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Just in time for #ThrowbackThursdays!

Before we gear up for this coming show season with the 2nd installment for the Tjin Edition X DaYUUM RoadShow, I’d like to reminisce back to our charitable activities from the past year.

Towards the end of 2014 we teamed up with Guppy House and started the #TDGToyDrive, which was a month long joyous time where, with the help of each Guppy House location, we collected toy donations in exchange for deliciously refreshing drinks on the house…Guppy House that is!


Our goal was to be able to donate these toys and put smiles to as many children as possible during the holiday season. The We Strong Foundation, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, and the annual Purist Winter Drive were set as our main charities.

Doin’ Work

Purist Winter Drive 2014

Before we get together with friends and family to break bread over turkey and stuffings, we spent an afternoon with the Purist Group to deliver our first batch of toy donations. Additionally we kept the good vibes going by putting together goodie bags and handing out other swag we had to the all the charitable guests in attendance.

Just like any automotive enthusiasts event, there were all sorts of different show cars on display. From imports to exotics and everything in between, check out some of the sights from the day through Manny‘s eyes:

Purist Winter Drive_Manny-1 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-2 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-3 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-4 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-5 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-6 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-7 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-8 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-9 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-10 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-11 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-12 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-13 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-14 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-15 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-16 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-17

#TDGToyDrive & Car Meet

With the success of our month-long Toy Drive and the holiday season still young, we decided to extend the #TDGToyDrive for another month! Also we held two late night car meets. attendees could donate a toy and receive 20% off their meal in addition to a free drink for those nights.

On the first night in Fullerton, we asked Farrell of Fas Fotos to share with us his coverage of the event as the crew took care of guiding guests to park their cars and taking in all the generous donations.

DSC_9153_1 DSC_9155_1 DSC_9159_1 DSC_9161_1 DSC_9171_1 DSC_9178_1 DSC_9180_1 DSC_9191_1 DSC_9196_1 DSC_9198_1 DSC_9217_1 DSC_9213_1

The following week we held another car meet in Chino Hills, it was a chilly night but the crew braved through and we once again had another promising night of cars and collections.

TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-1 TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-2 TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-3 TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-4 TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-5 TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-6

Donation FEELS

Children’s Hospital of Orange County

With our two months of toy collecting and now with the help the Purist Group, we made our first drop-off of toy donations. The Children’s Hospital of Orange County collects donations all year-long so there is never an excuse, but in the month of December is when they have their annual toy drop off where they gather a team of helpful volunteers to assist in taking in the large amounts of donations during this month. With the volunteers’ help we quickly unloaded all the boxes filled with about 100 or so toys in a matter of seconds.

CHOC_Michelle-1 CHOC_Michelle-2 CHOC_Michelle-3 CHOC_Michelle-4 CHOC_Michelle-5 CHOC_Michelle-6

We Strong Foundation

Circumstances kept delaying our drop off date, but in time we were able to get together with Wayne from We Strong and Brian from Infinite Auto Design at their new headquarters. We Strong is an independently operated foundation and strives on donations like this. But based on Wayne’s initial reaction when he first saw all the toys we were able to donate, I don’t think he could even imagine this much help. It was humbling experience when the first words from his mouth were “You guys are crazy!”

WeStrong-Justin-1 WeStrong-Justin-2 WeStrong-Justin-3 WeStrong-Justin-4 WeStrong-Justin-5 WeStrong-Tyler-1

And so maybe we are a little crazy. But if crazy is what it takes to make this little world a better place, then I’ll take crazy every day of the week!

Thank you to all who helped out during all of these charitable events! From the DaYUUMfam to the Purist Group to the Guppy House Staff and of course all those who took the time out of their busy schedules to come out and donate for a great cause! We hope that this little good deed will help out a lot of good little kids!


They say a photo is worth a thousand words. Well who knew that this single photo of a VIP Lexus GS from Hawaii was going to have a lot to say?


During our second annual #DaYUUM808 trip to the island of Oahu, Hawaii we also took time to do some Spocom Hawaii coverage. Each of us basically split off to do our own thing and explore the packed Neil S. Blaisdell Center. This GS caught my eye right away so I wanted my lens to catch it too, but each time I wasn’t happy with the result. Either the lighting was off or there were people in the way or maybe my eyes were just tired but through out the night I found myself constantly coming back to this car – determined to capture it in it’s glory. As you can see from above, I got what I wanted, I was happy, so naturally I did what anyone would do – I Instagram’d it!

Social Media is a hell of a creature. Long story short, as soon as I posted it, my phone buzzed with likes and a couple tags – eventually the post found its way to @EQVIPPED the sponsor of this GS which lead to Bryan Lee (@Bippu_Style), the owner of the GS…and Eqvipped! As soon as I was tagged in a repost, I learned that someone else noticed my determination to photograph this GS. Out of the hundreds of people who were at the show, out of all the people who came to their booth, that guy in the red hat up in that GS picture remembered me constantly coming back! Well a couple more tags and soon we became Facebook friends. It was official.

Like a shy guy after his first date, there was a silent period until I decided to check out his online store and actually had a question about their merchandise. And just like that the convo just kept flowing – he knew I was part of DaYUUM! and eventually I learned that he’s actually been trying to reach out to us and do some collaboration work. I can’t reveal everything we talking about now because well, I want to surprise you all and plus I’ve probably rambled on too much now in this intro. It’s time I actually talk about what I came here to talk about.

Enter USDM FREAX magazine.


Another thing I learned as I talked to Bryan is that he is one of the editors in an up and coming Japanese-based magazine called USDM FREAX. The saying goes “you want what you can’t have” so while we are all about that JDM life here in the US, Japan has an infatuation with the USDM stylings. What better way to get USDM content for a Japanese magazine than a US source? With Bryan being limited to the island of Hawaii, he wanted to reach out to a Southern California-based group to help feature a wider range of content. DaYUUM! caught his eye and through my photo and social media he finally made the connection he’s been looking for.

USDMfreaxMAG-7 USDMfreaxMAG-5

I wont bore you with the details, but in a nutshell, we provide content and in turn our DaYUUM! name and skills expand and gets showcased to a new market – Japan. The first step, we planned to do a feature on Nilo’s NSX, but we had to get it done in time for the next issue! With some impromptu planning and a last minute surprise by David, my team of Byron and Denny pulled together and got some awesome footage for our first print feature…in Japan! Add in some shots from a past shoot by Jae, and we had it. #DaYUUMinJAPAN is now a reality!

