patches, earned for completing every activity at Call of Duty XP, whether it was braving the zip-line or simply browsing through the Armory. Much like the series itself, it meant that the expo had its own little meta-game that rewarded attendees for trying out different activities.  Nilo and I were part of a four-man Elite Team on a mission to kill the other four-man team in a death match based on the map from the current Call of Duty:  Black Ops.  We successfully eliminated the other players and moved on to succeeding rounds until we were ultimately out-gunned by a group of hardcore Zombies!

One the biggest draws at Call of Duty XP was the recreation of the Scrapyard map, an arena from Modern Warfare 2 that was packed with warehouses and plane parts. Attendees played paintball with the Domination match type, which was won by raising the most amount of flags littered throughout the map. Due to its popularity matches were short but sweet, and as paintball matches usually are, rather bruise-inducing.

As well as a real-life version of the Scrapyard map, attendees could personally run The Pit, the training and marksman area from the opening area of Modern Warfare 2. While it was also not a complete match for the in-game version it was a closer approximation than the Scrapyard reaction was. Players had to sprint around the circuit and shoot targets with a paintball gun, with speed and accuracy taken into account for the final score.

Call of Duty XP hosted a bunch of other military-themed activities outside the hangers including hands-on sessions and real-world recreations. A zip-wire had attendees glide just outside The Pit area of the complex, buddies could don fan suits for a spot of ‘Juggernaut Sumo’, and when you needed a breather, the Armory opposite was fleshed out with real versions of the weapons featured across the Call of Duty franchise.

The most adrenaline-filled of the bunch was a Jeep experience that had people taken outside of the complex and take part in a loud, explosion-filled extraction, where soldiers pull you out of the jeep and through a enemy-filled complex to safety. And when you needed some grub, the Burger Town restaurant that played a part in Modern Warfare 2‘s infamous invasion scenes was available.

After everyone was treated to see the final $400,000 tournament, the attendees were astounded  by a live concert by Kanye West to close the Call of Duty XP event.  Kanye’s nearly 2 hour performance was filled with all of his popular hits including Gold Digger, All The Lights, The One, Good Life, and Stronger.  Kanye killed it capping off the very successful weekend!

The diverse array of activities gave the feeling that the expo was, at times, more of a Call of Duty theme park than a traditional gaming expo, and helped to provide a welcome balance with the more serious, competitive activities situated inside the main halls. Whether you were there for early access to Modern Warfare 3, there to witness some of the best players compete or to simply celebrate the franchise, Call of Duty XP offered something for everyone.  There is no doubt in this author’s heart that when MW3 is released in November it will instantly out sell the other previous versions.  The real question is not, but when will

The Beat Goes On…

“And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on”……a classic in my eyes. But will any of today’s music ever be classified as a “classic?” Or should we be asking, “Is today’s music, really music?” Most of today’s music sounds like, well, it doesn’t sound like anything. You have some artists who you can’t even understand and then you have some artist who use voice manipulation devices. Most of the music lyrics now either don’t make any sense or you just say “WHAT?” You can tune into 4 different stations and hear the same song playing on each station. Are the music labels controlling what we listen to and are they somehow brainwashing us? As a DJ I ask this question A LOT!!

One of the few things that today’s music does have are really good beats. The producers are the ones who are really doing all the work. All they need is an artist who looks the part to the song. I will admit that some songs do have it all, and I do stress “SOME.” Is music like fashion where trends repeat themselves but slightly modified? I believe so, and we are in the Electro, House, Trance movement right now. Don’t get me wrong this music makes for great dancing and easy  mixing. I know when I say that the guys don’t mind when the girls are on the dance floor doing their thing.

Now of course I am speaking generically for all music. On the other hand some genres have it more together than others. I believe that country music has changed to keep up with the mainstream movement, but they still keep it real. This genre will have some upbeat/uptempo songs, but the majority of this music will and always have story telling. I love it when you hear how someone lost their wife, car, house, and even their dog all in one song! Kudos to country for keeping to their roots!!

As for rap/hip hop what happened to the typical money and cars. Now it’s about the most random things ever. It seems like every other song has a specific dance you need to do to go along with it. “Teach me how to Dougie”. What’s a Dougie and how did you even come up with that name. “Teach me how to Jerk”. We all know what a jerk is but why would you want to name your dance after it?One thing that I am not a big fan of is AUTO-TUNE. I just don’t get it. I was hoping after Jay-Z had dropped his song “Death of Autotune” it would go away, I guess not.

There are so many different genres now. It’s kind of hard to determine which songs falls under what genre. I mean there is pop, hip hop/rap, country, house, trance, metal, death metal, indie, etc. Music should be simple and easy to listen to. I hope one day this becomes reality!!

What do you think? How do you feel about today’s music?

OC Foodie Fest – Anaheim Stadium

Photos: Paul Dabao


Friday night I got a text from my buddy Jayson inviting me to go with him to the 2011 OC Foodie Fest at the Angels Stadium. I was not really feeling it at first but the word “Free” came up and that’s all I need to hear. I have heard about this festival last year but was not able to attend. It was the biggest Gourmet Food Truck gathering in Orange County, Anaheim to be exact. This is the second year and based on the attendees last year, the promoters decided to get a bigger location to accommodate the foodies (last year’s attendees was well over 8500).


