Just in time for #ThrowbackThursdays!

Before we gear up for this coming show season with the 2nd installment for the Tjin Edition X DaYUUM RoadShow, I’d like to reminisce back to our charitable activities from the past year.

Towards the end of 2014 we teamed up with Guppy House and started the #TDGToyDrive, which was a month long joyous time where, with the help of each Guppy House location, we collected toy donations in exchange for deliciously refreshing drinks on the house…Guppy House that is!


Our goal was to be able to donate these toys and put smiles to as many children as possible during the holiday season. The We Strong Foundation, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, and the annual Purist Winter Drive were set as our main charities.

Doin’ Work

Purist Winter Drive 2014

Before we get together with friends and family to break bread over turkey and stuffings, we spent an afternoon with the Purist Group to deliver our first batch of toy donations. Additionally we kept the good vibes going by putting together goodie bags and handing out other swag we had to the all the charitable guests in attendance.

Just like any automotive enthusiasts event, there were all sorts of different show cars on display. From imports to exotics and everything in between, check out some of the sights from the day through Manny‘s eyes:

Purist Winter Drive_Manny-1 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-2 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-3 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-4 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-5 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-6 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-7 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-8 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-9 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-10 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-11 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-12 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-13 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-14 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-15 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-16 Purist Winter Drive_Manny-17

#TDGToyDrive & Car Meet

With the success of our month-long Toy Drive and the holiday season still young, we decided to extend the #TDGToyDrive for another month! Also we held two late night car meets. attendees could donate a toy and receive 20% off their meal in addition to a free drink for those nights.

On the first night in Fullerton, we asked Farrell of Fas Fotos to share with us his coverage of the event as the crew took care of guiding guests to park their cars and taking in all the generous donations.

DSC_9153_1 DSC_9155_1 DSC_9159_1 DSC_9161_1 DSC_9171_1 DSC_9178_1 DSC_9180_1 DSC_9191_1 DSC_9196_1 DSC_9198_1 DSC_9217_1 DSC_9213_1

The following week we held another car meet in Chino Hills, it was a chilly night but the crew braved through and we once again had another promising night of cars and collections.

TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-1 TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-2 TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-3 TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-4 TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-5 TDGToyDrive Chino_Denny-6

Donation FEELS

Children’s Hospital of Orange County

With our two months of toy collecting and now with the help the Purist Group, we made our first drop-off of toy donations. The Children’s Hospital of Orange County collects donations all year-long so there is never an excuse, but in the month of December is when they have their annual toy drop off where they gather a team of helpful volunteers to assist in taking in the large amounts of donations during this month. With the volunteers’ help we quickly unloaded all the boxes filled with about 100 or so toys in a matter of seconds.

CHOC_Michelle-1 CHOC_Michelle-2 CHOC_Michelle-3 CHOC_Michelle-4 CHOC_Michelle-5 CHOC_Michelle-6

We Strong Foundation

Circumstances kept delaying our drop off date, but in time we were able to get together with Wayne from We Strong and Brian from Infinite Auto Design at their new headquarters. We Strong is an independently operated foundation and strives on donations like this. But based on Wayne’s initial reaction when he first saw all the toys we were able to donate, I don’t think he could even imagine this much help. It was humbling experience when the first words from his mouth were “You guys are crazy!”

WeStrong-Justin-1 WeStrong-Justin-2 WeStrong-Justin-3 WeStrong-Justin-4 WeStrong-Justin-5 WeStrong-Tyler-1

And so maybe we are a little crazy. But if crazy is what it takes to make this little world a better place, then I’ll take crazy every day of the week!

Thank you to all who helped out during all of these charitable events! From the DaYUUMfam to the Purist Group to the Guppy House Staff and of course all those who took the time out of their busy schedules to come out and donate for a great cause! We hope that this little good deed will help out a lot of good little kids!

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