SEMA Show 2012 – Scott’s Pick

Attending the SEMA show is every motor heads dream of attending. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend this year’s show. One of the coolest things about SEMA is the variety. With the wide range of cars to choose from only one car at the show caught my eye. And no, it is not an Scion FRS nor, is it an Ford Mustang but a Toyota Corolla, but not just any old Corolla, it is a Orange Mango Corolla! My top pick of the week would have to be Patrick Ng’s 1973 Toyota Corolla.

Patrick Ng himself showing several awards from the famous Japanese Classic Car Show. 1st Place “Best of JCCS” and 1st Place “Best Toyota Corolla”

Graphtech Graphics high quality decals created Patrick Ng’s front windshield visor.

This is Patrick’s pride and joy. He built this car in his garage, even the 1.6-liter inline four twin cam engine was installed by Patrick himself.

A rare glimpse of the Toyota powered twin cam T-series engine.

Patrick took about three years to finally complete this build. Patrick is very satisfied with the work he’s accomplished throughout the years. “A lot of LOVE and a lot of MONEY made this car what it is today” – Patrick Ng

Matte Gunmetal Enkei COMPE Classic Series Wheels which are only prototype and will be available in the Spring 2013

Carbon Fiber fender flares from restored japan sets apart the orange paint from the rubber.

Here is a shot of the interior. New cars have “the new car smell”. Old Japanese cars have “the old car smell”

Some award winning pieces from renowned events.

Classic Japanese designing with smooth curves and elegant stance.

One of the first thing you will notice is the brilliant mango colored paint job. Hence the term “Mango Corolla”

All in all, the crew and I all had an awesome time. As I mentioned before there was soo many unique custom cars I was totally discombobulated to which to choose from! But in the corner of my eye this Orange Mango Toyota Corolla seemed to grab my attention.

Until next year, that concludes my topic for SEMA 2012. Big thanks to Patrick Ng and his beautiful Toyota Corolla for allowing me the opportunity to feature this as my SEMA pick! Peace!

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