Chris Tran’s 1993 RX-7 – FD

At the eager age of 15, Chris was on the search for an FD. After 6-months of searching, Chris and his dad came across a Montego Blue automatic FD for 7k. It was love at first sight so they picked it up. The FD was a stubborn sole and on the way home, it failed to start at a rest stop. It was a simple electrical fix but after about a month, the rotary decided it couldn’t take it anymore.

A year later, Chris’s dream was back on the road. A few months of enjoyment passed by when the automatic transmission decided to bite the dust. The plans then included a manual conversion, but since the back plate was different from the automatic to manual, a new set up had to be purchase.

Chris then came across a great deal on the engine and tranny combo but soon found out that the great deal was because the rotary was bad. After many attempts to have his beauty revived on the road, he reached out to Banzai Racing and purchased a Banzing Racing motor. They massaged the motor to Chris’s specifications. Banzai street ported, added Super Seals, a block off plate kit, and installed a oil metering plate block off plate. The complete set up is mounted on a set of polyurethane mounts. So far the work of Banzai has paid off and with the aid of several parts from GReddy, HKS, and Garrett- just to name a few, the engine is still running strong at 500+whp

What we love about Chris’s FD is how the Volk Racing TE37SL’s look on the FD. The TE’s are 18×9.5 in the front and 18×10.5 in the rear;  its married to a set of Hankook V12 Evos. Chris also added newer flare to it by replacing the ’93 parts and installing ’99 spec front lip and tail lights. The side skirts and rear diffuser are the products of Shine Auto.

It’s been a struggle for Chris, but love is love and his FD is a testament to that.

Chris would like to say thanks to My father, Matt Sweeley @ Sweeleys Garage, Ben Meeker @ Rotary Extreme Sean McGill@ Vivid Racing.  Terry and Jen @ fortune Auto Benny Mui @ Bubble Tech, Banzai Razing and the Crew ROTARY MISFITS

And, DaYUUM thanks Amanda Hacks for the photographs.

Here are additional  performance mods:
Garrett T04z bb turbo • HKS manifold  • Custom V-mount intercooler set up  • Custom downpipe and midpipe • Tial 44mm wastegate • Greddy Rs BOV  • Greddy elbow  • Greddy full Titanium Exhaust  • Greddy catch can • Pettit AST  • HKS Twin Power ignition system • KG parts secondary fuel rail  • 1680cc secondary injectors  • Modified OEM primary rail  • 550cc primary injectors  • Aeromotive FPR  • Custom Resistor set up • Walbaro 255 pump  • Apex’i PFC •  Greddy profec B boost controller  • Greddy Turbo Timer  • Prosport gauges (boost & wideband) • Spec stage 3 6 puck sprung clutch

1 comment for “Chris Tran’s 1993 RX-7 – FD

  1. jeremy
    November 26, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    Nice built Chris!
    What is your wheel offset ???

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