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The Ladies of Wekfest San Jose 2014

As every automotive enthusiasts would know, Wekfest has been known as one of the best automotive event across the entire United States. They are known to put all vehicles and vendors through a filtering process to ensure quality is highly represented at all events. With their stop at San Jose, Ca. this past weekend, Aug. 10, you bet this was another hit that made all the Bay Area folks all excited, even us, who are from Southern California. We made the trip and made it a memorable one. We will have the main coverage of the cars coming soon but for now, we made a separate category where we cover all the ladies that participated at this show representing all the vendor booths and/or teams which makes every show more interesting. Here’s a quick recap of the ladies of Wekfest San Jose 2014. wekfest sj 2014-1712 wekfest sj 2014-1714First off is Wekfest’s official spokesmodel, Miss Elissa Alva up front at the main Wekfest x Imperium booth and as usual, causing a line for fans to get posters, autograph, and shirts. wekfest sj 2014-1866 wekfest sj 2014-1869 wekfest sj 2014-1871Along with another Wekfest spokesmodel double header/tandem of Miss Ashley Vee up front which makes it for a ridiculous line to meet both of these hotties. wekfest sj 2014-1717 wekfest sj 2014-1721Nicole Leigh who is originally from the Bay area is posted up at the Canibeat booth. wekfest sj 2014-1726 wekfest sj 2014-1727Here we have the other half of the Vossen girls, Miss Justene Jaro. wekfest sj 2014-1731 wekfest sj 2014-1735Miss Dawn Jaro to complete the team of these awesome sisters at the Vossen wheels booth. wekfest sj 2014-1737 wekfest sj 2014-1739Its JDM Yo/Legacy booth is providing the model lounge for the show and saw our friend, Miss Arley Elizabeth. wekfest sj 2014-1749 wekfest sj 2014-1750Another hottie from the Bay, She goes by the name of Callie love. wekfest sj 2014-1756 wekfest sj 2014-1758Our adorable friend, Miss Regina Francia also at the model lounge. wekfest sj 2014-1766 wekfest sj 2014-1768Posted up at the Sonic MS booth is this SoCal hottie, Miss Amy Fay. wekfest sj 2014-1773 wekfest sj 2014-1774 wekfest sj 2014-1781Also at the Sonic MS booth who I also think is the most beautiful woman from the Bay area, Miss Genevieve Chanelle. (I’m a fanboy) wekfest sj 2014-1784 wekfest sj 2014-1785My first time meeting this cutie who is also from the Bay, Miss Lynn Hu also at the Sonic MS booth. wekfest sj 2014-1791 wekfest sj 2014-1796This gorgeous lady who goes by the name Miss Hazel posted up at Speed Element booth.

wekfest sj 2014-1804

wekfest sj 2014-1805Saw this cutie Miss Ann Keira for the first time.

wekfest sj 2014-1807

wekfest sj 2014-1811Miss Amy Ames posted up at the Limitless Society booth.

wekfest sj 2014-1815

wekfest sj 2014-1820Miss Lyna Ly Sparks at the Hollux Industries booth.

wekfest sj 2014-1825

wekfest sj 2014-1827

wekfest sj 2014-1829The gorgeous duo of Vex Motor sports ladies, Miss Tiffany Vu,

wekfest sj 2014-1833 wekfest sj 2014-1836and Miss Mimi Nguyen.

wekfest sj 2014-1846

wekfest sj 2014-1849At the Pristine Auto parts/Fknfamous mag booth is Miss Mimi Le.

wekfest sj 2014-1856

wekfest sj 2014-1862Saw Miss Eliza Tee joined the Wekfest/Imperium booth up front.

wekfest sj 2014-1877

wekfest sj 2014-1878Our friend, Miss Amanda Kerr, posted up at Team Ar ‘Kan/Continental booth.

wekfest sj 2014-1883

wekfest sj 2014-1885Our friends at Airrex had their own booth which featured Miss Lyly Nguyen.

wekfest sj 2014-1900

wekfest sj 2014-1902The adorable Miss Michelle Yee made the trip up to the Bay for the show.

wekfest sj 2014-1908

wekfest sj 2014-1909

wekfest sj 2014-1911We saw our adorable friend, Miss Gina Darling at the model lounge. We decided to bug her and she decided to fool around.

wekfest sj 2014-1916

wekfest sj 2014-1918Miss Janis True had a show that Saturday in Minneapolis but made it up for the trip to the Bay the next day and still manage to look good under the Pristine Parts booth.

That concludes our recap of the Ladies of Wekfest San Jose 2014. Hope you guys enjoyed it and stay tuned for the part 2 of our coverage of the cars. Until next time!


Sandra Wong – Up Close and Personal

Sandra Wong has been the sweet girl-next-door that has made a lasting impression in the import community. From gracing the covers of Super Street Magazine to being crowned Miss MFest, there is no limits to the seemingly endless accolaids that she has received.

For the the longest time, I’ve been wanting to put together a photoshoot for the lovely Sandra Wong and thanks to DaYUUM, I have an opportunity to feature her with my photography. Also, check out our brief interview with Miss Wong to find out more about her!

-Gilbert (@girlsbutts – IG)

Edited by John – @DaYUUMJQuilla
Interviewed by Nilo – @DaYUUMNilo13
Photos by Gilbert – @GirlsButts

























The Ladies of SpoCom Anaheim 2014

SpoCom has always been a favorite of mine when it comes to automotive shows. Even though we’ve missed the one up in NorCal a couple of months ago, we can’t let this one slide and miss the opportunity of joining one of the best in the scene. Like last year, it was held at the Anaheim Convention Center. The perfect spot in the heart of Orange County in Southern California to house hundreds of car builds, a huge stage at the south end for entertainment like the dance and bikini competition, plenty of vendor spots, and a huge model lounge in the middle to top it off. Speaking of model lounge, SpoCom is known to invite the most popular models that are out there so best believe you will never leave this show disappointed, so let me show you what SpoCom had in store for this year’s Ladies of SpoCom Anaheim 2014.

First we have Regina Francia at the model lounge. Also the first time seeing her in person with her blonde hair. Looking good girl!spocom2014-0982 spocom2014-0983

All the way up from NorCal, Miss Tiffany Vu at the model lounge with her killer smile.spocom2014-0987 spocom2014-0990

Our featured DaYUUM Hunnie, Chaba.spocom2014-0993 spocom2014-0997

Last year’s SpoCom bikini contest winner, Miss Noemii J. wearing a pretty floral dress at the model lounge.spocom2014-1001 spocom2014-1002

Miss Mimi Le who came all the way down from NorCal is also at the model lounge.spocom2014-1005 spocom2014-1008

The other NorCal babe, Miss Mimi baby (ig name cause I don’t know her last name lol) chillin.spocom2014-1011 spocom2014-1013

This charming lady, Miss Taya Cay with her classy black dress.spocom2014-1019 spocom2014-1020

The Canadian beauty, Miss Morningstar.spocom2014-1022 spocom2014-1023 spocom2014-1026

