NUROTAG San Francisco 2014 – Coverage

I have only been to NorCal a handful of times and half of the time it was for family, the other half was for events.

In mid-2000, I traveled to San Jose with my previous company, Crossfire Car Audio, for a Hot Import Night event and displayed the famous Turtle Wax Skyline from Neil Tjin.

In late-2000, I took a trip to San Mateo with what was the inaugural year of the Tjin Edition Tour, now Tjin Edition RoadShow. Since then, I’ve been absent except for a couple family weddings in the last 5 years.

In 2014, I wanted to travel SF more often to check out the car scene and with NUROTAG in town, it was a great excuse to make it a stop for the Tjin Edition x DaYUUM RoadShow. NUROTAG originated from the east, Miami to be exact.

NUROTAG (IG: @nurotag) puts true lifestyle into their events – 3 on 3 basketball and #ShowYourKicks are part of the attraction. Fitness guru Nicole Mejia is NUROTAG’s spokesmodel. Nicole operates Fit and Thick, a place for fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness. June 28th they will be at Pomona Fairplex and we will have an arsenal of high profile vehicles in our compound for NUROTAG All Stars LA Edition.

IMG_20140523_083519The Bay area is relatively chilly, the architecture is amazing, and the skyline is picture perfect. In fact, we incorporated the Bay into the graphics of our trailer.

With the trailer, it took us about 8 or so hours to get there. L.A. traffic on a Friday afternoon got the best of us.

The next day, we headed to the gorgeous venue of Craneway Pavillion in Richmond. The venue overlooked the inner harbor and the bridges were clearly visible.





NUROTAG_SF-39The crew at NUROTAG was very hospitable and placed us in prime location next to the stage where we popped up our trailer, truck, and the NSX.



NUROTAG_SF-58Emmy joined us from So Cal, as well as local girls Mimi Le and Mimi, yes, double Mimi’s!

While I was hanging around in the booth, John had the chance to roam around the event.

IMG_3230 copy

NUROTAG_SF-62First order was, our booth cars. Nilo’s NSX made the trip up from SoCal. He got a super late start and didn’t get into the hotel until 5AM on Friday Night / Saturday Morning. Needless to say, we let him and John sleep in a little bit while the rest of us got up at 6AM to head to the venue.



NUROTAG_SF-40Next was the Tjin Edition F-150. This truck has gotten a lot of love and hate. Most of the hate is from the east of the Mississippi and a lot of it breeds from PA. Either way, it serves several functions for us. It is our tow vehicle for our trailer and looks DaYUUM fresh while doing it! Since we have only taken the Ford to local shows, we weren’t sure how it was going to do during the longer trips, so we borrowed Unique Fabrication’s Hemi Dodge for the dirty work for this trip. After the trip, we concluded that the F-150 could have done it easily.

IMG_3051 copy

IMG_3052 copyClose by was this EG with Mugen and Bride… Authenticity of parts on this hatch is questionable.

IMG_3055 copy

IMG_3056 copyEndless Projects had a good number of cars at NUROTAG, ultimately they took home 4 awards including Best KDM with this Genesis Prada that had cool Futura brakes.

IMG_3120 copyEndless also took home Best JDM with their AirREX equipped NSX.

IMG_3076 copy

IMG_3078 copy

IMG_3077 copy

IMG_3082 copy

IMG_3083 copy

IMG_3080 copy

IMG_3081 copy

IMG_3084 copyVanKulture brought out a few kid haulers.

IMG_3086 copy

IMG_3087 copyI really love this 72 Audi 100 ls… The air was plumbed with hardlines with AccuAir air management.

IMG_3088 copy

IMG_3089 copy

IMG_3090 copySlammed 1961 Corvair Lakewood with hardlines and sick pinstriping

IMG_3091 copy

IMG_3092 copySS Customs took this R8 V10 to a whole new level. It does remind me of Troy Sumitomo’s xA Roadster.

IMG_3124 copy

IMG_3127 copy

IMG_3125 copy

IMG_3126 copyAnother Endless Projects beauty… GS350 with Futura BBK and Work Durandal DD5.2 wheels

IMG_3128 copy

IMG_3129 copyA pair of Endless Projects MKIV

IMG_3118 copy



NUROTAG_SF-50Closing is John’s GS which won Best of Show and the Vortech’s Hottest Supercharger set up.

We’d like the thank NUROTAG for the hospitality and all our RoadShow partner, they really provide awesome products for a wide variety of cars.









IMG_3243 copyFrom time to time we screw around! Haha. Emmy checking out some Lushus boobs.

IMG_3245 copyWe do it for instagram! Mimi posing for my phablet.

Good bye…

IMG_3246 copy

IMG_3247 copy

IMG_3244 copy

Oh JK… Check out the NUROTAG recap vid by John

Here’s a great video by NUROTAG interviewing Neil Tjin and Nilo Miranda.

We would like to thank the NUROTAG Family for the awesome hospitality and we can’t wait for LA! -Den

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