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Photos: Togethia Media / Nick Williams

1975 Beams Celica-1796

Since we started DaYUUM we have been fortunate to collaborate with many different companies, individuals, and event promoters. We have also been fortunate enough to reach an audience outside of the United States. Roughly 2 months ago, we got together with Togethia Media, a UK based company that specializes in video production and photography for broadcast, personal, or corporate clienteles. They were kind enough to share their latest shoot with us which happens to be a 1975 Beams Celica GT.

1975 Beams Celica-1140

1975 Beams Celica-1139

1975 Beams Celica-1720

1975 Beams Celica-1192

1975 Beams Celica-1669

1975 Beams Celica-1703

1975 Beams Celica-1715

A lot of us enjoy Japanese styled cars and with its popularity some would think it only exists here in the States but that’s not entirely true. Other countries have more lenient transportation laws and are able to import or sell cars that are rarely seen here in the US, such as Silvias, Skyline GT-Rs, and Holdens, just to name a few.

1975 Beams Celica-1188

We were intrigued by this build because of its cool Japanese influences, but loved it because it was also a well executed build with a plan, a thought, and passion. The TA27 came to Jap Performance Parts as a ‘non-runner’  which was purchased from Japan. They built a TA because of its rarity in Europe.

1975 Beams Celica-1186

1975 Beams Celica-1191

“you can have the latest Skyline the latest Toyota, but it just doesn’t have the imagination going into something like this.”

The TA27 was extracted from its original power plant and substituted with a Beams 3S-GE engine from an Altezza. It was coupled with its 6-speed gearbox.

“…but I wasn’t going to put an SR20 or an RB or anything like that, or a 1J it had to remain true to being Toyota and a 4-cylinder is what the car was designed for, that’s why we went with the Altezza.”

The motor wasnt a simple drop in, the original transmission tunnel had to be removed and one from a Altezza was welded into place. But the complicated part was the electronics. It was accomplished with the Altezza wire harness and modified to fit into the Celica. The dash consists of the tachometer and speedometer from a Supra MKIV and also retains the functionality of the factory radio.

An Apexi intake kit gives the normally aspirated 3S-GE a little breathing room. As a radiator from a Volkswagon Polo and Mishimoto slim radiator fan keeps the engine running cool.

The exhaust exits through a modified DC2 Apexi exhaust that was tuned to their liking.

“This car isn’t not about racing, this car is not about power / performance, it’s purely about being cool.”

The front lip and spoiler finishes the lines of the Celica and rewrites the definition cool. The Beams GT logo placed over the Tenorite Grey rounds out the sheet metal.

The TA27 travels on a set of Cusco coil overs with Skyline R33 GT-R rear springs.

We truly enjoyed this build and we thank Togethia for sharing it with us.

This video from Togethia explains the build in more depths

Filmed – Mark Henderson, Tim Fare-Matthews, Pete Farrow
Edited – Tim F.Matthews
Producer – Pete Farrow

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