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DesignerCon 2018 – Weird, But Cool

Photos & Words: Justin P.

We’ve become very familiar with the inner walls of the Anaheim Convention Center, for events like SpoCom or TunerEvo. And here we are again walking the same floor, but this time with a whole new perspective. Welcome to DesignerCon!

You might be used to our automotive content, but rest assure, we try to branch out to other forms of art whenever possible. Hello Kitty Con or Star Wars Legion Art Show to name a few. (Yea, it’s been a while). Car shows and art conventions aren’t too different if you think about it. Because when it comes down to it, the heart of each event is all about the people – their passion projects and their creativity.

Here are some highlights from this year’s DesignerCon:

Car Cars Cars!

We can’t help it, we’re addicted. You know when we see something with wheels we’re going to gravitate to it.

Old School Toyota Corona at the Lifted Laces x HYPERCHASERS booth

Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! Ectoxo’s ECTO-1 complete with matching Ghostbusters

Streets closed pizza boy! (oh wait, wrong movie). You’ve probably seen them at SEMA and other shows. Yes, Leen Customs Pin Garage is here too – this time featuring the Pizza Planet Truck!

Jurassic 25

Okay, time to address the T-Rex in the room. One of the big nostalgic attractions at DesignerCon is the celebration of the 25th anniversary since the release of the original Jurassic Park movie. Replica Jeeps and creative pieces of work from various artists surrounded this mighty beast.

Art Works

As I mentioned above, what makes any event is the creativity, uniqueness and passion put into the work at every booth. Vinyl figures, custom pins, canvas, prints and much, much more. It’s quite overwhelming with everything you might see and find at DesignerCon.

Hip Hop Culture

Live and direct! From spinning 1s-and-2s to spray cans, the many art forms that express Hip Hop culture is representing strong at DesignerCon! Also, aloha to the homies, Kavet and Spel, from Lightsleepers who made the trip all the way from Hawaii. (So happy I was finally able to get myself a Mickey x MF Doom Tee!)

Vinyl is BIG

Last, by not least, vinyl collectibles are a major fixture in events like this and are probably way bigger than you and I may ever understand. They have seen many, many shapes and forms, with Funko POP!, Kidrobot, Toy Tokyo among the heavy hitters in the game. But my personal favorite at DesignerCon is the epic MEDICOM Toy booth featuring a time capsule of Be@rbrick vinyl collectibles. Be@arbrick has done collaborations of all kinds, from streetwear brands to Nike, from superheros to Disney and a whole lot more over the years.

Definitely a fun adventure and a nice change from the daily gear grinding of the automotive world. We’re always looking for new avenues to explore; let us know what you thought about this lifestyle pieces and other potentials like it!

See more below from DesignerCon 2018:

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Subtle Build – Reminiscing the Discovery Years.

Reminiscing the Discovery Years.

Words: Denny

Have you had the feeling when you get that moment? That moment you think back and recap at what had happened in your lifetime? I have been in the automotive scene for 3 decades now and have seen a lot of the progression that has become the tuner scene today. I came across a comment on @JDMWONG’s IG post, “Such a clean, subtle build!”, @eco_3 comments, on a picture of the rear drivers 3/4 of Johnathon’s EF9 on SSR SuperFins. The phrase “subtle build” kept resonating in my head.

Then I thought, it really wasn’t sublte, per say. The build was a product of the time period. In the late 80’s and early 90’s (88-92 / I am going to reference it as the “discovery years”), there weren’t any huge elaborate body kits, crazy camber, or wild vinyl graphics on sport compacts. Mugen and Kaminari was probably the most extreme body mod you could get during the time – Wings West wasn’t even around yet. Fuel injected Honda and Toyotas were just scratching the surface with very little respect from the automotive scene. The scene at the time was encompassed by Mustangs, Camaros, Grand Nationals, and air-cooled VWs, all pushing big horsepower and getting down the quarter mile in 10 seconds – was the norm. The mini-truck scene was also in full swing. I have to note that the previous generation (carburetor years) we had import pioneers in 70s Datsuns, Toyotas, and Mazdas; primarily, the 510, Celica, Corolla, and RX3 paving the way for us – Shoreline Racing, respectively speaking.

In terms of performance, drag racing was huge. Everything was about the quarter mile and import had very little presence or respect for that matter.

Until 1990, the first Battle of the Imports debut and was held in Palmdale. My car wasn’t ready yet, but I did compete in BOTI 3.

During the discovery years, there were limited mods for the newer fuel injected chassis. A lot of the go-fast (bolt-on) mods where being imported to the states by a few dealers, like Robocar, Promotion, DAZZ Motorsports, Han Motoring, St. Andres, and a couple others. We had picks from Mikuni, TRD, HKS, and Mugen. Domestically, we had Jackson Racing. At this point, AEM didn’t even have an intake yet and they were still a small tuner shop in Gardena with a dyno (I may get to my experience with that in a later post). To be honest, I don’t think GReddy/TRUST was even in the states yet, because I remember our buddy Dave put some money down to get a Mugen Exhaust from Robocar. After months, maybe a year, of them stroking his cock, they imported a TRUST (GReddy) exhaust instead. The exhaust at the time wasn’t even for US fitment, so he had to mod the b-pipe to make it fit. It was a good sounding exhaust but built with mild steal and rusted quickly.

