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Hello Kitty Con 2014


Hello Kitty has officially turned 40 years old this year and to celebrate, LA introduced the first Hello Kitty Con which took place in the Little Tokyo Area. There was lots of Hello Kitty related festivities to be experienced and I’ll walk you guys through a few of the things I did for the one day I went. There was a Media Preview night but I had forgotten to apply for media for the event so I wasn’t able to check out everything the night before but to start the experience you had to go pick up your color-coded badge for the different days as seen above.

Everything was conveniently located at the Japanese American History Museum in Los Angeles so that made things a bit easier to navigate around to look for things.

DSCF7366 DSCF7369 DSCF7373

People lined up early to be the first ones into the  convention, and even there was a person who camped out the night before at like 2 AM to be the very first. She received a gift basket from the convention organizers which I’m not familiar of the contents within.

Once the floodgates opened, I made a beeline for the Friendship Station Pop-up Shop to pick up the 40th anniversary exclusives and there was plenty of Hello Kitty items for sale as well as things on display.

DSCF7396 DSCF7398 DSCF7404

The convention featured a lot of art decor to pose and photograph, a concert stage, a tattoo parlor giving FREE hello kitty tattoos, a vintage mini product museum, a live DJ spinning music and various classes and shoppes to feed your addiction for Hello Kitty.

DSCF7405 DSCF7410 DSCF7460 DSCF7462 DSCF7464

One of the featured things to do at the convention was actually the Hello Kitty Hungry Hunt, which was a 4-5 week long scavenger hunt of restaurants in various parts of LA, West Hollywood and Sawtelle districts of Los Angeles that had featured menu items that included a limited edition Hello Kitty Pin (1000 pcs of each made).

DSCF7412 DSCF7436 DSCF7437

2014-10-30-16.12 2014-10-30-16.16 2014-10-30-16.16b 2014-10-30-16.16c

The above were the featured items at Dulce Cafe in the Little Tokyo Village


That Hello Kitty Spam Musubi


Fetured Toy from Jada Toys I believe

DSCF7475 DSCF7476 DSCF7477 DSCF7487

Lego Hello Kitty Display

DSCF7490 DSCF7499

So for this statue the clothing elements were actually made from Fruit Roll-Ups.  Pretty impressive.

DSCF7500 DSCF7501

Chan Luu x Hello Kitty Jewelry


The Hello Kitty Food truck sold Hello Kitty themed Macarons, Donuts, Mini-Cakes even Hello Kitty Themed water bottles.

And I’ll wrap this up with some of the Hello Kitty Fashion displays they had. All in all, if you’re a real fan, you’d love the experience here. Especially if you’re a collector of the rare hello kitty merchandise. I had actually picked up some stuff which I plan to shoot some Dayuum Hunnies with so be on the lookout for that.

DSCF7440 DSCF7441 DSCF7442 DSCF7443 DSCF7444 DSCF7445 DSCF7446 DSCF7447 DSCF7448 DSCF7449 DSCF7450 DSCF7451 DSCF7452

Air Jordans = No Traffic Ticket

True Story:   Wear your Air Jordans boys and girls, thought I’d write this because it’s kinda cool, interesting and a win.  Last week I went to LAX to visit my cousin-in-law who was visiting SoCal from Vancouver BC  on a business trip, he told me he was staying at the Hilton by the airport, but as I came closer to the area I realized there were 3 Hilton hotels in that area.


