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Not at a car show? Probably at Disneyland.

2018 Purist Winter Drive – Great Cars, Greater Cause

Photos & Words: Justin P.

“Welcome” – Sometimes it’s a warm greeting, sometimes it’s a response to thankfulness. In either case, both were felt very strongly on the day of the annual Purist Winter Toy Drive in Southern California.

Sean Lee, automotive enthusiast and all-around great person, is the founder and fearless leader of Purist Group. Bonded by a passion for cars, all sorts of people come together for a cause greater than themselves – helping fill kids with smiles and joy this holiday season. With a toy donation as the only requirement, many come to show of their cars in support of all of Sean’s efforts. From imports to domestics, exotics to classics – you’ll find yourself surrounded by an epic mix of vehicles. This annual event continues to grow and grow, with this year arguably the biggest it’s ever been. The amazing support Sean is able to get is very heartfelt, with this year including the California Highway Police, Nitto Tire, Mazda, Reach Out World Wide, Michelin, Lamborghini Newport Beach and much, much more.

Here are a few highlights from the Purist Winter Drive:

Cody Walker of Reach Out World Wide hanging out at the Mazda Display.

Cody’s wife and daughter, Felicia and Remi, admiring the toys overflowing Drake Kemper’s Mazda MX-5 Miata Cup Car.

Justin Romulo ain’t playing no reindeer games.

We’re LIVE with Bisi Ezerioha of Bisimoto!

The super talented Deven Hitchens making quick work out of this iconic Ferrari.

Yogi’s Toyota Tacoma camping out at the Nitto Tire / Driving Line booth.

Michelin brought out some great cars, but the Blitz R348 GTR is what garnered a lot of attention.

Although the Koenigsegg Automotive AB Agera RS is just as awesome too!

Daniel K. Song (at Super Street) and Dominic Le (with Chasing J’s) with a couple Datsun 240zs bringing the Christmas joy.

It’s time to party because Adrian Ramirez’s widebody Ford Fiesta ST is here!

If Rudolph ever had to call in sick, Lamborghini Newport Beach is here for Santa!

Even more exotics!


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DesignerCon 2018 – Weird, But Cool

Photos & Words: Justin P.

We’ve become very familiar with the inner walls of the Anaheim Convention Center, for events like SpoCom or TunerEvo. And here we are again walking the same floor, but this time with a whole new perspective. Welcome to DesignerCon!

You might be used to our automotive content, but rest assure, we try to branch out to other forms of art whenever possible. Hello Kitty Con or Star Wars Legion Art Show to name a few. (Yea, it’s been a while). Car shows and art conventions aren’t too different if you think about it. Because when it comes down to it, the heart of each event is all about the people – their passion projects and their creativity.

Here are some highlights from this year’s DesignerCon:

Car Cars Cars!

We can’t help it, we’re addicted. You know when we see something with wheels we’re going to gravitate to it.

Old School Toyota Corona at the Lifted Laces x HYPERCHASERS booth

Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS! Ectoxo’s ECTO-1 complete with matching Ghostbusters

Streets closed pizza boy! (oh wait, wrong movie). You’ve probably seen them at SEMA and other shows. Yes, Leen Customs Pin Garage is here too – this time featuring the Pizza Planet Truck!

Jurassic 25

Okay, time to address the T-Rex in the room. One of the big nostalgic attractions at DesignerCon is the celebration of the 25th anniversary since the release of the original Jurassic Park movie. Replica Jeeps and creative pieces of work from various artists surrounded this mighty beast.

Art Works

As I mentioned above, what makes any event is the creativity, uniqueness and passion put into the work at every booth. Vinyl figures, custom pins, canvas, prints and much, much more. It’s quite overwhelming with everything you might see and find at DesignerCon.

Hip Hop Culture

Live and direct! From spinning 1s-and-2s to spray cans, the many art forms that express Hip Hop culture is representing strong at DesignerCon! Also, aloha to the homies, Kavet and Spel, from Lightsleepers who made the trip all the way from Hawaii. (So happy I was finally able to get myself a Mickey x MF Doom Tee!)

Vinyl is BIG

Last, by not least, vinyl collectibles are a major fixture in events like this and are probably way bigger than you and I may ever understand. They have seen many, many shapes and forms, with Funko POP!, Kidrobot, Toy Tokyo among the heavy hitters in the game. But my personal favorite at DesignerCon is the epic MEDICOM Toy booth featuring a time capsule of Be@rbrick vinyl collectibles. Be@arbrick has done collaborations of all kinds, from streetwear brands to Nike, from superheros to Disney and a whole lot more over the years.

Definitely a fun adventure and a nice change from the daily gear grinding of the automotive world. We’re always looking for new avenues to explore; let us know what you thought about this lifestyle pieces and other potentials like it!

