Ain’t No Party like a Scion SEMA Media Preview Party

‘Cause a Scion SEMA Media Preview Party don’t stop!


In our first write-up, Denny (@dayuumden) focused on the three contestants of the Scion Tuner Challenge for this years SEMA 2013. Now I wanted to give you all a little taste of the rest of the happenings and why it’s always so fun attending these things. Major thanks to Scion for putting this and other like-events together every year!


KESSPRO Studios was an awesome host inside and out. From the wide open space, lighting, and backdrops; the studio provided the best opportunities for every photographer that night…even Edwin, haha!

TunerPreview_0002 TunerPreview_0003 TunerPreview_0004 TunerPreview_0005TunerPreview_0077 TunerPreview_0006 TunerPreview_0007TunerPreview_0076

I told you Scion knows how to throw a party. Providing the main course were a couple famous food trucks, The Grilled Cheese Truck and Seoul Sausage; for desert there was a pop-up stand of delicious Sprinkles Cupcakes; and to wash it down an open bar! Available to all the guests and all on Scion’s tab!

TunerPreview_0008 TunerPreview_0009

Of course there’s more than just cars, eating, and mingling. Each table had Scion Paper Shapers of various models for people to try to build. Here’s Bert (@phaze2hubert) never not working on a car. (The after photo is not the one he was working on lol!)

The 2014 Scion tC might have been the focus of the event, but Scion had a few FR-S they will also display at SEMA this year and we were fortunate enough to get a peek of them as well.

TunerPreview_0010 TunerPreview_0011

Fresh from Japan, the Style J/Urban GT Sport Concept. Scion calls this concept a “futuristic urban design” combining comfort and technology to this little sports car.

TunerPreview_0012 TunerPreview_0013

The entire exterior has been upgraded from the body to the headlights to the HRE wheels. Oh and did you notice something was missing?


Notice that there are no side view mirrors sticking out from the doors? That’s because they were replaced with cameras that can be viewed comfortable from the inside. Futuristic!

TunerPreview_0015 TunerPreview_0016

While this FR-S got some engine boost under the hood, but a nice leather interior a long with beige stitching.


The next FR-S was the Concept One by Bulletproof Automotive. If the standard FR-S is a sports car, then this one is arguably a super car! One of my personal favorites that evening and maybe the entire SEMA show.

TunerPreview_0025 TunerPreview_0026 TunerPreview_0027 TunerPreview_0028 TunerPreview_0029 TunerPreview_0030

If the body work, lip splitter, massive wing, and slew of other carbon fiber parts weren’t enough of a dead give away, this car was build to go fast. All of the lightweight mods, including the very so sexy Volk Racing Wheels its sitting on, allow this ride to weigh in under 3,000 lbs!

TunerPreview_0031 TunerPreview_0032

And then factor in the heavily tuned and turbocharged engine which is said to push about 500 HP; then it has a much more impressive power-to-weight ratio than a stock Lexus LFA!

TunerPreview_0081 TunerPreview_0082

I’m glad I stuck around long enough to watch/hear it roll out. Truly a beast on wheels.


And just to show the versatility of the Scion FR-S, the final display car outside the studio was none other than famous DJ Steve Aoki‘s customized nightlife ready FR-S build by MV Designz.

TunerPreview_0018 TunerPreview_0019 TunerPreview_0020 TunerPreview_0021

Stepping off the track and into the after-party, this FR-S is fully equipped to be a party on wheels. There is a full mixing station outfitted by Pioneer. An assortment of colored LEDs, strobes, and other such lighting effects. And what party can’t be without a fog machine!?

TunerPreview_0022 TunerPreview_0023

This FR-S is just about as eccentric as the man they built it for and it’s surely one you can’t miss. Especially with his logo/face in such a vibrant color on both doors.


And finally, we have the one display FR-S that will given the ultimate stress tests day-in and day-out during next season’s Formula D.

TunerPreview_0034 TunerPreview_0035 TunerPreview_0036TunerPreview_0038

I’d like to proudly introduce you to Ken Gushi’s (@kengushi) Scion FR-S build by GReddy Performance. The current grey paint job is very modest compared to last season’s livery designed by Jon Sibal. But whatever they come up with, it might not matter because the new Rocket Bunny 2 kit already enhances the look so much.


Ever since the release of the FR-S, I’ve always heard murmurs comparing this car to a baby Supra. Well compare no more now that GReddy dropped in a 2JZ motor giving Mr. Gushi around 750 HP to play with next season. Power will not be an issues for him to say the least.

To conclude the event, here are some photosets of the Scion Tuner Challenge contestants. For more information about them you can visit Denny’s write-up here or my Scion Evolution coverage here.


Young Tea’s Simpli-tC (@simpli_tc)

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Walter Franco’s L-DZ Concept (@namsayin)

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Josh Croll’s WSD tC (@crollscustoms)

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-Justin (@JustDaYUUM)

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