Hella Wekfest SJ – 2015

Hella clean cars, hella vendors, hella babes, hella people – Wekfest SJ was hella crackin’ all day long! The Tjin Edition X DaYUUM Roadshow brought its hella big trailer to the show in the Bay Area and showed NorCal what we are all about! Our staff was hella tired after with the hella amount of goodie bags we put together. They were just hella flying out the booth with the hella amount of people stopping by. It even got so crazy that Neil Tjin went to the hella top of the trailer to throw out hella more freebies. Let’s just say that the people hella loved it!

Peep the slideshow below for a hella lot of pictures:

I’m hella out! @JustDaYUUM

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