Scosche’s StrikeLINE Pro Retractable Charge and Sync Cable



Inspired by lifestyle, culture, music, and people, Scosche has become a leader in car audio and consumer goods. In 2013, they have introduced several products for the latest release of the iPhone.

When Apple introduced the new iPhone 5, they went away with their 30-pin connector that had been synonymous of all iDevices. Many accessories such as docking stations to in-car integration use the 30 pin connector. In 2012, The Apple group decided that 30 pins was a bit overkill for today’s technology. With the introduction of the iPhone 5 also included the introduction of the 8-pin lightning connector, a connector that is all digital and reversible.





Scosche introduced a Lightning cable replacement, the StrikeLINE Pro, a retractable charge & sync cable. Unlike the standard white-coated cable that Apple supplies, the StrikeLINE Pro uses their retractable design that allows the thin 3 ft. cable to neatly retract itself into a compact design.  It’s very suitable for travel and eliminates tangling, especially in a car environment.


Unlike lower-grade (unauthorized) aftermarket Lightning cables, The StrikeLINE Pro is Apple approved and proudly displays an authentic “Made for iPod iPhone iPad” logo. This logo is important as knock-offs of the lightning cable may charge, but not sync, and cause damage to the unit. The Scosche StrikeLINE Pro only uses Apple’s 8-pin connector, which includes their authentication chip. The StrikeLINE Pro retails for $24.99 at Use the code “DAYUUM” at checkout to receive a 20% discount.

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