86Fest – Auto Club Speedway – Coverage

The Corolla, the Hachiroku, the AE86; nimble, rear-wheel drive, and fun-factor all describes Toyota’s compact car of the 80’s. In stock trim the AE86, a.k.a. the Corolla was an inline-4 1.6L, dual over head cam engine. The 2400 pound GT-S outputted 112HP and 97 ft. lbs. of torque.

I still remember in the early 90’s, a neighborhood kid Billy, had a black Corolla GT-S with all the TRD fixings. It was nicely dropped on a set of 15″ SSR Fins; though stylish it couldn’t match our Civic EF’s in the 1320. The AE86 wasn’t that quick, but you could never compare the driving experience of the 2 cars.

The AE86 is what rejuvenated Toyota’s thought of a fun sports compact car which ultimately created the Scion FR-S / Subaru BRZ in North America. When it was finally released enthusiasts bombarded dealerships in hopes of snatching up the flat-4, RWD masterpiece. With the quick popularity of the FR-S many forums, groups, and clubs where formed even before the release of the FR-S.

Antonio Alvendia of MotorMavens, a diehard AE86 collector, saw the opportunity and gathered a bunch of enthusiasts together for a meet also known as 86Fest. It was an event that was put together in a short 3-weeks, which was a phenomenal accomplishment in itself.

86Fest was held at Auto Club Speedway in conjunction with Speed Venture. The gathering brought out many owners of the AE86, FR-S, and BRZ platforms; as well as Scion owners and enthusiasts. Many vendors came out such as FR-S/86, HPI Racing, Falken, GReddy, and OEM Audio Plus – just to name a few.


We had the opportunity to attend the event with our 10×10 set-up featuring Neil’s KP61 and Ben’s AE71; we also had Marissa Hiroko and Ashley Clark in attendance. It was also our public debut of our Slogan T-Shirt. We had a pretty sick location close to the track action along with the food vendors and the enthusiasts coming in and out of the location.

The gang from Vortech Superchargers stopped by to show us their supercharger for the FR-S.

We also had our Scosche goBatt charge station for those that needed a lift on their phones during the event.

Claudia Lopez was also in attendance.

The event also included a try me track so driver’s can put up or shut up. We spotted Ulysses’ LS powered FD and Ben’s AE71 on the track .

The R-Rydes / Whiteline 350Z took the track as well

Moto’s Whiteout on the try me track exiting a drift on the sweeping corner

Ken Gushi of GReddy was also on the tight track displaying his drifting talents with fans. He even brought out his personal FR-S equip with Volks and GReddy’s exhaust and intake system.

Other enthusiasts where also in attendance like Noel’s Firestorm FR-S on a set of custom SSR’s and AirRex air suspension.

Krist’s Rockey Bunny Gen1 xB which rarely sees daylight was out at 86Fest.

Young’s Whiteout was in Mann Engineering’s booth

SpoCom also brought out their freshly wrapped FR-S.

Scion Evolution, the longest established Scion club came out in stylish fashion.

Everyone enjoyed the eventful day. The turnout was amazing. I want to give a big ups to Antonio and his crew for putting together a dope event with sweet vendors. 86Fest2 can only get bigger from here.

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