FR-S RC Challenge Finale

We’ve been helping promote this 6 r/c race series for a couple months now and it has all come down to this; the Finale. Naturally we wanted to make an appearance on this day to show our support to Scion and our good friends who helped put this whole things together.

If you were able to attend the FR-S Cup last fall at Toyota HQ, you might have gotten just a taste of what the r/c racing world is like.
The r/c racing world is just about as intricate and expensive as real life car counterparts. You can tell that its far from being “just a toy” and each racer looked to take it all very seriously.

To compare, it was greating having a vendor display with companies that focus on the modification aspects of the car scene, such BeatSonic, MV Designz, and OEM Audio+
Also having FRS86 out there with their FRS86Showcase was a great opportunity to compare and contrast r/c builds and car builds. Other than the scale, you can clearly see the enthusiasts’ level at an all time high.

Our “fearless leader” Denny even got an exclusive interview from the Scion film crew covering the Finale. Can’t wait to hear what he had to say in the final cut.

Not to be out done, the lead organizer for the entire series, Paul Dabao also got in some camera time.

Here is a perfect example of how the r/c world is just like the life-size car world…
Exclusive for the Finale, the Toyota 86 Griffon…in r/c form!

Not to be out done, we wanted some wicked graphics on our FR-S too! So why not a double layered DaYUUM graphic?
This car was for the vendor race we got to compete in, more on that later.

Before the king can be officially crowned, there were a couple heats for each class that would determine their position in the main event. Here are couple shots during the qualifying rounds.

Once that was set, the racers were given time to fine tune their cars and just relax. We also got to raffle out a lot of goodies! All provided by Viper RC, Scion, and the rest of the co-sponsors.
We wanted to make sure we got a good advertisement spot on the stickerbombed “raffle jar” and we did…until Danny from JDMZipTies decided to go and ruin it! (haha just kidding!)

Here is one of the racers winning a DaYUUM shirt.

And after the racers got their big prizes, it was the spectators and vendors turn to have a small raffle of our own. Denny, who probably rigged it, won a backpack and some shirts (he really needs more shirts, haha!). Our friends at MV Designz also came away with a good haul; Merry with some Scion shirts while Mikey got a backpack as big as himself and a brand new HPI Scion xB Switch. Well Michelle actually won the Switch, but she thought Mikey would have a lot more use out of it.

Okay, now that that is out of the way and all the racers are at the pits, Denny and co. needed to get some practice laps in before a special vendor race.

Soon enough, everyone got their cars or loaner cars ready and on the track.

After some quick introductions…and well, Noel being Mr. Celebrity. It was time to check in, line up, and get going!

It was far from any of the other races before us…
far, fa,r far away…astronomically far. When people say they go to watch Nascar races for the crashes, that is probably the only reason why the spectators stayed to watch out race! Haha! None of us may have been anywhere as good as the experienced, national championship r/c racers that were there…but we had a ton of fun none the less.

Oh yea, and somehow Young won the race.
I don’t think much of us were paying attention after because we were all trying to fix our r/c cars after the demolition derby race. Haha, just kidding dude, congrats! And glad you kept Denny from winning another backpack!

With the attractions all out of the way now, it was time to get some serious competition on as the main event started. The place they finish in this once race is just as important to the scores they have collected throughout the entire series. Here are a few shots during the main event for both classes.

Once the main events were raced, the scores tallied, it was finally time to hand out the awards, which included these glass etched trophies, gift certificates to Viper RC, and a pair of 86fest2 tickets for this coming weekend (which we will be at by the way!).

Visit for more information as well as the final results of the series, congratulations to all the winners!

-This JustIn (@justdayuum)

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