CHOC Walk 2013 – DaYUUM x Scion Evolution – Information

from: Justin Pagtalunan


Scion Evolution & DaYUUM are again participating in the CHOC Walk on Sunday, October 13 (morning).

Hopefully many of you can help in our efforts to raise needed funds to support the care, services, education and research that CHOC Children’s provides children in our community.

To join the team follow this link and sign up for free.

In order to participate in the walk, each person needs to raise a minimum of $50 per person (Children “that look” under 3 are free). Each participant will get an Official CHOC Walk shirt.

Donations can either be collected through the CHOC Walk website (our team page or your personal page) OR through PayPal (

If you have any other questions, please let us know at

and as a recap, this is what we did last year:

Thank you to those that has donated:

Alan K.
Akemi K.
Barney B.
Debbie G.
Denny H.
Danny N.
Gilda F.
Jeff and Beryl J.
Jeff S.
Jenelyn F.
Jezreal F.
Jodi S.
Jonathan W.
Jude, Kim and Gene T.
June W.
Justin P.
Lisa Marie C.
Mei T.
Michelle I.
Mike N.
Mike R.
Mike V. & Merry N.
Miriam O.
Merribeth M.
Monique W.
Nick & Lucy V.
Team McIntanner
Teri A.
Tessie & Jun P.








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