So we were off at 7:30am headed to the meeting spot in Fullerton to meet up with the rest of the gang. When we got there, Bert, Noel, Tony, Dabbielyn and Emily were in the parking lot and no sight of Nilo yet, as usual he is late but not that much, he is getting better and better in showing up on time. After a few instruction from the guru, we headed to Angels Stadium. We got there a little before 9:00am, our friend from Alpha Squad Kirby Q was directing traffic for the cars that are entered in the mini car show that was also part of the festivities. After we were situated in our spot, we mingled with the rest of the peeps that joined the car show. In the meantime most of the Food Trucks are already parked at their spot but there’s more coming in. Also the stage was being set-up, a few local bands were billed to perform, the vendors also started to roll-in.



Before the gates open to the public, the gang decided to venture the grounds in the hopes of getting a heads-start from the rest. Since most of us were thirsty we decided to make the first stop at Organic Oasis, they blend some of the best smoothies out there, “a delicious delivery system for balanced energy and wellness while boosting mood and longevity”. There were so many flavors to try so we decided to order different flavors so we would know what’s best. Jayson ordered the Berry Banana, Noel and Emily ordered the Red Velvet, Tony got the Strawberry Banana, Bert and Dabbielyn ordered the Orangesicle and I ordered the Dragonfruit. Mind you I have never tasted this or any flavor from this truck. All of us tried the smoothies before my order came out. Again my order came out last, it happens all the time.

Anyways when my order came, it was very purple, everybody started laughing and commenting about the color. It was kind of bright purple, it was nothing that we imagined to be. So after the taste test, we conclude that the Berry Banana was the best followed by the Strawberry Banana and Orangesicle. Thumbs down to the Red Velvet but nothing compares to the Dragonfruit, it was just downright Nasty!!! And to think that I also ordered the bigger size, there goes my $7.00 down the trash can. At least one of the good things about this truck is it is Solar Powered, great job guys.


Next stop was Dogzilla. I missed this truck last June when they were at Encore Meet and Greet at Five Axis. They were there to feed the hungry. Anyways, I have heard so much about this truck that I have to try it out. It turns out everybody wanted to order the wieners too. We ordered 3 Dogzilla Dogs and 1 Yakisoba Dog. The Dogzilla Dog consist of All beef frank topped with avocado, grilled onions, bacon bits, Furikake seasoning, Japanese mayo, and teriyaki sauce – served on a Hawaiian Sweet Bread, Yummy!! While the Yakisoba Dog comes with Spicy hot link topped with stir-fried Yakisoba noodles with cabbage, bean sprouts, green onions, Okonomi sauce, red ginger, finished off with Ao-Nori. Their own version of Spritzer, also a winner. DaYUUM!!!!!

As the gates opened at 11am, people started to go inside the venue and was searching for their favorite Food Truck. It was getting busy and the lines are starting to get longer and longer. We were supposed to have access to the VIP tent, that’s where the free food, drinks, goodie bag and hang out area suppose to be. Word was the City closed down the tent for not having proper food preparation tray and so the freebies was gone. Everybody loved their baby blue T-shirt with a picture of a cartoon chef on it. People from the Car Show started to get irritated since the promise from the promoter was not met. So after a few minutes, the promoter came up with a voucher that can be use to get food from any of the trucks. Everybody seems to be happy again and off we go.

Since it was pretty warm that day we decided to try Mustache Mike’s Italian Ice. Again there were so many flavors to choose from. Good thing was they have samples so you can actually try before buying, good job Mike. Since we did not have enough voucher, the best way to do this is to share. So we bought 3 of these wonderful tasting Ice, the 50/50 Grind was really good, taste just like the Orange with Cream Ice Cream bar that you get from the Ice Cream cart vendor. We also tasted the Big Tasty, if you look at the color, what do you think it taste like. That’s right the Big Stick. And the last one we tasted was the Watermelon.  DaYUUM!!!

While walking around the parking lot, we stopped by Papa Murphy’s Pizza for some samples. They also have a prize wheel and guess who won the T-shirts.

We headed to the next stop which was the Lobsta Truck, everybody was talking about this so we have to try it out. All of us ordered the sandwich, you have a choice or either Butter or Mayo, all of us ordered the Lobsta with Butter, there goes the calories. If you like Lobster then it is all good, besides that there is really nothing special about this sandwich, it was just the bread and the meat dunk in butter, no other condiments. And for $12 dollars a sandwich, you really have to love Lobster to get this, but since we have the voucher, it was worth the try. DaYUUM!

If you follow the TV Show called the Great Food Truck Race, I saw 2 of the Trucks that are currently competing in season 2, The Lime Truck and Seabirds. Tony wanted to taste something from the Lime Truck and so he ordered the Better than Roxy’s Grilled Cheese. This thing is loaded, Crab. Lobster, Smoke Salmon etc, and it was only $5.00. What a deal.



By this time, everybody was really stuff, so we cool down under the Big A sign, got the chairs out and just lounge under the Water Misters, while listening to the sounds of different bands that came to play.


Since we still had some vouchers left, Jayson and I decided to go one last try before the trucks roll out of the stadium. We went to Long Board Ice Cream Truck, Jayson ordered “The Big O”, this is the most popular treat according to the server. A classic combo with Cookies and Cream Bar dipped to Milk Chocolate and rolled in Oreos. Heavenly! Then I ordered the “The OG”, the ultimate in Old School Sweetness. It starts off with a Strawberry Bar covered with thick Carmel, then dipped to Milk Chocolate and rolled in Peanuts and Crushed Waffle Cone. DaYUUM!!!!!


I think I gained about 10 lbs that day. In summarizing the event, overall it was a good show. There was not a whole lot of variety of cars that came, I think they only invited a few. Well you came for the food, not for the cars, right? That was just an added feature of the show. So many trucks with so many variety of food, of course we were not able to taste them all but for the ones we tried, majority pass the taste test. See you in the next food fest.
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