Motion Auto Show 2012 – Long Beach – Part 1

Motion Auto Show 2012 was held at the Long Beach Convention Center, is an event to look forward to every year. Another great event that always gets packed no matter what. From vendors, to show cars, to models, and of course the spectators, it seems to be bigger than last year’s turn out. They even had the dance competition and the bikini contest which had more competitors and more people attending this year. Motion also accomidated a space for us to show and sell our latest shirts and stickers and to house our three lovely DaYUUM Angels, Ashley, Marissa, and Amanda, and of course to meet our fans as well. We want to thank Motion for giving us the opportunity and for having us be a part of one of the greatest shows here in Cali. We can’t wait for the next one. With that being said, here’s the first part of the show where we cover most of the car show portion. We will have the models and the bikini contest later on for part 2 so stay tuned.


One of the guys from Import Fashion, Mr. Tracy tmac Shaw’s TSX.

Here’s the Bisimoto Porsche in the Falken booth.


Hollux Industries Benz at the Import Fashion booth.


This clean G35 showing under the Import Fashion booth as well.


The homie James Oliver’s Prelude also at the Import Fashion booth.


This CR-Z is clean! On teal BBS LM’s.


I believed this AE-86 placed 3rd best Toyota.




One of Auto Concept Elite’s S2K.


Another of Auto Concept Elite / High End custom wide body Evo.


Of course you should know Armand’s popular MR2.


BLK’s clean G35.




Auto Concept Elite’s Godzilla.


Lotus Elise.


One of Tjin‘s clean ride on Rotiforms.




Falken’s own Monsters.


Another Godzilla wrapped in matte gray.


Clean S2K on BBS RS.


Michael Mao’s NSX wrapped in Mugen MF10 dipped in gold. Show stopper.


Sean Garcia’s 350z with its new wrapped. Didn’t recognized it first.


Big Mike’s award winning Prelude.


Ar Kan’s red and white 370Z’s with the Amuse body kit.




Also from Ar Kan Jovi’s Evo X.


Another one from Ar Kan also Jovi’s Evo IX.


Clean TSX.


Five Axis’s own FR-S.


Also from Five Axis and a friend of ours, Rodney Esteban’s bagged Prius.


Another shot of an FR-S at the DC sports booth.


The guys at Auto Fashion with their VIP’s.


Import Fashion’s boss man’s G35. Unfortunately, this beauty is in the market and this might be my last shot of her.


Jackson Wong’s wrapped S2K.



That’s all for part 1. Hope you guys enjoy. Stay tuned for part 2 coming up next.

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