USDMfreaxMAG-1 USDMfreaxMAG-3 USDMfreaxMAG-2

I am truly blessed to have stumbled on this opportunity for the team/family and myself. I can’t wait to continue working with Bryan, a new fast friend and promising collaborator on things to come. Who knows, what if I was happy with the first shot of the GS and never came back, would we still be where we are now? Life is a crazy ride, so its best to enjoy it!

Oh and another perk of being friends with Bryan, who regularly travels to Japan when they are putting together an issue…


He sends us some JDM snacks! Yum! ^_^

On to the next one! – Justin ( @JustDaYUUM )

Seeing your work in print is a different feeling, its great. But you are physically limited by the space on paper. So without further ado, here are the unprinted shots from our impromptu rooftop photoshoot. Photography by Byron Yoshida, cars owned by Nilo Miranda (NSX) and David Li (Benz), and model Donna Lazarescu. For photos from Jae Alba‘s photoshoot with model Chaba and the NSX click here.

Back 2 School – Guppy Grand Opening – Fullerton

Before classes are officially in session, come nerd-out with us one more time at the Grand Opening for Guppy House’s new Fullerton location! Take advantage of the appetizer, drink, a shave ice specials – study the exotic cars and hot GoGO Dancers (provided by Spocom) – and just grove to the fresh beats by Awthentik Vibes as NASA Crew sprays an awesome art piece.

Pre-Registration Form for the Seksi School Girl Contest:

Cash Prizes:

1st Place: $200
2nd Place: $150
3rd Place: $100

Fullerton Guppy House is located at:
2585 E. Chapman Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92831

For more up to date information, please visit the Facebook Event Page.

Tuners and Tea – Recap – Part 3

DaYUUM! What a way to start of the New Year!! I got so tuner and tea wasted from last week’s little shindig at Guppy Tea House in West Covina. But that’s a good thing. I’ve never been a morning person, but I was up for this event, Tuners and Tea. Early morning breeze with the sun shining down, got to love this Cali weather; especially with the fresh scene of new car show lingering around.


Usually when we host a car show, we have so much to be dealing with, running around making sure everything is working and everyone is parked where they need to be. But this meet was so relaxed that it was easy to just get lost admiring all the different cars and talking with all the fellow enthusiasts and friends. Everyone who came out was very nice and respectful, to the area and to each other. And then count the fact that the cars in attendance were very, very diverse; there was something for just about everyone.


The parking lot all around the restaurant was like a giant game of musical chairs. There were no constraints on car show schedule, roll in and roll out times, just people coming in as they pleased to enjoy themselves. It kept the layout fresh whenever one awesome car left and opened up for another clean one to take its place. The activity even attracted random people passing by. I remember someone rolling up only after they saw all the cars and crowds while he was filling up gas in his clean OG-style Teggy across the street.

Well ’nuff with my rambling, all you need to read is that it was an awesome, super-dooper, cool, entertaining, seki, Tea-riffic meet and greet! Now let the thousand words from each of these photos do the rest of the talking.

TunerAndTea0104_0002 TunerAndTea0104_0003
The bossman’s wrapped Mercedes Benz CLK63


TunerAndTea0104_0005 TunerAndTea0104_0006
Jonathan Wong‘s Osaka JDM/Kanjo themed ’90 Honda EF

TunerAndTea0104_0007 TunerAndTea0104_0008 Superstreet‘s mean Green FR-S has been everywhere. Most recently running the Targa Trophy and now it’s here at Tuners and Tea.

TunerAndTea0104_0009 TunerAndTea0104_0010 TunerAndTea0104_0011
VIP on another level, Ron Sino-Cruz’s LHD Nissan President HG50

TunerAndTea0104_0012 TunerAndTea0104_0013
Lotus 7 about to roll out

TunerAndTea0104_0014 TunerAndTea0104_0015
TheGentlemanRacer‘s M&P Speed Apparel “Urban Assault” ’69 Austin Mini Cooper

TunerAndTea0104_0016 TunerAndTea0104_0017 TunerAndTea0104_0018
Limitless Society‘s widebody J’s Racing Honda S2000

And this concludes our Tuners and Tea Trilogy…for the first time. The show season is just barely stirring, big things this year for us – definitely. And if all goes well, we will be making these Tuners and Tea meet and greets a monthly thing, so see you at the next one!

-Justin (@justdayuum)

Tuners and Tea – Recap – Part 2

This past Saturday morning was the first Tuners and Tea Meet that was held at Guppy Tea House West Covina. The turnout was great; besides the people that attended Tuners and Tea, there were also many spectators that came in from neighbor stores to look and enjoy the cars. Coming from Hawaii, I was not use to seeing all these high-end cars coming out to meets; like Lamborghini, Rolls Royce, Porsches and the Audi R8 that attended the meet. As I walked around the area there also was a variety of different group of vehicles that attended the meet; bippu, exotic, jdm, euro, lifted trucks, and a rat rod. All was welcome. No matter what style you had at the end of the day, it was a bunch of car enthusiasts talking stories, sipping on some boba and admiring each other’s builds.

Mahalo… John

















































































Tuners and Tea – Recap – Part 1

TunersandteaYesterday morning was the first Tuners and Tea we co-hosted with the Guppy House chain in conjunction with our friends from Tjin Edition, Purist Group, JDM Zip Ties, Team Klassified, MB Junkies, and Infinite Auto Design.

Tuners and Tea was introduced for a group of gearheads to chit chat about cars, family, personal endeavors, and pure networking. Since the holidays just passed, the first weekend after the new year was a perfect time to get together. It’s a morning event which lasts only a few hours so it allows enthusiasts the opportunity to spend the rest of the day with family and friends.

Since true gearheads are true enthusiasts, we encouraged any vehicle, any bikes, any make, any model, and I believe we accomplished that.

During the event I was trying to catch up with others along with some instagram updates so I wasn’t able get to snap too many photos. We will have a parts 2 and 3 with our photog John and Justin.