Resources were limited, everything was word-of-mouth, hanging out at street races, or drooling over Option Magazine for cool parts only Japan had, for options that didn’t exist in the US models. But brands like Spoon, Cusco, GReddy, HKS, and Mugen were everlasting and forever impregnated in your minds. I remember when we discovered the HKS Powerflow, the sound itself was so contagious that we were all putting these green mushroom filters on the end of 10 dollar dryer hoses. I don’t know why we didn’t just buy the kit or maybe the kit didn’t exist for the EF chassis in the states yet, or it costed too much money, I can’t really recall. Anyways, with that intake we all thought we were “FAST”.

Word on the streets was, if you had an intake, header, exhaust, lowered on cut springs, and cam(s), you were pretty much the king of the streets. If you had a 50 shot of NOS, OMG, you would be instagram famous in today’s standards. Everything was still normally aspirated during this time, turbos was only a wish at this point. I still remember walking into Turbo City in Orange and asking them if they were willing to develop a turbo kit for the Honda Civics, they chuckled at me because of the small import displacement and laughed me out the door.

Work Wheels was imported and distributed by Western Wheels Co., a wheel distribution company. Larger diameter SSRs was just hitting the streets and caused a buzz. Work and SSR were the only wheels to my knowledge that had magnetic locking caps. Work Fin and Emotion were a popular choice, until SSR took the design lead by pushing out many popular designs like the Fin, Mesh and Bang-Vec, later to be superseded by the SuperFin, SuperMesh, and Bang-Vec II.

Companies like, DC Sports, Lightspeed, Skunkworks came many years later.

Late 1996, Super Street Magazine debuted, and shortly before or after, Turbo Magazine put the first ever import car on the cover. In 97, there was a media outlet called TMR Magazine (Toy Machine Racing / TMRm’zine). It was a pamphlet style magazine that fit in your back pocket. It was a grassroots magazine with raw textual elements from creator, Rodney Wills. To this day, I believe it was the most “real” magazine published that wasn’t driven by massive politics and censorship.

Photo courtesy of TMRm’zine (flickr)

The rest is now history.

So in terms of a “subtle build”. Johnathon’s EF build was to its full potential, it was built to rule the streets and is completely period correct – for the year. It deserves to be at Peterson Museum and his EF is well preserved.

Some of my timeline might be a little out of wack but this was almost 30 years ago, it’s a little hard to remember but at least I hope you could put together missing pieces of the puzzle together from other information you have gathered online. If you want to read how I got started in the automotive industry, I can get into that later. Until then. Peace

5 Places to Eat During Show Season

In Southern California, we hit the car show season and we hit it hard. Often times the crew is so busy we don’t have time to get a good lunch, so after every show we like to unwind and get our grub on at one of our favorite eateries. In different cities we tend to have our go-to spots:


We typically have an early call time for SpoCom Anaheim. Luckily it’s a short drive to Downtown Disney, we tend to migrate to ESPN Zone for food, drinks, and a competitive round of basketball and hockey. It’s entertainment and food under one roof.

Long Beach

Between set up for Wekfest LA and the opening of the event, we always have a couple hours to kill. Located an Uber ride away, is Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffle. There’s no substitute for a savory fried chicken and cinnamon infused waffle, with gravy and syrup of course!dayuumscottie_roscoes

Las Vegas

At SEMA, it’s often difficult to find a restaurant that can seat a large group of people and food that will cater to everyone’s taste buds. Inside Caesar’s Palace is Bacchanal Buffet. Bacchanal has an upscale setting with 15 or so daily chefs. The chefs will add their own personal touches to the dishes. Current price for dinner is $52, so keep your gambling to a minimum or place that one last bet to pay for yourself and a friend. Don’t forget to wear your fat jeans for this round.justdayuum_bacchanal

San Diego

After AutoFashion’s VIPFest or during set up intermission for Extreme Autofest our favorite is Phil’s BBQ. It’s quick, simple, and good eats. With 3 locations to choose from, you’ll have to get all your ducks in a row, or you can wait at least an hour or two.dayuumscottie_phils2


San Jose

Wekfest San Jose is a two day set up. Saturday we set up, Sunday is the event. After set up on Saturdays, we head to San Pedro Square Market. Tucked away in the marketplace setting is Konjoe Burger Bar. An Asian and Pacific Island inspired burger joint which brings Far East flavor to meat and poultry. Konjoe, Muay burger (no longer on menu), and Pork Belly Boas are some of our favorites.dayuumden_koejoe

Before Sunday’s event, it’s Pepper Lunch. A combination of a sizzling hot plate and raw meat. A quick DIY feast that’s delicious and gratifying!dayuumscottie_pepper


Got you feeling some kind of way in your tummy? Let us know if these are the spots you like to eat at too or if you have recommendations on where we should go next!

Asian American Expo & Anime Impulse 2016

Words and Photos by Gilbert

Kicking off the new year with some new coverage of a local event, formerly known as the Chinese American Expo, the Asian American Expo is hosted at the beginning of each year to celebrate the coming of the Lunar New Year Festival, with the goal recreating the New Year celebrations found across Asia at this time of the year. Food, shopping, entertainment and fun – these are all annual staples that can be found at each year’s event. In conjunction with this event the creators of the KTOWN Night Market and the OC Block Party, they introduced the first Anime Impulse event that happened side by side with the Asian American Expo. The Anime Convention-like setup was a really relaxed event with what appeared to have vendors and artist alley sharing the same space and people could buy various merchandise, prints of popular cosplayers, sit and enjoy some panels or presentations and just generally check out the sights aside from all the food from the other areas of the expo.

Anime Impulse also brought out a fun line-up of Itasha cars. These are popular sight in japan as fans display their devotion to their fandom in the form of their vehicles.

















Popular San-X character Rilakkuma was making an appearance there in the VIP area of the show.


The New Year’s Scrolls are generally tied to a tree in hopes that they will come true


I hope this kid gets less homework too.