See more below from DesignerCon 2018:

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Auto Enthusiast Day 2017

It’s take five for Nitto Tire’s Auto Enthusiast Day Presented by Driving Line and the event just keeps getting better! This free event returns to Angel’s Stadium where spectators take home the latest issue of Driving Line magazine and get covered in shreds of Nitto Tires from all the driving demos. Off-Road stars like Loren Healy and Cody Currie flexed their beastly machines, while drifters Vaughn Gittin Jr., Alex Heilbrunn and Matt Powers joined the couple of stunt driving, Sam and Stina Hübinette for an epic slideways showdown. The show within the show, where DaYUUM! made ourselves comfortable, was the reorganized vendor area. With the car meet section moved outside of the main area, the show highlighted all of the vendors’ show cars. We opt to go with a pair of “new look, who dis?” wrapped Scions, Tyler Huang’s xB and my Rocket Bunny tC. A new addition to AED 2017, was the AutoCon car show and the famous AutoCon Ave. stage that featured some of the best of the best. Check out our recap of the day’s festivities!

Words: Justin P.

Photos: Michelle I.

5 Crowd Pullers from SEMA 2015

Come one, come all to the greatest automotive trade show on earth! SEMA Show 2015 has made its annual stop to the wild, wild desert known to most as Las Vegas, Nevada. Be thrilled by gorgeous Booth Babes, be amazed by the the strength of the Four BOSSes, be mesmerized by new kid on the block, stand in awe of the looks of yesteryear and leave yourself at the mercy of beasts for an experience you will never forget! These are 5 crowd pullers from SEMA Show 2015!

1. Girls, Girls, Girls

“Girls, all I really want is girls! And in the morning it’s girls! Cause in the evening it’s girls!” -Beastie Boys
Driving Line’s Alicia Cummings taking a selfie with “Mad” Mike Whiddett

Look out Janey! Hopefully that giant Mishimoto tank is enough to protect you from all the creepers.

MST Wheels’ Regina standing guard by their “Attack on Titan” 240sx

For more babes, check back to Jae’s Ladies of SEMA 2015!

2. I’m a BOSS

You’ve just entered the Boss Level. There were 4 epic S14 Rocket Bunny BOSSes at SEMA Show, are you ready to take them on?

Make sure you’ve collected all your JDM Badges before you take on the Good Show Automotive Art BOSS.

Don’t slip up when you face off against the Autofashion USA X ENEOS Oil BOSS.

Corey Hosford’s Street Standard BOSS will definitely pack a mean punch with it’s V-8 engine.

Don’t let the cycles fool you, the WD Ultimate BOSS is ready to take on all and any Challengers

3. The New Kids On The Block: Driving Line

Go big or go home. Driving Line started off their first SEMA Show with a bang and these three white knights were only part of the reason why their booth caught our eye.

Sung Kang’s Fugu Z by GReddy proves that the perfect build doesn’t always have to be fast or furious.

Just in time for the winter season, the SSA X Autofashion USA Rocket Bunny NSX is one sexy Snow Bunny.

Evasive Motorsports Porsche GT3, “Just imagine how much cooler I’ll be in summer.”

4. Don’t Call Me Rusty

Out with the new, in with the old. Or something like that. Put that Rust•eze Medicated Bumper Ointment away, Rust is in this year!

Rusty Slammington. No introduction needed.

Check out that Rad Rusty Rat Rod! Whew, try saying that ten times fast.

Even choppers were all about that rust life

5. What the TRUCK?

Big tires and lifted beasts ruled SEMA Show this year. Because well…’MURICA

Derek West’s ULTRA4 Off-Road buggy took a break from its weekly mud bath to be part of the showroom floor.

The Starwood Motors Jeep JK8 with custom Bandit Kit wasn’t afraid when the rain, hail and lighting decided to make an unwelcome appearance.

There’s always a lot going on at SEMA Show, these are just 5 of the things we picked up on. What else was provocative at SEMA Show 2015; what was it that got the people going?

By: Justin Pagtalunan

Photos by: Michelle Ishida

Hella Wekfest SJ – 2015

Hella clean cars, hella vendors, hella babes, hella people – Wekfest SJ was hella crackin’ all day long! The Tjin Edition X DaYUUM Roadshow brought its hella big trailer to the show in the Bay Area and showed NorCal what we are all about! Our staff was hella tired after with the hella amount of goodie bags we put together. They were just hella flying out the booth with the hella amount of people stopping by. It even got so crazy that Neil Tjin went to the hella top of the trailer to throw out hella more freebies. Let’s just say that the people hella loved it!