The lovely, Miss Nelly Chavez.spocom2014-1034 spocom2014-1035

Its been a long time since I’ve seen her last, the delightful, Miss Rachelle Viado.spocom2014-1037 spocom2014-1040

The host of that night’s bikini competition, Miss Janis True posing for the crowd at the model lounge booth.spocom2014-1043 spocom2014-1045

The alluring, Miss Kairi Dreme.spocom2014-1047 spocom2014-1053

Another one of our DaYUUM Hunnie, this fit chick, Miss Serena Su.spocom2014-1058 spocom2014-1060

The lovely Miss Samantha Padilla.spocom2014-1064 spocom2014-1065

The alluring, Miss Sally Mia Kior.spocom2014-1069 spocom2014-1071

This sexy blonde lady, Miss Ashley Twomey at the K2 motor booth.spocom2014-1072 spocom2014-1075

This gorgeous lady, Miss Constance Nunes left everyone stunned with her beauty at the “its JDM Yo!” booth.spocom2014-1079 spocom2014-1081

Another hott blondie, she goes by the name Breezy Jade at the Extreme Autowerks booth.spocom2014-1084 spocom2014-1087

Along with this photogenic lady, Miss Erica Law signing posters at the Extreme Autowerks booth.spocom2014-1091 spocom2014-1095

As well as this charming lady, Eva Skye.spocom2014-1099 spocom2014-1104

The go-go hostess of SpoCom, Miss Gina Darling is so charming to everyone but is never afraid to be funny at times. Such a personality no wonder everybody loves her.spocom2014-1105 spocom2014-1106

The lovely Miss Amy Ames at the Limitless Society booth.spocom2014-1108 spocom2014-1111

As well as this cutie, Miss Lily Sang at the Limitless Society booth.spocom2014-1113 spocom2014-1116

This gorgeous lady, Miss Ana Cheri gracing the booth of 2 Crave Wheels.spocom2014-1120 spocom2014-1122

Saw this stunning lady, Miss Xena Kai at the Kraftwerks booth.spocom2014-1129 spocom2014-1131

This awesome lady, Miss Nicole Leigh at the model lounge.spocom2014-1132 spocom2014-1134

Also spotted the adorable Miss Brittani Paige.spocom2014-1140 spocom2014-1142

This cutie, Miss Christy Truong.spocom2014-1144 spocom2014-1147

Of course, our amazing and seksi model, our Angel ;), Miss Raelynn gracing our booth.spocom2014-1152 spocom2014-1155 spocom2014-1158

The SpoCom 2014 bikini contest winner who also came down all the way from Houston Texas, Miss Krstina Hong. Also spotted being fabulous at the D2 Racing booth.spocom2014-1162 spocom2014-1164 spocom2014-1227

Spotted this stunning lady, Miss Nateasha Nicole at the Toyo Tires booth.spocom2014-1177 spocom2014-1185

Miss Diamond Zaang being sexy as always at the model lounge booth.spocom2014-1285 spocom2014-1289

Hope you guys enjoyed our coverage of SpoCom Anaheim 2014. Until next time!

Fin. @DaYUUMJae

Here is video coverage provided by @DaYUUMJQuilla

Sandra Wong’s Bambu Meet and Greet

Last friday, Sandra Wong in collaboration with Bambu Desserts and Tea in Irvine, CA did a model meet and greet event in which she also invited a few of her modeling friends such as Christy Troung, Serena Su, Airica Moe and Taya Cay.

Fans had a chance to meet the lovely ladies in a fun boba shop setting as well as purchase some of their merchandise, take pictures and just spread good cheer all around.

-Gilbert (@girlsbutts)




















Lori Lin -Up Close and Personal


Name: Lori Lin

Hometown: Bakersfield, Ca.

Ethnicity: Filipino/Chinese

Birthdate: January 28

Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5′ 6″

Occupation: Full-time student

Lori is an adorable and fun loving girl. Even though Lori was born and raised in a small town, she loves the life of the city and knows how to use it to her advantage. Her modeling has quickly emerged and caused a fire storm in the scene. It began to spark last year with the help of her close friend who is a recognizable person in the industry.

Lori loves music, is a creative artist, and a down to earth person who is sending fans tripping over their own shadows. It’s no surprise that this hottie can strike a smile and a seductive stare that could paralyze anyone, even females. Aside from her seksi appearance and loving soul, Lori is a kid at heart who is goofy and a little bit silly. But don’t be fooled by her kind hearted personality and playful attitude, her goals are set on her career and she’s not going to let anyone stop her! Enough of our rabbles, let’s see what she has to say…


DaYUUM: Tell us a little about yourself.
Lori: I love life, I love to laugh, I can’t function without music. I surround myself with it as much as possible. When I hear good music, it makes me dance no matter where I am. I could be in the car stuck in traffic and I’d still be bobbing my head to the beat. I’m goofy and a bit silly but I’ve come to love and embrace all my quirks and qualities. I believe I was born with a creative mind which makes me see and perceive the world differently than most. I’m also a very passion driven person which is why I’ve always chosen a creative based career path. I love art. It’s my core. I would like to say I am a carefree being that is very caring at the same time especially to those I hold dear to my heart. I love the city life but I’ll always be a small town girl at heart. I love God, I love my family, and my friends. I see everyday as a blessing and a new adventure.


DaYUUM: How did you get into modeling?
Lori: My good friend Jofel Tolosa invited me to do a casting call last year and from there I ended up attending my first show DUB Show LA and since then I attended other shows throughout that year. It’s been an amazing adventure and I’m so glad I took that leap of faith last year and tried it out.

DaYUUM: What is your most memorable modeling job to date?
Lori: Autocon LA 2013, I was with R1 Concepts it was so hot outside but that didn’t matter to me because I just had so much fun. I loved being out there meeting new people and being amongst great company. I was also very new to the scene, and I just felt so welcomed and loved. In that moment I felt my true confidence as a model come out and I think it was one of my highest moments of last year.

DaYUUM: What do you think are the toughest challenge as a model?
Lori:  Image is essentially one of the most important parts of being a model, but I think the toughest thing is to not get caught up in the judgement of others whether it be good or bad. Staying confident no matter what people say or how a photo of you turns out is key. Personality and being a good person is always more important than looking good.



DaYUUM: What do you think is the best feature of your body?
Lori: Honestly my smile, but a little booty never hurt anybody.

DaYUUM: 3 words that best describe you and why?
Lori:  3 f words. Free spirited, Fun loving, and Friendly. I’ve come to love the person I am and I feel most myself being free and unrestrained. Although that doesn’t mean I have no boundaries it just means I love embracing my true essence as a person and living like the sky is the limit. I also love to be goofy and laugh. As much as possible I love being happy and don’t like wasting emotions on negativity unless it’s absolutely necessary. Lastly, I love to connect with others and I try to always see the good in everyone which is why i’m happy meeting new people.



DaYUUM: What is your favorite food?
Lori: I love all types but sushi has to be at the top of my list. I also have a huge sweet tooth!