The street food is what the KTOWN Night Market / OC Block Party are known for so there’s tons of food vendors from all varieties of food available for the attendees.





The other exhibit halls featured all sorts of merchandise from food to home goods.


Even Selfie Sticks were on sale. Why would someone need 3, I’m not sure.


Also I found this gem on my way out from the food court.


Basically it’s a crisp waffle-like cake with a condensed milk filling as seen below.


5 Eateries We Frequent in Southern California

5 Eateries We Frequent in Southern California

During show season and off-show season, the crew will meet up regularly to chat and discuss what’s next for DaYUUM or to just hang out. We tend to migrate to eateries, and these are our top choices.

Paper Pot Shabu – Diamond Bar

Shaba in a paper pot? Not so typical in the U.S. but has been around for decades in the Far East. Several broth choices from mild to wild, sweet and sour, mixed in with a variety of meat from Kobe to choice to duck and lamb, and even vegetarian. Umm, no wonder it’s one of DaYUUM’s go-to spots to have a meet and discuss the future.



Roscoe’s Famous Deli – Chino Hills

Retro decor, 24 beers on tap, and free peanuts which can be wastefully discard on the ground? Winner! Their portions aren’t shy and neither is their food. Bold, tasteful, with a wide selection of sandwiches and burgers. You either have to share or bring your appetite. The onion rings are on point and the soft drinks are huge, 34-ounce huge with free refills. It’s a perfect American eatery with Americana memorabilias. What other place can you sit underneath a 4-post lift with an American classic and neon lights?



Belly BombZ – Artesia / Long Beach

Food truck gone brick-n-mortar, Belly BombZ, is a Korean / French eatery. Tasty Pork Belly sliders, flavorful wings, and craft beer on tap. The dark, rustic decor has limited seating which seats about 40, but it’s worth the wait. It’s a place that the crew never denies. They have 2 locations, Artesia and a mobile truck on Pine in Long Beach.


Gen Korean BBQ House – Cerritos / Huntington Beach

Bring the appetite and prepare to over eat. Gen is the DaYUUM’s choice for all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ. They have a wide variety of meats to choose from and beer on tap. Soju for the ones that need a little more edge. Hawaiian steak, briskets, and garlic pork belly are to die for. Generous sides and quick service keeps us coming back. It’s a perfect spot to socialize and expand your taste buds.



Shin-Sen-Gumi Hakata Ramen – Fountain Valley / Rosemead

Shin-Sen- Gumi is definitely are go to spot for ramen. Open late and even on holidays, their broth is customizable and sides are plentiful. Add a boiled egg, add corn, less sodium, regular broth? You can have it at SSGH. If you are extra hungry, add $1 for extra ramen. The seating is limited and often time we have to wait an hour to seat, but it’s well worth the cuddle time we have outside waiting.



DISCLAIMER: We aren’t being paid, and we don’t get free food. Don’t get your panties in a bundle. Views expressed here are not supported by any of the restaurants above.

Hello Kitty Con 2014


Hello Kitty has officially turned 40 years old this year and to celebrate, LA introduced the first Hello Kitty Con which took place in the Little Tokyo Area. There was lots of Hello Kitty related festivities to be experienced and I’ll walk you guys through a few of the things I did for the one day I went. There was a Media Preview night but I had forgotten to apply for media for the event so I wasn’t able to check out everything the night before but to start the experience you had to go pick up your color-coded badge for the different days as seen above.

Everything was conveniently located at the Japanese American History Museum in Los Angeles so that made things a bit easier to navigate around to look for things.

DSCF7366 DSCF7369 DSCF7373

People lined up early to be the first ones into the  convention, and even there was a person who camped out the night before at like 2 AM to be the very first. She received a gift basket from the convention organizers which I’m not familiar of the contents within.

Once the floodgates opened, I made a beeline for the Friendship Station Pop-up Shop to pick up the 40th anniversary exclusives and there was plenty of Hello Kitty items for sale as well as things on display.

DSCF7396 DSCF7398 DSCF7404

The convention featured a lot of art decor to pose and photograph, a concert stage, a tattoo parlor giving FREE hello kitty tattoos, a vintage mini product museum, a live DJ spinning music and various classes and shoppes to feed your addiction for Hello Kitty.

DSCF7405 DSCF7410 DSCF7460 DSCF7462 DSCF7464

One of the featured things to do at the convention was actually the Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt, which was a 4-5 week long scavenger hunt of restaurants in various parts of LA, West Hollywood and Sawtelle districts of Los Angeles that had featured menu items that included a limited edition Hello Kitty Pin (1000 pcs of each made).

DSCF7412 DSCF7436 DSCF7437

2014-10-30-16.12 2014-10-30-16.16 2014-10-30-16.16b 2014-10-30-16.16c

The above were the featured items at Dulce Cafe in the Little Tokyo Village


That Hello Kitty Spam Musubi


Fetured Toy from Jada Toys I believe

DSCF7475 DSCF7476 DSCF7477 DSCF7487

Lego Hello Kitty Display

DSCF7490 DSCF7499

So for this statue the clothing elements were actually made from Fruit Roll-Ups.  Pretty impressive.

DSCF7500 DSCF7501

Chan Luu x Hello Kitty Jewelry


The Hello Kitty Food truck sold Hello Kitty themed Macarons, Donuts, Mini-Cakes even Hello Kitty Themed water bottles.

And I’ll wrap this up with some of the Hello Kitty Fashion displays they had. All in all, if you’re a real fan, you’d love the experience here. Especially if you’re a collector of the rare hello kitty merchandise. I had actually picked up some stuff which I plan to shoot some Dayuum Hunnies with so be on the lookout for that.