Peep the slideshow below for a hella lot of pictures:

I’m hella out! @JustDaYUUM


Just in time for #ThrowbackThursdays!

Before we gear up for this coming show season with the 2nd installment for the Tjin Edition X DaYUUM RoadShow, I’d like to reminisce back to our charitable activities from the past year.

Towards the end of 2014 we teamed up with Guppy House and started the #TDGToyDrive, which was a month long joyous time where, with the help of each Guppy House location, we collected toy donations in exchange for deliciously refreshing drinks on the house…Guppy House that is!


Our goal was to be able to donate these toys and put smiles to as many children as possible during the holiday season. The We Strong Foundation, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, and the annual Purist Winter Drive were set as our main charities.

Doin’ Work

Purist Winter Drive 2014

Before we get together with friends and family to break bread over turkey and stuffings, we spent an afternoon with the Purist Group to deliver our first batch of toy donations. Additionally we kept the good vibes going by putting together goodie bags and handing out other swag we had to the all the charitable guests in attendance.

Just like any automotive enthusiasts event, there were all sorts of different show cars on display. From imports to exotics and everything in between, check out some of the sights from the day through Manny‘s eyes:

Purist Winter Drive_Manny-1 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-2 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-3 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-4 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-5 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-6 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-7 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-8 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-9 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-10 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-11 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-12 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-13 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-14 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-15 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-16 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-17

#TDGToyDrive & Car Meet

With the success of our month-long Toy Drive and the holiday season still young, we decided to extend the #TDGToyDrive for another month! Also we held two late night car meets. attendees could donate a toy and receive 20% off their meal in addition to a free drink for those nights.

On the first night in Fullerton, we asked Farrell of Fas Fotos to share with us his coverage of the event as the crew took care of guiding guests to park their cars and taking in all the generous donations.

DSC_9153_1 DSC_9155_1 DSC_9159_1 DSC_9161_1 DSC_9171_1 DSC_9178_1 DSC_9180_1 DSC_9191_1 DSC_9196_1 DSC_9198_1 DSC_9217_1 DSC_9213_1

The following week we held another car meet in Chino Hills, it was a chilly night but the crew braved through and we once again had another promising night of cars and collections.

TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-1 TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-2 TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-3 TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-4 TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-5 TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-6

Donation FEELS

Children’s Hospital of Orange County

With our two months of toy collecting and now with the help the Purist Group, we made our first drop-off of toy donations. The Children’s Hospital of Orange County collects donations all year-long so there is never an excuse, but in the month of December is when they have their annual toy drop off where they gather a team of helpful volunteers to assist in taking in the large amounts of donations during this month. With the volunteers’ help we quickly unloaded all the boxes filled with about 100 or so toys in a matter of seconds.

CHOC_Michelle-1 CHOC_Michelle-2 CHOC_Michelle-3 CHOC_Michelle-4 CHOC_Michelle-5 CHOC_Michelle-6

We Strong Foundation

Circumstances kept delaying our drop off date, but in time we were able to get together with Wayne from We Strong and Brian from Infinite Auto Design at their new headquarters. We Strong is an independently operated foundation and strives on donations like this. But based on Wayne’s initial reaction when he first saw all the toys we were able to donate, I don’t think he could even imagine this much help. It was humbling experience when the first words from his mouth were “You guys are crazy!”

WeStrong-Justin-1 WeStrong-Justin-2 WeStrong-Justin-3 WeStrong-Justin-4 WeStrong-Justin-5 WeStrong-Tyler-1

And so maybe we are a little crazy. But if crazy is what it takes to make this little world a better place, then I’ll take crazy every day of the week!

Thank you to all who helped out during all of these charitable events! From the DaYUUMfam to the Purist Group to the Guppy House Staff and of course all those who took the time out of their busy schedules to come out and donate for a great cause! We hope that this little good deed will help out a lot of good little kids!


They say a photo is worth a thousand words. Well who knew that this single photo of a VIP Lexus GS from Hawaii was going to have a lot to say?


During our second annual #DaYUUM808 trip to the island of Oahu, Hawaii we also took time to do some Spocom Hawaii coverage. Each of us basically split off to do our own thing and explore the packed Neil S. Blaisdell Center. This GS caught my eye right away so I wanted my lens to catch it too, but each time I wasn’t happy with the result. Either the lighting was off or there were people in the way or maybe my eyes were just tired but through out the night I found myself constantly coming back to this car – determined to capture it in it’s glory. As you can see from above, I got what I wanted, I was happy, so naturally I did what anyone would do – I Instagram’d it!