At the end of this, I will supply some links from other recently published coverage of the meet.

Thank you for everyone that could came and join us, we hope to do more of these on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Thank you to all our partners, David, Sean, Roland, Brian, Neil T. Neil O, and Danny. In the meantime…Enjoy!


tunerandteas-8850 came out with their fresh BRZ and BMW.


tunerandteas-8843The Misha Designs Promax Autosport Aventador


tunerandteas-8849The Beast – Tjin Edition F150 with 24″ Rotiform Six-Shooters.

tunerandteas-8847Misha Designs Forgestar 991


tunerandteas-8855Diablos with David of Guppy House.




tunerandteas-8859The Super Steet gang Sam, Jonathon, and Jofel was in attendance as well.


tunerandteas-8861David’s wife made some amazing goodies!

tunerandteas-8863Honda Acty – Activity



tunerandteas-8871Insane Smartcar with Avant Garde wheels




tunerandteas-8875The Infinite Auto Design crew



tunerandteas-8879Closing with this Nissan President.

Check out more pics on @instadayuum, Hash tag #tunersandtea, JDM Zip Ties, and CNC Pics.

Taking Action: Typhoon Relief to Panay


Taking Action: Typhoon Relief to Panay

Hosted by: DaYUUM, Team Klassified, Infinite Auto Design, and Scion Evolution

Date: 11/23/13
Time: 10:30AM to 4:00PM
Location: Infinite Auto Design
5482 Business Dr.
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Facebook Event:

Official Flyer:

Charity Drive:
Typhoon Yoland/Haiyan devastated the Philippines earlier this month, leaving thousands without the basic necessities of food, water, clothing, blankets, medicine, or even light and warmth. As the death toll rises, we hope to do as much as we can here to collect as many donations as possible to send them out to those in need. While much of the U.S. media and other charity organizations are focusing on Tacloban City, we want our efforts to focus on the other regions that were affected, specifically Panay island.

With Tacloban City being the epicenter of the disaster, that is where all the media we see here is focused on. But the Typhoon impacted more than just that area and we really need to keep thinking of the people suffering in those areas as well. For example, Capiz, a first class province of Panay currently has NO rescue operations, NO media coverage, NO signal, NO relief operations, and almost 95% of the province is down. There is much to be done and we need to make sure we help everyone we can. We hope you can all join us to collect the much needed aid and as one Southern California community yell out, #DAYUUMYOUYOLANDA!

Bake Sale:
Additionally we will have some baked goods available for monetary donations. 100% of the proceeds will go towards getting relief to the Philippines.

Food Trucks & Live Music:
For festivities, the Ninjas With Appetite food truck will be on site for you to grab a bite to eat. All the while, good tunes provided by Infinite Auto Design.
Great opportunity to feed the soul and the stomach.

Car Display & Hot DaYUUM Hunnies:
What DaYUUM event can’t be done without cool cars and hot girls?
After you drop off your donation, feel free to check out the rides by DaYUUM, Infinite Auto Design, Team Klassified, and Scion Evolution. Hot DaYUUM Hunnies will also be on site, in addition to volunteering their time taking in donations they will also be selling prints with 100% of the proceeds going towards our donations. Feel free to pose for pictures and give monetary donations.

DaYUUM Gear:
For every DaYUUM purchase, $1 to $5 will go to the purchase of supplies needed for Taking Action. ($1 per sticker, $5 per hat or shirt).



Show your support! For every donation of $5 or more you will receive a limited edition “TAKING ACTION” decal. Available only on Saturday. While supplies last.

Mash Up! Three – Highlights

MashUP3Mash-UP! Three is our 4th collaboration with the Guppy House chain and each event we try to change it up a little. Mash-Up! Three was a celebration of Guppy House’s 8th location and our 2 year Anniversary as a website. We also felt that a charity was necessary, therefore we contacted the guys at Infinite Auto Design to put us in touch with the We Strong Foundation. We chose We Strong because of what Wayne (@waynestrong) is doing. Wayne’s battles with Leukemia gave him the urge to give back to the people that may have it worse than him. Wayne had friends and family to support him and felt that others could use the same encouragement to stay positive and be strong. We thank everyone that purchased a reserve spot and raffle tickets because it all went to a great cause.

I woke up Saturday morning to an email from Danny Nguyen to let me know highlight photos were ready to be download. We chose a dedicated photographer because with all the running around trying to get things handled, it’s rare that the team has time to capture the event. Danny has a creative eye and awesome with night shots so it was fitting to have him shoot the event. Some of you have already seen his work on

Events aren’t as easy as some may think, especially organized events. Permits, planning, staffing, organizing, purchasing, blah blah blehh.. All take time and money. I would say, I wished I could have planned logistics more smoothly but the early morning complaints from neighboring business didn’t sit well with me, or was part of my plan since the 3 others we planned went without a hitch and had 110% support from surrounding neighbors and the city. Chino Hills, was a bit, ummm… different – to be politically correct. Therefore, half of our planned area was cut short. I’m not 100% sure where the breakdown was, but a phone call and an email from the complex lawyer wasn’t the communication I was hoping for. I’m still perplexed on how they got my email and cellphone number. I’d rather save that type of surprise for an unclaimed bank account that had billions of dollars in it.

Overall, I felt the turn out was good, good only because I’d rather see all the cars grouped together rather than seeing a sick Evo next to a stock 4Runner, it just kills the buzz, at least for me, but what can you do when you’re dealing with public space and bitchy neighbors. Scion Evolution did a great job helping us with the logistics and keeping it real. It’s amazing how many people will name drop just to get through the ropes. Evening name dropping people that are no longer in our family.

We try to mash things up with different styles of cars and talents. Since we are passionate of street art we brought out one of our favorite graffiti crews, NASA. NASA has been around for at least 2 decades and has then moved on to other aspects of design such as apparel and footwear, so its nice to see them out to support.

MashUpThree_2013-9322Here is Just195 in action. This wall also acts as our photo backdrop.

We like a diversity of cars whether its American, old school, new school, it’s all in the appreciation of the enthusiasts individuality.



MashUpThree_2013-9377Here are 2 MKIV’s different in their own ways.

MashUpThree_2013-9382Vortech Supercharged S2K on Volk TE37SL.