DaYUUM: Do you have any talents that would surprise anyone?
Lori: I love Art. It is my first love in life and my main way of self expression. I like to paint and draw and immerse myself in pretty much anything artistic. I believe that is why I love modeling also, because it is a different form of art as well as self expression. I also love makeup, and can make people look like zombies and monsters with movie magic make up techniques.

DaYUUM: What type of music do you listen to?
Lori: Every kind, it just depends on my mood but Hip Hop always makes me wanna dance. EDM also always puts me in a good mood no matter what is happening in life.



DaYUUM: What are your hobbies?
Lori: Art, Movie watching, Sight seeing, People watching, Modeling, Traveling and Shopping.

DaYUUM: Turn ons and turn offs?
Lori: I love, love, love, somebody who can make me laugh. I love to laugh and be goofy. I want someone who makes it hard for me to stay mad at them because that’s how hard they make me laugh. Laughter to me is happiness, and you shouldn’t forget to have fun with whoever you’re with. I also love a confident man, it is such a turn on when they know they’re great. On the flip side, there is a distinct line between confidence and arrogance. Once a man is too full of themselves, and overly flamboyant about their lifestyle it is a major turn off. I also don’t like guys who smoke and drink too much. Although I like to have fun, I also I enjoy quiet nights in.

DaYUUM: What do you think is the most romantic thing a man can do for a woman?
Lori: I think the most romantic thing a man can do for a woman is simpler than it seems. When you really get to know her and know all the little things she likes and what makes her happy, I think it is the most romantic thing to do all those little things versus an over the top trip or expensive gifts.




DaYUUM: If you can go on a perfect date, what would it be?
Lori: It would start on a sunny California day, on the beach with a pier, playing arcade games, talking while taking a light stroll along the beach, laughing, then riding the ferris wheel while taking in the sights and enjoying each others company. A cup of coffee sprinkled in there somewhere would make my day 10x better!

DaYUUM: What is the craziest thing a guy did to get your attention?
Lori: Decorating my car, and house on Valentine’s day. Another is driving all the way to my hometown while I was visiting my family to see me as a surprise.

DaYUUM: Who is your celebrity crush?
Lori: James and Dave Franco. They’re talented and good looking. I think they have a unique, cool quality about them that makes them sexy.



DaYUUM: What is your dream car?
Lori: Mercedes Benz SLS AMG or Nilo’s NSX.

DaYUUM: What are the things you would never leave without?
Lori: Keys, Wallet, and Phone.

DaYUUM: If you can go on a vacation anywhere, where would it be?
Lori: Paris, it’s such a romantic and historically rich place. I would be constantly mesmerized.




DaYUUM: If you were given a power to save the world from harm, what would you do and why?
Lori: I would like to be a time traveler so I could prevent dangerous situations from occurring.

DaYUUM: Do you have any quotes that you live by?
Lori: I have two.

“Set your life on fire, and seek those who fan your flames.”- Rumi

“You either like me or you don’t. It took me twenty something years to learn how to love myself, i don’t have that kinda time to convince somebody else.” -Daniel Franzese

DaYUUM: What are your goals in the future?
Lori: Eat, Pray, Love.




DaYUUM: Shout outs and last words?
Lori: I would like to thank my family first and foremost for always loving and supporting my dreams no matter how outrageous they are. Big shoutout to all my friends who have always believed in me and had my back. You know who you are. Thank you to both my family and friends for holding my hand through every struggle, celebrating with me through every victory and loving me despite my imperfections. Thank you to Jofel Tolosa for getting me started on this wonderful journey. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to my new passion in life. Thank you for seeing it in me even when i didn’t. To my DaYUUM family and friends, thank you for being so genuine and for accepting me as part of the crew. You are an absolute blessing to my life. So thankful to have met you all and it has been so much fun every step of the way. Can’t wait for what this year has to offer. The sky is the limit, for sure.

We want to thank Lori for giving us the time and opportunity to get her featured. She will be one of our DaYUUM Hunnies who will be joining us this year at upcoming shows, events and more shoots! We are stoked to have her as part of the DaYUUM family! Till next time and happy reading!

Also check out our behind the scenes video by John Quidilla


The Ladies of AutoCon L.A. 2014


Spring is here and summertime is just right around the corner, it’s also a reminder that the show season in Southern California is in full swing. With new builds, new teams, and a fresh group of eye candies, AutoCon records another successful event. This year AutoCon raided the infamous Pomona Fairplex. With the weather not being an issue as it was in the past, their staff hosted it indoors to comfort the attendees. Let’s cut to the chase and check out a quick recap of the ladies of AutoCon L.A. 2014.

The spokes model of AutoCon, none other than this blonde bombshell, Miss Jessica Weaver at the model lounge.




This sexy lady, Miss Danielle Lo posing for the crowd at the model lounge also.autocon-0012



All the way from Nor Cal, Miss Jenn Q.autocon-0019


This gorgeous lady, Miss Franchesca Del Carpio.autocon-0026




This stunning lady, Miss Angelina Andrada.autocon-0035


This sweet lady, Miss Noemii J. was at the model lounge staying busy signing autographs.autocon-0037


This hottie from up north, Miss Janis True came all the way for her fans.autocon-0056



Another cutie from up north, this time from Canada, Miss Donnah Pham.autocon-0164



Then I came across this adorable yet goofy and sexy chic, Miss Amber Alvarez repping stance wheels booth.autocon-0016



The gorgeous, Miss Tanya Love.autocon-0042


Along with this awesome lady, Miss Dianna Dragon at the Stance Wheels booth.autocon-0051


Passed by the Heavy Hitters booth and saw this babe, Miss Ana Cheri looking very pretty with her classy black dress.autocon-0071



This sexy lady, Miss Vanessa Thompson was also at the Heavy Hitters booth.autocon-0066


The only booth that I got stucked the most was at the Vertini wheels all because of this stunning lady, Miss Tianna Gregory causing a crowd. I fell in love… lol Would love to work with her someday.autocon-0080



Passed by the Limitless Society booth and spotted the sexy, Miss Amy Ames.autocon-0088



This awesome lady, Miss Ellie Roxx was also at the Limitless Society booth.autocon-0093


Along with this pretty lady, Miss Lily Sangg at the Limitless Society booth.autocon-0099



The vibrant Miss Alicia Whitten at ignited clothing booth.autocon-0105



At the Toyo Tires booth I was Miss Magda Angel gracing Paul Garcia’s Liberty walk wide body GTRautocon-0113


Also spotted was hottie, Miss Leanna Bartlett at the Toyo Tires booth.autocon-0119


Toyo Tires also had a booth outside with, Miss Janey B.autocon-0144



Our DaYUUM Hunnie spokesmodel, the gorgeous, Miss Lori Lin gracing our booth, working hard, and posing for the crowd.autocon-0153



Chaba and Noelle Lynn dancing graciously at the main stage.autocon-0159



I hope you enjoyed my quick recap. Until next time…


Emmy – Up Close and Personal


Name: Emmy Briones
Hometown: Philippines/Chicago
Ethnicity: Filipino
Birthdate: May 27
Sign: Gemini
Height: 5’3″
Measurements: 32-25-33
Occupation: Hospital biller/scheduler

“A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.”

