Mobile phones have become an “essential” to our day to day lives similar to that of automobiles today.  Seemingly, mobile phones or smart phones have become a modern and integral part of life and culture for communication, emergency use, business, information and social networking.  Living home without a phone today feels like misplacing a home key, a work badge or wallet.  Of course, there’s the alarming scenario when your smartphone shuts off as the battery loses it charge while talking to business partners, friends or family.  Typical reactions would be – immediately asking your buddies for a charger, a mad dash to your car to charge it; or your eyes start to wander around looking for an electrical wall socket to plug in.  Scosche, one of the leading innovators of consumer and car audio products, saw an opportunity to capitalize to this immediate need to bring your phone back up and running with the   Scosche flipCHARGE burst – Emergency Backup Battery and Charger for iPod and iPhone users.

Designed to be compact and portable, the Scosche flipCHARGE burst, can be easily carried using the integrated carabiner clip to attach to your favorite lanyard or keychain or on a backpack, laptop bag, purse or luggage.  The Scosche flipCharge burst measures less than half the size of an iPhone but slightly bigger than a typical automobile key.

Simple and user-friendly, the Scosche flipCHARGE burst has four LED lights to indicate the stored battery power.  Press the button on the side of the emergency backup battery and charger, the indicator LEDs light up to show how much juice the Scosche flipCHARGE burst currently have.  It also has a flush folding USB cable to easily plug in to your computer, wall and car charger. The compact Scosche device also comes with a 720mAh lithium-polymer rechargeable battery.  At its drained state, it takes at least 2-2.5 hours to get the device fully recharged.

As I got intrigue by the compact device, the geek in me kicked in and did a few charts to show how long it took to charge a fully drained smartphone – in this case the control phone for the observations would be an iPhone 4S.  The observations were documented in three separate instances to show that the Scosche flipCHARGE burst will consistently charge the iPhone 4S.   Here are the results –

All documented observations showed that the Scosche flipCHARGE burst consistently charged the fully drained battery of the iPhone 4S.  However, it took ten (10) minutes for the phone to come back-up at 4% battery life after plugging in a fully charged Scosche flipCHARGE burst.   It was observed that at least another forty (40) minutes (total charge time = 50 minutes) of charge time will provide the iPhone 4S a battery life that ranges from 26% to 30%.  As the charge threshold is reached, the flipCHARGE burst automatically turns off.  The boost that the Scosche flipCHARGE burst gave the phone provided at least 3 to 3.5 hours of available (usage) time.  This included occasional access to different applications such as Instagram and Facebook, texting and quick phone calls.

For weeks the compact Scosche device had been on my desk waiting to be used.  I always thought that it would just be a hassle to carry around.  But a number of instances where phone calls and messages are missed due to a drained phone battery, the Scosche flipCHARGE burst passed its initiation and became part of my lanyard key crew.  I never leave home without it now.

So if you are in need of an emergency backup battery and charger, check out the Scosche flipCHARGE burst – which is made for the following devices:  iPod touch (3rd and 4th generation), iPod nano (5th and 6th generation), iPhone 3GS – 4S.

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