DSCF7440 DSCF7441 DSCF7442 DSCF7443 DSCF7444 DSCF7445 DSCF7446 DSCF7447 DSCF7448 DSCF7449 DSCF7450 DSCF7451 DSCF7452

Collin Tjin’s Mix Tape

Collin Tjin crossing over uncle Gene Tjin.
Photo by: Vincent Herrera

Some of you guys have seen this little man in our Tjin Edition x DaYUUM RoadShow booth – usually dribbling a basketball. For those of you who haven’t, now you have….Neil Tjin and the crew have a little baller on their hands. Time to pull out the heavy artillery. Check out the Basketball Reel of Bballer Collin Tjin.

Beware! He might only be 5 years old, but he will give you a run for your money. You have been warned!

DSC_38502Photo by: Yogi via

Star Wars Legion Art Show

This not the car feature you are looking for…


Art features on DaYUUM have been too few and far between, but even with such a packed show schedule this season it’s always refreshing to step back and take in something different.


In a city far, far (well not really that far) away, Disney, Lucas Films, and Neff Headwear teamed up to present the Star Wars Legion exhibition at the Robert Vargas Gallery in downtown Los Angeles this weekend in honor of May the Fourth (be with you) a.k.a. Star Wars Day.


Disney and Neff handed out mini Stormtropper helmets to some of their own talented artists, animators, and product designers – as well as some street artists selected by Neff – to transform these popular helmets into out of this world creations. Over 250 helmets were distributed and each one crazier than the next, below are some of the artworks that really stood out to me. Whether your a Star Wars freak or an art junkie or neither, you have to admit these are pretty cool either way.


Some artist literally transformed the helmets into completely something different.

StarWarsLegion_005Chisato Kashima Kim’s Storm “Usage” Tropper, from Imperial Soldier to Pink Bunny

StarWarsLegion_006Jessica Kim’s Trooppy Bank

StarWarsLegion_007This untitled piece by Ryan Terry turned the Stromtrooper into space transporation

StarWarsLegion_008Imperial Bling by Elena Timman

StarWarsLegion_009I’m a sucker for wood textures. Aradhana Modi’s Wooden Soldier

StarWarsLegion_010Check out Neff’s own C3P-BRO, dude!

You know we couldn’t go completely through a DaYUUM! article without something automotive related, which is what really drew me into this one.

StarWarsLegion_011 StarWarsLegion_012Alex Jaeger’s Imperial Racing helmet

StarWarsLegion_013 StarWarsLegion_014The artwork on this one is just amazing, I think this one is my clear personal favorite. Jay Lee’s Doodletropper

Some artists decided to keep it in the galaxy with Star Wars themed helmets, with a personal twist of course.

StarWarsLegion_015Kevin Deters’ fanboy collage titled A Long Time Ago in a Kid’s Room Far, Far Away

StarWarsLegion_016Irene Lee’s Stormtrooper Playground

StarWarsLegion_017I’d party with Iris Goudjabidae’s Spring Break Chewie, wouldn’t you?

StarWarsLegion_018George McClements’ Yub Nub is a mean looking Ewok

Crossing over into another universe (still owned by Disney) there were some cool Marvel themed troopers

StarWarsLegion_019 StarWarsLegion_020Susan Fang’s Supertrooper

StarWarsLegion_021Nathan Sawyer’s Iron Trooper

StarWarsLegion_022The symbiote came from space, what if a it came across a Stromtrooper? The Darker Side by Adam Cichowski

Even the foodie game was on point at this gallery


StarWarsLegion_024Nontra Null’s Fallen Scooper Trooper

StarWarsLegion_025Kim Porter’s Scooper Trooper – Available in “66” Flavors

StarWarsLegion_026Alex Riegert-Waters’ Do You Want Ants? Because This Is How You Get Ants

StarWarsLegion_027This one is Dark Side Graded. Marvin Lao’s Hard Boiled

StarWarsLegion_028 StarWarsLegion_029Taste the Darkside at Tacos Imperial by Eric Acasio

StarWarsLegion_030Mmmm…..Jeffrey Zikzy’s S’more Trooper

StarWarsLegion_031 StarWarsLegion_032A complete meal, Jackie Ma’s Trooper Trooper w/Cheese, Vaders Taders, R2T2 Sweet Tea

What’s a Disney sponsored exhibit without Disney themed designs?

StarWarsLegion_033Oh boy! Robert Farrell’s TKI-1928

StarWarsLegion_034 StarWarsLegion_035So much fine detail in Barry Atkinson and Fred Warter’s Mickey’s Empire

StarWarsLegion_036Rocketeer is one of my all time favorite classics. How do you think Pete Ferk’s helmet looks like? A hood ornament? Yup, I agree 🙂

StarWarsLegion_037Ka-Chow! Randal Ouye’s Lightening Stormtrooper

StarWarsLegion_038Vince Wang’s Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

StarWarsLegion_039Ricky De Los Angeles’ Enchanted Stormtrooper looks like it just came out of the Tiki-tiki, Tiki Room

StarWarsLegion_040 StarWarsLegion_041Some Disney artists are just plain crazy, Enrique Pita’s Runaway Brain Stormtrooper

The exhibit wasn’t only helmets. The gallery had a few other unique stormtroopers out on display.

StarWarsLegion_042 StarWarsLegion_043 StarWarsLegion_044

StarWarsLegion_045Hope you enjoyed our little art feature on this May 4th. If you’re reading this early enough you can still catch the last day of the exhibit today from noon to 4:00 P.M. at the Robert Vargas Gallery (620 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA).

