Scion Racing Drift Teams Media Preview 2012

Last week, we were lucky enough to attend Scion’s  2012 Drift Teams Media Preview, its an event to announce Scion’s 2012 drift team and drivers. The gala was held at the tasty Far East Cafe in Downtown LA’s Little Tokyo district.

In previous years, Scion supported 2 teams, this year, Scion Racing has increased their numbers to 3 teams/drivers: Ken Gushi with the FR-S,  Fredric Aasbo with the tC2 and Tony Angelo piloting a tC1.

The FR-S is Ken’s new ride for the 2012 season and is also Scion’s newest model that was be released this Spring. Some of you may remember, but RS*R had backed Ken’s tC for the last 2 or so years, but this year, Ken has headed to GReddy. Ken’s FR-S is said to have a 2.5l Flat 4 Turbo outputting close to 600HP.

Again this year Fredric Aasbo will be piloting Scion’s 2nd Gen tC. It seemed relatively untouched on the exterior department with the possibly of a few tweaks such as the rear spoiler. He will still be running strong with Team Need for Speed.

New to the Scion Racing team is Tony Angelo. In recent year’s, Tony’s voice could be heard through the loudspeaker at drift events as a judge. This year, he had the opportunity to take over Ken’s Gen1 tC for the season. Drifting under the Drift Alliance flag, Tony will be an exciting driver to watch.

All 3 drivers will be running the smokey Hankook tires. We are pretty excited to see how Scion’s team can do this year. Ken’s been plagued with mechanical failures that kept him out of competition, as Fredric was still learning the car,  but did manage a podium finish.

Even with the popularity of LS motors in the Formula D circuit, all three Scion’s will be running high-powered 4-cylinders. It’s going to be an exciting season and we hope to share Ken’s 2012 goal of taking the championship.

As always, Scion knows how to throw a party. We were warmly welcomed with an open bar, yummy appetizers, and great friends.

Our own DaYUUM contributor, DJ Skitz was spinning the tunes.

There were tons of raffle prizes being given out, mostly booze, and a few cool items from HPI Racing, as well as, Alpinestars. While  Hankook’s Danielle and Vivian put smiles on people’s faces.

Merry and Mike of MV Designz was in attendance as well, taking pics with our own Nilo and Paul.

Antonio from MotorMavens always being sociable.

Drifter Dai Yoshihara took the time to snap pictures with Aasbo and Gushi.

In the end it was a awesome evening catching up with great friends and checking out the 2012 Scion drift team.

Thank you Scion for a great event, good luck in the 2012 season, and see you in Long Beach!

Here is a video put together by our great friends at PVR Motorsports.

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