MashUpThree_2013-9391Datsun Sunny

MashUpThree_2013-9362Ryan’s Gumby xB and an STi

MashUpThree_2013-9721This Rocket Bunny S14 was pretty fresh

Of course, Mash-Up had to have some eye candy.

MashUpThree_2013-9348This is Marie Alvarez (@ariannaaamarieee) in her minion outfit next to Yogi’s GS and his buddy’s EVO.

MashUpThree_2013-9400The lovely Regina Mei (@reginameii) was also in our model’s lounge and taking pictures with fans.

Our grand openings are nothing without music and talent to go with it. DJ Skitz (@deejayskitz) from Awthentik Vibes was our VJ for the night and simply killed it.

MashUpThree_2013-9446Pictured here is gorgeous Dianna Lushus (@diannalushus) during one of her sets.



MashUpThree_2013-9496Kat Gutierrez (@ig_kat) was quite mesmerizing. She even stopped this young stallion in his tracks! I think he approves.


MashUpThree_2013-9515Capturing the event was David, the owner of the Guppy House chain, operating his remote control drone.

In between the go-go sets, we had some raffle prizes that were donated by many awesome supporters such as Rehv Clothing, Wheel Warehouse, DC Sports, AirREX, Scosche, Vaping LA, IZZI Gadgets, and Cadence Acoustics. All proceeds from the purchase of raffle tickets went to our charity, We Strong Foundation.




MashUpThree_2013-9707The raffle was handled by Paul Dabao (@Van_DaYUUM_Paul) and Antonio Sureshot (@antoniosureshot) of Motor Mavens (@motormavens), with assistance by the lovely ladies from our models lounge, Regina Mei (@reginameii), Serena Su (@serenasuu), Ashley Clark (@ashhhhcee), and Arley Elizabeth (@arrrrlz).

MashUpThree_2013-9620Gilbert from ITsJDMYo! won some goodies from Scosche.

MashUpThree_2013-9704Winner, winner chicken dinner with a $200 gift certificate for an AirREX Air Suspension

We tried to add a little halloween spirit and held a costume contest. The winner of each category won $100 cash money and $100 gift card to Guppy House. By the time we held the contest it was kind of late, so some of the participants didn’t want to participate anymore or had already dispersed. The contest was split up into 2 groups, scariest/original and seksiest.



MashUpThree_2013-9796The scary and original group we had Braelyn and Shawna as zombies, but ultimately Caption Hooker, Ronnie took the $100 prize.

In the seksi portion, we had Lilly Evan (@sexylillyevans) dressed as your fantasy (“whatever you want me to be” as she described), Ashley Clark as a Mermaid, and Kallita Daniel (@kallitadaniel) as Princess Leia from Star Wars.

MashUpThree_2013-9804From this pic I’m curious on what Captain Hooker and Rev Run (@dayuumnilo13) was looking at.

MashUpThree_2013-9815“whatever you want me to be”



MashUpThree_2013-9836the winner ended up being Kallita. It was kind of funny because she wasn’t even going to compete – thinking she wasn’t going to win, until I literally dragged her on stage. Really, I did… And guess what? She took the $100 and the gift certificate!

We took a short break before the final raffle.

MashUpThree_2013-9869Here is Joey from The Chronicles‘s Q posted next to our booth… His Y33 is so clean, fresh, and DaYUUM!

MashUpThree_2013-9872Our booth

MashUpThree_2013-9972For our final raffle we had Serena and Kallita to help out.


MashUpThree_2013-9932Virgil was winning everything in sight, include Cadence sub woofers, Scosche headphones, Vaping LA juices and accessories… You name it, he has it.

MashUpThree_2013-9954Here is Kallita receiving a winning ticket.. This girl also won a boat load of stuff.

MashUpThree_2013-9983Before giving out our final raffle, we had Wayne from We Strong Foundation say a few words.

MashUpThree_2013-9996Lastly, the IZZI Orbit, AirREX gift certificate, and Scosche headphones was drawn for this lucky winner.

We had Danny stick around to take some group shots in front of the completed photo backdrop done by Just195 and Rich One of NASA Crew. I don’t like having my picture taken so it’s even more awkward when I initiate them, but I always feel it needs to be done. Especially during good times like these, you want to record events not only in your mind but visually. It helps you remember a timeline of life.


MashUpThree_2013-0030from left to right, Kallita, Scottie (@dayuumscottie), Dianna, Lynhthy (@lynhthy), Nilo, Beckie (@beckiejoon), Antonio, Serena, Denny (me @dayuumden), Jae (@dayuumjae), Justin (@justdayuum), and Paul

MashUpThree_2013-0015L to R – Myself, Neil (@neil_klassified) from Team Klassified, and Scottie. Even with my slipped disc, Neil jumped up and hung on Scottie and I, but Neil weighs less than a pigeon feather so it’s all good.

MashUpThree_2013-0004Justin and Michelle

MashUpThree_2013-0039Scottie, Serena, Nilo, Neil, myself, Justin, Jae, Paul, and John from the 808 on the floor.

MashUpThree_2013-0052Our great friends Leon, Scott and Kerryann always comes out to support. They are great people so we always need a picture with them.

MashUpThree_2013-0056Last but not least, a group picture with David, the owner of Guppy House with our core DaYUUM Family.

These are just highlight photos and we will have more to come. I do want to thank the DaYUUM crew for always putting in 110% and taking time out of their schedule to always support the family. Michelle, Liza, Jae, Scottie, Paul, Justin, and Nilo.

Thank you to the Scion Evolution crew, Shawna (@shawnaenders), Veronica (@veronigguhrizz), Virgil (@importcarsite), Sergio, and Johnny (@mrlosangeles323) for help us with the flow of traffic.

I also want to thank Team Klassified, Phase2, Royal Origin, Iconic Car Club, SoCal Driven, and Gabe and friends for coming out to support in force. There are so many other clubs and individuals that I did not have the opportunity to meet, but thank you guys too!

Thank you to all our sponsors and supporters, Rehv Clothing, Wheel Warehouse, DC Sports, AirREX, Scosche, Vaping LA, IZZI Gadgets, Cadence Acoustics, Tjin Edition, Infinite Auto Design, 86Fest, and Motor Mavens. Big thanks to Tricia (@spocom_show) and the Spocom family for all your help with organizing our schedule of events. Thank you to our dancers, Beckie Joon, Kat Gutierrez, Dianna Lushus, and Lynhthy.