Social Media is a hell of a creature. Long story short, as soon as I posted it, my phone buzzed with likes and a couple tags – eventually the post found its way to @EQVIPPED the sponsor of this GS which lead to Bryan Lee (@Bippu_Style), the owner of the GS…and Eqvipped! As soon as I was tagged in a repost, I learned that someone else noticed my determination to photograph this GS. Out of the hundreds of people who were at the show, out of all the people who came to their booth, that guy in the red hat up in that GS picture remembered me constantly coming back! Well a couple more tags and soon we became Facebook friends. It was official.

Like a shy guy after his first date, there was a silent period until I decided to check out his online store and actually had a question about their merchandise. And just like that the convo just kept flowing – he knew I was part of DaYUUM! and eventually I learned that he’s actually been trying to reach out to us and do some collaboration work. I can’t reveal everything we talking about now because well, I want to surprise you all and plus I’ve probably rambled on too much now in this intro. It’s time I actually talk about what I came here to talk about.

Enter USDM FREAX magazine.


Another thing I learned as I talked to Bryan is that he is one of the editors in an up and coming Japanese-based magazine called USDM FREAX. The saying goes “you want what you can’t have” so while we are all about that JDM life here in the US, Japan has an infatuation with the USDM stylings. What better way to get USDM content for a Japanese magazine than a US source? With Bryan being limited to the island of Hawaii, he wanted to reach out to a Southern California-based group to help feature a wider range of content. DaYUUM! caught his eye and through my photo and social media he finally made the connection he’s been looking for.

USDMfreaxMAG-7 USDMfreaxMAG-5

I wont bore you with the details, but in a nutshell, we provide content and in turn our DaYUUM! name and skills expand and gets showcased to a new market – Japan. The first step, we planned to do a feature on Nilo’s NSX, but we had to get it done in time for the next issue! With some impromptu planning and a last minute surprise by David, my team of Byron and Denny pulled together and got some awesome footage for our first print feature…in Japan! Add in some shots from a past shoot by Jae, and we had it. #DaYUUMinJAPAN is now a reality!

USDMfreaxMAG-1 USDMfreaxMAG-3 USDMfreaxMAG-2

I am truly blessed to have stumbled on this opportunity for the team/family and myself. I can’t wait to continue working with Bryan, a new fast friend and promising collaborator on things to come. Who knows, what if I was happy with the first shot of the GS and never came back, would we still be where we are now? Life is a crazy ride, so its best to enjoy it!

Oh and another perk of being friends with Bryan, who regularly travels to Japan when they are putting together an issue…


He sends us some JDM snacks! Yum! ^_^

On to the next one! – Justin ( @JustDaYUUM )

Seeing your work in print is a different feeling, its great. But you are physically limited by the space on paper. So without further ado, here are the unprinted shots from our impromptu rooftop photoshoot. Photography by Byron Yoshida, cars owned by Nilo Miranda (NSX) and David Li (Benz), and model Donna Lazarescu. For photos from Jae Alba‘s photoshoot with model Chaba and the NSX click here.

SEMA Show 2014: Justin’s Pick

And the trumpets they go!

SEMA Show 2014, this is the Super Bowl of car enthusiasts. There are hundreds upon thousands of show cars on display in and around the Las Vegas Convention Center that it’s difficult to pick just one. I do my best to plan out what and where I will go to first to make sure I don’t miss anything on this week long extravaganza, so I didn’t find my beauty until the third day at the SEMA Show.

And where has this cool little BMW E30 been all my life?

BMW2002-1 BMW2002-2

On display outside of the convention center allowing it’s super clean engine bay to breathe the fresh air outside. (Not quite sure the air outside of Las Vegas is fresh though, it might not even be air, but you get what I mean).


What caught my eye first are the Individual Throttle Bodies that CA Tuned put inside this little machine.

BMW2002-3 BMW2002-4 BMW2002-5

Low isn’t just a thing you do to a car, its a lifestyle. And for this Bimmer, it’s stanced out to perfection on some gold, vintage-style Rotiform wheels and Airlift air suspension.

BMW2002-6 BMW2002-8

This E30, is filled through out with a lot of classy BMW insignias to stay true to being a purist.

BMW2002-9 BMW2002-11 BMW2002-12 BMW2002-10

Inside and out, up and down, there is nothing to hate on this car. CA Tuned did a perfect job on this modern classic.


86fest III Coverage – Irwindale Speedway

If you build it, they will come.

86fest may have gotten some new digs this year, but that didn’t stop people from showing up. Irwindale Speedway, aka the House of Drift, was the House of 86 on this day. Antonio and the rest of the MotorMavens crew did a great job putting on their 3rd annual event that brings together the old school AE86-ers and the new school Toyota 86 (FR-S/BRZ)-ers in one big mash up. There were all sorts of 86’s…from stock, to slighly modded, to full on race cars – there was a style for everyone.

Have alook-see at the gallery below to get a little taste of that 86 life!

