Norway: Gatebil July 2012

Hey guys, I’m Henrik from Norway and I’ve been so lucky to be able bring you some hot DaYUUM pictures and event coverages from my side of the ocean!

Firstly I’ll introduce myself… I’m a car enthusiast to be easy on the term.  I am 24 years old and have been into the car scene in Norway since around 2005.  This is even before I got my license at 18.

This time I’m here to present you «The Gatebil Madness!»

As a Norwegian and a car guy, I’m a Gatebil veteran. My first time at this event was back in 2006, where we had to park in a field a couple of miles away because of the number of spectators that attended the event.  Back then, we didn’t have the nice paddock you see on the right in the picture above and the track was half the size it is now.   It went from 1.9km ( 1.1 miles ) to a full 3.3km ( 2 miles ) and now has a F1 standard!  The field of cars you see above is the Gatebil extreme heat.  Here, the most insane track cars Scandinavia has to offer go at it to be first over the finish line in ten laps!  The cars are arranged by qualifying times and set off on a rolling start.

The first bend tends to be a tight one…

This year the track was PACKED! Numbers read 55000 spectators, only unofficially, it somewhat looked past that.  But this year was special.

And here’s the reason why-

I had only seen the MadBull and Mad Mike Whiddett on YouTube and read about him on Facebook and other pages.  It was a spectacular feeling standing next to the legendary RX 7 – that is the MadBull, let alone hear the 4 rotor scream and squeal!  Actually it screamed so loud, Mad Mike got 3 black flags for noise, they had to quiet it down from 160 db!!!! to a little under 110 db which was the limit this weekend.

Yup, a Ferocious Bull it was.  Its been sitting in a container for a month as this was transported from New Zealand; no wonder it was mad.

Another treat was this, Darren MacNamara in his Dmac AE86, this was also with a screaming rotary with a rather nice turbo setup.  He had just finished the car and got it on a trailer to Norway before the weekend.

We were all super keen on seeing Aasbo run his new Toyota 86-X.  The madman started this build 4 weeks prior to Gatebil.   But he had some issues the whole weekend until Sunday, when he went totally berserk:

The car he hits is actually his good friend and former spotter Steffen Moy!  No mercy from Aasbo.

Aasbo in the burnout ring.  The rain was on and off,  it’s Norway after all.

This is Kenneth Groth and his collegue Sara.  I’ve been to almost every drift/track event with this guy this season and we’ve become quite close friends.  We kinda fulfill each other.

He does the driving,  I do the shooting.  Sometimes I shoot from inside the car too – I love that position, I don’t know why, hmm…

Our stand was the biggest I’ve been a participant of ever!  We also got to sleep in the bus, hallelujah!  Oh and did I mention we built his car in two weeks?  More on that another time maybe? 😉

I’ve come to know that ladies is a thing of passion here on DaYUUM.  We got those too 😀

To ask for better weather was just silly, Thor would just drop the hammer and it would get worse, so we enjoyed the super nice sunset on Saturday evening.

Since we had been working on Kenneth’s car so in furiously and on the evening before there’s a big after track party ( which I of course didn’t take any pics of 🙁 next time! ).  I was too tired to even think about going out on the track on Saturday, but come Sunday, after getting rid of my hangover, I picked myself off the floor and got out there.

Now, through most of the years Gatebil has been an event to look forward to. There’s been the power-slide competition, some clipping points are set up through a 180° sweeper and points are awarded for style, proximity to the clips and angle and there’s also a show factor.  Last year it was the Norwegian Championship of power-sliding; this year it was made into the World Championship.  Over 15 nations were represented.  Many drivers were keen on this price and 50 cars lined up.  A top 16 was formed on Saturday, come Sunday, it was game time.  The cars lined up for a ceremony.

Here’s Øyvind Øversveen, a pro drifter here in Norway, he’s not known to take things too serious….

Out on the track i met some familiar faces from last year!  Here’s Joe Ayala from Tandem of Die.

Just as the competition was about to start, the rain came down on us, Justin Shreeve wasn’t too inspired.

But to think that a little rain was going to stop the Norwegians, was out of the question.  Here;s Øyvind in his 750 hp Supra!

Supras has become a rather popular platform here in Norway, reliable power and a good chassis with tons of grip is a pretty good mix. This is what Aasbo started out with in FD -remember?

I couldn’t hold myself when i saw this thing coming at me, a v8 RWD converted, ridiculous, steering angled GOLF!  This just underlines what Gatebil is all about, build something ridiculous.

Teemu Peltola from Finland brought his diesel powered Merc, he was smoking it out careless of the rain!  This Merc may look like a heap of junk, but underneath that body, there’s so much technology any tech geek would be jizzin their pants full.  His mechanic reads about gearbox geometry for fun!

MadMikey went at it with one hand out the window through the whole turn, style points!

Anders Jansson from Sweden also made the trip and was ripping in his s13.5!

We all shed a tear for Ismail Salih who had to forfeit due to electrical problems during the final battle.  But he ended up on 3rd place bro! Congrats!

Dmac also fought for the title and landed 2nd place!

But it was this man who took first place.

Time for some celebrating!


Last but not least, I want to thank everybody who made this weekend special and thank you for the good times we had!

You can also visit my facebook page Henrik Oulie Media.

More pics below!


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