This beauty who considers Chicago her home, but began her modeling career in Las Vegas is starting to catch fire into the scene with her great looks and engaging personality. Emmy never had any thoughts of modeling especially into the automotive scene until she was asked by a friend to take some shots for fun. From then on, she never looked back and has been doing editorial/fashion shoots on occasion. Her appealing style, playful nature, and goofy attitude are some of the unique personalities this woman has. Not to mention, her sense of humor is always up for something fun. Just talking with her is enough to bring anyone out of the dumps as her hyper active personality is contagious. Let’s get to know more about Emmy as we ask her some questions that you guys would normally do.



DaYUUM: Tell us a little about yourself.
Emmy: I’ve always worked hard for what I wanted.  I take my career seriously and I put 100% into everything that I do.  I am very goofy and I love to enjoy my spare time with my friends and family. On my day off you can usually find me relaxing at the beach with my puppy enjoying the sun.

DaYUUM: How did you get into modeling?
Emmy: It’s funny because I never really considered myself a model.  I always thought you had to be over 6 ft tall to really make a career from modeling.  One day a friend of mine who is a photographer asked if I wanted to pose for some quick shots.  I agreed and I loved how it felt being on the other end of the camera.  It came natural to me and I never looked back.

DaYUUM:What is your most memorable modeling job to date?
Emmy: Each modeling shoot I do is unique and I always try to make the best out of my time with the photographer I am with for that day.  One of my most memorable shoots was the time I dressed up in Star Wars gear.  I was a sexy Sith and I got to play with some light sabers which made my day.  I am a huge Star Wars fan so I had a lot of fun on that day.




DaYUUM: What do you think are the pros and cons of being a model?
Emmy: I think there are challenges and rewards in any industry you are in.  I would say there are definitely a lot more pros than cons.  The photographers and people I meet and surround myself with have been wonderful.  I love to associate myself with positive people and I have been lucky enough to have that in my career.  Of course, with success comes those that try to bring you down. I just learned to focus on the good stuff and just be the best in everything I do.

DaYUUM:What do you think is the best feature on your body and why?
Emmy: I’ve always been told it’s my big, round eyes. They can be very expressive and I think it says a lot about my personality and mood. It’s a toss up between my eyes and my smile as I was told.

DaYUUM: 3 words that best describe you most?
Emmy: Ambitious, goofy, and sincere.




DaYUUM: Do you have any quotes that you live by?
Emmy: You sleep with an itchy butt, you wake up with a smelly finger! haha  jk! Life is short, make each day count!

DaYUUM: What is your favorite food?
Emmy: I can never get enough of Filipino food.  Yum! I dont eat meat but I’m always down for Thai and Italian. Oh, and Ramen and Sushi of course!

DaYUUM: Do you have any talents that would surprise anyone?
Emmy: I love to play instruments.  I am pretty proud that I can read song sheets.  I am pretty good on the piano and I can sing good as well. (plus i can fart and burp like a man lol. or i can pop one eyeball by just using my facial muscles. lol)




DaYUUM: What type of music do you listen to?
Emmy: I listen to mostly 80s, new wave, indie type of music. My top favorites are The Cure, The Smiths, Metric and The Killers.

DaYUUM: What are your hobbies?
Emmy: There is nothing more satisfying to me than putting on my pajamas and curling up to a great book.  I also love watching movies, A LOT of movies, especially if it’s Star Wars, from a comic book, anime, cartoons, and sci-fi. I love to cook and watch football too!

DaYUUM: Turn ons and turn offs?

Turn offs: Cocky guys, bad hygiene, rude behavior, disrespectful people and someone who can’t carry a conversation with me.

Turn ons: Genuinely nice people, someone that does unexpected sweet things for me, good fashion, politeness, a HUGE sense of humor and someone who’s not afraid to be silly.

DaYUUM: What do you think is the most romantic thing a man can do for a woman?
Emmy: Coming home to find dinner is made, flowers on the table, sweet background music, maybe even a candle lit bathtub session. Oh and finding the dishes washed the next day. My heart would melt!




DaYUUM: What is the craziest thing a guy did to try to get your attention?
Emmy: A man drove to Vegas nearly every weekend to win me over.

DaYUUM: Who is your celebrity crush?
Emmy: Aaron Rodgers. I had a mini breakdown when I saw him for the first time when I went to Green Bay for a game!

DaYUUM: What is your dream car?
Emmy: A Lamborghini.





DaYUUM: What are the things you would never leave without?
Emmy: My puppy, phone, curling iron and lip gloss. They said you can tell how much a woman takes care of herself by how she maintains her lips.

DaYUUM: If you can go on a vacation anywhere, where would it be and why?
Emmy: Paris. I took French lessons and I’ve always wanted to practice.  (and Amsterdam for reasons i cant say on here…jk lol)

DaYUUM: If you were a superhero, who would you be?
Emmy: Psylocke.  She is from X-Men and she is telepathic and telekinetic.  She is a former fashion model and martial artist. Thats for Marvel. I would say Wonder Woman if i have to pick from DC.

DaYUUM: Shout outs and last words.
Emmy: I just want to say thank you to all my friends and family that have supported me throughout these years.  All your support and love pushes me everyday to be better.  I am so blessed to be at this point in my life and I will continue to work hard to keep rising up.  Thank you to all!!

We want to thank Emmy for giving us the time and opportunity to get her featured. She will be one of our few DaYUUM Hunnies who will be joining us this year at upcoming shows, events and more shoots! We are stoked to have her as part of the DaYUUM family! Till next time and happy reading!



Catch our behind the scenes, filmed by: John Quidilla @dayuumjquilla

Kuya Model Expo 2

February 22nd, 2014, R1 Concepts La Habra, CA. – The place where Kuya Model Expo 2 was held this year. We were invited by our friend Abe to be a part of his yearly event and to set up a booth. This event was a great event for models to have a safe outlet to introduce or reconnect themselves with the automotive scene. The event had 2 model lounges good enough to house at least 70 models. A large stage was set up for a bikini / lingerie show hosted by model icon, Jeri Lee.



abeexpo-0088Accompanying us was the lovely Ashley Clark.

We would like to thank Abe for hosting a successful event and of course having us as a part of the show. Here’s a recap of some of the models that attended the show.

Jelly Ranger


Raquel Estrella


Lily Sangg


Marie Alvarez


Beckie Joon from Roll Models and one of the go-go’s at our Mash-UP3 event.


Shantel Tinajero



Amber Alvarez



Jeri Lee



Arianna Noelle



Serena Su with SpoCom Show




Mia Lynn

Brie Williams with SpoCom Show



Melissa Marie


Jenna Lane with SpoCom Show



Karina Naranjo with Long Beach Auto-Tech



Melyssa Grace



Kairi Dreme



Kayla Lien Tran


Lilly Evans



Hope you guys enjoyed our coverage. Until next time! Peace. –@DaYUUMJae

A Siren Named Serena

Photos by: Jae Alba

serena-0020For you that follow us, in the short 2 years we’ve been around you know that we like to work with fresh faces and grow with them in the industry. We’ve done pretty well in the past starting from Alisa to Marissa, Ashley, Amanda and the other DaYUUM Hunnies we’ve worked with… Last year we introduced Serena Su, from the first time we meet her at one of our meets for Guppy House, we saw something about Serena that made her stand out. She was bubbly, friendly, funny, sarcastic, and adorable with an awesome smile, but most of all, she was very down to earth that we quickly had an immediate connection with her.

