Autosport 209 x AirREX Suspension Photoshoot

Recently, I took a trip up to Nor Cal for a graduation, I decided to take advantage of the drive up to Stockton. So, I checked out Autosport209, Autosport209 is located in Stockton on East Hammer Lane; they specialize in Alignments, Suspension, Performance, Fender Rolling, and Air Ride Systems. The brands they have in stock at the shop are Eibach Springs, Tein High Performance Suspension, Megan Racing, Greddy, AEM, AirREX Air Suspension System, and Universal Air Suspension Company. Knowing how I was only 15 minutes from Autosport 209, I went ahead and called the shop to see if they had any available cars at their shop on AirREX Suspension. Later that day I went to the shop, pulled up to the front of Autosport 209, I see these two clean VIP styled cars, laid out on AirREX Suspension, Infiniti Q45 on the right side and a Lexus LS400 on the left side. I walked inside the shop, introduced myself to John Nguyen, the owner of Autosport 209, he is also the owner of the Infiniti and the Lexus that were in front of the shop. We talked story for a bit, I learned that he is also from Hawaii, then we got distracted talking about Hawaii that I almost forgot the reason I even came down to the shop haha. Everything was all last minute so we scheduled to shoot the day after Father’s day, which was on a Monday.

DSC_1031 copy

DSC_1034 copy

DSC_1040 copyThe day of the photo shoot, we met up at Autosport 209. I rolled through the side of the shop and I see Chris Pine with his Lexus LS430 even though he’s not on AirREX Suspension, I was down to shoot that beauty but not yet, I noticed that his car was here for some body work, widening his fenders if I’m not mistaken. I took a few shots of the Infiniti on the lift, nothing was wrong with it; they were adjusting the suspension to lay it out even more for the shoot.

DSC_1047 copy

DSC_1051 copy

DSC_1055 copy

DSC_1066 copy

DSC_1092 copy

DSC_1114 copy

DSC_1124 copy

DSC_1125 copy

DSC_1150 copy copy

DSC_1170 copy

DSC_1187 copy

DSC_1190 copy

DSC_1213 copy

DSC_1215 copy

DSC_1225 copy

DSC_1234 copy

DSC_1236 copyNow, on route to the location of the shoot, John drove his Infiniti Q45, while his technician (Gurman) drove the Lexus LS400 and my friend (Brandon) drove the Astro Van that I was in.

DSC_1309 copy

DSC_1311 copy

DSC_1349 copy

DSC_1350 copy

DSC_1365 copy

DSC_1366 copyAfter the photo shoot, John wanted to take some afternoon sunset shots; I had a great location for it. We decided on a place to eat that was near the location of the shoot, ended up eating at Onos Hawaiian BBQ. We pigged out, chilled for a bit than rolled out to the location before prime sunset then started shooting till it became completely dark. I’d like to give a special Mahalo to the Barroga Family for their hospitality, John and the crew at Autosport 209, and Marshall Lum.

Shout Out to “Marshall Lum of AirREX USA, the crew at Autosport 209, the f50 owners group, and John the panda from DaYUUM.”- John Nguyen from Autosport 209.

DSC_1205 copy

DSC_1207 copy

DSC_1209 copy

DSC_1279 copy

DSC_1291 copyVehicle Specs:
2002 Ruby Infiniti Q45, K-Break Body Kit, Work Rezax Wheels, AirREX Full Digital Suspension

DSC_1191 copy

DSC_1196 copy1999 Black Lexus LS400, Version Select / Modified, Auto Couture Supreme Wheels, AirREX Struts with AccAair

Mahalo! – @DaYUUMJQuilla

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