I needed to get in touch with my cousin to see which Hilton Hotel they were staying at.  Unfortunately, as I approached the location, at the corner of my eye I see a cop car and the officer is looking straight at me talking on the phone, so naturally I tried to play it off as if I was just leaning on my hand with my elbow on the window sill, but my old trick did  not work this time crap. As soon as I made the turn the police lights flashed. I started thinking to myself DaYUUM they finally got me LOL. Some of you are wondering, what the heck, but in California it is illegal to talk on a cellphone without a handsfree kit while driving. So as the officer approached my car, he asked me why I thought I got pulled over, heck man I’m not gonna lie to him and told him straight up that he caught me because I was on the cell and sure enough he said exactly, but before he even ask for my license to run it,  he said “Hey you’re wearing Jordan III’s are you a shoe collector ?” and I told him yeah I’m a sneakerhead shoe junkie, then he started rattling on about how he has been looking for the cement III’s and what J’s he had in his collection and how hard it is to find some Jordans for himself.  I told him about some of the local spots that you can find the shoes like Flight Club LA and that dope spot in Little Tokyo.  So instead of this cop giving me the traffic ticket he just asked me to write down the names of these stores and to try not to be on my phone.  I never thought being a Jordan freak and shoe junkie would ever save me like that haha.  Too f’n cool, the officer even thank me for the info and just told me to be safe. Man this made my night !  So the moral of this story is wear cool shoes and you too can avoid a traffic ticket.  Like I said before wear your Air Jordans Boys and Girls. Haha …Retro AirMax’s too @DaYUUMNilo13 😉




These Kicks Are Made for Walkin’

You may not easily realize this but you may have used and abused a specific item that you possess.  I know, I know what you guys and gals are thinking… obvious answers would be your cell phone, ipod, ipad, wallet, credit / debit cards, and keys.  Well aside from those things, you may have a favorite pair of flip-flops, sandals, vans, chucks or even a pair of boots that you’ll put on to kick around the house, grocery shopping, walks on the beach or just simply hanging out with friends. Keeping our feet comfy, unrestricted, relaxed and away from blisters is like a habit that is often overlooked.  For me, I would be kickin it with my Nike Free Runs.

Originally released in 2005, Nike released the very comfy and lightweight Free’s targeting runners, track and marathon athletes, and your casual young and old joggers.  Similar to 1970’s legendary University of Oregon track coach Bill Bowerman; pouring rubber into his wife’s waffle iron to create a new running shoe sole,   Nike pushed its engineers to revolutionize a shoe that will cushion, support and protect one’s feet but still felt and simulated running barefoot.

While looking for answers interviewing coaches and athletes, Nike engineers and designers came across Vin Lananna, who was the track coach of Stanford University.  During the discussions, V. Lananna shared an unusual routine that’s part of his athletes training – He had them run barefoot on grass.  The coach mentioned that this routine kept his athletes stronger and less prone to injuries.  As Nike engineers and designers were so intrigued with this statement, they assembled 10 men and 10 women to run without shoes on grass.  Equipped with high speed cameras and paper-thin pressure sensors to measure joint angles and foot impact, the engineers and designers had a comprehensive understanding of the biomechanics running barefoot.

Like most kicks out in the market, shoe design always aims to protect, stabilize and cushion the foot.  All these factors put together, most of the time a lot of motion are restricted and confined hence the challenge of emulating a barefoot walking or running experience. Nike answered these challenges by designing the Free project with superb flexibility, deep-grooved and channeled sole.  This design gave one’s foot more movement, the toes flex and grip as well as using underutilized foot muscles normally overlooked by traditional footwear.

Nike envisioned designating each Free version with a number – “1” aimed for runners who needed with less support and “12” was designed like a traditional running shoe.  As the numbering system was lost in translation, the Nike Free was re-launched with a mid-performance 7 ounce model, dubbed as the Nike Free Run+.

Judging from the reviews and statements that I’ve read and heard, the Nike Free Run+ was a huge success.  Not only did it achieve athletes’ quest for a barefoot style footwear but maintained cushion and foot protection.  These kicks seemed to be popular not just to athletes but young and old as well as medical and healthcare representatives due to its featherweight and comfort properties.

Due to the success of the Nike Free Run+ release, it encouraged Nike to put a new flavor and bring back the successful Air Huarache line by putting this in fusion with the innovative sole of the Free Run+ – I must say that this is another recipe for success and I will for sure put them to test as I got my pairs ready for action – 2012 Quick Strike (QS) Air Huarache Free pack.

So if you catch me sporting my Free Runs – “Avert your eyes, because it’s been known to hypnotize…” …just means I’m kickin it “Happy Feet Style.”  =P

Until the next one… Peace!  – jp

J’s Addiction

There is a great possibility that basketball season this year will be cut short or will never happen at all due to the looming lockout that the NBA is currently plagued.  Both NBA Players Association and Team owners are still trying to straighten out issues.  But it seems that these guys are not in a hurry to resolve their differences and work out their demands.   While wishing basketball season will start this year, I’ve decided to uplift myself by writing about someone that truly changed NBA basketball – the game, as well as the money-making sneaker industry side of things.

