Cruise N’ Cars

Photo: Scott (dayuumscottie)

We were fortunate to get invited to a cruise down Pacific Coast Highway by our good friend and partner David from the famous Guppy House restaurant chain.  The cruise was hosted by the MB Junkies, a group of Mercedes-Benz enthusiast, but not only were we invited, we got the opportunity to drive one of David’s rides, his white C63 AMG.

We started off our morning in Long Beach at the Marina Pacifica mall parking lot.  Showing up casually late, we made our way into the parking lot, not knowing that other than Mercedes-Benz owners have arrived but several exotics such as a Lamborghini, Audi R8, and believe it or not an Atom.







IMG_4612 IMG_4620

We took off from Long Beach and made our way south on Pacific Coast Highway towards Huntington Beach. A beautiful Saturday morning, the views of the coast was awesome and so was the long line of Mercedes and exotics behind us.


There was a lot of neck breaking on the beach that day, not by us looking at the beach girls, but by the people on the sidewalks checking out the dope rides.


As we headed further south, we passed the Huntington Pier and Newport Beach were the beautiful people live. haha




Laguna Beach is where we stopped and had lunch at Ruby’s. As we waited for others to arrive the lot was packed! Many of the cars had to park on the streets because there was not enough room for all of them.  It was cool to hangout, chill, take in the view, eat a nice meal and share laughs with some of the people in the group.







David suggested we check out his friend’s place called EuroCar. As he described it to us, Scott and I said “heck yes why not!” So on the way we took the opportunity to open the cars up a bit and took Laina canyons back towards the freeway.


We arrived pretty fast to our destination in Costa Mesa, David’s description of the place was spot on….as we looked through the big doors into the showroom, it seemed that I was Charlie going in the Wonka factory not for sweets, but for all the rows of Porsche’s, Bentley’s, Mercedes, Lamborghini’s, Ferrari’s and more…there was so much eye candy, I was like a kid in a candy factory haha






We hung out there for a bit, checking out the awesome rides and opening up every Lamborghini and touching every Ferrari. As the sun was setting, we decided we should go home and take in the wonderful experience we had for the day.

We really appreciate David from Guppy House for the invite and for the MB Junkies crew for their hospitality.

Till next time (nilo)



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