Before checking out I just wanted to give a shoutout to the FRS86 crew and their hospitality on letting me crash at their booth! And a big congratulations on the opening of their new Autotuned garage, nothing but success! (@justdayuum)


BONUS: I caught Byron and Geoff in full “tactical photography” stance. haha!


Back 2 School – Guppy Grand Opening – Fullerton

Before classes are officially in session, come nerd-out with us one more time at the Grand Opening for Guppy House’s new Fullerton location! Take advantage of the appetizer, drink, a shave ice specials – study the exotic cars and hot GoGO Dancers (provided by Spocom) – and just grove to the fresh beats by Awthentik Vibes as NASA Crew sprays an awesome art piece.

Pre-Registration Form for the Seksi School Girl Contest:

Cash Prizes:

1st Place: $200
2nd Place: $150
3rd Place: $100

Fullerton Guppy House is located at:
2585 E. Chapman Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92831

For more up to date information, please visit the Facebook Event Page.

Extreme Autofest 2014 – San Diego

Photos by: Jae (@dayuumjae), Denny (@dayuumden), Byron (@yosheasteverything) , Gilbert (@girlsbutts), Justin (@justdayuum)


Extreme Autofest San Diego, where the show keeps Up All Nite long, and the headline performance is Too $hort!


We tend to get a little spoiled with all the car shows and events that are put together in the LA area; there’s almost one every other weekend or so. But for San Diego natives this is the big show, it’s become a tradition of sorts for EAF to reach out to San Diego’s finest to show off their rides.

EAFSD-9774 EAFSD-9771 EAFSD-9772 EAFSD-9784 EAFSD-9787 EAFSD-9792 EAFSD-9790 EAFSD-9796 EAFSD-9798 EAFSD-9804 EAFSD-9778 EAFSD-9812

This was our first EAF appearance as the Tjin Edition X DaYUUM Roadshow, and I think our display fit right in.


In a car scene so saturated with import cars, most of the hype is pumped over our green Rocket Bunny Scion FR-S by Phantasy Kolors in Washington.


Which is all well and good, but that tends to leave our awesome, trailer hauling, American domestic, Ford F-150 not always getting the attention it deserves.


But at EAF, where the spectators are just as diverse as the car entries, both were the stars of the RoadShow.


Speaking of stars, the energetic San Diego native, Jessica Xiao was rocking the booth for us.

eaf sd gil 1EAF_just_02

Whether it was taking photos or taking names (for the raffle!), she kicked butt the entire show. Her high-spirited personality helped bring in a lot of foot traffic to our booth, from all sorts of spectators.

EAF_Byron_30 EAF_Byron_31 EAF_Byron_32 EAF_Byron_33EAFSD-9803

Also with us was the UTI crew handing out literature, posing for photos, and answering any UTI related questions. Brains and beauty all rolled into one with Bells and Juliana at the helm.


You have imports new and old, luxury builds and race spec builds, American classics and street rods, ruckuses and motorcycles. This is the one show where the lines of car types get blurred.


There is a lot to get through so bear with me as we pick out some of the standout rides of the event. Don’t worry, at least you’re feet wont get as tired as mine walking the entire lot. Unless you’re reading this one your iPad or tablet or Samsung Android that’s basically a tablet, then maybe you’ll be on your feet for a while too, just don’t walk into anything okay?

EAF_just_09 EAF_Byron_09EAF_Byron_08

At one end of the same row there were those Chevy street rods, and at the other this aggressive FD and mean Rocket Bunny FR-S.

Nothing short of crazy here at EAF…

EAF_Byron_04 EAF_just_10

The tire isn’t even stretched! It’s just hanging on for dear life in the middle of the wheel.

EAF_Byron_01 EAF_just_12

LowKey is one of the prominent car clubs in SD and they have some pretty clean cars. Like this pair of s2k’s and Jeff’s civic just Wreckin’ it!


Been seeing this stunning BMW at every show it seems, collecting awards left and right as it hangs out with AutoFashion USA, another SD native.


Style Over Comfort with an Audi Over Asphalt.


Veilside NSX doing its business as usual.

EAF_Byron_12 EAF_Byron_13

Liberty Walks everywhere!


You don’t usually think Honda, let alone Civic when you associate with VIP. But this burgundy with gold theme is just so seksi.


Bright yellow paint, white Racing Harts…oh my JDM nostalgia feels are kicking in.


Another bright beauty.

EAF_just_24 EAF_just_25 EAF_Byron_03 EAF_Byron_11

The Datsun game was on point.


Bring the mo#asjkfhldk$jfg&bl*akshSkfding Ruckus!

EAF_Byron_17 EAF_Byron_18 EAF_just_23 EAF_just_21

Project Zero had a nice line up as well, especially their battle ready S14.


