SPOCOM 2012 – Anaheim – Coverage – Part 1

What a sizzling hot long weekend this was… temperatures reaching well over in the 90’s and in some areas in the 100’s! We were fortunate enough to be in a temperature-cooled environment with plenty and I mean plenty of eye candy.

First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Scott and I am very proud to be a photographer and writer of the DaYUUM crew. Ever since I was a little boy, I have always been fascinated with cars. I remember asking my parents to help me renew my car magazine subscriptions and now I have a whole library in which I could look back upon. Collecting Hot Wheels and building model cars was a passion of mine until I got my license. All of these events snowballed in my life and motivated me  into owning and modifying several real cars of my own and  that’s how it all started!

The crew and I attended Spocom on Saturday, August 4th  at the Anaheim Convention Center in the heart of Orange County. This show was without a doubt one of the most anticipated car show to exhibit some of the industry’s hottest top brands, media, and event promoters as well as over 350 of the nations top show cars competing for the most prestigious car show trophies in the county.

The show started at 4pm and ended at 11pm. Vendor Registration and Roll-in started early 8am sharp. We were the “lucky” ones to make it in before everyone else did. We watched everyone roll in, get set up, and then we just waited for the festivity to start! As we stood around with nothing really to do some of our crew members drove off to the happiest place on earth “Disneyland” which was just down the street. Some wanted to kill time by eating and some just wanted to just get away from all of the exhaust fumes that filled the air. 4 o’clock came around pretty quick and people started piling in. By 7pm, the place was crowded and shooting cars became a real challenge. But we managed to get what we did.

The lovely DaYUUM Angels, Ashley Clark and Amanda Kerr.

The cars rolling in.

UTI with Neil’s KP61 and Jessica enjoying the event.

The Five Axis crew with Capcom’s FR-S

Five Axis’ FR-S with its aero package.

SoCal Driven representing SpoCom.

A nice G35 on full carbon fiber front and back with BBS LM’s on tiffanny blue rims.

This clean RSX on BBS RS. Simple yet so clean.

This clean Acura TL which I believe is on some VIP Modular wheels dipped in gold.

Here’s Forest Wang’s Nissan Sylvia under the M7 booth. Don’t get fooled by the looks and the shine of the car. This thing is a beast with a Supra 2jz engine on it.

Glen’s S2K representing hard with DaYUUM!

Always nice to see some old school M3’s. Here’s one from the guys at Mfest.

Here’s Andrew’s 370z from Ar-kan on Volks TE37’s.

Another one of Ar-kan, Joseph’s famous ep3.

Ar-kan’s only female, Jasmine’s panda themed Veloster.

Also fro Ar-kan, Ben’s Hyundai Genesis.

Sammy Piazza’s powerful Camaro with a turbo kit from Turbonetics.

Paul Maleon’s Evo VIII who’s also from Ar-kan.

More vip’s from Platinum VIP.

AutoFashion is always representing.

Scion giving away some goodie bags.

As crowds soon died out we noticed that the clock finally struck eleven and it was about that time to start gathering our belongings and to officially call it a day…

That’s about it boys and girls! We like to thank Tricia, Marcus, Rommel, and the rest of the SpoCom crew for allowing us and our cars / crews to be at this incredible event. We hope that we can attend again next year!

Thanks for checking us out! Hope to see you guys at the next event! -DaYUUMScottie

Here is a great video from Mikey Dang.

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