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A Siren Named Serena

Photos by: Jae Alba

serena-0020For you that follow us, in the short 2 years we’ve been around you know that we like to work with fresh faces and grow with them in the industry. We’ve done pretty well in the past starting from Alisa to Marissa, Ashley, Amanda and the other DaYUUM Hunnies we’ve worked with… Last year we introduced Serena Su, from the first time we meet her at one of our meets for Guppy House, we saw something about Serena that made her stand out. She was bubbly, friendly, funny, sarcastic, and adorable with an awesome smile, but most of all, she was very down to earth that we quickly had an immediate connection with her.

We soon invited her to join us to a few of the shows, but Serana was a bit nervous being she has never really worked any car events before so we assured her that we would help her out so she can get use to the crowds. WekFest Long Beach was her first event with us, probably the biggest show of the year – haha. To our surprise however, Serena adapted well to the whole scene and receive instant recognition by a lot of people and photographers in the industry. Serena enjoys challenges, intellectual and very well groomed and fit gentlemen (that pretty much leaves us all out), Music, singing, dancing and is currently going to school to become a registered Nurse as well as a fitness guru.

We’ve watched Serena escalade fast in the industry the entire 2013 show season, from a rookie to a veteran in the show circuit. Like the other DaYUUM Hunnies before her, she too became a SEMA model for our good friends at Vortech Superchargers thanks to Neil Tjin of Tjin Edition. We have no doubt Serena will go far in this industry should she choose to stay and in whatever she puts her mind to, she will be a huge success. We hope to work with her again in 2014 and wish her nothing but the best.

We’ve put together some cool pictures throughout last year, hope you enjoy them and thanks again to Serena for repping DaYUUM. Peace and much love.

For booking info please contact Serena on Facebook at Ms. Serena Su, Instagram @Serenasuu











That Girl Chaba

Photos by: Jae Alba


chaba-3I’ve known Chaba for a few years now, we met in the show scene. She’s a very cool, creative, warm, friendly, eclectic, independent, and a well spoken young lady. She also enjoys, old skool hip hop, dancing, and yes fellas – slammed nicely fixed up import cars Ka Ching!… She happens to own a KA7, a.k.a. Acura Legend, creatively she name it Zelda after the popular Nintendo game, The Legends of Zelda. Oh by the way, did I also tell you that she’s freaki’n Hott? lol A perfect DaYUUM Hunnie wouldn’t you say?

So when I put together the new look for the DaYUUM / AirREX NSX and it was ready for a shoot, Chaba was the first person to came to mind because of her style and personality. Chaba can easily pull off any style a photographer or company is looking for from glamour, sporty, bikini, or the cute girl next door, she can easily adapt. Chaba has a very cool, chill, unique urban vibe that’s truly her own. With the help and artistic eyes of Jae Alba and Max Montenagro, we set out to capture it on camera in DTLA and I think we did just that.

I want to thank Chaba for the time and patience she had with us. We hope to work with her more in 2014, she’s not only beautiful and gracious, but a good friend. So thanks Chabz =)

For bookings, please email her at and follow her on IG @Chabawokee.

Now kickback, chill, and enjoy.














Air Jordans = No Traffic Ticket

True Story:   Wear your Air Jordans boys and girls, thought I’d write this because it’s kinda cool, interesting and a win.  Last week I went to LAX to visit my cousin-in-law who was visiting SoCal from Vancouver BC  on a business trip, he told me he was staying at the Hilton by the airport, but as I came closer to the area I realized there were 3 Hilton hotels in that area.