A stellar career at the University of North Carolina started it all; where he led the Tar Heels to an NCAA Championship in 1982. He was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1984, picking him third at the NBA draft.  He mesmerized his fans with grace, finesse and tongue-out drive to the basket moves which he backed up with accolades and accomplishments that included five MVP awards, six NBA Finals MVP awards, 14 NBA All-Star Game appearances, 10 NBA scoring titles, NBA Defensive Player of the Year and Rookie of the Year Awards, two Olympic Gold Medals and six NBA titles – Furthermore, the only player in NBA history to win back-to-back regular season and NBA Finals MVP awards.  In 2004, he revealed a passion for motorcycle racing and founded MJ Motorsports.  He purchased part of the Charlotte Bobcats franchise in 2010.  I can still go on and on and on but by this time you already know who I’m describing – Michael Jeffrey Jordan.

Michael Jordan, a well-known icon and epitome of the NBA, a business mogul, earned himself nicknames such as “His Airness”, “Air Jordan”, and “MJ”.  Michael Jordan made such a significant impact when he entered the NBA that he changed and transformed the outlook of the athletic footwear industry.   Nike of course tried to capitalize on his popularity by exciting the fans and sneakerheads with annual releases of “Air Jordan” which started in 1984. When every player was sporting the boring white high and low tops, “His Airness” captivated his fans with bold colors of red, black and white that matched the Chicago jersey color ways.  There was even a time where Nike opted to make a statement and paid for Jordan’s $5000 NBA fine (due the non-conforming look of his kicks / against the norm) for every game that he wore the red and black color way of the Air Jordan I during home or away games.   Even after retirement, his marketability remained untouched.  Nike kept a separate division dedicated to Jordan-esque style, elegance, poise and commitment, which brings us to the “Jordan Brand”.  Nike was so confident with MJ that they gambled and chose to replace the all so famous “Swoosh” logo after the first Air Jordan release with Jordan’s image of his free throw line dunk.  The dunk that made us believe that man can levitate… hang in the air… fly like a superhero.

It may be years now since the series of “J’s”, as most people will call them, had been released under the Jordan Brand.  A number of “J” fusion versions came out to revive the sneak excitement of the past but it’s nowhere close to the originals.  The young-once and young’ins today long for original color ways and versions of the “J’s”.  Nike heard this cry and saw a new market for bringing back the ol’skul styling of the Air Jordans.  Why won’t Nike listen to this cry when way back when… a pair of Jordans was $80-$120. Now, a pair would for a minimum cost $150-$500 depending on the Air Jordan version.  I must say that the most popular Air Jordans were versions 1 through 14 – however, the J – III, IV, VI, IX, XI and XII are considered the most sellable sneaks and can drive prices up depending on the color way or edition.

Well now if you’ve been waiting to get a hold of reasonably priced brand new “J’s”, the wait is over – last year and especially this year seemed to be the year of the J-retros.   The young once and young’ins can now get and enjoy the beloved Jordan retro kicks.   Here’s a cheat sheet that I would like to share – release dates that you may want to mark your calendars.

MJ definitely had his ups and downs in his career but there is no doubt that MJ always had that swagger that not only changed the game of basketball but turned a new chapter in the world of kicksology.  He will always be imitated by ball players but there will only be one “Air Jordan”.  Just like I’ve always said, you may not jump and fly as high as Mike, you may not have the first step that leaves opponents behind just like Mike but you can always rock J’s and relive the Jordan legacy in you.  Until the next one…  – JP


See some of Michael Jordan’s – Top 10 MJ Game Dunks



– (Release Dates)

– (AJ 1-23 Pics)






My Sneakers…

Every time I wear a new pair of sneakers, I get the expressions… “Wow, new shoes…”, or  “New kiiicks…”,  or “Damn! that’s bright”, or “How do you keep your kicks clean man?” or something that I’ll get from Mom and Dad, “New shoes again??? You’re like Imelda Marcos – with too many Rubbershoes (that’s sneakers in Filipino).”  Well, with the feedback that I’ve received from family and friends, I came to realize that I may have a little more than some people would typically have.