Thank you to all the girls of the DaYUUM Hunnies models lounge, Ashley Clark, Serena Su, Marie Alvarez, Arley Elizabeth, Regina Mei, and Lilly Evans! You ladies are fun and awesome to work with. Thank you to Kallita for helping out with the raffles.

Last but not least, David for having us again and congrats again on your 8th store… We can’t wait for Fullerton, Pasadena, WeHO, and many many more! Stay tuned!

We have more pictures coming folks…Until later… @DaYUUMDen

Mash-up! Three – Event Information

MashUP3Official Flyer

The original Mash-up was tame, Mash-up! 2 was arousing, and the third? Well, it will be beastly, terrifying, and seksi.

That’s right Mash-up! III, #mashupthree, will take place at Chino Hills Guppy House. We are celebrating our 2-year anniversary and the opening of Guppy House’s 8th location!

This Halloween themed celebration will feature all of yours and our favorites:

Our Charity: We Strong is a local charity in Southern California. At the age of 23, Wayne the founder, was diagnosed with Leukemia. Through is own experiences he formed the We Strong Foundation – a foundation to give back and encourage those in the same place. To stay positive and be strong. Please check for additional information

Charity Raffle: We will be raffling some amazing product from companies such as, AirREX, Wheel Warehouse, Izzi Gadgets, Vaping LA, Rehv Clothing, Scosche, Cadence, DC Sports, and others to be announced. All proceeds of the raffle tickets will go to We Strong Foundation

The first 25 in LEGIT costumes will receive a free raffle ticket. (Must stand in the designated line)









A Car Meet: The hottest cars of SoCal and surrounding areas will be in attendance from sick compacts to exotic sports cars. Although the meet is open to all, years, makes, and models, there are a few reserved spaces for those that want to be in the thick of the action.
A $10 donation is requested and the funds will go to the We Strong Foundation. Registration Closed.

Halloween Models Lounge: See your favorite promotional model dressed in hot and seksi outfits. They will also be competing in the Halloween Costume. Come out and purchase an autographed print or take a picture with your favorite lady and create your own Beauty and the Beast.

Space is limited so if there are any promotional models that would like to join, please email us at

Halloween Costume Contest: We want to make this fun as hell and everyone loves to dress up! We will be holding a costume contest with cash money! Even if you don’t have a car at the meet, you can still compete.

Winners will receive $100 cash money and $100 in Guppy House gift certificates, thats like a ton of shaved ice bowls.

The categories will be:

Come dressed and ready to win!

Dancers: We always love live entertainment and there is nothing more seksi than go-go dancers. Together with hot cars and seksi ladies, what else can you ask for?

Live Music: DJ Skitz of Awthentik Vibes will be spinning the VJ with dope beats. Music feeds the soul.

Live Art: The Legendary NASA Crew will be showing their aerosol skills once again and will be painting our photo backdrop. Become mesmerized with their can control then take a few snap with your friends in front of it.

Confirmed Models:

MashUP3_ArleyArley Elizabeth

MashUP3_AshleyAshley Clark

MashUP3_MarieMarie Alvarez

MashUP3_ReginaRegina Mei

MashUP3_SerenaSerena Su

MashUP3_LillyLilly Evans… And more to come.

Confirmed Dancers:

MashUP3_Beckie_02Beckie Joon

MashUP3_DiannaDianna Lushus

MashUP3_KatKat Gutierrez


Be ready, be scare.. This event will be dope!

Guppy House Chino Hills
13065 Peyton Drive
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Time: 7PM to 11PM
Date: Friday, October 25th, 2013
Any Questions?

Here is the EVENTS PAGE on Facebook.

HI Life Highlights

A couple days away from the fast-paced mainland life and we’ve settled in from our trip. Spocom is now in the books, handshakes have been shaken, coverage photos have been shot; all of our responsibilities have been met. Now it’s for some R&R and get into this Hawaii lifestyle.


Most of us were a little drained from Spocom, which was an evening event (5PM to 11PM Hawaii Time, add the 3 hour time difference and it’s an 8PM to 1AM show for us Cali residents!). But this Hawaii air is just intoxicating and pushed us to get out and explore the rest of what O’ahu has to offer. First thing on our menu was to visit the famous Boots & Kimo’s Homestyle Kitchen for breakfast in Kailua. The drive was long, about 30 minutes to be exact, but the scenery was so nice and green; an aspect really taken for granted when living in the concrete streets.

DaYUUM808_02 DaYUUM808_03

Upon arriving at the spot, we quickly saw that the hype was real; we put our name down for our large group and had about a 2 hours wait ahead of us. The DaYUUMfam was blessed (or cursed, depending on how you look at it, haha!) to have Big Mike and Antonio Sureshot with us sharing some random, but interesting stories to help pass the time. But no matter what we tried to keep ourselves occupied, a 2 hour wait on empty stomachs was getting some of us antsy. We should have had Snickers bars handy, because some of us get loopy when we’re hungry. We started hearing our table called when it actually wasn’t.


Eventually our table was ready and we were finally able to get seated, a quick skim of the menu and most of us were still keen on the Banana Macadamia Nut Onolicious Pancakes we have been eyeing since learning about this place. Orders were placed, the pancakes arrived, and we took one bite…

DaYUUM808_05 DaYUUM808_06

…that whole 2 hour wait was forgotten. Their pancakes are nice and fluffy, the bananas are sweet and soft, but the Macadamia Nut Syrup was the best fucking thing I’ve ever ate (I rarely swear but I couldn’t think of any other word to describe its epicness. I’m salivating as I type this…I want, I NEED to go back. So this is what being hooked on crack feels like).

Ok let me see if I can get back on track after that, what was next? Oh yea, we set out to go snorkeling! We drove along the coastline admiring the landscape and the ocean as we arrived at Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.