I needed to get in touch with my cousin to see which Hilton Hotel they were staying at.  Unfortunately, as I approached the location, at the corner of my eye I see a cop car and the officer is looking straight at me talking on the phone, so naturally I tried to play it off as if I was just leaning on my hand with my elbow on the window sill, but my old trick did  not work this time crap. As soon as I made the turn the police lights flashed. I started thinking to myself DaYUUM they finally got me LOL. Some of you are wondering, what the heck, but in California it is illegal to talk on a cellphone without a handsfree kit while driving. So as the officer approached my car, he asked me why I thought I got pulled over, heck man I’m not gonna lie to him and told him straight up that he caught me because I was on the cell and sure enough he said exactly, but before he even ask for my license to run it,  he said “Hey you’re wearing Jordan III’s are you a shoe collector ?” and I told him yeah I’m a sneakerhead shoe junkie, then he started rattling on about how he has been looking for the cement III’s and what J’s he had in his collection and how hard it is to find some Jordans for himself.  I told him about some of the local spots that you can find the shoes like Flight Club LA and that dope spot in Little Tokyo.  So instead of this cop giving me the traffic ticket he just asked me to write down the names of these stores and to try not to be on my phone.  I never thought being a Jordan freak and shoe junkie would ever save me like that haha.  Too f’n cool, the officer even thank me for the info and just told me to be safe. Man this made my night !  So the moral of this story is wear cool shoes and you too can avoid a traffic ticket.  Like I said before wear your Air Jordans Boys and Girls. Haha …Retro AirMax’s too @DaYUUMNilo13 😉




Cruise N’ Cars

Photo: Scott (dayuumscottie)

We were fortunate to get invited to a cruise down Pacific Coast Highway by our good friend and partner David from the famous Guppy House restaurant chain.  The cruise was hosted by the MB Junkies, a group of Mercedes-Benz enthusiast, but not only were we invited, we got the opportunity to drive one of David’s rides, his white C63 AMG.

We started off our morning in Long Beach at the Marina Pacifica mall parking lot.  Showing up casually late, we made our way into the parking lot, not knowing that other than Mercedes-Benz owners have arrived but several exotics such as a Lamborghini, Audi R8, and believe it or not an Atom.







IMG_4612 IMG_4620

We took off from Long Beach and made our way south on Pacific Coast Highway towards Huntington Beach. A beautiful Saturday morning, the views of the coast was awesome and so was the long line of Mercedes and exotics behind us.


There was a lot of neck breaking on the beach that day, not by us looking at the beach girls, but by the people on the sidewalks checking out the dope rides.


As we headed further south, we passed the Huntington Pier and Newport Beach were the beautiful people live. haha




Laguna Beach is where we stopped and had lunch at Ruby’s. As we waited for others to arrive the lot was packed! Many of the cars had to park on the streets because there was not enough room for all of them.  It was cool to hangout, chill, take in the view, eat a nice meal and share laughs with some of the people in the group.







David suggested we check out his friend’s place called EuroCar. As he described it to us, Scott and I said “heck yes why not!” So on the way we took the opportunity to open the cars up a bit and took Laina canyons back towards the freeway.


We arrived pretty fast to our destination in Costa Mesa, David’s description of the place was spot on….as we looked through the big doors into the showroom, it seemed that I was Charlie going in the Wonka factory not for sweets, but for all the rows of Porsche’s, Bentley’s, Mercedes, Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and more…there was so much eye candy, I was like a kid in a candy factory haha






We hung out there for a bit, checking out the awesome rides and opening up every Lamborghini and touching every Ferrari. As the sun was setting, we decided we should go home and take in the wonderful experience we had for the day.

We really appreciate David from Guppy House for the invite and for the MB Junkies crew for their hospitality.

Till next time (nilo)



Amanda Kerr – Up Close and Personal

I guess I could consider myself lucky to be in the automotive industry and for such a long time. I dig meeting new and interesting people at the shows and meets we go to. It was at one of those meets that we were invited to earlier this year at Fontana Nissan that I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Amanda Kerr for the first time. She was modeling along side our very own Marissa Hiroko, they seemed to get along so well that I thought they were long time friends, but to my surprise it was the first time they met each other and it was Amanda’s very first venture into the automotive car scene, although she has been modeling and doing fashion shows for a local bikini company for a while.