We soon invited her to join us to a few of the shows, but Serana was a bit nervous being she has never really worked any car events before so we assured her that we would help her out so she can get use to the crowds. WekFest Long Beach was her first event with us, probably the biggest show of the year – haha. To our surprise however, Serena adapted well to the whole scene and receive instant recognition by a lot of people and photographers in the industry. Serena enjoys challenges, intellectual and very well groomed and fit gentlemen (that pretty much leaves us all out), Music, singing, dancing and is currently going to school to become a registered Nurse as well as a fitness guru.

We’ve watched Serena escalade fast in the industry the entire 2013 show season, from a rookie to a veteran in the show circuit. Like the other DaYUUM Hunnies before her, she too became a SEMA model for our good friends at Vortech Superchargers thanks to Neil Tjin of Tjin Edition. We have no doubt Serena will go far in this industry should she choose to stay and in whatever she puts her mind to, she will be a huge success. We hope to work with her again in 2014 and wish her nothing but the best.

We’ve put together some cool pictures throughout last year, hope you enjoy them and thanks again to Serena for repping DaYUUM. Peace and much love.

For booking info please contact Serena on Facebook at Ms. Serena Su, Instagram @Serenasuu











That Girl Chaba

Photos by: Jae Alba


chaba-3I’ve known Chaba for a few years now, we met in the show scene. She’s a very cool, creative, warm, friendly, eclectic, independent, and a well spoken young lady. She also enjoys, old skool hip hop, dancing, and yes fellas – slammed nicely fixed up import cars Ka Ching!… She happens to own a KA7, a.k.a. Acura Legend, creatively she name it Zelda after the popular Nintendo game, The Legends of Zelda. Oh by the way, did I also tell you that she’s freaki’n Hott? lol A perfect DaYUUM Hunnie wouldn’t you say?

So when I put together the new look for the DaYUUM / AirREX NSX and it was ready for a shoot, Chaba was the first person to came to mind because of her style and personality. Chaba can easily pull off any style a photographer or company is looking for from glamour, sporty, bikini, or the cute girl next door, she can easily adapt. Chaba has a very cool, chill, unique urban vibe that’s truly her own. With the help and artistic eyes of Jae Alba and Max Montenagro, we set out to capture it on camera in DTLA and I think we did just that.

I want to thank Chaba for the time and patience she had with us. We hope to work with her more in 2014, she’s not only beautiful and gracious, but a good friend. So thanks Chabz =)

For bookings, please email her at and follow her on IG @Chabawokee.

Now kickback, chill, and enjoy.














SEMA Show 2013 – The Ladies of Sema


We all know SEMA is one of the biggest gathering of everything about automotive and this year marks another impact in the automotive industry. According to the press release, this year’s presence have recorded the largest amount of companies involved and gathered under one roof tallied in its history and I’m pretty sure that goes the same way in attendance as foot traffic was out of the ordinary. As you may all know, last year, the crew decided to pick cars that made it as their personal favorites out of the show for coverage and that’s not going to change this year but we kind of feel that wasn’t enough to sooth you guys viewing pleasures. We decided to add more content out of the SEMA show to give you guys more feel of how SEMA is being done every year. As most media people that got credited to cover SEMA, 90-95% of this coverage are all new cars, new products, and everything automotive related and we all know that’s not all that is there. Of course promoting a name brand is the top priority of these companies and to do that, they usually hire the top, well known gorgeous women in the industry. To these ladies, if they ever get hired to work for SEMA, they know they’ve made a name in the industry and kind of reach the top of their career and that is what we’re trying to show you as the other content for our coverage of this year’s SEMA show. Here are the ladies of SEMA 2013.

South hall is where all the wheels and tire companies are located and if you haven’t been to SEMA, this is the place where most of the models are in attendance and that is why I decided to cover this part of the convention first to get it done with. As soon as I enter the hall, I was greeted by the girls of Falken tires booth as they are placed right by the entrance doors. First off, we have Katie Carnes as she was posing right by the 2010 Falken Porsche 997 GT3 RSR ALMS car and also handing out falken playing cards and lanyards.



Here’s Julie Galindo signing autographs and giving posters.



Here’s Miss Juliana Daniell taking pictures with fans and posing for us.



Also found a blonde hottie, Miss Rebecca Garcia taking some snaps for us.



Also spotted Miss Randyl Dawn taking pictures with fans so I joined the crowd and snap some pics as well.




Next to the Falken booth is the Cooper tires booth where I spotted Miss Saundrine Lanouette who is from Ohio. When I asked for her name, I kind of didn’t understand her so I asked for her Instagram and just followed her so its easier to remember her name and not forget for the coverage but then she told me that was a slick move to get the ladies. *blushed* (don’t be copying my moves guys haha) I swear its for coverage purposes and not like I asked for your number! haha just kidding! She’s a cool chick! Nice meeting you Saundrine! sema2013-0095-3


Also by the Cooper tires booth is this gorgeous woman, Miss Amber Smith.



Then I walked towards the next booth and saw these two gorgeous models which I didn’t get to ask their name cause there was a line where nobody can enter the area that they were at and they were too far so I just snap a couple of pics.



Then I saw Kuya Abe with his famous rim chain all celebrity status when I was walking around to check the next booth.


Then, I passed by the Vossen booth and spotted the awesome Jaro sisters. Here’s Justene




Then took a couple of shots of Dawn Jaro.




Next to the Vossen booth was the Vision Wheels booth where I spotted Crystal Leigh handing out her autographed posters to her fans.



Next I spotted Miss Natalia Marie working at the Wheel Group booth.




Alongside with her is Miss Monique May also working the Wheel Group booth.



Ling Ferro was working the Ace Alloy booth and took a couple of pics.



Hankook tires booth and Miss Erica Nagashima and Miss Sadie May. It was a little bit difficult to get a good angle due to the crowd but still managed to get a decent shot.


More of Miss Erica Nagashima.




At the Lexani booth I saw this blue eyed beauty, Miss Amanda Vex.


Alongside was this gorgeous model Miss Victoria Elise signing posters for Lexani booth as well.



At the Race line booth, I saw Miss Blanca greeting the fans.



Next stop is the Pirelli tires booth where they also have multiple amount of high class models like this blonde bomb shell here Miss Summer Daniels.



Also at the Pirelli tires booth is this stunning model, Miss Elle Navarro.



This stunning lady, Miss Charm killings is also part of the Pirelli tires clan.



Lastly, for Pirelli was the gorgeous, Miss Corissa Furr.




Next to Pirelli tires booth was the Nitto tires booth with ladies wearing a classy black dress.