DaYUUM808_07 DaYUUM808_08 DaYUUM808_09 DaYUUM808_10 DaYUUM808_11

It was a touristy spot, but hey we wanted to be tourist and we were determined to go snorkeling, plus this place is just gorgeous! It’s amazing to believe that this was once a volcano that erupted, became extinct, and formed a crater. Eventually it got flooded and created the tuff rings it is today. The beach is beautiful and the marine embayment it contains is so majestic. Throughout the years the bay would get tens of thousands of tourist per day, which really hurt the environment, but now it is a Nature Preserve run by awesome volunteers to preserve the natural life as best as possible. As soon as we got through our mandatory video lesson about the bay, we got in the tram and were ready to roll!

DaYUUM808_12 DaYUUM808_13

Once we got to the lower level, the first thing you noticed is that the sand is really soft and the water is such a rich dark blue; something we don’t experience at our beaches back home. We quickly got our snorkel gear, cleaned them up, sunblocked up, and we were set. It was a little awkward using those flippers at first, but after a while we got comfortable and were literally swimming with the fishes.

DaYUUM808_14 DaYUUM808_15 DaYUUM808_16

We had to swim out a bit to get to the healthiest living coral and the marine life it posses; being able to take a peek at the undersea world within our world was truly an experience. There are so many mysteries in the ocean that we don’t even think about on a regular basis, so anytime we saw anything we just went nuts and tried to call as much of the DaYUUMfam over to take a look as well. Since the coral is pretty high, the fish were swimming so close by as we were just floating over the water.

DaYUUM808_17 DaYUUM808_18 DaYUUM808_19 DaYUUM808_20 DaYUUM808_21

Luckily for you all, Scott brought his GoPro3 with him and took some awesome shots underwater. He got a little bit of everything; short fish, long fish, shiny fish, dark fish, colorful fish, and even a sea turtle!

DaYUUM808_51 DaYUUM808_52 DaYUUM808_53 DaYUUM808_54 DaYUUM808_55 DaYUUM808_56 DaYUUM808_57 DaYUUM808_58 DaYUUM808_59 DaYUUM808_60 DaYUUM808_61 DaYUUM808_62

After that adventure it was time for something we all do very well, a foodventure. Marshall and his two lovely kids met up with us at the bay and we headed off, following him to a local spot, Home Bar & Grill. It’s kind of hard to figure this place; the main parking lot is tiny, but there is an empty lot next to it with some real cool wall art. Of course we had to take some pictures of it no matter how hungry we were.

DaYUUM808_22 DaYUUM808_23 DaYUUM808_24 DaYUUM808_25 DaYUUM808_26

Check out Denny posing in front of his self portrait haha!

Once we entered, it looked like any other bar but the atmosphere was surprisingly very welcoming; but then again most of Hawaii always feels welcoming. It was really laid back and the food was DaYUUM good! The best I could describe the menu would be something like “Hawaiian style bar food with a local touch.” From truffle fries, tater tot nachos, kalbi noodle, loco moco, apple beers, there’s too much to name, but it was all very very good.

DaYUUM808_27 DaYUUM808_28

When we had some downtime, some of us did a little shopping. There was the International Marketplace directly across from our hotel, Ala Moana Mall was only a short trolley ride away, and ABC Stores wherever you turn. Everywhere had a variety of neat items that we rarely see on the mainland, or at least what we have is not as authentic as the real deal.

DaYUUM808_29 DaYUUM808_30

With so much to see and do and food to eat, but our vacation days running down, we set out for the country and drove around North Shore. As if we thought Waikiki was already laid back and relaxed compared to back home, North Shore is even slower! Its a very refreshing and tranquil lifestyle. And when in North Shore, we had to go to do the most touristy thing you could think of: M. Matsumoto Grocery Store for some Matsumoto Shave Ice!

DaYUUM808_31 DaYUUM808_32 DaYUUM808_33 DaYUUM808_34

After having out fill, we continued our cruise. It’s so easy to just pull over and admire the scenery. One stop we checked out a small beach and to our surprise some sea turtles were coming up to the shore at the same time. Another stop appeared to be an easy to miss fruit stand, but had some of the freshest tasting fruits ever. It was just a trip how different life is in North Shore; high mountains, tall trees, cool coastlines, heck even their McDonald’s has some cool Hawaiian tribal deco painted on it.

DaYUUM808_35 DaYUUM808_36 DaYUUM808_37 DaYUUM808_38 DaYUUM808_39 DaYUUM808_40 DaYUUM808_41 DaYUUM808_42 DaYUUM808_43

Our last day was quickly coming to an end. We were back in Waikiki, back at the hotel where our luggage, waiting to be packed, haunts us. But alas, there was still one more thing on our agenda we were able to do. Something we (mainly Denny) eyed since our driver taxied us to the hotel after we landed so many days ago. Something that involved eating, Marukame Udon! And it’s even within walking distance. Most of our adventures were suggestions from friends and family familiar with the island (either visited before or lived there), but this spot attracted us just because there was always a line waiting to get in.


We patiently waited in line, every so often trying, on our tiptoes, to see over people and get a peek of what’s going on inside. As soon as we got close enough to read the simple menu enlarged on signs by the doorway we began pondering what we were going to order. Marukame Udon made their udon noodles fresh and the ordering process was cafeteria style. When you enter you can see chefs making noodles and then measuring them out to the precise amounts. Next they ask what size and what type of udon (mainly the broth), from there your dish is prepared in front of you and then passed to the next chef to add any toppings. Before checking out at the register, you can also pick from an assortment of tempuras and musubis. The weather might have been hot and humid, but this “bowl of soup” was too good to resist. The flavors in the broth were strong and delicious; the noodles were nice and soft. If we had to save a meal as one of our last meals before flying back to the mainland, this was definitely a good choice.

DaYUUM808_45 DaYUUM808_46

The last day, we spent all together at the airport patiently waiting for our flight. Flying back home was a struggle, for multiple reasons, but what mattered most was that the DaYUUMfam was together, had a fun time and a safe travel home. Hawaii treated us right and it was a vacation with an awesome family that I will always remember! I can’t wait for all of us to do it again; we are all addicted to the HI life!

DaYUUM808_47 DaYUUM808_48

-Justin (@JustDaYUUM)

See more through different social medias by searching “#DaYUUM808

DaYUUM808_49 DaYUUM808_50

CHOC Walk 2013 – DaYUUM x Scion Evolution – Information

from: Justin Pagtalunan


Scion Evolution & DaYUUM are again participating in the CHOC Walk on Sunday, October 13 (morning).