I wonder if any of the other souped up cars could hold a lick to this NotASoccerMom Odyssey?


Cause this people mover is pushing over 1000+ HP! Never be late to school or to the market again.

EAF_just_34 EAF_just_35 EAF_just_36

I’m used to the smell of gas, exhaust fumes, and burnt rubber at car shows, but rarely aerosol cans. Spotted a section where live artist were creating some wild spray can masterpieces; definitely a different smell, sight, and, sense but overall very appealing.

Venturing off to the other end of the show now, it’s like stepping into a whole other world.

EAF_just_32 EAF_just_33

First spotting this Fresh Prince (of “Bel-Air”).

EAF_just_28 EAF_just_29 EAF_just_30

These old school Chevy trucks were magnificent. The body lines, the retro style, pristine condition, you don’t have to be a fan to appreciate beauty like these.


Before we check out what went down at the model’s lounge, we were spotted by the one and only Betty Boop!

With the foot traffic easing up a bit, we got a chance to get some snaps of Ms. Jess X

EAF_Byron_24 EAF_Byron_22EAF_Byron_25EAF_Byron_26 EAF_Byron_23

Can be imitated, but never duplicated. Jessica always has fun when the cameras are on her.

EAF_Byron_27 EAF_Byron_29 EAF_Byron_28

Jess X, making everyone green with envy.


Let’s bring on some of the other models shall we?

R1 Concepts had some seski eye candy for everyone to see and take pictures.

EAF_Byron_34 EAF_Byron_35 EAF_Byron_36 EAF_Byron_37eaf sd 2014-1546

Look but don’t touch, you wouldn’t want to break any of Erica‘s Laws because R1 also brought in Big Abe to keep the creepers at bay.

eaf sd gil 8

Male model or body-guard, I’m not sure what his official title is anymore but either way he’ll stop you in your tracks if your mess with him or his people.

eaf sd 2014-1559 eaf sd 2014-1561 eaf sd gil 6 eaf sd gil 9

Also part of the R1 team, the beautiful, bodacious and sometimes bizarre (in a good way!), Brittani Paige.


Glen‘s s2k makes everyone say DaYUUM!

EAF_Byron_38 EAF_Byron_39 EAF_Byron_40 EAF_Byron_41 EAF_Byron_42 EAF_Byron_43

But even more so when hottie Kairi Drème is all over it. Wanna ride?

EAF_Byron_44 EAF_Byron_45

Cute as a lamb, Jenny Lam also made an always stunning appearance.

EAF_Byron_47 EAF_Byron_48

Asia from JDMSport looking oh so seductive.

eaf sd 2014-1540 eaf sd 2014-1543

Wowing the crowd at the AutoFashion USA booth was the gorgeous Julie Mai.

eaf sd 2014-1574 eaf gil 13

Get your adrenaline rushing with Jenna Lane.

EAF_Byron_56 EAF_Byron_57 EAF_Byron_58

And look who we got here! Hot DaYUUM Hunnie Ms. Amanda Kerr is back in the SoCal and already getting back into the groove of things. It’s like she never left…so please don’t leave again!

In case you were at the show and didn’t notice, but the EAF staff always provides the models with a theme they could follow; this year…Sports!

eaf sd gil 2 eaf sd gil 3 eaf sd gil 4

Here are a couple of ladies really playing to the crowd and sporting their Chargers jerseys, Lynn Lyn and Christine Zegers.

eaf sd gil 5

We found Amanda again, this time popping in with Clipet, Allyson Joy.

eaf sd gil 10 eaf sd gil 11 eaf sd gil 12

Let luck be a lady tonight with Elizabeth Tran.

eaf sd gil 7 eaf sd 2014-1532 eaf sd 2014-1535

Sandra Wong going with a simple #19 jersey, why? Well 1+9 = the perfect 10 that she is! We were fortunate enough to feature here recently in an up close and personal interview.

eaf sd 2014-1522 eaf sd 2014-1525

Batter up! Step to the plate to see if you can match up to Morning Star or if she’s just out of your league.

EAF_Byron_59 EAF_Byron_60

When she’s not racing on the track, the sporty Lea Anne is showing off her seksi football stance

EAF_Byron_51 EAF_Byron_53 EAF_Byron_55EAF_Byron_52

The loveable Lyna Ly with a racer track suit. It does look good on her, but I’m not quite sure if it’s up to code as far as track safety, unless maybe if the bikini top is you know, fireproof? 😉

EAF_just_40 EAF_just_38EAFSD-9884EAFSD-9885

With all the yummy eye candy around the show we had to come up with something fresh, so why not bring a crowd by throwing free stuff? So we band together (literally, like with rubberbands) and came up with these goodie packages real quick. Once there was a crowd we started throwing them up in the air for people to fight over attempt to grab. It was pretty fun and engaging, I think we might do this more often, so come by the booth a check it out!