Then I walked by the international wheel and tire companies and spotted a bunch of good looking ladies as well. Here’s another hottie that I didn’t get a chance to get their name from the company Accelera.




Then I passed by the Delinte tires booth and spotted this hottie, Miss Dianna Lushus.



Then passed by Aelous tires and spotted these gorgeous ladies, Miss Deena Kacie and Miss Christina Riordan posing and taking pics.




Another hottie that I didn’t get a chance to get her name.



Walked past the wind power booth and spotted this sexy lady, Miss Joolie Mai.



Also working at wind power booth is Miss Crystal Bailey.



At the Black lion booth is these two bomb shell hotties, Miss Angie Hicks and Ashley Noelle.



At Continental tires booth is this sexy lady, Miss Danielle Souza.



When I passed by the Savini wheels booth, this stunning lady, Miss Constance Nunes greeted me with a smile.



Also at Savini wheels booth is this hottie from Edmonton Canada, she goes by the name Miss Morning star.



Then I spotted Miss Jannie G who recently moved to Vegas all the way from Hawaii.



Rohana wheels booth had two gorgeous ladies, Miss Jacqueline Kvicky and Miss Ashley Vee.




In the 2 Crave booth multiple hot ladies were working there. First is another blonde hottie Miss Ashley Twomey.


sema2013-0168Here’s another sexy lady, Miss Vanessa Thompson.



Here’s another gorgeous lady, Miss Brittany Brickner also working the 2 Crave booth.



Of course, who’s going to missed this hot lady, Miss Melyssa Grace also at the 2 Crave booth.




Along side these hot line up, add this sexy lady, Miss Olivia Korte that stuns everyone that passes by the 2 Crave booth.


Here’s Miss Arika Sato also with 2 Crave booth.


The sexy, Miss Marie Alvarez working her first time at SEMA at the Kosei booth.




Then, I stopped by the Asanti wheels booth and saw the sexy Arley Elizabeth who posed for us to take.




Along side the Asanti wheels booth is this gorgeous lady, Miss Donna Lazarescu.



Velocity wheels booth was the stunning, Miss Diana Dragon then she poses for us.




Then at the Mopar booth I saw Miss Becky Hallet who came all the way down from Detroit.


When I saw the Toyo Tires booth, I walked towards it and came to see Miss Claudia Alan being surrounded by a crowd of people getting a chance to take a pic so I did the same thing.




Then I passed by the Forgiato wheels booth with their revolving Lamborghini along side is the gorgeous bomb shell, Miss Tara Doll posing for the camera.


And that concludes day 1 of doing the south hall coverage of SEMA 2013. I’ve had 2 days left to cover the central hall and north hall and at the same time the outside venue of the convention. the next 2 days, I decided to do the central hall first as it covers the biggest space and amount of companies are mostly in here and do the rest of north hall and outside venues after since only a few models were working here, I decided to combine and do those areas last. Right when I entered the central hall, these two lovely ladies greeted me with a smile but then again I didn’t get a chance to get their names.



I spotted the lovely Nicole McGahey working the Exedy booth.



Then I passed by the Scion booth and came to see this lovely lady, Miss Ashley Sarto.



I passed by the Anzo lights booth and the gorgeous Miss Jessica Weaver greeted me with a smile so I quickly snap some pics.



When I was walking, I passed by Trufiber booth and saw Miss Dee Rubio working and posing for the camera.



Right next to it is the Spyder auto booth and came to see these two bomb shells, Miss Taylor Cuqua and Miss Lisa Lee Marie.



At the Vortech Superchargers booth are our gorgeous DaYUUM Hunnies, Miss Ashley Clark and Miss Serena Su.






Also at Vortech Super chargers booth is Miss Nikki Frost posing for us.



At the Eneos booth, I came to see Miss Cara Skye giving out raffle stuff like hats, lanyards, posters, and R/C cars at the same time posing for the cameras.



Then I passed by the Replay booth and stumble upon this model which I didn’t know her name cause she was being stucked up to even pose for more pics. Typical.


Passing by the Rock Star booth I saw these lovely ladies, Miss Parker and Sarai Rollins signing autographs of their posters.



Then I came across these lovely ladies while passing by the Go Puck booth, Miss Marissa Castro and Nikita surf promoting some phone chargers and batteries for go pros and stuff.




I passed by the Spec D tuning booth and I saw the lovely Miss Erica law giving away drinks with cool lighted cups. At first I thought these drinks had some type of alcohol in it but it was just orange and cranberry. I was about to camp out at their booth and stay there to just get the drinks but regardless, those cups that looks like big shot glasses with neon lights on it are so cool they even ran out.



Outside the Spec-D tuning booth were these two sexy ladies, Miss Amanda Shaw and Miss Elizabeth Michelle posing to take pictures with fans.



While walking, I saw the Winjet lighting booth and came across the lovely Miss Noemii J signing autographs.



With the sexy Miss Mila B posing for our camera.



Next stop is the north hall and outside venue where only a few number of models were working at both venues, I decided to do them both. here we have the gorgeous Miss Amanda Gift who recognized me immediately as soon as I passed by working at the mazda booth and posing for our camera as well.



Along side the Mazda booth is this sexy girl, Miss Marissa Lynn.




As I was walking towards the venues outside, I ran across this stunning lady Miss Stevie Lynn working for WD-40 and posing for some photo ops with other media peeps.


Somewhere along between the halls of central hall and outside venues, I ran across the lovely Miss Amy Ames working at the Pasmag booth.



At Jotech Motorsports booth came along these two sexy women, first was this gorgeous lady Miss Keiko Alingas whom I got a chance to have an awesome poster and got signed as well.



And this lovely lady, Miss Luna Rose along side the Jotech Motorsports booth.



That completes our coverage of “Ladies of SEMA2013”. Large amount of gorgeous ladies all in one building but hopefully we all made you satisfied covering with all these eye candies. SEMA always happens every year but even then, if you didn’t get a chance to attend, there’s always us media to cover the event. Until the next time. Enjoy. Peace. – Jae

Spocom Hawaii 2013 Recap Part 2 of 2


Almost a month ago, the DaYUUM crew traveled to the islands for a mini vacation and to also participate in this year’s Spocom Hawaii, one of the biggest shows that hit the Rock. Part 2 of our coverage from Hawaii is where we cover the ladies of Spocom. We figured, a show wouldn’t be a hit without the ladies playing a big role right? An event that features appearances from the island beauties like Ashley Cee, Cherry Lei, Tia Morales, Pualei Lani, and Aussie’s Rosie Ly, to the beauties of the mainland like Ashley Vee, Jenn Q, Christine Mendoza, and the Jaro sisters just to name a few, what more can you ask for? Here are a few of the gorgeous women of Spocom Hawaii 2013 in part 2 of “Ladies of Hawaii”.





First off, our DaYUUM hunnie from Hawaii, the lovely Madoka joining us alongside with our partners at AirREX booth.






She also started a new trend on how to make selfies with a GoPro3 with the help of Scottie pushing the remote triggers. Ya’ll have seen here first, or maybe not, but who cares we haven’t seen anyone do it around the scene so we’re claiming it. lol




Next we have the sexy and alluring Miss Pualei Lani working with Kloud Kartel vapes.