She had a fresh look which is what we are always looking for to represent DaYUUM!, she also had a great smile and very pretty eyes (oh and legs for days did I forget to mention that ? ha). She reminded me of some of the old school models of the past before anyone with a bikini and a mini skirt became an instant import model. Since her and Marissa worked so well together I asked Amanda if she would like to represent us at the Motion show in Long Beach, this was the start of a friendship and working relationship with Amanda

In the beginning, Amanda was a little quiet, but as we got to know her more and more at shows, meets, shoots, long drives and eats of course, we got to experience the humorous, talented, ambitious foodie that is Amanda Kerr. I suppose I can write and tell you all about her, but then I would just bore you. So instead I asked Amanda to have lunch with me so I can ask her some questions and she can tell it to you all in her own words, this is how it went:

DaYUUM: Hiya Amanda, though people see you with us at the shows, tell me about yourself? Your background and where you’re from?
Amanda: I was born and raised in Southern Cali and grew up mainly in Huntington Beach. I moved around a lot when I was younger but I have spent most of my life in Huntington. I am a certified makeup artist and hope to be doing makeup at the MAC counters soon, as well as help promote Bacardi and Grey Goose at the nightclubs, bars and grocery stores.

DaYUUM: You also have a very unique look, what is your nationality?
Amanda: A lot of people think that I look Persian or Armenian but I’m not. My mother is Puerto Rican and my dad is German/Scottish.

DaYUUM: Wow such an interesting mix what part of each culture do you like the most and which side are you closer to?
Amanda: I love Puerto Rican food! My favorite are platanos, which are fried bananas. I think it would be so cool to visit Germany or Scotland one day, they are both beautiful places. I would say i am closer to my moms side. My dads side of the family is a little more relaxed and my moms side is loud and crazy

DaYUUM: You mentioned that you want to go to Scotland and Germany, you like traveling and where have you gone so far?
Amanda: Yes, I want to travel a lot in the future! So far out of the US I have only been to Mexico, but I would love to go all over the world. I love learning about the different cultures and food! and Yes I am definitely a foodie and am always down to try different types of food!

DaYUUM: So what are your favorite foods to eat and cook?
Amanda: Mexican or Italian food! I like to cook chicken enchiladas and Mexican rice when I have the time. Or taquitos with homemade guacamole!

DaYUUM: I know you like to sing and dance, when did you start and what else do you like to do on your spare time?
Amanda: I started singing when I was 8 years old. I was inspired by Christina Aguilera and to this day she still inspires me as well as Lauryn hill and Aaliyah. I like to listen to a little bit of everything though, from R&B to rap to rock and Dance has always been a hobby of mine. I have been dancing and cheer leading since I was 7 and I cheered a couple years in high school. In my spare time I like to be laying out at the beach or doing makeup.

DaYUUM: Tell me your likes and dislikes ( turn ons and turn offs)?
Amanda: A turn on for me would have to be a guy that has goals in life and is motivated. Im a busy woman so you gotta keep up with me! I think confidence goes a long way too. I like guys who can make me laugh and be genuine with me I can’t stand when a guy is too into himself or doesn’t know how to take care of himself! Bad hygiene or messiness is a major turn-off.

DaYUUM: What are your ambitions and short term goals for yourself?
Amanda: I would say i am a determined person with a lot of ambitions in life. One of them is to get my degree in fashion merchandising and to possibly have my own line. And I hope to be on the cover of a magazine too! Either an auto magazine or Maxim would be nice

DaYUUM: Do you have a life philosophy?
Amanda: Yes, If you want something bad enough in life I believe that you can get it! As long as you believe in yourself enough and always stay positive no matter what

DaYUUM: and finally, any shout outs and how can companies and Industries people can get a hold of you?
Amanda: Of course a big shout out to the DaYUUM crew you guys are awesome! As well as Kerryann De La Cruz and all of my supporters! I can be reached at twitter, facebook, instagram, and email.

We are truly appreciative for having M.s Amanda Kerr as one of our DaYUUM Hunnies and thankful for all she does for us, I wish her nothing but the best and much success in all her endeavors. I know she will be achieve them all..Hope you all like the short insight and be sure to say hello to Amanda if and when you see her in our booth. Thank to Edwin at EVolve Photography to taking these awesome shots!

In Spanish the meaning of the name Amanda is: Lovable, worthy of love….and that she is.

You can also meet Amanda at SEMA with the AirPower Group Booth #23063  (Vortech, Paxton, and Lysholm).

