About DaYUUM!

DaYUUM! is a group of individuals with diverse interests, collectively we are bound by one common interest, cars. Our approach is to share our individual interests and styles, whether it is sports, shoes, art, cosplay, models, or music.

We strive to Create. Hope to Inspire. Always Appreciate!

Reach out to us!
General: Goods@dayuum.com
Instagram: @instadayuum
Facebook: DaYUUM
YouTube: DaYUUM_TV

Denny H.
Instagram: @dayuumden
Twitter: @dayuumden

Jayson Perlas
Instagram: @dayuumjayce

Justin Pagtalunan
Instagram: @justdayuum

Scott Ishida
Instagram: @dayuumscottie

Instagram: @dayuumangie

Chief DeMarks

Gilbert Chen
Instagram: @girlsbutts

Jae Alba
Instagram: @jaealbafilms

Manny Vasquez
Instagram: @dayuummanny

Paul Dabao
Instagram: @van_dayuum_paul

Create. Inspire. Appreciate.

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