-Just (@justdayuum)

HI Life Highlights

A couple days away from the fast-paced mainland life and we’ve settled in from our trip. Spocom is now in the books, handshakes have been shaken, coverage photos have been shot; all of our responsibilities have been met. Now it’s for some R&R and get into this Hawaii lifestyle.


Most of us were a little drained from Spocom, which was an evening event (5PM to 11PM Hawaii Time, add the 3 hour time difference and it’s an 8PM to 1AM show for us Cali residents!). But this Hawaii air is just intoxicating and pushed us to get out and explore the rest of what O’ahu has to offer. First thing on our menu was to visit the famous Boots & Kimo’s Homestyle Kitchen for breakfast in Kailua. The drive was long, about 30 minutes to be exact, but the scenery was so nice and green; an aspect really taken for granted when living in the concrete streets.

DaYUUM808_02 DaYUUM808_03

Upon arriving at the spot, we quickly saw that the hype was real; we put our name down for our large group and had about a 2 hours wait ahead of us. The DaYUUMfam was blessed (or cursed, depending on how you look at it, haha!) to have Big Mike and Antonio Sureshot with us sharing some random, but interesting stories to help pass the time. But no matter what we tried to keep ourselves occupied, a 2 hour wait on empty stomachs was getting some of us antsy. We should have had Snickers bars handy, because some of us get loopy when we’re hungry. We started hearing our table called when it actually wasn’t.


Eventually our table was ready and we were finally able to get seated, a quick skim of the menu and most of us were still keen on the Banana Macadamia Nut Onolicious Pancakes we have been eyeing since learning about this place. Orders were placed, the pancakes arrived, and we took one bite…

DaYUUM808_05 DaYUUM808_06

…that whole 2 hour wait was forgotten. Their pancakes are nice and fluffy, the bananas are sweet and soft, but the Macadamia Nut Syrup was the best fucking thing I’ve ever ate (I rarely swear but I couldn’t think of any other word to describe its epicness. I’m salivating as I type this…I want, I NEED to go back. So this is what being hooked on crack feels like).

Ok let me see if I can get back on track after that, what was next? Oh yea, we set out to go snorkeling! We drove along the coastline admiring the landscape and the ocean as we arrived at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.

DaYUUM808_07 DaYUUM808_08 DaYUUM808_09 DaYUUM808_10 DaYUUM808_11

It was a touristy spot, but hey we wanted to be tourist and we were determined to go snorkeling, plus this place is just gorgeous! It’s amazing to believe that this was once a volcano that erupted, became extinct, and formed a crater. Eventually it got flooded and created the tuff rings it is today. The beach is beautiful and the marine embayment it contains is so majestic. Throughout the years the bay would get tens of thousands of tourist per day, which really hurt the environment, but now it is a Nature Preserve run by awesome volunteers to preserve the natural life as best as possible. As soon as we got through our mandatory video lesson about the bay, we got in the tram and were ready to roll!

DaYUUM808_12 DaYUUM808_13

Once we got to the lower level, the first thing you noticed is that the sand is really soft and the water is such a rich dark blue; something we don’t experience at our beaches back home. We quickly got our snorkel gear, cleaned them up, sunblocked up, and we were set. It was a little awkward using those flippers at first, but after a while we got comfortable and were literally swimming with the fishes.

DaYUUM808_14 DaYUUM808_15 DaYUUM808_16

We had to swim out a bit to get to the healthiest living coral and the marine life it posses; being able to take a peek at the undersea world within our world was truly an experience. There are so many mysteries in the ocean that we don’t even think about on a regular basis, so anytime we saw anything we just went nuts and tried to call as much of the DaYUUMfam over to take a look as well. Since the coral is pretty high, the fish were swimming so close by as we were just floating over the water.

DaYUUM808_17 DaYUUM808_18 DaYUUM808_19 DaYUUM808_20 DaYUUM808_21

Luckily for you all, Scott brought his GoPro3 with him and took some awesome shots underwater. He got a little bit of everything; short fish, long fish, shiny fish, dark fish, colorful fish, and even a sea turtle!

DaYUUM808_51 DaYUUM808_52 DaYUUM808_53 DaYUUM808_54 DaYUUM808_55 DaYUUM808_56 DaYUUM808_57 DaYUUM808_58 DaYUUM808_59 DaYUUM808_60 DaYUUM808_61 DaYUUM808_62

After that adventure it was time for something we all do very well, a foodventure. Marshall and his two lovely kids met up with us at the bay and we headed off, following him to a local spot, Home Bar & Grill. It’s kind of hard to figure this place; the main parking lot is tiny, but there is an empty lot next to it with some real cool wall art. Of course we had to take some pictures of it no matter how hungry we were.

DaYUUM808_22 DaYUUM808_23 DaYUUM808_24 DaYUUM808_25 DaYUUM808_26

Check out Denny posing in front of his self portrait haha!

Once we entered, it looked like any other bar but the atmosphere was surprisingly very welcoming; but then again most of Hawaii always feels welcoming. It was really laid back and the food was DaYUUM good! The best I could describe the menu would be something like “Hawaiian style bar food with a local touch.” From truffle fries, tater tot nachos, kalbi noodle, loco moco, apple beers, there’s too much to name, but it was all very very good.

DaYUUM808_27 DaYUUM808_28

When we had some downtime, some of us did a little shopping. There was the International Marketplace directly across from our hotel, Ala Moana Mall was only a short trolley ride away, and ABC Stores wherever you turn. Everywhere had a variety of neat items that we rarely see on the mainland, or at least what we have is not as authentic as the real deal.