Every sneaker geek will have a story to share that triggered his / her passion or love for sneaks.   To kick off my first write up with DaYUUM, I get the chance to share what launched me to the world of “Kicksology.”

Born and raised in the Philippines, I grew up considering basketball as the only sport that I played somewhat decent.  Some of you may not know, but basketball is the most popular sport in the Philippines even if Filipinos aren’t considered amongst the tallest peeps.  And having an uncle that managed and coached in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) – “the NBA of Filipinos”, during the mid 1980’s to early 90’s lured me to the sport even more.   My uncle would take my cousins and I to practices, exhibition games and actual games sitting behind the players’ bench.   By this time, I came to idolize up and coming players that played for my uncle – How they wear their jersey, mimic their signature bball moves, haircut, copying their gear and of course what sneaks they wear.  I knew little about the NBA… but I knew Magic’s insane passes, the Great shooter -Larry Bird, Kareem’s skyhook, Worthy, AC Green, Dominique, and of course the great Airness, Michael Jordan.   But ask me about the PBA, heck yeah!!!  I knew each and every player and team – sched, stats and the kicks the players wear.

I remember when I first asked my Mom and Dad to buy me my first pair of basketball sneakers.   White with red and blue trims, Nike was not popular to me at that time but Converse – yes, Converse CONS ERX 300 was what I got.  My CONS ERX 300 hi tops with a big tongue that printed CONS upfront was what made me feel like a superstar when playing with buddies and friends.   We called them “CONS”.  I liked the pair so much that I would rock them every game and every game it would get scuffed but after play – I would take off the laces and brush them up.   I would soak the laces under soap and water.  The next morning, I’d squeezed the soap and water out of the laces and put them back on making sure there were no twisters.  This way, my CONS look fresh every time I wear them.  I remember putting some big fat laces on them too just to change up the look.   I’m sure you sneaker geeks could somewhat relate… =)

My uncle’s team was sponsored by Adidas, so aside from my CONS, I would get brand spanking new kicks from him and what are they… white, low cut Superstars with 3 blue stripes and the hi top version of the Superstar, the Promodel with 3 black stripes.   I bet this was the peak of the Run DMC and Adidas collab; would I recognize DMC back then? – Nope.  I learned about these kicks from Bball players.  The Superstars were just a hot item but keeping them clean was a pain.  My friends would even envy how I would get kicks for free.   They knew that these pairs were what bballers rocked.   Rock them with fat, skinny, colored laces – tied, untied laces, no laces – These just looked good with everything.    Then one summer,  my aunt from the U.S. visited us and in one of the “balik-bayan” or storage boxes (for the peeps that don’t know what these big boxes are that Filipinos bring when travelling- you’ll see them a lot at International Airports… hehe) she gave me my first pair of Nike.  It was a love and hate for some- all navy blue Nike Air Force mids.  Talk about grabbing people’s attention this pair did when I wore them.  Playing ball you’ll see these kids with the regular white boring hi-tops or low cut kicks and here I am playing with some colored, mid cut kicks.  These pair felt a lot more lighter that the CONS and more comfy than the Superstars specially when playing on rock solid concrete floored courts.  The air sole seemed to make a difference.  This was for sure before the Fab Five showed up with the all so famous black socks and mid Nike Air Force Max – This just started the wave of Nike kicks in my life and for exclusivity purposes, my cousin and aunt in the U. S. would buy me Air Flights, Air Flight Huaraches, Air max etc.

So some would ask… did I jump higher with my cool kicks? Heck noh?!?  Did I play like Sir Charles rockin my sneaks?  Don’t think so?!?   Did I have a pair of sneaks that no one had seen at the Bball courts?  Helllsss Yeah!!!  All they could say was, “DaYUUM!!! Where did you get that?” so what was I thinking “Haha, Game Ova!!!  That’s for you fools to find out…” ;P  I am sure you sneaker heads  will always have a story to share too.  Do you remember your first pair of sneaks?  Until the next one…  Peace!  -JP.

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