Tuners and Tea – Recap – Part 3

DaYUUM! What a way to start of the New Year!! I got so tuner and tea wasted from last week’s little shindig at Guppy Tea House in West Covina. But that’s a good thing. I’ve never been a morning person, but I was up for this event, Tuners and Tea. Early morning breeze with the sun shining down, got to love this Cali weather; especially with the fresh scene of new car show lingering around.


Usually when we host a car show, we have so much to be dealing with, running around making sure everything is working and everyone is parked where they need to be. But this meet was so relaxed that it was easy to just get lost admiring all the different cars and talking with all the fellow enthusiasts and friends. Everyone who came out was very nice and respectful, to the area and to each other. And then count the fact that the cars in attendance were very, very diverse; there was something for just about everyone.


The parking lot all around the restaurant was like a giant game of musical chairs. There were no constraints on car show schedule, roll in and roll out times, just people coming in as they pleased to enjoy themselves. It kept the layout fresh whenever one awesome car left and opened up for another clean one to take its place. The activity even attracted random people passing by. I remember someone rolling up only after they saw all the cars and crowds while he was filling up gas in his clean OG-style Teggy across the street.

Well ’nuff with my rambling, all you need to read is that it was an awesome, super-dooper, cool, entertaining, seki, Tea-riffic meet and greet! Now let the thousand words from each of these photos do the rest of the talking.

TunerAndTea0104_0002 TunerAndTea0104_0003
The bossman’s wrapped Mercedes Benz CLK63


TunerAndTea0104_0005 TunerAndTea0104_0006
Jonathan Wong‘s Osaka JDM/Kanjo themed ’90 Honda EF

TunerAndTea0104_0007 TunerAndTea0104_0008 Superstreet‘s mean Green FR-S has been everywhere. Most recently running the Targa Trophy and now it’s here at Tuners and Tea.

TunerAndTea0104_0009 TunerAndTea0104_0010 TunerAndTea0104_0011
VIP on another level, Ron Sino-Cruz’s LHD Nissan President HG50

TunerAndTea0104_0012 TunerAndTea0104_0013
Lotus 7 about to roll out

TunerAndTea0104_0014 TunerAndTea0104_0015
TheGentlemanRacer‘s M&P Speed Apparel “Urban Assault” ’69 Austin Mini Cooper

TunerAndTea0104_0016 TunerAndTea0104_0017 TunerAndTea0104_0018
Limitless Society‘s widebody J’s Racing Honda S2000

And this concludes our Tuners and Tea Trilogy…for the first time. The show season is just barely stirring, big things this year for us – definitely. And if all goes well, we will be making these Tuners and Tea meet and greets a monthly thing, so see you at the next one!

-Justin (@justdayuum)

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