DaYUUM808_29 DaYUUM808_30

With so much to see and do and food to eat, but our vacation days running down, we set out for the country and drove around North Shore. As if we thought Waikiki was already laid back and relaxed compared to back home, North Shore is even slower! Its a very refreshing and tranquil lifestyle. And when in North Shore, we had to go to do the most touristy thing you could think of: M. Matsumoto Grocery Store for some Matsumoto Shave Ice!

DaYUUM808_31 DaYUUM808_32 DaYUUM808_33 DaYUUM808_34

After having out fill, we continued our cruise. It’s so easy to just pull over and admire the scenery. One stop we checked out a small beach and to our surprise some sea turtles were coming up to the shore at the same time. Another stop appeared to be an easy to miss fruit stand, but had some of the freshest tasting fruits ever. It was just a trip how different life is in North Shore; high mountains, tall trees, cool coastlines, heck even their McDonald’s has some cool Hawaiian tribal deco painted on it.

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Our last day was quickly coming to an end. We were back in Waikiki, back at the hotel where our luggage, waiting to be packed, haunts us. But alas, there was still one more thing on our agenda we were able to do. Something we (mainly Denny) eyed since our driver taxied us to the hotel after we landed so many days ago. Something that involved eating, Marukame Udon! And it’s even within walking distance. Most of our adventures were suggestions from friends and family familiar with the island (either visited before or lived there), but this spot attracted us just because there was always a line waiting to get in.


We patiently waited in line, every so often trying, on our tiptoes, to see over people and get a peek of what’s going on inside. As soon as we got close enough to read the simple menu enlarged on signs by the doorway we began pondering what we were going to order. Marukame Udon made their udon noodles fresh and the ordering process was cafeteria style. When you enter you can see chefs making noodles and then measuring them out to the precise amounts. Next they ask what size and what type of udon (mainly the broth), from there your dish is prepared in front of you and then passed to the next chef to add any toppings. Before checking out at the register, you can also pick from an assortment of tempuras and musubis. The weather might have been hot and humid, but this “bowl of soup” was too good to resist. The flavors in the broth were strong and delicious; the noodles were nice and soft. If we had to save a meal as one of our last meals before flying back to the mainland, this was definitely a good choice.

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The last day, we spent all together at the airport patiently waiting for our flight. Flying back home was a struggle, for multiple reasons, but what mattered most was that the DaYUUMfam was together, had a fun time and a safe travel home. Hawaii treated us right and it was a vacation with an awesome family that I will always remember! I can’t wait for all of us to do it again; we are all addicted to the HI life!

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-Justin (@JustDaYUUM)

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Air Jordans = No Traffic Ticket

True Story:   Wear your Air Jordans boys and girls, thought I’d write this because it’s kinda cool, interesting and a win.  Last week I went to LAX to visit my cousin-in-law who was visiting SoCal from Vancouver BC  on a business trip, he told me he was staying at the Hilton by the airport, but as I came closer to the area I realized there were 3 Hilton hotels in that area.


I needed to get in touch with my cousin to see which Hilton Hotel they were staying at.  Unfortunately, as I approached the location, at the corner of my eye I see a cop car and the officer is looking straight at me talking on the phone, so naturally I tried to play it off as if I was just leaning on my hand with my elbow on the window sill, but my old trick did  not work this time crap. As soon as I made the turn the police lights flashed. I started thinking to myself DaYUUM they finally got me LOL. Some of you are wondering, what the heck, but in California it is illegal to talk on a cellphone without a handsfree kit while driving. So as the officer approached my car, he asked me why I thought I got pulled over, heck man I’m not gonna lie to him and told him straight up that he caught me because I was on the cell and sure enough he said exactly, but before he even ask for my license to run it,  he said “Hey you’re wearing Jordan III’s are you a shoe collector ?” and I told him yeah I’m a sneakerhead shoe junkie, then he started rattling on about how he has been looking for the cement III’s and what J’s he had in his collection and how hard it is to find some Jordans for himself.  I told him about some of the local spots that you can find the shoes like Flight Club LA and that dope spot in Little Tokyo.  So instead of this cop giving me the traffic ticket he just asked me to write down the names of these stores and to try not to be on my phone.  I never thought being a Jordan freak and shoe junkie would ever save me like that haha.  Too f’n cool, the officer even thank me for the info and just told me to be safe. Man this made my night !  So the moral of this story is wear cool shoes and you too can avoid a traffic ticket.  Like I said before wear your Air Jordans Boys and Girls. Haha …Retro AirMax’s too @DaYUUMNilo13 😉




LACMA: Launch that Artist in you

We get daily doses of automotive snippets, articles, anything funny, cool and seksi on various social networks.  Yet, it has been a few months now since an artsy feature graced our web blog.  There are instances where a break from the usual may seem appropriate to rejuvenate the creative juices – to be inspired as well as to strengthen the imagination.  Often than not during these spontaneous artsy visits, a person catches sight of something that “more than meets the eye.”  It forces one’s self to understand what he/she set eyes on.  A person often tends to ask questions about a particular piece -sculpture or painting; wanting to experience the underlying meaning the artist wants to share.  Time and again, even observing the characters or reactions of people around you tells a story that makes you wonder. Since I’ve written automotive features lately, to slightly change it up I’d share a visit to LACMA.