Hopefully many of you can help in our efforts to raise needed funds to support the care, services, education and research that CHOC Children’s provides children in our community.

To join the team follow this link and sign up for free.

In order to participate in the walk, each person needs to raise a minimum of $50 per person (Children “that look” under 3 are free). Each participant will get an Official CHOC Walk shirt.

Donations can either be collected through the CHOC Walk website (our team page or your personal page) OR through PayPal (

If you have any other questions, please let us know at

and as a recap, this is what we did last year:

Thank you to those that has donated:

Alan K.
Akemi K.
Barney B.
Debbie G.
Denny H.
Danny N.
Gilda F.
Jeff and Beryl J.
Jeff S.
Jenelyn F.
Jezreal F.
Jodi S.
Jonathan W.
Jude, Kim and Gene T.
June W.
Justin P.
Lisa Marie C.
Mei T.
Michelle I.
Mike N.
Mike R.
Mike V. & Merry N.
Miriam O.
Merribeth M.
Monique W.
Nick & Lucy V.
Team McIntanner
Teri A.
Tessie & Jun P.








Summer Shindig – Recap – A Grand Opening Celebration for Guppy House

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningIt’s been more than 2 weeks since we had the Summer Shindig with the Guppy House chain, but with crazy bugs on our server, its been impossible to get any thing posted. Along with personal projects to upcoming events, and brainstorming of what the rest of 2013 has in store for us. There are some exciting things to come – you can count on that.

The Summer Shindig was our 3rd time around with David and his Guppy Chain. Each time we learn from our previous events. If you guys remember, we launched our website at the grand opening of the Cerritos restaurant in 2011. Last year we celebrated our one-year in December at Temple City, and this time, it’s a Summer event.

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningOur goal was to have a relaxing vibe, an event where people can hang with friends, sip on smoothies, and absorb the entertainment. We brought back our good friends from Awthentik Vibes because DJ Skitz and his team knows how to musically interact with the crowd. We also wanted a live band, but it had to be a reggae / island influenced band, so we hired Pacific Noize. The band would set the mood for the night, plus I’m a sucker for live bands.

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningLing

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningMonique

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningIn addition, we had to have beautiful ladies. We invited some of our favorites including The Diamond Dozen ladies. We’ve seen the Diamond Dozen ladies at Extreme AutoFest in Anaheim representing our friends at Infinite Auto Design and they were amazing. With the help of Brian at IAD, he patched Nilo with them and we were on our way.

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningThese ladies fit our criteria for entertainment because of their multi-talented background and their willingness to have a date with some random stranger for a small $5 donation to our charity JDRF. We thank those that donated to the cause.

The venue was a bit challenging but what can you expect from a strip mall environment? We take great pride in organization so a lot of planning took place.

We once again hired the P.D. to keep the peace, we contacted all the neighboring businesses, and had the city’s blessing – including permits. All these tedious tasks do not happen overnight, or a simple phone call. Proposals, site plans, meetings, and fees are all part of the process. For those that showed up to our Temple City Mash-UP2 knew what to expect. During the Mash-UP2 it was hilarious to read how many people dissed us for holding a meet across the street from a P.D. station, but unless you were completely out of hand, they were not going to hassle you.

At Temple City, we had 14 uniform officers to keep the peace. The Summer Shindig was no different. I hope people realize our gatherings isn’t about throwing a flyer together and expecting thousands of cars to show up and get broken up 2 minutes later for the sake of numbers. What it’s about is having your close friends gather in a safe location and enjoy the entertainment we provide.

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningI do apologize to those that were not able to park in the event area, but we tried our best to send out enough announcements to let people know we were taking $20 donations for reserved spaces and the funds went to JDRF. We didn’t make a dime from it. For those that capitalized on it did a great service in contributing to a charity which is deep to our hearts – THANK YOU!

For those that did not register and was still able to park in the reserved (VIP) spaces but complained about not having a good spot, I suggest you to check yourself because the world doesn’t revolve around you. Be grateful for what you have been given and stop being a PRICK. HA! I added the prick because Justin thought I was being too “rant”ful, so I decided to add that to finish it off.

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningPart of the entertainment was watching the famous NASA Crew paint our photo backdrop with aerosol cans. Fish and Mike D represented the crew and painted the 16 feet by 8 feet piece for about 5 hours. The piece incorporated the DaYUUM and Guppy logo. Once completed and the paint dried we removed the barriers and allowed people to take photos in front of it.

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningWhile DJ Skitz was spinning the tunes, The Diamond Dozen ladies were doing their thing, go-go dancing for the crowd. When not dancing they were making their rounds taking photos with people and/or their cars. Thao, Monique, Ling, and Franchesca did an awesome job, much props to them and the big Thank you from DaYUUM.

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningI do thank the rest that came out and celebrated Guppy’s 7th location, its awesome to have a gathering with close friends and family in a safe environment. A big thanks to our close friends at Scion Evolution for helping out with the roll-in and our booth: Manny, Liza, Christine, Michelle, Justin, Paul, Virgil, Ruben, Jay, and Sergio. Big ups to the rest of the DaYUUM family, Nilo, Jae, Jayson, and Scottie for all the last minute meetings and late nights preparing for the event. It was also nice to see our resident writer Chief and Angie that drove from the Central Coast to be with us. Mac and his Samoan boys, and Ming with that big ass medical rig for our girls and media to station themselves and for our boy DJ Skitz to elevate above the crowd.


Dayumm29Thanks to Neil, Ben, and Team Klassified for support us and coming out in clean fashion. Ben’s car is a bit special…

“Here’s a car I came across on the net a few weeks ago. The owner Benjamin Fernandez is/was in need of a type AB Kidney. He’s been on waiting list for a donor, but nothing has come up. He was willing to trade his pride and joy, his very MINT Toyota corolla. It’s a very sad story and I hope there is someone willing to help him out. I’ve had a family member that went through the same situation, and after years and years of dialysis a waiting a donor was available. They rushed him and stuck him in a plane to another state, He almost didn’t make it due to the donor being kept alive. God bless to all the people willing to donate.” – Yogi (Fatlace)

Dayumm20Thanks Antonio of Motor Mavens for jacking the Mic… Everyone 86Fest August 11th, 2013

Another HUGE congrats to David for his 7th location in Southern California, but don’t worry there are more locations… Stay tuned for our 2 year celebration at Chino in October. This event will be beyond amazing!