Thanks for checking us out. Peace

Check out the bonus video from Mikey Dang

Reiko Motobu Winchell – Up Close and Personal

As we attend to different events, shows, meets, and social functions, we tend to meet a lot of people, heck even on the DaYUUM page we meet people from different parts of the world, but seldom do we get to meet a unique, exotic, and adorable ones like Reiko Motobu Winchell.

A few months ago, Reiko started following our page and we would always notice her comments on some of the pictures we post up, we found some of the comments to be witty and humorous.

A few days later, Reiko shared a few pics with us and asked us to share them which we gladly did. Reiko also told us that she is a model from Japan along with few more tidbits about herself which we found very interesting.

We asked Reiko if she would mind if we asked her a few questions and some pictures of herself to add to a write up. Reiko not only sent us pictures, but she actually set up a whole new shoot just for us, how cool can one girl be?

Here are Q&A’s we did with Reiko, hope you find her as beautiful person inside and out as we did:

DaYUUM: Reiko please tell us a little bit about yourself, your unique and exotic look and how did it come about that you now live in Japan?
Reiko: OK, so I come from a big and warm Ecuadorian family. My mom, an Ecuadorian lady and my dad a Japanese guy, fell in love and got married back in Ecuador about 22 years ago (i was born a year after they got married) lol. 
My dad was a ship mechanic so he was always either overseas or here in Japan while my mom and I lived in Ecuador.
 Spanish is my first language but I was always interested on learning different languages and English was my favorite language even back then, all because I was Britney Spears #1 fan and of course the N’sync and BSB lol. 
They were the reason why I told my mom to put me in an English class so I could sing their songs haha.

I lived in Ecuador until I was 17 right after my high school graduation my dad came home and decided that it’d be best for me to go to Japan to study Japanese and go to college.
 I wasn’t too happy to come, leave all my friends and family and move to a different country in the other side of the world. 
Now I’m glad I did it though, once we got here I started to learn Japanese, got a job and got an interest for modeling.

DaYUUM: So how did you get into the modeling scene there?
Reiko: I’ve always loved modeling since I was little I would go to summer modeling courses just for fun but once I got here I decided to give it a shot and register in a modeling agency. I started making more friends and met a few event promoters which would ask me to do promotional modeling for events or bikini fashion shows for summer events.

I love doing it! It’s so much fun. Now that I moved to Okinawa I’m just trying to meet people in the industry (which isn’t too big) so I can start working as a model again. I’m also working really hard to try and get a feature in an American magazines so people know a little more about me and hopefully I get job offers in the states

DaYUUM: A lot of the import models here follow and copy the styles there, what is it really like to model in Japan, especially for a mixed model such as yourself?
Reiko: um actually there’s a lot of “half” models (if you are half japanese, half something else they call you half) lol mostly Japanese-Caucasian and they usually do clothing modeling or runway or are on TV. 
They love half American, British, NZ, Australian, Hawaiian girls (usually any white skin girl that is half) they love white skin here in Japan you know?  So for a half like me, (brown) lol they usually just think I’m Filipino or Thai so I guess is a good thing that I learn Japanese and that my name is Japanese!

Import Models here, well.. I’d say they’re very different. I had the opportunity to work at the Tokyo Motor show last year and the girls aren’t trying to be sexy.. or maybe they’re trying to be their own version of sexy. lol they like to be more “cute” than sexy. Soft voice, soft girly makeup, pig tails and the skinnier the better. Honestly, unless you have a thing for Japanese girls, I think the US does it better. (IMPORT MODELS WISE) hahaha

DaYUUM: You inspire others with your positive attitude, who inspires you?
Reiko: Who inspires me? My parents! For all we have been through, my dad always away for work to give us the best life and my mom making the mom and dad role when he was gone. She has been working so hard now that my dad can’t work anymore. They are the best and they have inspire me to work hard, chase my dreams and make them proud!

DaYUUM: You seem pretty busy with all your activities, what do you like to do on your free time?
Reiko: On my free time i like to play with my dogs, watch tv and just be lazy lol sometimes, very rare though, I’d feel like working out.. lol

DaYUUM:  Are you a foodie? What do you enjoy eating?
Reiko: I cook! and I cook some delicious food! Or at least I’d like to think so haha! I love making Ecuadorian food! Some seco de pollo or ceviche are my favs! but they usually take a while to make so if I’m hungry or in a rush i’d like to make japanese food because is simple, easy to make and usually healthier!