Then I passed by the Race sauce booth and I spotted this cutie by the name of Kara,


I believe her name is Michelle Dang being lovely for a shot.




Michele Tamura has no problem posing for the camera and is all smiles and charming.



Then I saw the dancing queen of Hawaii, miss Cherry Lei showing her talent at the race sauce booth.



Behind our booth is Subaru of Hawaii and this gorgeous lady caught my attention. Meet Tia Morales. Two words, Simply Stunning!



Also one of the models of Subaru Hawaii is this sexy chick, Kitiya Mae.



The sexy girls of Nexxen tires walking around the show, Jordan and Kiani.



One of the main attractions of Spocom Hawaii, this gorgeous lady, Christine Mendoza causing a crowd at her booth Geisha lounge.



Along a packed Geisha lounge booth, are the two gorgeous famous sisters, Dawn Jaro and Justene Jaro.



This amazing woman, Ashley Cee always know how to please the crowd with her very sexy look.



Here are the lovely ladies at the model lounge. Starting off with the sexy accent of Aussie’s hottie Rosie Ly.



Miss Elizabeth Tran who’s also from the mainland was also in attendance.




Ashley Vee was causing lines and a crowd of photographers as usual with her sweet and approachable appeal. No wonder that made her the favorite of the show. She knows how to take care of her fans. She also won the bikini contest.



Miss Nikki Jaded, one of the island hotties was also in attendance at the model lounge.



Miss Lauren Lala always looking good posing at the model lounge as well.



The pretty Shauvon Pham who’s also from Socal was in attendance and is posing and signing pics at the model lounge.



Jenn Q. from the bay also came to play and is busy posing for the camera as well.


This trip was full of epicness. For it being the first time on the island, it was a memorable one. Even though it was only for 4 days, spending it with the crew was a rush, we spend a lot of good times together. With the crew being around and meeting new and good people, it felt like having a vacation with your family. I would’t trade it for anything else.

On behalf of our crew, we would like to thank Spocom and to all the people that we met, new or old, for having us again and creating memorable times and laughs together. I am definitely not going to miss the next one. Hope you guys enjoy and thanks for viewing!

-Jae (@DaYUUMjae)


SpoCom Anaheim 2013 – Part 2 of 2

Part 2 of SpoCom Anaheim 2013 show is where we cover the women of SpoCom. It is known by many that SpoCom is one of the top events to showcase not just about cars, but it’s also considered to be flocked by famous models in the industry. With the collaboration of HIN, having Dannie Riel on tour this year by their side as spokesperson and miss HIN 2013; special guest appearance by Tera patrick at the model lounge; the dance competition; and of course, the bikini contest, what more can you ask from a show?

The only thing that surprises me is how huge the line was just to take a picture or autograph with Dannie Riel. From the moment she arrived, till the closing moments of the show, the line was insane. I didn’t even get a chance to snap some photos of her since the security around her gave us media peeps the look of death and telling us to stand in line even if we’re flashing them our badge/wristbands. I mean what’s the point of being media if we can’t cover the main attractions of the show? Unless if only i was somewhat famous nor had someone went to go walk with me (*cough “Denny” cough*), my chances were zero to none. I know she is famous and has everyone following her around the world but the amount of the crowd on both of the main model lounge and SpoCom model lounge just amazed me on how she outnumbered them. Enough of Dannie, here are the pics.

First one I saw when I started walking around was Jeri Lee working the M7 booth.spocom-0011

Along with Xena Kai on the other side of the booth.spocom-0055

Next booth I passed by was the Moezart booth with Chantel Zales, Amanda Vex, and Karla Marin posing for the crowd and photographers around them.spocom-0032

Amanda Vex poses for more.spocom-0015


More of Karla Marin.spocom-0018


And Chantel Zales.spocom-0024


Then I saw this gorgeous gal, Miss Brittani Paige.spocom-0036


Then I happen to pass by the main models lounge and look who I saw first, the lovely Miss Marissa Hiroko. Haven’t seen this gal in a while.spocom-0043


More of Marissa Hiroko posing and working under the Europrojekts cars and booth.spocom-0109


The next model whom I saw next at the model lounge was this cutie, Miss Jay Ferrer.spocom-0047


Also spotted this hottie / biker chick / model, Miss Amber grace. Yes fellas, she rides a Ducati.spocom-0057


Then ran into this blonde bombshell, Miss Jessica Weaver.spocom-0067


Here is a gal that has a sweet personality, miss Hayle Cayaga.spocom-0071


Then I found Suemomo with her new blonde hair. Haven’t seen this gal in a while either.spocom-0076


Here’s the adorable, Miss Ashlee Nichole also posing and looking all cute at the model lounge.spocom-0085


Saw miss Jenna Lane with a crowd of fans and photographers at the model lounge.spocom-0089


Miss Bianca Marie was also spotted hanging around the model lounge.spocom-0095


Then I saw the oh so famous miss Danielle Lo working the booth at K&N filters signing posters and autographs.She’s also playing a part of the show on the YouTube channel called roll models. Check it out.spocom-0110

Ran into our lovely friend and one of our first DaYUUM Hunnies, Miss Marie Alvarez working with Kraftwerks along side with Alexia Cortez. Didn’t get a chance to snap a pic of her cause she was being attack by photographers during this moment.spocom-0121


Here I saw Miss Wendy lopez posing under the PasMag booth.spocom-0125

Another hottie who was also creating a crowd at the SpoCom model lounge is Miss Noemii J. Yes with double I’s and take note she won 1st place at the bikini contest hosted by SpoCom. I couldn’t agree more!spocom-0128


Miss Beckie Joon, who’s also playing a role with Roll Models was spotted hanging around the SpoCom model lounge booth.spocom-0133


Walked to the entrance side of the hallway and spotted these two lovely ladies, Miss Ellie Roxx and miss Amy Ames working under the limitless society booth.spocom-0140


Saw this chick staring down at me with that smile who’s working under the 2crave booth and took some snaps but forgot to ask her name. Don’t blame me, I was being distracted lol.spocom-0144

Saw one of our DaYUUM Hunnies, Miss Amanda Kerr working under the PasMag booth.spocom-0148


Also caught with miss Lauren La Carriere working under Continuous booth.spocom-0156


Saw this hyper chick Miss Amber Alvarez fooling around, I mean working under R1 Concept booth.spocom-0159


Along with this famous gorgeous gal, Miss Melyssa Grace posing for the crowd.spocom-0165



Here we have this cutie Miss Janis True. A model who came all the way up from Seattle/ Portland area just to meet her fans.spocom-0171


One of the famous people who’s also the headline of this show is miss Tera Patrick. Greeting fans, taking pics, signing autographs and posters, and of course selling toys err merchandise of her own..spocom-0176

Then I ran into this brat! lol I mean our good sexy friend, Miss Chaba who’s working the Vape Supreme booth showing the crowd how to create big clouds of smoke. lolspocom-0178


Next to our booth are the ladies of Swisher Sweets selling cigars. (snap of photo as per Denny’s special request)spocom-0212

And of course, the sexy ladies joining us under our booth are Ashley Clark and Kimberly Jean.spocom-0190







There were more other models who were in the show and yes including Miss Dannie Riel whom I didn’t get a chance to snap pics with due to them being crowded with other photographers and fans but I just did the best I could to cover every hottie that was in attendance. Apologies to the fans of these models whom I didn’t get a chance to take pics with but maybe next time, I’ll come more prepared. All in all, this was another big turn out and huge success to SpoCom for having a top notch event. We definitely had fun and thanks for having us to be a part of a successful show. Hope you enjoy our coverage. Until next time. Peace.