In the meantime, enjoy more pics taken by Edwin, and a few I borrowed from our friends at Fatlace, JDM Zip Ties, and Scion Evolution.

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningDavid and his guests.

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening(L) Jayson, Jae, Thao, Scottie, Monique, Denny, Ling, Nilo, Franchesca, and Paul (R)

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningThe artist’s and family.

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningKristine and David

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningDabbie and Emily

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningSerena with some yummy smoothies

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening(L) Nilo, Scott, Kerryann, Big Mike, Denny, Justin, Jayson, Scottie, Jae (back), Paul, and David (R)

Guppy's West Covina Grand Opening(L) Nilo, Justin, Denny, David, Jayson, Scottie, Jae, and Paul (R)

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningEdwin creepin’ on Denny (ME) taking a picture to post on our social outlets

Guppy's West Covina Grand OpeningBrick Toast

Some highlights from our friends at JDM Zip Ties.

IMG_4069Ferrari 430 Scuderia

IMG_4083Porsche GT3 RS4.0

IMG_4116CLK63 AMG Black Series

IMG_4119Ferrari 599

IMG_4132The Tea brother’s FR-S; Young and Meng with FRS-86

IMG_4146Chuck’s 73 Ford Pick-up chopped and channeled

IMG_4157Bert’s M5

IMG_4178Noel’s Rocket Bunny x Vertex FR-S

IMG_4168Joey’s clean daily driven Odyssey

IMG_4006GT-R Asses.

IMG_4032Trio of Lambos.

More from our friends at Fatlace, thanks Yogi.

Dayumm3Cool night shot of our booth with Tjin Edition.



Dayumm7Yogi’s clean GS on AirREX and Weds

Dayumm8Yogi’s GS and Nilo’s NSX, both on AirREX

Dayumm21Bert and Dabbie next to Chief’s Element

Dayumm18Krist’s and Ryan’s xB

Dayumm5Rene’s BRZ and Liza fresh new FJ – TRD Trail package


Dayumm28Terry Pham squattin.

Dayumm19Infinite Auto Design was in the house with their R500

Dayumm22Last but not least, Glen from Long Beach Auto Tech’s S2000.

Thanks to everyone that joined up for the celebration. If you missed out then hang tight we will be announcing some other events soon.

Thanks – @DaYUUMDen

Summer Shindig – A Grand Opening Car Meet Celebration

SummerShindig_Official-01Come celebrate with us on July 20, 2013 for Guppy House’s Grand Opening of West Covina. This will be our 3rd collaboration with Southern California’s Guppy House chain. The event will start at 5PM and continue till 10PM. Awthentik Vibes will be on the 1’s and 2’s spinning the tunes. In between sets, Pacific Noize will be performing live reggae tunes.

During the beginning of the event, the World Famous NASA Crew will be painting the photo backdrop on a large 20ft x 8ft canvas.

While music and art is part of the celebration, it’s not a party without hot cars and beautiful women, but due to the size of the lot, we are offering registered spaces for $20. This will guarantee you a spot close to the action. All proceeds from the spaces will be donated to JDRF. (registration below)


In addition, the Diamond Dozen Girls, Ling, Thao, Franchesca, and Monique will be at the event to entertain the crowd. The Diamond Dozen Girls will be going on a date with 4 lucky winners. That night, get the chance to have an appetizer and drink with a Diamond Dozen Girl one-on-one at West Covina’s Guppy House. We will take care of the appetizer and drink for both of you. Each raffle ticket will be 2 for $5 with proceeds going to JDRF.

If that’s not enough, we have added a Wahine Bikini Contest for participating females. The lucky winner will receive a cash prize of $500, runner-up will receive $250, and 3rd place will be award $100. Judging will be based on selected judges and crowd participation. (pre-registration below)

We encourage everyone to have a great time and respect area tenants. This is a permitted event and we will have hired Police on site so do not do anything stupid unless you want to get ticketed.

West Covina Guppy House is located at:
2646 E. Garvey Ave South
West Covina, CA 91791

For up to date information visit our events page on Facebook.

About JDRF:
As the leader of the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community, JDRF unifies global efforts to cure, treat, and prevent T1D. In this role, JDRF has funded more than $1.6 billion in T1D research since its founding in 1970, and has meaningfully advanced the T1D scientific frontier and the management of this disease. In FY2011 alone, JDRF provided more than $116 million for T1D research in 18 countries throughout the world, representing the global scope of JDRF’s efforts.

As more JDRF programs move forward, the number of human or clinical studies has grown. In FY2011, JDRF supported 53 clinical studies, including evaluations of new therapies, studies of the normal course of T1D, and additional clinical research to build T1D sample databases that enable further T1D insights.

DaYUUM is Expanding!

DaYUUM is expanding and we are looking for a few good people.

We are looking to expand our family and we’d like for you to be a part of it. We are looking for a few good people to help us expand to different regions.

Duty: To photograph events, features, and models; with an adequate write up.
Requirements: Photographers/Writers must be proficient in WordPress, CS Suite, and have a creative eye for photography. Have a good personality, driven, and have passion. (Must have own equipment)
Regions: Global


Duty: Capturing events and features of vehicles and models
Requirements: Must have experience in videography with great editing skills. Proficient in Final Cut or Premiere. (Must have own equipment)
Regions: Global


Event Coordinator>
Duty: Operate an event booth, selling merchandise, and promoting the brand
Requirements: Personable, approachable, good personality, and self sufficient. Have a good business sense with drive and passion. Must be good with money and have reliable transportation.
Regions: Country wide

Fashion Writers>
Duty: Capture the latest trends and style.
Requirements: Must be female to write about fashion, styles, and trends.

If you have drive and passion; and is willing to hone your skills and promote your talent, then DaYUUM is perfect for you. We offer great exposure and networking opportunities. Please contact with ANY questions and inquiries.



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