SEMA Show 2012 – Jae’s Pick

Every year when we attend big shows like SEMA, we all have our own opinion of who takes the cake. This year, majority of the companies seems to showcase more of the new kid in the industry which is the FRS/BRZ. You could tell every corner of each halls of the convention center has this car. Instead of getting fascinated with its new products, it makes it more tiring to see due to its popularity which gives me the reason to change my perspective who gets my pick. After walking all the halls of the convention center, I found one that deserves to be the best of SEMA 2012 show and it happened to be at the Lexus booth. Let me introduce you to the 2012 Lexus LFA Nurburgring limited edition.

The styling and performance of this limited edition LFA is influenced by the Nurburgring race course in Nurburg Germany.

This LFA is limited to only 50 units out of the 500 LFA that are hand assembled for global distribution.

What makes this LFA unique is its multiple carbon fiber accents.

The front lip diffuser, canards, rear spoiler, trunk, and the rear light eyelids has its carbon fiber accents.

Available in four exterior colors, whitest white, orange, black, and matte black, complemented by a choice of three interior colors. Black, red, and violet.

Not just the exterior, but even the interior has carbon fiber accents. Center console, steering wheel, and door trim handles has its piece of carbon  fiber accents.

Did I mention the hood lift support is also a carbon fiber material.

More carbon fiber.

If you look closely on the engine bay, you’ll see the carbon fiber strut bar as well.

If you want to know the details and the numbers of this beast, it consist of a 4.8L V10 running 562 horsepower. It has quicker gear changes than the normal LFA where the gear shift time has been reduced to 0.05 seconds to only 0.15 seconds for even faster gear changes.

Another unique feature of this LFA is the carbon fiber roof.

The carbon fiber fixed rear wing.


The carbon fiber rear tail light eye lids.

The rear carbon fiber trunk accent.

Have you had enough of carbon fiber? Cause the last piece this LFA has is the front carbon fiber canards and carbon fiber front lip diffusers.

That concludes my top pick of the SEMA show 2012. Without the help of our great friend, Mr. Ryan Bacsafra, the Senior Editor and Events of Club Lexus U.S.A., I want to thank him for giving me the chance for the limited access during the show. Without his help, I wouldn’t have the chance to showcase this LFA’s unique style  that makes it different to the rest of the 50 Nurburgring LFA out of the 500 LFA’s that has been produce globally. Until next time. Enjoy!

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