Sometime in 2011, I had a chance to visit Eric Haze’s “New Mathematics” exhibition held at Known Gallery in LA.  Not too far from Known is the Los Angeles County Museum of Art – or more commonly known as “LACMA.”  Established in 1910; located on Wilshire Boulevard – Los Angeles, California, LACMA is one of the largest art museum in western United States.  It is highly recognized internationally where approximately one million guests show up and accommodated yearly.  LACMA has an array of exhibitions, public programs, and research facilities that attract visitors around the world.  The exhibitions, collection and the campus of LACMA have considerably grown during the decade.  At least a day of touring the seven-building campus need to be put aside to completely immerse yourself from tons of artistic perspective from various artists.



The “Urban Light” by Chris Burden is one of the most popular spot at LACMA. The simplicity of the 2008 large-scale assemblage sculpture welcomes many especially when the lights are lit. There are 17 styles of cast iron street lamps that Chris Burden collected starting from December of 2000.  The two hundred and two street lamp collection are solar powered that turn-on at dusk.  The lamps mostly came from Southern California – Hollywood, Glendale and Anaheim while others were purchased from Portland, Oregon.  The Urban Light is fast becoming a popular landmark and favorite for commercials and movies.


One of the highlight exhibitions during the visit was “In Wonderland: The Surrealist adventures of women artists in Mexico and the United States.”  The exhibition was dedicated to female Surrealists that explored the expression of their subconscious – unusual visual images.  Influenced by Surrealism, artists regard their work as an expression of the feminist movement.  It demonstrated how women are often times boxed and portrayed in certain cultures or sometimes by men. The exhibition featured iconic figures such as Louise Bourgeois, Leonara Carrington, Frida Kahlo, Lee Miller, Kay Sage, Dorothea Tanning, Remedios Varo and newly discovered practitioners.





In another area, a hall was filled by the voice and hands of artist, Bruce Nauman.  Two video image displays of Nauman’s hands performing the combinations of the four fingers and thumb – extended and retracted.  Bruce Nauman said it best as he described his creation, “If I was an artist and I was in the studio, then whatever I was doing in the studio must be art.  At this point art became more of an activity and less of a product.” The ghostly nature felt while hearing Nauman’s voice as it reverberated the hall created an eerie atmosphere; when providing verbal instructions of the different combinations.  Nauman used the simplest gestures that we often take for granted to connect with his observers – a play of words and actions, the physical and the mental; moreover time and space.



The “Metropolis II” is another assemblage put together by Chris Burden. This piece showed a completely different vibe from the “Urban Light”.  While the “Urban Light” assemblage felt more serene and warm, the “Metropolis II” demonstrated chaos and complexity.  This display depicted living in the modern city where there were various roadways, interconnecting freeways as well as train tracks.  Miniature cars travel around the Metropolis at 240 scale miles per hour, every hour.  Burden explained that, “The noise, the continuous flow of the trains, and the speeding toy cars produce in the viewer the stress of living in a dynamic, active and bustling 21st century city.


Here are other galleries that can be found at LACMA –

The Jane and Marc Nathanson Gallery




Abstract Expressionism Gallery


Ancient Artifacts





LACMA has definitely put together an amazing collection of the creative minds – known and upcoming.  From sculptures to paintings to ancient artifacts – the vast collection opens the imagination to new horizons. Some people may find a gallery or museum un-enticing and continue to confine their thoughts with the usual.  On the other hand, a few will seek to exercise their wits to new levels – And a place like LACMA may just inspire and launch that “Artist” in you.

Until the next one… Peace!


Die-cast: Hot Wheels and Matchbox original castings from 1967-on

Some of you that follow my instagram (@dayuumden) or close friends of mine know that I have a thing for Hot Wheels – lately. Frankly, the non-HW people are all probably tired of seeing the posts, instead they rather see boobs. I really only started going gung-ho on them since December of 2012 when Neil Tjin made me hunt for him in my area. I’m not completely foreign to collecting since I’ve collected die-casts in the past, but they were usually First Editions and certain race teams, like the Target Chip-Ganassi Indy Car team when I was heavy into CART/Champ Cars.

The passion for it faded when my son was born and I had boxed everything up to move. When my son was about 2, the purchase of HWs started again, they were all openers for my son, but it was an inexpensive way to direct him into manhood…haha. From then, I would pick up cars when time permitted.

Several years have passed since he was born, and now he is old enough to appreciate history and what things are worth with a meaning.

Not long ago, Christina C. (@xtinatouch) commented on one of my instagram posts that Nikita Esco (@nikitaesco) found a bunch of older Hot Wheels and she wasn’t sure what to do with them. Christina said I should look her up on FB to check it out. Of course, Mr. Eager beaver me, I found Nikita’s fan page on FB and saw her post ,“Does anyone collect old Hot Wheels? I found a bunch 1960’s – 70’s…. I don’t know what to do with them.” I read a bunch of comments giving her advice in 400 different directions, eBay this, eBay that. I went ahead and commented on her post anyways to let her know I was interested. The next morning I receive a message in my inbox. She sent me a link to a group of detailed pictures showing front, back, side, ¾, and bottom. They were nicely shot. But to be honest, most were in a condition that was a little beat, but then…

The childhood side overcame the imperfections. I had Hot Wheels when I was really young and to this day I wished I still had them. I tell my son about them all the time but never had anything to show for. The fact that these Hot Wheels aren’t super immaculate was ok, they were played with like how they were intended to be. I could reflect back at how I would throw them up against the wall trying to destroy them, I would bury them in the dirt, play with them in a mud pit, or see how cool they looked on fire – yes, I was that type. This is what my Hot Wheels would have looked like if I still had them. The fact that they are chip, rusted, and dented, was ok, its their purpose. In the 60’s, who knew Hot Wheels would be so collectable? The set was perfect for me. I could share it with my son and even described how some of the imperfections were created.