DaYUUM: So Reiko are you in any US magazines now or have you tried getting into one?
Reiko: I’ve tried to get into almost all of them. Well I’ve gone to a lot of the magazines websites but not many had a submission option and idk how else to contact them. I try to submit to PasMag but the submission in their website didn’t go through 🙁 so I emailed one of the editors but never heard back, I also messaged Super Street.

Lucky for me I found this really cool crew called DAYUUM that has been supporting me since the beginning! They’re awesome!! Hope we get to meet in person soon.

DaYUUM: So who would you like to give some shout outs to ?
Reiko: omg so many people, my parents, my boo, friends, the DAYUUM crew and everyone that have supported me since day uno

Well I sure hope you enjoyed the short insight on Reiko Motobu Winchell, we wish her the best and welcome her to the DaYUUM family as she is now the first ever DaYUUM approved model outside the U.S. and we truly hope to meet her in person soon!

Check out the behinds the scenes video from Belles Lumieres.

Reiko can be reached at : and subscribe to her on Facebook at Reiko Motobu Winchell

Thank you to Belles Lumieres for the shots, and of course, our supporter for taking the time to check this out. Peace -DaYUUMNilo

Bonus pictures provided by Reiko.

Ali Marie – “C-Ali-fornia Dreami’n”

When we started to throw around the idea of putting together a DaYUUM! Facebook page back in June or maybe even a site, I envisioned nice shots of cars or a beautiful fresh-faced California girl with a great photographer. So when I spotted a beautiful blonde a few months back, I knew she had to be the one for that idea. Too much surprise, my good friend and photographer extraordinaire Mr. John Salangsang was thinking the same thing. While he was taking shots of her with the Purple machine at a local gathering, he said, “If you can get in contact with her, I’ll shoot your cars.”

Ali washing car and with me.

Without hesitation I said “Deal!” Soon after I was hard at work like a hound trying to get in touch with the mystery blonde that took over the charity car wash event with her good looks and cool attitude. Come to find out her name was Ali Marie and she modeled for a local clothing company called Rehv Clothing based out of Huntington Beach which is also where Ali is from. When I got in contact with her, she was easy to talk to, really chill and was gracious enough to take the photos, even with her very busy schedule as a mixologist at 2 local establishments.

Although Ali has not been in the scene too long, she was a natural in front of the camera, with her Cali girl good looks, dimples, pretty smile, and never ending legs. We were all mesmerized including John, because he didn’t even take any full pictures of the cars! Ha-ha, but I don’t blame him, because they were just props and Ali was the main focus.  We were very lucky to have John Salangsang shoot and for Ali to be our first featured model on the site.  It’s obvious we are very happy with the photos. We appreciate the time Ali Marie and John Salangsang put in for this shoot and we hope you all like them as much as we did.



Ali Marie – Up Close and Personal

Photos/Video: Tony Docuyanan


At first glance she is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, tall. blonde, and tan – the perfect California Girl from Surf City.  We first met Ali Marie at Infinite Auto Designs in Huntington Beach while she was helping and volunteering to wash cars for our good friend Big Abe’s charity car wash event, Suds of Love. It was a hi and bye at first, but as we got to know Ali more from meets, shoots and shows, we realized that Ali was more than a pretty face.  Ali is a very cool, funny, down to earth girl with a positive attitude. Being a fresh face on the scene like us, we all thought that she would be the perfect candidate for our first shoot and video interview. Yeah we all know how Hott and Seksi Ms. Ali Marie is in her pictures, but her bright and fresh personality on video will knock you over and make you say “DaYUUM!” Enjoy the video and photos. –@DaYUUMNilo13




Writer: Jose”Poch” Mendoza, Esq.

What do you call six-thousand geeks and gamers stuffed in two huge airplane hangers in Playa Del Rey just below the Loyola Marymount University sign?  You call them the fortunate attendees of the first ever Call of Duty XP Event convention devoted to the game’s past, present and future.

