Marissa Hiroko – Up Close and Personal – Revisited

Most didn’t see her coming, but we were lucky enough see the beautiful shooting star known as Marissa Hiroko. It’s been about a year since Marissa Hiroko began modeling and it’s been several months since our first meeting. Through the months , she has been traveling the speed of light and appeared in many model lounges from AutoCon, SpoCom, Extreme AutoFest, and most recently Nisei, where she was Miss Nisei Showoff. Marissa has become a popular catch for photographers and event promoters who want her at their events.

Staying true and classy, Marissa is still kind and generous as fame hasn’t corrupted her.

We had the chance to catch up with  Marissa again during another photo session we had with her, enjoy the pictures and her words.

Thanks to Marissa her for time and Edwin at EVolve Photography for his awesome work.
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DaYUUM: So you’re kind of popular now, how does it feel 🙂 ?
Marissa: It feels awesome. I am really proud of how much I have done and accomplished in my first year of modeling.

DaYUUM: Tell us a little bit of what has happened since we first met?
Marissa: Since then sooo much has happened haha. Tons of car shows, I got 6 pages in the August issue of SuperStreet Magazine, a couple smalll photos here and there in other magazines such a DSPORT.

DaYUUM: What type of shoot do you find yourself most comfortable with? (glamour, swimsuit, etc)
Marissa: Honestly, I am comfortable doing any style of shooting. For me, its the photographer has a lot to do with how comfortable I am. If I get a weird vibe (which happens sometimes) then obviously it shows… But usually after a little warm up, my poses and everything flow fine.

DaYUUM: You have been in various model lounges, but how does it feel to headline an event like Nisei as Miss Showoff?
Marissa: I was actually surprised out of all the other models that I was chosen as Miss Showoff haha, but it was awesome and I was very proud model (:

DaYUUM: Have you had a bad or embarrassing moment during a shoot?
Marissa: One time I was walking around MOCA in Los Angeles for a shoot and I slipped down stairs in my super tall heels. It didnt hurt or anything but still embarrassing because I am so clumsy and everyone who was around saw hahah.

DaYUUM: What’s the worst phrase/statement/or comment someone has commented or emailed you?
Marissa: Oh man… One time I got cussed out in an email for not wanting to work with someone for free, another I have been asked out on a date and been called some mean names for saying no haha. People are so mean sometimes!!

DaYUUM: What makes or breaks a shoot?
Marissa: I think its all up to the model…. No matter the experience of the photographer, if you are a good model that knows what they are doing and how to work the camera then there should never be a disappointment or problem with the photo shoot images. I think as a model you have to be able to ‘work it’ hahah

DaYUUM: Who would you like to shoot with again? And, who would you like to work with?
Marissa: I would really love to shoot with Edwin at Evolve Photography again, super kick ass photographer. And I want to shoot again with Rey Trajano. Someone I would like to shoot with is Steve Bitanga, his work is just too awesome haha.

DaYUUM: Has everything in the modeling career gone as planned for you?
Marissa: Hahah, when I first started it was just for fun! But I am very happy I stuck with it because look at me now haha. I couldn’t be more happy with myself (:

DaYUUM: Do you have any advice for  any male or female out there that wants to get into modeling?
Marissa: Hmm… Just always stay true to your morals and to who you are in the beginning of your career. Don’t change for the scene, fame or for anyone else. As long as you stay positive, stay humble and reach for your dreams anything is possible (:

DaYUUM: Are there any last words you want to say to your fans, stalkers, and/or creepers?
Marissa: Hahaha. To everyone, thank you all for the continuous love and support. I do love you all! My fans are theeee best! <3

You can also meet Marissa at SEMA with the AirPower Group Booth #23063  (Vortech, Paxton, and Lysholm).

Check out this video from Photo M.D.

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