Causing a Ruckus!

“With summer approaching really quick. What better way to enjoy the Cali sun than on a Honda Ruckus.” Those were my thoughts a few months ago. With the Ruckus scene getting a bigger push every show and having a class just for the scooters. It made me want to ride again. Being a rider of a Honda CBR1000RR I can remember enjoying a nice ride with the sun shining bright and the cool Cali breeze flowing. So, I went on a mission to find a Ruckus and make it a project.

A perfect project to get ready for summer. Something that is not too complicated and also not expensive. Well, not really. It is starting to tally up. Then again I had a feeling it was going to come to this just like any other build. I enlisted some friends to help me find a Ruckus that was within budget. It didn’t take long before we came across a few listings. Made a few calls and set up a few meetings. On the second meeting I knew I found my Ruckus. A 2009, matte grey metallic with low miles. I gave it a full inspection and after a quick test ride and negotiation. I was now part of the the Ruckus movement.

Now to get together a list of what this project is to entail. First question was, “Am I going to keep the stock motor or go GY6”. I decided for the time being that we will keep the stock transplant and work more on the appeal of the ride. Color scheme was up next. Now I really like the the stock color and decided to keep that as a base. But to add more pop to the look, red, would be the supporting color to give it some definition. Then on to the accessories that will give the Ruckus a different look. from swapping out the front suspension, extension kit, handle bars, grips, mirrors, rear light, etc. There were quite a few items that needed to be listed to make sure all bases were covered. Having some good friends who have already gone through a few builds have made the list making a lot easier. Also knowing where to go to get the correct parts was a plus.

With the list in hand it was time to head out to Standard Functions in South El Monte, CA. Now these guys know how to build some incredible bikes. I knew I was in the right place when all I could see in the garage was Ruckus after Ruckus. And I mean from frame only to full complete custom builds. Ming, who is now my contact over at Standard Functions helped me to fulfill what I needed from my list.

Below are some pics of the Ruckus bone stock and some of the pieces that will be used as part of the build. Stay tuned for part 2 of the Ruckus build and make sure to come by and see our DaYUUM Ruckus at the Nissan Cuatro Meeto on Sunday May 6 at Fontana Nissan.

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