Universal Technical Institute – Ford Mustang GT Convertible – Tjin Edition

SEMA has been the holy grail of auto events for many years. It’s what most builders stride for. It’s the icing on the cake, the Mt. Everest for car builders and designers. Leading up to this event, builders are frantically getting all the nuts and bolts tidied up, companies are finalizing all the logistical nightmares associated with it, and enthusiasts are praying their bossy bosses give them the time off needed to attend this event. At SEMA, the sight is overwhelming, car porn some say, a visual orgasm – to say the least.

SEMA builds take careful planning in order to execute a successful build. And, that’s the reason why Universal Technical Institute (UTI), a vocational school, contacted the Tjin Edition crew to assist in their SEMA projects. Their relationship started in 2010 when UTI and Tjin Edition built a Ford Fiesta as a giveaway car, which debuted in the Ford booth at SEMA. The Fiesta was then brought to many UTI campuses and toured with the Tjin Edition Roadshow. At the end of the 2011 show season, it was given away to a lucky entrant.

In 2011, the two collaborated again, except this time it’s with a 2012 Ford Mustang 5.0 GT Convertible.  Why Tjin Edition? Tjin Edition has a deep history in the automotive industry. Having built and designed cars for the last decade and a half, they have polished their work and have taken design into a different direction. A direction that doesn’t exactly follow trendy styles but a direction the sets their own style that is clean, stylish, and detail orientated – not fads or gaudy bolt-ons that mimic Lamborghini.

For the GT build, UTI and Tjin Edition masterminded with Gurnade Designs for a scheme that was attractive, yet powerful. After a few look-overs and some minor tweaks, the perfect rendition for the GT was completed.

Six weeks before SEMA, a silky black Mustang GT Convertible arrived at the Tjin Edition stable. Without any hesitation, the black horse was carriaged to L&R Autobody where it was molested and disrobed. For 2-weeks the custom DuPont Orange was meticulously applied to cover it’s scuffed shell. Like all of Tjin Edition builds, the paint is sprayed throughout – engine, jams, the complete shell. Every piece that could be removed was. This ensures perfect coverage around pesky corners and hard to reach areas. During the time at L&R, the interior was removed and covered in black leather with yellow diamond stitching. The final touches were the UTI logos on the headrests.

At the time of assembly, the Scosche Realm audio system was added into the GT. All wiring and signal cables were complements of Scosche EFX. In addition, two air tanks and Nitrous Express bottles were painted to color match the exterior.

While the paint was still fresh, the GT was hustled to the AirPower Group, the home of Paxton Supercharging System in Oxnard. Paxton was in charge of giving the well mannered 5.0L GT a lot more gallop.  At Paxton, the team carefully analyzed the components of the fresh engine and fitted it with a NOVI 2200SL Supercharger, an air-to-air intercooler, and dyno-tuned the beast to 615HP with 475ft. lbs. of torque.

The GT was then taken back to home base at Unique Fabrication in Irvine where Adam and his crew installed the 6-piston Baer brakes and 15.5” rotors. A CDC light bar was also installed.

While at Unique, the Forgestar Concave CF10 20” wheels were fitted to improve the overall appearance. It was then finished off with a set of Falken FK452 rubber – allowing the GT the shoes it deserves to gallop. The Tjin Edition team then installed the AirLift air suspension to the GT, which gave it the proper look while cruising or parked.

On the road, the throaty sound of the MagnaFlow resonates and has no problem letting people know it has Paxton Power!

But to keep speeds in check, an Escort 9500 with external sensors were installed to monitor any suspicious ticket writers.

Other touches include the Lightworks LED headlight treatment; the Tangent Aluminum bolt kit, and pinstriped Forgestar wheels.

It surprises many that this build took 6-weeks from time of delivery to the time it left for SEMA. For many, a flawless execution like the GT could take months and maybe years.

 Like the Fiesta, this GT can be yours; all it takes is a visit to UTI’s page for your chance to win.

If you want to see it in person check out Tjin Edition Roadshow’s tour schedule.

In the meantime, check out the video done by PVR Motorsports.

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