AutoCon LA 2014 – Recap

Photos by John – @DaYUUMJdquilla

DSC_1270 copyAutoCon celebrates its 5th event in the L.A. area, transitioning its way from a shopping mall parking structure, to the Irvine event center, to the home of thoroughbred winners at Santa Anita Park, and now to the famous Pomona Fairplex, the previous home of Import Showoff. The AutoCon staff chose an indoor event in the attempt to keep the guests cool, since the biggest feedback from previous events was the heat. But, with the controlled and political environment it also deleted the gathering of food trucks that AutoCon drew an abundance of. Interior space was an issue as the larger vendors with larger booths were pushed outdoors, which some guests didn’t even know existed.

The outdoors was still pleasurable as the sun only poke through just enough to catch a quick burn. AutoCon was our largest display thus far with a total of 5 vehicles and our newly Daley Visual wrapped cargo hauler.

DSC_1274 copy

DSC_1276 copyWe brought out our tow vehicle, the Tjin Edition widebodied F150.

DSC_1281 copy

DSC_1282 copyPhantasy Kolors prepped Scion FR-S owned by Christian Coujin of Washington

DSC_1286 copyDaYUUM co-founder, Nilo Miranda’s new brass finished wheels on his NSX dropped on AirREX.

DSC_1271 copy

DSC_1272 copyJosh from Daley Visual, chrome wrapped Toyota Tundra

DSC_1284 copy

DSC_1285 copyAnd Robert from Magnaflow joined the party.

DSC_1267 copy

DSC_1268 copy

DSC_1262 copy

DSC_1263 copy

DSC_1264 copy

DSC_1266 copy

DSC_1269 copyWe had a plethora of goodies from our partners as well an awesome display of products available to consumers.

Close to us was the Toyo Tire booth whom brought out an arsenal of Liberty Walk cars.

DSC_1296 copyOne of my favorites is the 458 Italia. In stock form, the 458 is already a head tuner, but add some extra flare from Liberty Walk and its pretty much game over.

DSC_1268 copy

DSC_1297 copyAlso on display was the Liberty Walk GT-R.

DSC_1295 copyThis 510 was pretty fresh as well.

DSC_1371 copy

DSC_1482 copyInside the venue we spotted a few Vortech Supercharged cars, including Mike’s Z. Marcus’ G.

DSC_1435 copyPaul Garcia debuted his Liberty Walk GT-R is tastefully done.

DSC_1334 copy

DSC_1339 copy

DSC_1335 copy

DSC_1340 copyLiberty Walk and Rocket Bunny was everywhere, including this yellow E36 on AirREX suspension.

DSC_1341 copy

DSC_1342 copyA pair of clean Genesis.

DSC_1345 copy

DSC_1346 copy

DSC_1302 copy

DSC_1304 copy

DSC_1325 copy

DSC_1326 copyCountless Hondas and Acuras were on deck.

DSC_1307 copy

DSC_1308 copy

DSC_1331 copy

DSC_1352 copy

DSC_1374 copy

DSC_1376 copy

DSC_1398 copy

DSC_1400 copy

DSC_1426 copy

DSC_1427 copy

DSC_1423 copy

DSC_1446 copy

DSC_1454 copy

DSC_1458 copy

DSC_1460 copyYou can’t discount the Toyotas either! Including a few clean Supras and old school Toys like Milo from Team Klassified.

DSC_1305 copy

DSC_1306 copy

DSC_1312 copy

DSC_1313 copy

DSC_1383 copy

DSC_1384 copyBrap…Brap…Brap…

DSC_1402 copy

DSC_1403 copy

DSC_1361 copy

DSC_1344 copy

DSC_1322 copyYou can’t go wrong with some Euros.

DSC_1367 copyWe are going to finish it off with a classic Lincoln.

Check out our AutoCon video coverage by John.

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