Amanda Kerr – Up Close and Personal

I guess I could consider myself lucky to be in the automotive industry and for such a long time. I dig meeting new and interesting people at the shows and meets we go to. It was at one of those meets that we were invited to earlier this year at Fontana Nissan that I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Amanda Kerr for the first time. She was modeling along side our very own Marissa Hiroko, they seemed to get along so well that I thought they were long time friends, but to my surprise it was the first time they met each other and it was Amanda’s very first venture into the automotive car scene, although she has been modeling and doing fashion shows for a local bikini company for a while.

She had a fresh look which is what we are always looking for to represent DaYUUM!, she also had a great smile and very pretty eyes (oh and legs for days did I forget to mention that ? ha). She reminded me of some of the old school models of the past before anyone with a bikini and a mini skirt became an instant import model. Since her and Marissa worked so well together I asked Amanda if she would like to represent us at the Motion show in Long Beach, this was the start of a friendship and working relationship with Amanda

In the beginning, Amanda was a little quiet, but as we got to know her more and more at shows, meets, shoots, long drives and eats of course, we got to experience the humorous, talented, ambitious foodie that is Amanda Kerr. I suppose I can write and tell you all about her, but then I would just bore you. So instead I asked Amanda to have lunch with me so I can ask her some questions and she can tell it to you all in her own words, this is how it went:

DaYUUM: Hiya Amanda, though people see you with us at the shows, tell me about yourself? Your background and where you’re from?
Amanda: I was born and raised in Southern Cali and grew up mainly in Huntington Beach. I moved around a lot when I was younger but I have spent most of my life in Huntington. I am a certified makeup artist and hope to be doing makeup at the MAC counters soon, as well as help promote Bacardi and Grey Goose at the nightclubs, bars and grocery stores.

DaYUUM: You also have a very unique look, what is your nationality?
Amanda: A lot of people think that I look Persian or Armenian but I’m not. My mother is Puerto Rican and my dad is German/Scottish.

DaYUUM: Wow such an interesting mix what part of each culture do you like the most and which side are you closer to?
Amanda: I love Puerto Rican food! My favorite are platanos, which are fried bananas. I think it would be so cool to visit Germany or Scotland one day, they are both beautiful places. I would say i am closer to my moms side. My dads side of the family is a little more relaxed and my moms side is loud and crazy

DaYUUM: You mentioned that you want to go to Scotland and Germany, you like traveling and where have you gone so far?
Amanda: Yes, I want to travel a lot in the future! So far out of the US I have only been to Mexico, but I would love to go all over the world. I love learning about the different cultures and food! and Yes I am definitely a foodie and am always down to try different types of food!

DaYUUM: So what are your favorite foods to eat and cook?
Amanda: Mexican or Italian food! I like to cook chicken enchiladas and Mexican rice when I have the time. Or taquitos with homemade guacamole!

DaYUUM: I know you like to sing and dance, when did you start and what else do you like to do on your spare time?
Amanda: I started singing when I was 8 years old. I was inspired by Christina Aguilera and to this day she still inspires me as well as Lauryn hill and Aaliyah. I like to listen to a little bit of everything though, from R&B to rap to rock and Dance has always been a hobby of mine. I have been dancing and cheer leading since I was 7 and I cheered a couple years in high school. In my spare time I like to be laying out at the beach or doing makeup.

DaYUUM: Tell me your likes and dislikes ( turn ons and turn offs)?
Amanda: A turn on for me would have to be a guy that has goals in life and is motivated. Im a busy woman so you gotta keep up with me! I think confidence goes a long way too. I like guys who can make me laugh and be genuine with me I can’t stand when a guy is too into himself or doesn’t know how to take care of himself! Bad hygiene or messiness is a major turn-off.

DaYUUM: What are your ambitions and short term goals for yourself?
Amanda: I would say i am a determined person with a lot of ambitions in life. One of them is to get my degree in fashion merchandising and to possibly have my own line. And I hope to be on the cover of a magazine too! Either an auto magazine or Maxim would be nice

DaYUUM: Do you have a life philosophy?
Amanda: Yes, If you want something bad enough in life I believe that you can get it! As long as you believe in yourself enough and always stay positive no matter what

DaYUUM: and finally, any shout outs and how can companies and Industries people can get a hold of you?
Amanda: Of course a big shout out to the DaYUUM crew you guys are awesome! As well as Kerryann De La Cruz and all of my supporters! I can be reached at twitter, facebook, instagram, and email.

We are truly appreciative for having M.s Amanda Kerr as one of our DaYUUM Hunnies and thankful for all she does for us, I wish her nothing but the best and much success in all her endeavors. I know she will be achieve them all..Hope you all like the short insight and be sure to say hello to Amanda if and when you see her in our booth. Thank to Edwin at EVolve Photography to taking these awesome shots!

In Spanish the meaning of the name Amanda is: Lovable, worthy of love….and that she is.

You can also meet Amanda at SEMA with the AirPower Group Booth #23063  (Vortech, Paxton, and Lysholm).

Thanks for checking us out. Peace

Check out the bonus video from Mikey Dang

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