-Jae – (@dayuumjae)

DaYUUM “Trippple Threat” Angels

Not everyday a person has the opportunity to photograph a beautiful woman, let alone three at the same time. We had the chance during the summer to do just that with Edwin from Evolve Photography. We brought in Edwin because of his experience, creativity, and his workflow is flawless. It was also the a special moment where we were able to gather Marissa, Ashley, and Amanda together for a single and group session.

We used Infinite Auto Design in Huntington Beach as our studio for the day. The owner, Brian, allowed us to take over his establishment and moved props around as needed. The shop has ample amount of space for the types of shots we were looking for. Mark from Rehv Clothing kindly brought over his bike for us to use as well. For some of the shots David from Guppy Green House lent us his C63.

With these shots, I hope you guys can experience the beauty in these pictures as much as we did. Special thanks to Edwin, Mark, David of Guppy TeaHouse, and of course the DaYUUM “Trippple Threat” Angels, You can visit them at SEMA 2012 with the AirPower Group (Vortech, Paxton, Lysholm) at booth# 23063

Also, visit their pages on Facebook. Marissa Hiroko, Ashley Clark, and Amanda Kerr.

For more pictures, check out there individual Up Close and Personal features: Marissa, Ashley, and Amanda.

Here is a nice behind the scenes video by Mikey Dang of Photo MD.





Amanda Kerr – Up Close and Personal

I guess I could consider myself lucky to be in the automotive industry and for such a long time. I dig meeting new and interesting people at the shows and meets we go to. It was at one of those meets that we were invited to earlier this year at Fontana Nissan that I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Amanda Kerr for the first time. She was modeling along side our very own Marissa Hiroko, they seemed to get along so well that I thought they were long time friends, but to my surprise it was the first time they met each other and it was Amanda’s very first venture into the automotive car scene, although she has been modeling and doing fashion shows for a local bikini company for a while.

She had a fresh look which is what we are always looking for to represent DaYUUM!, she also had a great smile and very pretty eyes (oh and legs for days did I forget to mention that ? ha). She reminded me of some of the old school models of the past before anyone with a bikini and a mini skirt became an instant import model. Since her and Marissa worked so well together I asked Amanda if she would like to represent us at the Motion show in Long Beach, this was the start of a friendship and working relationship with Amanda

In the beginning, Amanda was a little quiet, but as we got to know her more and more at shows, meets, shoots, long drives and eats of course, we got to experience the humorous, talented, ambitious foodie that is Amanda Kerr. I suppose I can write and tell you all about her, but then I would just bore you. So instead I asked Amanda to have lunch with me so I can ask her some questions and she can tell it to you all in her own words, this is how it went:

DaYUUM: Hiya Amanda, though people see you with us at the shows, tell me about yourself? Your background and where you’re from?
Amanda: I was born and raised in Southern Cali and grew up mainly in Huntington Beach. I moved around a lot when I was younger but I have spent most of my life in Huntington. I am a certified makeup artist and hope to be doing makeup at the MAC counters soon, as well as help promote Bacardi and Grey Goose at the nightclubs, bars and grocery stores.

DaYUUM: You also have a very unique look, what is your nationality?
Amanda: A lot of people think that I look Persian or Armenian but I’m not. My mother is Puerto Rican and my dad is German/Scottish.

DaYUUM: Wow such an interesting mix what part of each culture do you like the most and which side are you closer to?
Amanda: I love Puerto Rican food! My favorite are platanos, which are fried bananas. I think it would be so cool to visit Germany or Scotland one day, they are both beautiful places. I would say i am closer to my moms side. My dads side of the family is a little more relaxed and my moms side is loud and crazy

DaYUUM: You mentioned that you want to go to Scotland and Germany, you like traveling and where have you gone so far?
Amanda: Yes, I want to travel a lot in the future! So far out of the US I have only been to Mexico, but I would love to go all over the world. I love learning about the different cultures and food! and Yes I am definitely a foodie and am always down to try different types of food!

DaYUUM: So what are your favorite foods to eat and cook?
Amanda: Mexican or Italian food! I like to cook chicken enchiladas and Mexican rice when I have the time. Or taquitos with homemade guacamole!

DaYUUM: I know you like to sing and dance, when did you start and what else do you like to do on your spare time?
Amanda: I started singing when I was 8 years old. I was inspired by Christina Aguilera and to this day she still inspires me as well as Lauryn hill and Aaliyah. I like to listen to a little bit of everything though, from R&B to rap to rock and Dance has always been a hobby of mine. I have been dancing and cheer leading since I was 7 and I cheered a couple years in high school. In my spare time I like to be laying out at the beach or doing makeup.

DaYUUM: Tell me your likes and dislikes ( turn ons and turn offs)?
Amanda: A turn on for me would have to be a guy that has goals in life and is motivated. Im a busy woman so you gotta keep up with me! I think confidence goes a long way too. I like guys who can make me laugh and be genuine with me I can’t stand when a guy is too into himself or doesn’t know how to take care of himself! Bad hygiene or messiness is a major turn-off.

DaYUUM: What are your ambitions and short term goals for yourself?
Amanda: I would say i am a determined person with a lot of ambitions in life. One of them is to get my degree in fashion merchandising and to possibly have my own line. And I hope to be on the cover of a magazine too! Either an auto magazine or Maxim would be nice

DaYUUM: Do you have a life philosophy?
Amanda: Yes, If you want something bad enough in life I believe that you can get it! As long as you believe in yourself enough and always stay positive no matter what

DaYUUM: and finally, any shout outs and how can companies and Industries people can get a hold of you?
Amanda: Of course a big shout out to the DaYUUM crew you guys are awesome! As well as Kerryann De La Cruz and all of my supporters! I can be reached at twitter, facebook, instagram, and email.

We are truly appreciative for having M.s Amanda Kerr as one of our DaYUUM Hunnies and thankful for all she does for us, I wish her nothing but the best and much success in all her endeavors. I know she will be achieve them all..Hope you all like the short insight and be sure to say hello to Amanda if and when you see her in our booth. Thank to Edwin at EVolve Photography to taking these awesome shots!

In Spanish the meaning of the name Amanda is: Lovable, worthy of love….and that she is.

You can also meet Amanda at SEMA with the AirPower Group Booth #23063  (Vortech, Paxton, and Lysholm).

Thanks for checking us out. Peace

Check out the bonus video from Mikey Dang