It was inevitable that Call of Duty, one of the world’s most popular gaming franchises would host its own convention. Call of Duty‘s strength in multiplayer makes a public gathering a natural fit, but Call of Duty XP offered more than just a place for strangers and friends alike to meet and compete in game; it was the debut venue for Modern Warfare 3‘s multiplayer reveal, host to a $1 million tournament. numerous military-themed activities and two concerts.   The event was held on September 2 and 3.  Tickets to the Call of Duty blowout went for $150 each, with all proceeds going to benefit the Call of Duty Endowment, a non-profit organization founded by Activision to help soldiers transition to civilian life with job placement and training programs.  The $150 price tag gave attendees access to two fun-filled days of action and a goodie back filled with a code to redeem the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition when it releases in November 2011.

In one of the giant hangers there were hundreds of Xbox 360 consoles featuring early Modern Warfare 3 access, tournaments big and small and even a chance to play older titles Call of Duty: World at War and the original Modern Warfare.   Each night was topped off with performances from Dropkick Murphys and Kanye West.

One of the highlights of Call of Duty XP was a Modern Warfare 3 tournament featuring the world’s best teams competing for cash prizes amounting to $1 million, with the winning team taking home a staggering $400,000 between them.  After two days of heated competition, the finals saw UK team Til Infinity square off against US side Optic Gaming.  In a hard fought match, the Optic Gaming team was the victor.

Up for grabs throughout the weekend were uniform patches, earned for completing every activity at Call of Duty XP, whether it was braving the zip-line or simply browsing through the Armory. Much like the series itself, it meant that the expo had its own little meta-game that rewarded attendees for trying out different activities.  Nilo and I were part of a four-man Elite Team on a mission to kill the other four-man team in a death match based on the map from the current Call of Duty:  Black Ops.  We successfully eliminated the other players and moved on to succeeding rounds until we were ultimately out-gunned by a group of hardcore Zombies!

One the biggest draws at Call of Duty XP was the recreation of the Scrapyard map, an arena from Modern Warfare 2 that was packed with warehouses and plane parts. Attendees played paintball with the Domination match type, which was won by raising the most amount of flags littered throughout the map. Due to its popularity matches were short but sweet, and as paintball matches usually are, rather bruise-inducing.

As well as a real-life version of the Scrapyard map, attendees could personally run The Pit, the training and marksman area from the opening area of Modern Warfare 2. While it was also not a complete match for the in-game version it was a closer approximation than the Scrapyard reaction was. Players had to sprint around the circuit and shoot targets with a paintball gun, with speed and accuracy taken into account for the final score.

Call of Duty XP hosted a bunch of other military-themed activities outside the hangers including hands-on sessions and real-world recreations. A zip-wire had attendees glide just outside The Pit area of the complex, buddies could don fan suits for a spot of ‘Juggernaut Sumo’, and when you needed a breather, the Armory opposite was fleshed out with real versions of the weapons featured across the Call of Duty franchise.

The most adrenaline-filled of the bunch was a Jeep experience that had people taken outside of the complex and take part in a loud, explosion-filled extraction, where soldiers pull you out of the jeep and through a enemy-filled complex to safety. And when you needed some grub, the Burger Town restaurant that played a part in Modern Warfare 2‘s infamous invasion scenes was available.

After everyone was treated to see the final $400,000 tournament, the attendees were astounded  by a live concert by Kanye West to close the Call of Duty XP event.  Kanye’s nearly 2 hour performance was filled with all of his popular hits including Gold Digger, All The Lights, The One, Good Life, and Stronger.  Kanye killed it capping off the very successful weekend!

The diverse array of activities gave the feeling that the expo was, at times, more of a Call of Duty theme park than a traditional gaming expo, and helped to provide a welcome balance with the more serious, competitive activities situated inside the main halls. Whether you were there for early access to Modern Warfare 3, there to witness some of the best players compete or to simply celebrate the franchise, Call of Duty XP offered something for everyone.  There is no doubt in this author’s heart that when MW3 is released in November it will instantly out sell the other previous versions.  The real question is not, but when will

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