Catch you guys at our next shenanigans! @justdayuum

Wekfest LA 2014 – Coverage

The next big stop on the Tjin Edition X DaYUUM RoadShow was none other than the sunny, sea-breezy setting of Long Beach, CA. In the home of the Queen (Queen Mary, that is), Wekfest LA had all the elites on display.

As hectic as is it was to roll-in and setup in the early morning with an unanticipated bike marathon going on just on the outskirts of the show grounds. It was even crazier once the show finally got started and the floodgate of spectators were opened. Before I start this recap I just want to say how thankful and proud I am of the whole team for stepping up and working hard helping out all the people who stopped by our booth.

wekfestla-2014-just-01 wekfestla-2014-just-04 wekfestla-2014-just-05 wekfestla-2014-just-06 wekfestla-2014-just-07 wekfestla-2014-byron-01 wekfestla-2014-byron-02WKFTLA-1WKFTLA-2WKFTLA-4WKFTLA-7WKFTLA-9WKFTLA-11WKFTLA-14Yup, it takes a lot of effort to make this look this good.

Oh those bags. Those motherf’n goodie bags…Don’t get me wrong we LOVE our partners and LOVE our guests. But DaYUUM! We put about 400 of these suckers together throughout the entire show!

We had a line for days and our asses never quit!

We also got some extra help too. I got a few shots in before the show officially started, but the rest of the show I was ringside. Luckily, Byron Yoshida was with us to lend his expertise to photograph the awesome cars and the lovely ladies. (I’m sure you’ll be able to easily tell which lame photos are mine and which epic ones are his haha).

Just as everyone who entered the venue decided, why don’t we start by checking out what’s going on at our booth?

Well if you take a LibertyWalk to your right, you will see a resting Godzilla.

Be careful as to not get too close. It may bite.

Next to it was our other beast. Our trailer hauler.

Our gun slingin’ six-shooter. Pew pew!

At the other end, the yes a rocket bunny green Vortech supercharged machine

RAUH-roh! I think we’re missing one…
wekfestla-2014-byron-06 wekfestla-2014-byron-07 wekfestla-2014-byron-08
Of course! This RAUH-Welt Begriff beauty by iForged just chillin’ in a cool Adriatic Blue by our trailer.

No question, we had a lot of love at our booth.

And if you didn’t feel it, Denny definitely made sure you did (men only!).

There was more WekFun going on else where, so let me take you through all the sights and sounds (we’ll probably just the sights) of the day.

Couldn’t help but stare at the Speed Hunters FR-S all day, (maybe because they were directly in front of our booth).

From demo car to full on show car, Beat-Sonic is doing big things now!

Funny, I’ve seen the Evasive s2k a lot thanks to having friends who are Hot Wheels nuts, but I believe this might be the first time I really looked at the actual car live in person.

“I like LibertyWalks on the beach, piston coladas, and getting a new drivetrain.” Or some variation of that is probably on most dating profiles of the people here at Wekfest.

Every time the Queen Mary would blow her own, we thought it was just Brian clowning around in his Benz again lol

Pure classic. I remember the days of dial-up modems, logging on to AOL, and doing a Yahoo! Images search on all da bomb tuner cars. The Teggy was by far the must have fix-up car then. The memories.

[Insert caption here]. Sorry, just in so much awe I can’t think up of a proper caption. All I know is that Mikey‘s Teggy never didn’t have a crowd taking pictures of it all over and inside that cleanly rebuild engine bay.

Take a step back and you can appreciate Canibeat’s triple threat

Probably one of my absolute favorite photos I’ve seen coming from Wekfest. Noel‘s super photogenic #notrocketbunny, not aimgain, not ml24, not chargespeed, not tommy kaira, not varis…wait I mean yes Varis widebody uhhh…what car is this again?

Another hidden gem was this timeless VW Bug just hanging out in its natural habitat.

AirREX GTR basking in the sunlight

wekfestla-2014-just-19 wekfestla-2014-just-20
As clean as a baby’s booty

The euros were in full force, strutin’ their widebodies all over the place.

wekfestla-2014-byron-15 wekfestla-2014-byron-16
Wekfest was about quality not quantity. And it really helped space the event, giving ample room to shoot beauties like James‘ Porsche.

And now the Pièce de résistance, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Time to bring out the ladies!

The it’s jdm yo! booth almost always has one of the highest seksi indexes at any show. Oh yea and they have a model’s lounge too, which I think helps a little.

