Emmy – Up Close and Personal


Name: Emmy Briones
Hometown: Philippines/Chicago
Ethnicity: Filipino
Birthdate: May 27
Sign: Gemini
Height: 5’3″
Measurements: 32-25-33
Occupation: Hospital biller/scheduler

“A woman whose smile is open and whose expression is glad has a kind of beauty no matter what she wears.”

This beauty who considers Chicago her home, but began her modeling career in Las Vegas is starting to catch fire into the scene with her great looks and engaging personality. Emmy never had any thoughts of modeling especially into the automotive scene until she was asked by a friend to take some shots for fun. From then on, she never looked back and has been doing editorial/fashion shoots on occasion. Her appealing style, playful nature, and goofy attitude are some of the unique personalities this woman has. Not to mention, her sense of humor is always up for something fun. Just talking with her is enough to bring anyone out of the dumps as her hyper active personality is contagious. Let’s get to know more about Emmy as we ask her some questions that you guys would normally do.



DaYUUM: Tell us a little about yourself.
Emmy: I’ve always worked hard for what I wanted.  I take my career seriously and I put 100% into everything that I do.  I am very goofy and I love to enjoy my spare time with my friends and family. On my day off you can usually find me relaxing at the beach with my puppy enjoying the sun.

DaYUUM: How did you get into modeling?
Emmy: It’s funny because I never really considered myself a model.  I always thought you had to be over 6 ft tall to really make a career from modeling.  One day a friend of mine who is a photographer asked if I wanted to pose for some quick shots.  I agreed and I loved how it felt being on the other end of the camera.  It came natural to me and I never looked back.

DaYUUM:What is your most memorable modeling job to date?
Emmy: Each modeling shoot I do is unique and I always try to make the best out of my time with the photographer I am with for that day.  One of my most memorable shoots was the time I dressed up in Star Wars gear.  I was a sexy Sith and I got to play with some light sabers which made my day.  I am a huge Star Wars fan so I had a lot of fun on that day.




DaYUUM: What do you think are the pros and cons of being a model?
Emmy: I think there are challenges and rewards in any industry you are in.  I would say there are definitely a lot more pros than cons.  The photographers and people I meet and surround myself with have been wonderful.  I love to associate myself with positive people and I have been lucky enough to have that in my career.  Of course, with success comes those that try to bring you down. I just learned to focus on the good stuff and just be the best in everything I do.

DaYUUM:What do you think is the best feature on your body and why?
Emmy: I’ve always been told it’s my big, round eyes. They can be very expressive and I think it says a lot about my personality and mood. It’s a toss up between my eyes and my smile as I was told.

DaYUUM: 3 words that best describe you most?
Emmy: Ambitious, goofy, and sincere.




DaYUUM: Do you have any quotes that you live by?
Emmy: You sleep with an itchy butt, you wake up with a smelly finger! haha  jk! Life is short, make each day count!

DaYUUM: What is your favorite food?
Emmy: I can never get enough of Filipino food.  Yum! I dont eat meat but I’m always down for Thai and Italian. Oh, and Ramen and Sushi of course!

DaYUUM: Do you have any talents that would surprise anyone?
Emmy: I love to play instruments.  I am pretty proud that I can read song sheets.  I am pretty good on the piano and I can sing good as well. (plus i can fart and burp like a man lol. or i can pop one eyeball by just using my facial muscles. lol)




DaYUUM: What type of music do you listen to?
Emmy: I listen to mostly 80s, new wave, indie type of music. My top favorites are The Cure, The Smiths, Metric and The Killers.

DaYUUM: What are your hobbies?
Emmy: There is nothing more satisfying to me than putting on my pajamas and curling up to a great book.  I also love watching movies, A LOT of movies, especially if it’s Star Wars, from a comic book, anime, cartoons, and sci-fi. I love to cook and watch football too!

DaYUUM: Turn ons and turn offs?

Turn offs: Cocky guys, bad hygiene, rude behavior, disrespectful people and someone who can’t carry a conversation with me.

Turn ons: Genuinely nice people, someone that does unexpected sweet things for me, good fashion, politeness, a HUGE sense of humor and someone who’s not afraid to be silly.

DaYUUM: What do you think is the most romantic thing a man can do for a woman?
Emmy: Coming home to find dinner is made, flowers on the table, sweet background music, maybe even a candle lit bathtub session. Oh and finding the dishes washed the next day. My heart would melt!




DaYUUM: What is the craziest thing a guy did to try to get your attention?
Emmy: A man drove to Vegas nearly every weekend to win me over.

DaYUUM: Who is your celebrity crush?
Emmy: Aaron Rodgers. I had a mini breakdown when I saw him for the first time when I went to Green Bay for a game!

DaYUUM: What is your dream car?
Emmy: A Lamborghini.





DaYUUM: What are the things you would never leave without?
Emmy: My puppy, phone, curling iron and lip gloss. They said you can tell how much a woman takes care of herself by how she maintains her lips.

DaYUUM: If you can go on a vacation anywhere, where would it be and why?
Emmy: Paris. I took French lessons and I’ve always wanted to practice.  (and Amsterdam for reasons i cant say on here…jk lol)

DaYUUM: If you were a superhero, who would you be?
Emmy: Psylocke.  She is from X-Men and she is telepathic and telekinetic.  She is a former fashion model and martial artist. Thats for Marvel. I would say Wonder Woman if i have to pick from DC.

DaYUUM: Shout outs and last words.
Emmy: I just want to say thank you to all my friends and family that have supported me throughout these years.  All your support and love pushes me everyday to be better.  I am so blessed to be at this point in my life and I will continue to work hard to keep rising up.  Thank you to all!!

We want to thank Emmy for giving us the time and opportunity to get her featured. She will be one of our few DaYUUM Hunnies who will be joining us this year at upcoming shows, events and more shoots! We are stoked to have her as part of the DaYUUM family! Till next time and happy reading!



Catch our behind the scenes, filmed by: John Quidilla @dayuumjquilla

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