I forwarded the link to my partner-in-crime Neil (@tjinedition) and we figured out an offering price. In retrospective, I could have spent what we paid for this set in one store after cleaning up a fresh dump bin. haha. So I jumped on it with Neil’s blessing.

I sent Nikita the offer and she accepted.

While we were figuring out payment and shipping, she sent me a picture with the Hot Wheels on a scale to show me the weight and I was surprised to see each car wrapped! WTH! I don’t even get Hot Wheels “collectors” doing that! The transactions went totally smooth and within a few hours the cars were packaged and shipped.

They arrived a couple days later and most of them are 1968 first editions that had redline tires. There was also some Matchbox cars when Matchbox was made in England by Lensey. Lensey was a company that produced the original Matchbox cars in 1953 and got their name because the cars were packaged in boxes that resembled matchboxes for matches. Since then, Lensey and Matchbox was bought out by a few other companies, one being TYCO. At the time, Barbie dominated Mattel and was female specific. Hot Wheels was then created for the purpose to compete against Matchbox and to introduce a boys line for Mattel.

Today, Mattel owns Matchbox and Hot Wheels as they truly dominate the 1:64 scale die-cast market. It’s really an amazing sight to see these cars in its original castings in their true form.

Thanks Christina for giving me the heads-up and thanks to Nikita for give making this happen.

Now let’s check out what cars were in the case…




There were many GEMs, like this 1940 Ford 2-Door with rubber tires.


Here is a Matchbox AMX Javelin from 1972 in very clean condition.


This Beatnik Bandit was a collabo between Hot Wheels designer and automotive designer Harry Bentley Bradley duplicating Ed “Big Daddy” Roths custom car. Ed Roth is also known for his Rat Fink designs.

This piece was actually pretty cool, its from 1977 and was called the Caravan. It features a swinging door which was controlled by a small dial underneath the chassis.

Cat-A-Pult, I don’t have much of a story on this, but the casting seems pretty new, 1998.


This Classic 36 Ford Coupe has seen better days. Spectra-flame red with Redline tires. – 1969


1975 Moran’s Surf Shop Express Stingray Coupe Corvette


Custom AMX from 1968 (introduced in 1969) in Spectraflame Watermelon on Redline tires


Custom Firebird convertible with Redline tires and Spectraflame Olive – 1968


This Spectraflame Aqua Custom Fleetside has a tonneau that actually lifts, this casting was introduced in 1968


Here is a casting from 1967 of a Volkswagen Beetle with sunroof in Spectraflame Blue


The Deora was the car that caught my eye when I first looked at this set. The fact that the surfboards where still attached was quite amazing, not to mention its in immaculate condition. The Spectraflame Green is flawless.



Then here is the second version of the Deora, the Deora II.


The Dune Daddy is basically a dune buggy, the casting marks are stamped 1969, but I think it was introduced later in 1973.


A very rare and sweet casting features a “60” and the Ferrari emblem on the hood. This Ferrari 312P is enamel red.



The Fire Chief Cruiser is sweet



Heavy Chevy – Spectraflame Green – 1969, released in 1970


Heavy Chevy in Chrome from the Hot Wheels Club Kit




Flying Color Ice-T in Yellow Enamel with olive and orange tampos on the hood. This is a rarity for this casting.


Lotus Turbine

McLaren M6A – Spectraflame Gold


Majorette Ryder Truck



Matchbox Police Launch

Yellow Enamel Porsche P-911 – 1974

Python – Spectraflame Blue with white interior – 1968



Python – Spectraflame Red – 1968


Rash1 – 1969

Red Baron – Spectraflame Red – 1969


Rolls Royce Silver Shadow – 1969


Screamin’ Hauler – 1999


Silhouette – Spectraflame Red


Splittin’ Image – 1968 casting


SRN6 Hovercraft – 1972

The Demon – 1967 casting


Torero – 1968 casting


Volkswagen Beetle – Blue – 1988


Volkswagen Beetle – Pink – 1988, check out the wheel error on this casting, 5sp on one wheel 7sp on the others.


One of my favorites is this Matchbox Volkswagen Caravette – Lensey made in England No.34



Scosche’s StrikeLINE Pro Retractable Charge and Sync Cable



Inspired by lifestyle, culture, music, and people, Scosche has become a leader in car audio and consumer goods. In 2013, they have introduced several products for the latest release of the iPhone.

When Apple introduced the new iPhone 5, they went away with their 30-pin connector that had been synonymous of all iDevices. Many accessories such as docking stations to in-car integration use the 30 pin connector. In 2012, The Apple group decided that 30 pins was a bit overkill for today’s technology. With the introduction of the iPhone 5 also included the introduction of the 8-pin lightning connector, a connector that is all digital and reversible.





Scosche introduced a Lightning cable replacement, the StrikeLINE Pro, a retractable charge & sync cable. Unlike the standard white-coated cable that Apple supplies, the StrikeLINE Pro uses their retractable design that allows the thin 3 ft. cable to neatly retract itself into a compact design.  It’s very suitable for travel and eliminates tangling, especially in a car environment.


Unlike lower-grade (unauthorized) aftermarket Lightning cables, The StrikeLINE Pro is Apple approved and proudly displays an authentic “Made for iPod iPhone iPad” logo. This logo is important as knock-offs of the lightning cable may charge, but not sync, and cause damage to the unit. The Scosche StrikeLINE Pro only uses Apple’s 8-pin connector, which includes their authentication chip. The StrikeLINE Pro retails for $24.99 at Use the code “DAYUUM” at checkout to receive a 20% discount.

For all other goods, please visit

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