The smile that never fails, the gorgeous Sally Mia Kior

While Jae wasn’t with us at Wekfest this year, he’s really been obsessed with the whole floral print thing lately. You think Noemii J would let him borrow her top for our next show at Nurotag LA?

The first rule of meeting Xena Kai is to not geek out. Don’t geek out, you better not geek out…ahhh!! IT’S XENA KAI!!

You’ve seen the Duck Face, the Rawr Face, the Super Kawaii Peace Sign, the Thuglife…
well now, we introduce Amy Fay and the all new, Extreme Vogue!

Now that we got you laughing…

How about a photoset of the super cute and always amusing Jessica Xioa? 🙂

wekfestla-2014-byron-23 wekfestla-2014-byron-24 wekfestla-2014-byron-25
She’s got them legs fo Xioa!

wekfestla-2014-byron-26 wekfestla-2014-byron-27
Jessica was showing us that seksi model shots don’t always have to be seductive and posed, they can be random and fun too!

We promise you, Jessica does NOT have super strength. She is not leaning on the car and pushing it out-of-place. No, no, no…the wheels were like that when we got there. I swear.

And last but not least, our own Hot DaYUUM Hunnies

wekfestla-2014-byron-29 wekfestla-2014-byron-30
Lori Lin

wekfestla-2014-byron-31 wekfestla-2014-byron-32 wekfestla-2014-byron-33
Check out our feature to get up close and personal (with your computer screen or smart phone) and learn more about this hottie.

wekfestla-2014-byron-34 wekfestla-2014-byron-35

wekfestla-2014-byron-36 wekfestla-2014-byron-37 wekfestla-2014-byron-38
And there’s a lot more about that the that the that that gurrll here.

What a show, what a show. Always something going on. No one wanted to leave. People were here as early as the crack of dawn and there were still a lot of spectators hanging around after the show while they were still handing out all the awards. No one wanted to leave.

So I think I’ve written more than enough. If you’ve hung on this long I either did a great job keeping you entertained or you were desperately waiting for Byron’s awesome model shots at the end and hoping there’s more. Well there isn’t so either go back to the top and read it all again, or check out the other articles we have on our site, or whatever else you want to do. You just can’t stay here cause the show’s over, nothing more to see, unless you want to stalk my Instagram -> @justdayuum <-


Check out the video recap by John.

Also, check out another Wekfest from our partner at Viair Corporation!

Star Wars Legion Art Show

This not the car feature you are looking for…


Art features on DaYUUM have been too few and far between, but even with such a packed show schedule this season it’s always refreshing to step back and take in something different.


In a city far, far (well not really that far) away, Disney, Lucas Films, and Neff Headwear teamed up to present the Star Wars Legion exhibition at the Robert Vargas Gallery in downtown Los Angeles this weekend in honor of May the Fourth (be with you) a.k.a. Star Wars Day.


Disney and Neff handed out mini Stormtropper helmets to some of their own talented artists, animators, and product designers – as well as some street artists selected by Neff – to transform these popular helmets into out of this world creations. Over 250 helmets were distributed and each one crazier than the next, below are some of the artworks that really stood out to me. Whether your a Star Wars freak or an art junkie or neither, you have to admit these are pretty cool either way.


Some artist literally transformed the helmets into completely something different.

StarWarsLegion_005Chisato Kashima Kim’s Storm “Usage” Tropper, from Imperial Soldier to Pink Bunny

StarWarsLegion_006Jessica Kim’s Trooppy Bank

StarWarsLegion_007This untitled piece by Ryan Terry turned the Stromtrooper into space transporation

StarWarsLegion_008Imperial Bling by Elena Timman

StarWarsLegion_009I’m a sucker for wood textures. Aradhana Modi’s Wooden Soldier

StarWarsLegion_010Check out Neff’s own C3P-BRO, dude!

You know we couldn’t go completely through a DaYUUM! article without something automotive related, which is what really drew me into this one.

StarWarsLegion_011 StarWarsLegion_012Alex Jaeger’s Imperial Racing helmet

StarWarsLegion_013 StarWarsLegion_014The artwork on this one is just amazing, I think this one is my clear personal favorite. Jay Lee’s Doodletropper

Some artists decided to keep it in the galaxy with Star Wars themed helmets, with a personal twist of course.

StarWarsLegion_015Kevin Deters’ fanboy collage titled A Long Time Ago in a Kid’s Room Far, Far Away

StarWarsLegion_016Irene Lee’s Stormtrooper Playground

StarWarsLegion_017I’d party with Iris Goudjabidae’s Spring Break Chewie, wouldn’t you?

StarWarsLegion_018George McClements’ Yub Nub is a mean looking Ewok

Crossing over into another universe (still owned by Disney) there were some cool Marvel themed troopers